BTS of Battle of ChangSha

It’s a nice weekend and I am enjoying the outdoors, but I still check out some BoC related goodie!

WoW some of the CGI is very very good, the best I’ve seen in Cdramaland and totally unexpected!  Some are very obvious (the fire of course, needless to say) but still they did a very dedicated job, so much heart Mr PD!



Goodness gracious, this is SOOOO pretty!

So tempted to dig out my craft knives and hack this horribly.

5 thoughts on “BTS of Battle of ChangSha

  1. I m really amazed about the bts. I though it was really filmed outdoor. really all the production need a big standing ovation. I am not watching a ton of dramas, maybe three or four a year, but this one is really on my top list. I hope there will be a blue ray or something.

    1. Isn’t it unexpected?! Especially the driving scenes, often when screengrabbing i was droolzing at how pretty XiangTan was!

      You are not missing out, there is about 3 or 4 really good Cdramas out there anyways. I do check out a lot of the hottest things, like Ancient Swords recently just because im nosy and for such an idol period extravaganza the CGI is soooooo silly and crappy i can’t watch on on that alone, it just says the production is not worth anyone’s time.

      Oh i didn’t carve the gorgeous stamps, some very talented fans did, not half that talented at all! Not in the arts as a profession as well, just love crafts as hobbies for fun!

      1. oops just got wrong “bluray”. lately my english got bad. I should go back to read some english books.
        I am not watching any of fantasy dramas just movies. They have more budget and the visual effects is better even if some of them have a very bad script. 😛

        1. I can tolerate bad visual effects but a passable at least script is a must… and much harder to come by. I have fallen asleep in theater watching Jurassic Park as a youngling. I would’ve enjoyed BoC without the CGI being so intricate, but of course this makes me so much more grateful. Bad CGI does make it harder to immerse completely in scene

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