Love & Life & Lie

Fluff is my vice.  I only have two criteria, be pretty and harmless enough and I can watch things written by mental morons, like Perfect Couple.  Kissed quite a number of dramatoads but none of them turned remotely bearable.  C modern idol fluffs made the most bizarrely crappy fugly dramas I have ever been nosy enough to poke my eyes out on since they try HYDing a Meteor something and not even slightly improving…till now.

The norm in this genre is pick some strange looking fellows who can not act, label them very handsome, keep casting them in the exact same Cold Ruthless Angsty Prince  (C.R.A.P.)  constipated reeking ahole of a prick,  making my life very hard because what if I HATE their face and acting and everything in their first hit and thus they will keep casting said actor in the exact same role and rob me of fluff?!  Blasphemy.

I care about ChenXiao less and less the more I see anything trickling out of Condor hobos, he looks so out of sorts for the older stage of YangGuo, when he is a wuxia master formidable hero.  I do not think he is versatile enough, he has a derpy whiny manboy vibe in every role, which usually hits a soft kink of mine, just not ready to be a cool manly man. However, cast him as a childish pervie silly rich thing, better yet team him with Zhou DongYu whom he has v similar CP facial structures, auspicious to Chinese ( I truly enjoyed their coupling in the Goong movie, even though yuma is attached and I swear I must hate everything it touches), interest is piqued.

The drama is 遇见爱情的利先生/ Love & Life & Lie, the Chinese title is literally The Mr. Lei who meets love. The original name is Glass Slippers, I am pretty sure the source novella would make me spit blood but since the fans of the book r crying banshee ‘where is our cold ruthless ahole mental boss?!’ I actually give it some hope.  I love Zhou, she is not pretty but easy on my eyes, charismatic but her aura is super non-threatening and harmless making her the ideal cast for 9 out of 10 of all the C popular harlequin novella out there, BUT her appearance is also her hindrance even when she is a natural born actress, she can not play femme fatale perhaps ever, lets check back on her in 10 years at least.

She started out way top of the industry being the leading actress in a pure romance from Zhang YiMou, but frankly she has come down many notches in her CV since…and I would not have guessed back then she would ever venture into the C modern idol fluff genre so swamped by everything unworthy going on in the industry. Now that Ariel Lin should move on to more mature roles, ZDY is my vote for her girl-next-door torch bearer, imo even more natural and effortless. She is giving me very similar vibes to Ariel in the teaser for Love & Life & Lies.

Is it tedious to love someone?

She is a lady ‘cockroach’ (hardworking toughie) you can’t squish, messing with the playboy BOSS.

You, playboy bigBoss, asking XinTong out?

You are messing with a girl but is fed your own medicine!?

Should she be even called a girl?

She should be called a Tigress!

hahahahaha! (as she pours wine on him)…Derp!

Come here!

I will kick your ass! Ah~~AH!!!

I will break your leg!

What is the most important thing in chasing a girl?


Help ME~~!! (as she is kicking his privates!)

I can be your pet puppy!  Are you happy?

I have finally found you!

For me, I do not mind your average looks… and your average body…

(She looks at his…arousal)  Are you nuts?!

Get out!

Love is an adventure, the ending is hard to see.

The teaser looks fun, they have the exact easy sparks I am expecting from them and it seems a bit risque and smexy.  I’ve seen a lot of the fans of the original novel with twisted panties annoyed how much they have rewritten everything, including the character construct where the main guy should be the typical cold ahole of a rich brat…how boring is that?!?  And not suitable for CX.  I am not looking for decent writing here, again just harmless and OTP cuteness will do. In the super short ~ one minute teaser, I see exactly that.  Yay!

8 thoughts on “Love & Life & Lie

    1. No idea. Tbvh the novel is middle of the pack c romance, i would be v surprised anyone loving it so much to translate. You can always ask the sweetheart at shushengbar under the thread for it.

    1. U mean DongYu?! I LOVE HER. I do not find her beautiful, and she is limited by her innocent looks perhaps never be able to pull off being a sexpot but there are roles tailored for her, she is lovely on my screen. I do not need actors to be standard of beauty to make my fantastic list, they could also be charming and cute and talented and GOOD u know! XDDD

    1. It has never aired, can’t pass the censors for some unknown reason. All I have seen is that trailer which looks fluffy and light but I have heard novel is tonnes of dogblood.

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