The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep20

Since the beginning of last episode, after he said a heartbreaking goodbye to his wife in an intense embrace, BiL is busy playing ‘hide and seek’ with the japs as XiaoHe puts it.  He is mentioned constantly by XX and XM.   When XX pondered how they have grown, she is quoting the lessons from BiL in her mind; when she is taking up more responsibilities she has never thought she could, but BiL has faith in her before herself.  When XM carried GCM back home in a stretcher, he taught back GCM the lesson how pride/shame means nothing to their family compared to coming back home, that is not what Dad could ever say out loud, that is 99% BiL, and GCM was at the receiving end of one such colorful speeches.  XM is quick to show he is a smartypants injecting a wink of what GCM taught him when he peed his pants.  XJS’s omnipresence is in this episode the same.

GCM is wearing the slightly too big pants of XJS as XiaoHe makes a food run for BiL.  A huge bag of rice is XJS’ way of telling his family he is safe and sound.  I cried a tear.  This is a guy fully aware every moment where he is at could be his last as one of the first things he confided with GCM, and yet he arranges, pulling his connections with XH, no way easily, rice for his family, because he must know it is no longer safe for them making extra trips on the streets with the IJA infiltrating the city and bullets flying just outside their walls.   While his reality is constant close encounters of life or death, he is still practicing his words taking the best care of them, missing them the most pragmatic way.   He has no embarrassment of saying out loud his highest priority in life: missing his wife, taking care of his family, to GCM, to his minions, to the world.  He must have bent a leg arranging for XiaoHe to deliver rice from where they are stationed to the doorsteps of his family, urging his speedy return to report to him their safety.  And it says how well he is doing, even apart from them, when he is still the capable dependable XJS that can do everything he said he can.

I do not know if GCM reflects on the meticulous considerations of BiL constantly arranging for his family, not being too hard on him mere days recuperating, but it should not escape him this is the nitty gritty of how to provide for the mouths to feed, something he might not be aware of with his upbringing until now.  He is a guy so immersed in pride and honor he has not written XX just to report his safety for weeks.  XH does not linger, he is in a hurry to relay how well the family is doing to his bigbro, and that pwns sending letters and the stress waiting for a reply in this heightened tension.  This is almost facetime in wartime.

GCM ceases the opportunity to ask XH his first hand accounts, specifically on the Tenth Corps.  When he left them, half of their soldiers have perished and his powerful star general could not get any assistance.  XH tells him the Tenth Corps has dispersed and is regrouping, but either XH really does not know the intelligence, or he does not want to break the devastating news, he says he has no idea how many of GCM’s soldiers are still alive and fighting.   The hotblooded idealist GCM kicks in, he can not idle another moment not back on duty even when this is the first day he is able to walk with walkers.

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XX is having her dinner prepared by Grandmama in the kitchen, she must be so buried in work she can not make it back home on time for the family dinner.
 photo 2015-28-15_zps399a584a.jpg
 photo 2015-28-33_zps394dfb12.jpg

XX was starvingly chowing down her food, but she almost stops eating when Grandmama tells her to persuade XiaoGu from reporting back to his troop in his condition.   It hits her he is not being considerate of himself, not sensibly evaluating the situation…and he is insensitive of her feelings how much he means to her and how terribly she will worry about him with an open wound, aside from how much she will miss him as if he will not miss her with the hasty decision.

*for a very very brief second I thought we would have a steamy angsty bath scene  WHILE they have the lovely talk.*
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 photo 2015-30-24_zps9f46cfac.jpg

I have something to talk to you about.

It does not take someone as smart as XX to know from what Grandmama said, that line, and his face this is when he is going to break the news he is going to leave and report to duty, prepared, she smiles at him as she takes a seat by his side.  He can not even make himself meet her eyes setting at him this moment and this is when she senses this is worse.  This is the scene imo YZ is at the epitome of her awesome and her most beautiful.   Rewatch her scene of the young girl crying and pleading in his car, in all the glorious heartbreaking frustration and desperation unwilling to part with her pride but must, to the same guy in E10 first and come back.  The writing is superb in showing us in action how XX has grown all along, but it is such an intricate job for a young actress to tweak the mannerisms, the softer timber of her voice and that subtle gentler tenor in the same mood, how her eyes sparkle the same with many more layers of emotion, allowing them to be honestly expressed on her face in perfect control to portray a growth of 3 years of maturity.  XX is almost 20 at this point, not quite, and her appearance is still girlish not yet a woman, the costumer did not go overboard in dressing her much older, her hair is just a practical, simpler do.   This is  how much that feisty little pepper who stole our heart in that teary pleading scene alone grows into this gracious wise very young woman of the most spellbinding mix of tenacity and tenderness, not vulnerability when her crying can break stones.  She is irresistible and more than worthy for any man, and will make any grown stoic man cry as we can see.  This is the scene that have my vote of YZ’s best of many in BoC.  What a force to reckon with, young super talented lady!

Lets start with what GCM has to say and XX allows him to speak every word on his mind before taking her turn, but never a moment not expressing her reactionon her face for him to see:

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I have been thinking rationally, I can not provide you with anything.  Half of my troop had perished, another one or two thousand widows were born.  Or more poetically, they are frost of tears left behind.

 photo 2015-31-28_zps6fc3d8e4.jpg

XX, you are young, beautiful and intelligent, you are in the flower of youth.

 photo 2015-31-54_zps14e68575.jpg
 photo 2015-31-59_zpsd1be7c69.jpg
 photo 2015-32-02_zpsa2285258.jpg
 photo 2015-32-06_zps946cc8f5.jpg
 photo 2015-32-31_zpsfd9d2833.jpg

Even if you are willing to bear the title of widow for the rest of your life,

I would be too ridden with guilt to rest in peace six feet under.

 photo 2015-32-37_zps90a0b218.jpg
 photo 2015-32-46_zpsf19e5965.jpg

XX smiles understandingly. 

Do you understand what I am saying?  (You are too good for me.)

 photo 2015-32-54_zpsf119955c.jpg
 photo 2015-33-21_zpsf7495fc2.jpg

It is not your decision whether I am willing or not. 

Whether you can rest in peace…

worry about it then when you are there,  six feet under.

That is inconspicuously an advancement of her feisty to a beguiling alluring lethal blend.   In essence she is talking back to him, feeding him his own medicine: he asked her not to make decisions for him at his bedside last episode, and these are biting, no truer words spoken with the softest voice, most persuasive stance in her soul melting heartbreakingly sparkly globes.  In many ways XX is the lady counterpart of a more honorable BiL, both equipped with masterful articulation, while BiL resorts to shameless coaxing, mindgames of a thug with a hugest heart,  XX does not even need games, she can just present her soul, her love in all its gentle glory. The pretty girl in tears and the tenderest persuasion as a weakling is BiL’s idea of feminine weapondry; from the deepest softest part of her heart she is baring all… is her love for the one.

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 photo 2015-33-54_zps32b8a5c6.jpg
 photo 2015-34-17_zps605c1b30.jpg
 photo 2015-34-43_zps6048faae.jpg
 photo 2015-35-07_zps5efa75f5.jpg

I am not debating with you.

Yes, the girl three years ago at our first meeting would argue with you, because… I wished to let you know I am very smart, I am articulate, I wanted you to notice me.

But I am no longer the girl from three years ago. 

Now, if I have the time, I would save another life so there will be one less widow on this earth.  Grandmama says, the world is in too much chaos, lets just count the blessing of every one of us still standing, surviving.

She is not only baring her soul this moment, but that of the bratty young girl 3 years ago.  She is telling him she has set her eyes on him from the first moment he crosses her path. And her eyes are still set on him, only him, unwavering.

 photo 2015-35-32_zps4c9d33fa.jpg
 photo 2015-35-37_zpsac8a27b6.jpg
 photo 2015-35-43_zps7326ded6.jpg

I am working day and night at the hospital, witnessing numerous lives leaving by my side,  there is nothing I can do.

It must hit GCM, he could not do anything, caught up physically with the enemy while she was about to take a bullet for him, his scariest nightmare.

 photo 2015-36-01_zps1b9b0f1f.jpg photo 2015-36-10_zpsaf5fcafd.jpg

We do not know what will happen tomorrow, we do not even know if we could survive today and live another day.

 photo 2015-36-20_zpse283bf65.jpg
 photo 2015-36-25_zpse452aa6e.jpg

But, as long as I have another day to live,

I will not give up hope. 

I must live life to its fullest!

 XX is making her point while she has no control over life and death, she is helpless with so many things in their lives, but there are things she can do, she is ceasing control of the matter of her heart, how she lives her life…and his at this very moment.

 photo 2015-36-28_zpsf4169fdc.jpg
 photo 2015-36-37_zps4822d0f1.jpg

XX uses 痛(pain)快(happy), literally so happy it hurts, rapturous, as how she would live her life as it should be.
 photo 2015-36-49_zps76afce1f.jpg
 photo 2015-36-53_zpsff07a0c2.jpg

I know what you are afraid of.  I know everything.

Every fallen hero she buried, she thought of him.  Every name or nick she diligently recorded, their unmarked graves she dug with her hands, she thought of him.  Every waking moment, hard at work, saving lives, she has him in mind, prepared of him leaving her and yet she keeps living each day, readying her mind with losing him, and her love for him thrives on. She grows stronger as a young lady and her love for him is what living life to its fullest for her, just holding on the thought he is alive in the weeks he has not written to him.  She knows she is on his mind too, worrying about her and he can not stand it himself, let alone a young beautiful bright girl full of promise with a life ahead of her.

 photo 2015-37-01_zps2c193189.jpg
 photo 2015-37-08_zpsa8e37d6f.jpg

You think I am still too young,  too naive.

 photo 2015-37-13_zps10d51fee.jpg
 photo 2015-37-19_zpsde754249.jpg
 photo 2015-37-26_zps6a94b460.jpg

You are afraid I can not persevere. 

But let me tell you, since the day I have made the decision to be with you,

I have never regretted.

GCM, she has been persevering splendidly.  While you are at work, you could not spare a moment surreal to reflect on her while scrambling from bullets, roofs falling on you, fires from bombs feet away and can only dwell in your nightmares.  The physical survivalistic hell is opposite of hers dead silence, alone with her notebook, when she is dealing with the eternal deafening of death of her patients, of her internalizing every deed at work, thinking of you, missing you, managing a professional, calm front even XM is oblivious of.   The girl who used to cry over a dead body, is memorizing every single one fallen the best she can because she is hoping you would be reciprocated this respect at least, lest you fall.

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 photo 2015-37-40_zpsd1257e4a.jpg
 photo 2015-37-46_zps32ec5835.jpg
 photo 2015-37-49_zpsed5daabf.jpg
 photo 2015-37-59_zps4792f6c2.jpg

I am a girl!

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 photo 2015-38-04_zps2e2251c1.jpg
 photo 2015-38-07_zps30d22524.jpg

If I can soldier on, why can’t you?!

 photo 2015-38-13_zps12304276.jpg
 photo 2015-38-17_zpsc0741f00.jpg

I am begging you, can you not leave me behind?

She has not even allow you a moment out of her mind, as excruciating it must be seeing visuals of dying soldier and extrapolating your exact demise like them, constantly, and yet in her breaks, she writes down all of their names, even their nicks, yours will be Hades perhaps, she must have thought it through if you perish along with Mookie and everyone knowing you by name, your Corps suffered half a loss, thousands of soldiers as you said.  Even clueless XM knows Baldy Li must have a name.  She is constantly thrown in the awareness any soldier has family, perhaps a girl like her missing him, loving him.   It is a double trauma she is persevering with each dead soldier passing by her side, of a young brave man dying too young, and she can not stop thinking of you, never leaving you anywhere but closest to her heart no matter how much it hurts.  And you are entertaining the thought of leaving her, you can leave her, you are saying, just so you can rest in peace after you are dead, as if that is finite?!?!   She is a girl, she was the girl who would play pranks on you, a girl who threatened to jump off the balcony, stab herself with scissors, knives or jump off a cliff not getting what she want in life.  It is much easier to be dead and worrying about your conscience, than burying the dead bodies of living young men moments ago, vessels for love pouring in still from their dear ones.   She remembers them all dearly, and for their loved ones sake.

 photo 2015-38-24_zps095db0f0.jpg
 photo 2015-38-32_zpsbbb49aca.jpg

Let us fight the japs together.

 photo 2015-38-36_zpsf5b98607.jpg
 photo 2015-38-40_zpsd4009cae.jpg

If you are here, I am not scared of anything.

 photo 2015-38-46_zps0972fcc9.jpg
 photo 2015-38-48_zps3b23805f.jpg
 photo 2015-38-53_zps5c07500b.jpg
 photo 2015-39-05_zpsac647a8f.jpg

I have only one thing I am asking of you,

please cherish me dearly. 

Please do not give up on me.

GCM must have thought naively it is easier on her, and on him if they give up on this entanglement of love, haunting his dream and honorable conscience.   Not saying he does not miss XX, nor not considering her in his actions and thoughts but he can not bear it, and wants to quit, moreso, he is aware how much she misses him, and he can not promise her with his words he can come back alive, he does not want her suffering, especially not because of him.  However, these constantly torturous reminder of him is what XX is cherishing and holding dearer to her heart. She is prepared to live on passionately, he be her bittersweet nostalgia.  She sees her work, grueling physically and mentally unbearable of visual reminders of him…as they are fighting the japs together, she pours her longing and love for him, over every soldier she is diligently caring for.   She is telling GCM while he thinks about death looming over his head, she is also aware in every waking hours and is preparing herself.   She is not afraid of the dead surrounding her, she sees every reminder, every thought of him, however painful, as love, as living life to the fullest, as living life 痛 and 快.

 photo 2015-39-08_zps25cb79ae.jpg
 photo 2015-39-20_zpsea989da4.jpg
 photo 2015-39-27_zpsce58ed02.jpg
 photo 2015-39-30_zpscb58448b.jpg
 photo 2015-39-40_zps6c48d348.jpg

I am sorry. 

XX, I will never say these words to you again. 

I am sorry.

 photo 2015-39-43_zps063e7413.jpg
 photo 2015-39-54_zps785ef679.jpg
 photo 2015-40-00_zpsca8faa32.jpg
 photo 2015-40-19_zps69a39ab9.jpg
 photo 2015-40-27_zpsd3176053.jpg
 photo 2015-40-44_zps23b9030a.jpg

I am sorry.

 photo 2015-41-22_zps14e1e79e.jpg

 photo 2015-41-41_zps21608e9d.jpg

Like water droplets breaking stone, XX has excelled all life lessons BiL can teach her. She would have made him cry like a baby if he was outside eavesdropping this time.

XM has different rapport with his other ‘BiL’.  He loves them differently.   He is bringing GCM his pills, I doubt as much as he loves BigBiL, he would risk giving him a chance to nag him, pinching his cheeks a lesson.  He is not afraid of GCM at all, he pokes at him with amusement.  XJS is much stricter with XM, for fear he would get into trouble.  BiL wants to prepare XM as the man of the family, coercing him to grow up faster than he is ready.  GCM is not aware of the fear, he has a laxer approach, having the luxury to be a rebellious rich boy himself.   Here he is teaching XM how to clean a gun, essential to how to bear arms.  BiL will not risk the danger of showing XM how to fire a gun ever, after weighing the pros and cons, whereas GCM must have a trust in XM’s judgment.

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 photo 2019-31-16_zpsb2f841a3.jpg
 photo 2019-31-24_zpsead6a574.jpg
 photo 2019-34-17_zps4e1d8553.jpg
 photo 2019-34-38_zpsde40d453.jpg
 photo 2019-34-51_zps5a88b501.jpg
 photo 2019-36-08_zps15e5d52f.jpg
 photo 2019-36-56_zpsd103bba2.jpg
 photo 2019-37-41_zps5ba54a40.jpg
 photo 2019-37-51_zps014c1188.jpg
 photo 2019-38-09_zpsade9f57f.jpg

XM is a keen learner, and the boy is having fun picking up a new skill, a real toy, but from the face of GCM, he is urgently preparing XM to be the man of the family his way.

 photo 2019-38-17_zps682709d3.jpg
 photo 2019-38-32_zps56907b88.jpg
 photo 2019-38-42_zps1a7df68d.jpg

XX lost MaoMao for a while, he wanders off to an army vehicle, telling XX his name is not MaoMao, but that is what his Mom called him.  He must be thinking this is the ride that takes him away from home, and it is a ride that could take him back to his Mom.

 photo 2019-40-30_zps03a0ab1c.jpg
 photo 2019-40-43_zps05a7d227.jpg
 photo 2019-41-36_zps06a42a0f.jpg
 photo 2019-43-08_zps334ec876.jpg
 photo 2019-43-18_zpseda70e9f.jpg

They discuss how to take care of MM, none of them have the time and space…except the Hu family.  XX and XM shake their heads in unison at JF’s suggestion.  They are not allowed to mention the word child at home and XM knows he would be the one taking the brute of the beating in XX’s place.   XX comforts him, with ‘that person of our family’ present , ie XiaoGu, they should manage to ease the issue in.

 photo 2019-44-13_zpsc9eb3674.jpg
 photo 2019-44-40_zps9742a5f9.jpg
 photo 2019-45-49_zps796a5e3e.jpg
 photo 2019-46-26_zps16bc8b0c.jpg

 photo 2019-46-59_zps34cd4483.jpg
 photo 2019-47-09_zpsd802c8ac.jpg

They get the cooperation of XiuXiu as well, she tells MM she is XX and XM’s younger sister.  MM cutely calls her MeiMei/younger sis.

XiuXiu must have given GCM a head’s up as they are setting the table.   Grandmama is wondering why it is taking the twins so long coming home from the hospital.   They must be very busy at work.  They delegate GCM telling Grandmama MM’s name.

 photo 2019-48-51_zpsea8564d5.jpg
 photo 2019-49-08_zpsde0c6d92.jpg
 photo 2019-49-36_zps29f867d8.jpg
 photo 2019-49-41_zps6d6a22bf.jpg
 photo 2019-50-50_zpsbe1573e9.jpg
 photo 2019-51-43_zps3781cdf0.jpg

Grandmama I am hungry, I want to eat.

Lets eat first.
 photo 2019-52-35_zpsf504a1e7.jpg photo 2019-52-44_zps3a34902e.jpg photo 2019-52-53_zps7e77a7df.jpg

Their plan works, Grandmama could not give GCM a hard time nor give the twins a scolding in front of him, but not in her room after, sternly reminding them what they had promised her after PingOn’s passing.  Dad also nags them they should think about their Sis first…as they hear Sis bursting out in joy in the courtyard,

PingOn!  You are back!!!

 photo 2019-52-59_zps881549a0.jpg
 photo 2019-55-10_zpsabed4973.jpg
 photo 2019-55-24_zpsca7dd06a.jpg

Do you miss Mommy?  Say Mommy!

 photo 2019-55-41_zps38c51555.jpg
 photo 2019-56-17_zpsb0777fdf.jpg
 photo 2019-56-43_zpsf187fd83.jpg
 photo 2019-57-22_zps9428df1e.jpg

GCM checks on XX, wanting to comfort her, worrying she would be scolded, as she pulls out the word cards she made with XM for PingOn.  They made them themselves, hoping to teach PingOn characters when he is older.  She can not bear burning them per Grandmama order.
 photo 2019-57-46_zps63479dcb.jpg
 photo 2019-57-56_zps5d41ee62.jpg
 photo 2020-01-33_zps38e477bf.jpg

He is gone… yet I still feel him in the house,

tagging behind me and XM,

saying in his baby gibberish Lil Aunt, UncleM.

 photo 2020-01-48_zps273f0a87.jpg

GCM witnessed the toll on the family mourning the death of their young and it hit him so emotionally he calls his Father.  This is also a moment he feels intensely through XX, through Sis, how you are living in the memory of your dear one.  They never leave your memory.  They are in the house, in the air you breathe, even when the physical body is gone, and he thought it would be less painful cutting himself and XX, out of each of their lives.

 photo 2020-02-06_zps80bd2142.jpg

The same fire in the kitchen, where Grandmama orders them to burn every trace of PingOn, is now used to make 汽水肉 a local HuBei delicacy, the local meat custard, nourishing, easy the digest, best for kids, XX knows Grandmama is making is specially for MaoMao.   Grandmama has not made it for a while and she is fussing she has lost her touch with a smile on her face.

 photo 2020-02-39_zpsf9e7d0f4.jpg
 photo 2020-03-00_zpsb045f4c8.jpg
 photo 2020-03-44_zpsca2471c8.jpg

But MM is sick. The child must be restless and nervous from the constant sounds of gun shots and bombings through the night.  It is hard for Mom to put Sis to sleep, she has to give her a sleeping pill as she tensed up worrying of losing ‘PingOn’.   XX will take MM to see a doctor at the hospital, even though it is no longer safe roaming by herself.

 photo 2020-04-49_zpsf8f0a43b.jpg
 photo 2020-05-32_zps587a358b.jpg

Mom suggests they pick a new name for MM, trying to get a sense if Grandmama is accepting MM as their own.  Grandmama is frank she is worried about how long they can keep the child, knowing it would be too much trauma now that XJ thinks he is PingOn back from HanShu.   They can not think too much but let fate take its course.

Dad is enjoying an afternoon with his chinese opera, just his dream comes true he has a future SiL appreciating the artistry of MeiLanFang with him.

 photo 2020-08-57_zpsd6818ab4.jpg
 photo 2020-09-06_zps0f9c1d8e.jpg
 photo 2020-09-13_zps3811608f.jpg
 photo 2020-09-26_zps83e0380c.jpg
 photo 2020-09-34_zps9a51cb3f.jpg
 photo 2020-09-42_zpsac77c05d.jpg
 photo 2020-09-46_zps0b6010de.jpg
 photo 2020-10-10_zps08afc5aa.jpg

Mr Mei is still one of the greatest Peking Opera artists in modern history to this day, but during wartime, his courage and honor of refusing to sing for the IJA, putting himself in exile and severe poverty is even better praised, especially by scholars such as Dad, who has the honor of enjoying Maestro Mei’s performance live at ChangSha just the year before the Fire burning down the Opera House…with no sight of it ever erected soon.  Bliss, is short-lived.  GCM savors the idyllic in this serene Hu courtyard, how he is too comfortable lingering is making him uneasy.

This is Mr. Mei performing a sonnet from Farewell my Concubine when he was in his 60s:

At the hospital, MM just has a minor infection a few days of medicine should heal. XX can not resist helping out at the hospital on her day off as MM wanders off yet again.
 photo 2020-11-37_zps5ee22ce8.jpg
 photo 2020-11-50_zps80ff10b8.jpg
 photo 2020-12-23_zpsc4cc294d.jpg


Suspicious men in black are prowling the streets of ChangSha:
 photo 2020-13-36_zps588ecbeb.jpg
 photo 2020-13-39_zps91807494.jpg
 photo 2020-13-45_zpsd230624d.jpg
 photo 2020-13-50_zpsa509aff1.jpg
 photo 2020-14-48_zpsb577cd79.jpg

The blast is too close to home.  Sis wakes up hysterical ‘PingOn’ is not around.  GCM reassures her he would look for them.  Grabbing his gun, he pats XM to stay home and take care of the family, it is not safe just leaving Dad as the only man in house, same exact words as BiL.
 photo 2020-15-04_zpse4960efa.jpg
 photo 2020-15-56_zpsae1bb548.jpg
 photo 2020-16-32_zpsd5955556.jpg
 photo 2020-17-11_zps307545ba.jpg
 photo 2020-17-18_zps0ab0e617.jpg

In the chaos, XX finds MM, but they run into the line of fire just when GCM catches a glimpse of them.
 photo 2020-20-32_zps2e708e28.jpg
 photo 2020-23-54_zpscbc1a96f.jpg

Trapped in an alley, XX forces MM through the hole of the wall, screaming at him to run as far away as fast as he can.  MM grabs her hand, refuses to leave his bigsis.
 photo 2020-33-55_zpsea00700c.jpg
 photo 2020-34-11_zpseaf06584.jpg
 photo 2020-34-46_zps4bcfde51.jpg

Please do not leave me, bigsis!

 photo 2020-35-18_zps4fc89fb2.jpg
 photo 2020-35-36_zps08876a8e.jpg
 photo 2020-36-26_zps168c91c9.jpg
 photo 2020-37-12_zps669d5869.jpg
 photo 2020-37-18_zps5f6cfce2.jpg
 photo 2020-38-23_zps3dc90b6a.jpg
 photo 2020-40-20_zps53bd4e3d.jpg
 photo 2020-40-42_zps18e0b20d.jpg
 photo 2020-41-14_zpsfa6c5a70.jpg
 photo 2020-43-12_zps4c0f97b2.jpg
 photo 2020-43-16_zps8c65a557.jpg
 photo 2022-06-57_zps06926e4e.jpg

 photo 2022-07-50_zpsf43c573f.jpg
 photo 2022-08-15_zps199d01d2.jpg
 photo 2022-08-29_zps699a39a0.jpg
 photo 2022-08-39_zps6ce848ac.jpg
 photo 2022-09-15_zpsf7c52a29.jpg

You will be minced meat instantaneously if you hurt the young lady.

 photo 2022-09-34_zpsbc063f25.jpg
 photo 2022-10-30_zpse3f3fca4.jpg

The threats of GCM to the j soldier, of him never able to leave ChangSha is not effective in easing the tension. Cousin MH offers himself as the negotiator, he knows Japanese.  He interned at a town close to where the assailant is from, he remembers the nice grandma cooking him saury…and the young man must miss the taste of saury from his hometown.  (Cue: watch/rewatch Taste of Saury.  War is never sweet for any side in the battle, even if home alive…as the losing country, hearing the upbeat Gunkan March years later is depressing of youth wasted.)

 photo 2022-11-12_zpsdb1f2d15.jpg
 photo 2022-11-50_zps9badb625.jpg

There is only a dead end, fighting the losing battle on dangerous turf.

 photo 2022-12-16_zpsf789c55a.jpg
 photo 2022-13-19_zps37034fc8.jpg
 photo 2022-13-33_zpse856ff10.jpg

XX takes a good look at GCM, she was sure she would never see this face again moments ago.

Graced by a bullet, they are tense and cautious knocking on their own door.

 photo 2022-14-30_zps77c09809.jpg
 photo 2022-15-01_zps07b8acd3.jpg
 photo 2022-15-38_zpsf3b34300.jpg
 photo 2022-16-08_zps4e0cba4d.jpg

Still shaken by her close shave with death, XX takes a moment to compose herself, telling her family what happened,  We ran into the japanese, I am lucky to have Cousin and GCM saving me.

 photo 2022-16-17_zps6c4a39bd.jpg
 photo 2022-17-06_zpsf52cbedd.jpg
 photo 2022-17-09_zps85439c31.jpg
 photo 2022-17-17_zps92220b4d.jpg
 photo 2022-17-24_zpsc2f42647.jpg
 photo 2022-17-46_zpse6ce1c12.jpg
 photo 2022-18-03_zps6e09b9fb.jpg

Sis refuses to let go of PingOn from her embrace,

I am to blame for not keeping a good eye on my child.

 photo 2022-18-11_zps1dcfc1c3.jpg

Spring snow, soldiers are heard marching furiously down the street.  GCM and XM are on alert.

 photo 2022-18-58_zps7f44565f.jpg
 photo 2022-19-31_zps2e673f58.jpg

Commander, it is me!

It is Mookie, I have no idea he is so chummy with XM, looks like GCM has no idea as well!  GCM is almost frustrated with the boys hugging and fooling around.  Mookie is here to escort GCM back to report for duty, he is urgently needed for strategic planning, regrouping their troops.

 photo 2022-19-46_zpsda5cab7d.jpg
 photo 2022-19-56_zpsff0c88b4.jpg
 photo 2022-20-05_zps150f4a18.jpg
 photo 2022-20-26_zpsf99429d4.jpg
 photo 2022-20-28_zps1156d322.jpg
 photo 2022-20-46_zps7f51afe6.jpg

GCM properly bids his farewell to Grandmama, Uncle and Auntie:
 photo 2022-21-11_zps79c33a5d.jpg
 photo 2022-21-17_zps2d41a27b.jpg
 photo 2022-21-54_zpsd3c24a01.jpg

And a simple, I am leaving.

XX has a mouthful, urging him he has to redress his wound once every three days, he has torn it open earlier.

Sleep on the side, or else your wound….

Why are you laughing, smiling at me?

 photo 2022-22-37_zps39246421.jpg
 photo 2022-23-09_zpse9121641.jpg
 photo 2022-23-16_zpsd1a40382.jpg
 photo 2022-23-19_zps632a3d62.jpg

You are right. Always.

He is a happier man leaving for duty because he has all the more reasons to fight for what he has tasted, fearlessly now with her by his side.   Every night sleeping on his side, he would remember her telling him so, knowing she is thinking of him too.  Every time he redresses his wound…even the pain from freshly tearing it, is sweet.  Even if it is a nightmare, feeling her on his mind, knowing she is experiencing the same, seeing her in front of him this moment, missing him already, like he is, is heartwarming.  They are fighting the japs together. He can be of use to his country, and he can be a reason she lives, happy even if it hurts.

 photo 2022-23-23_zps622f5440.jpg
 photo 2022-23-29_zps7642d04f.jpg
 photo 2022-23-40_zps26e12b00.jpg
 photo 2022-23-49_zpsc10c9f0a.jpg

I will wait for you.

 photo 2022-24-05_zpsc89ed5aa.jpg
 photo 2022-24-11_zps26592d0e.jpg
 photo 2022-24-47_zps46dc62b0.jpg
 photo 2022-25-34_zps9c5b60e1.jpg

Torches are blazing, snow is falling, it’s hard to see in her tears, the flames, the cascading snowflakes like frost of tears left behind. The bittersweet of looking on him leaving her side mixes with proud of him fighting for the country so they can walk their streets hand in hand without gracing bullets, afraid to even knocking the door of their home.
 photo 2022-25-46_zpsfa40b4d0.jpg
 photo 2022-25-49_zps4a494a9a.jpg
 photo 2022-26-13_zps0aa426da.jpg

I will be waiting for you, coming home.

GCM reports back to duty to an ecstatic General Fang.  He cares about this fine young man personally, and a part of it is shrewdly the princeling was hurt under his watch, breaking the passive, formidable command from Mr Gu Senior.
 photo 2022-27-09_zps7d8680b5.jpg
 photo 2022-27-24_zpsbb462e55.jpg
 photo 2022-27-33_zps446fdb83.jpg
 photo 2022-27-37_zps60cd9db7.jpg

Thank you for your concern, General.  

I have been recovering very well, thanks to the care from my family.

All these smiles he can not contain, of the proud medal of war, the scar of his injury marking his service to his country, and saving his XX, being in love.  General is putting in a persuasion on the home front, fondly remembering his wife nursing the scar on his face or else he would not be presentable a sight.

 photo 2022-27-57_zps36aec02f.jpg
 photo 2022-27-59_zps5bad22e9.jpg photo 2022-28-24_zps1f53bda9.jpg

GCM chuckles like a little child at the happy banter, the happiest guy in the room.  He jokes back without the lovely care of his FIANCEE and her family, he would still be lying on a bed this very moment.

 photo 2022-28-47_zpse9c05c58.jpg
 photo 2022-28-58_zps219a61cc.jpg
 photo 2022-29-12_zpse8421c68.jpg
 photo 2022-29-17_zpsd0b49f5b.jpg

You are such a lucky guy!

Blushing, he agrees wholeheartedly with a lowering of his head.  He grins so wide some more as General pushes on when is he going to get a drink at his wedding banquet.
 photo 2022-29-25_zpsa205a8c5.jpg
 photo 2022-29-29_zps16648f49.jpg
 photo 2022-29-32_zps09a58ee9.jpg

Soon!  Very soon!

You are nothing but a man of your words, GCM!

Back to serious army business, General has reported his courageous deed on battlefield, GCM will be rewarded with recognition.
 photo 2022-29-37_zpsacd65452.jpg
 photo 2022-29-46_zps07511642.jpg
 photo 2022-29-49_zps8fff4136.jpg

Thank you, General!

Moving on an even more serious and personal business, GCM’s Father has called their base many times, pressuring for his son’s safe return to ChongQing.  General asks for GCM’s own opinion.  He must have a good read on the respectable, promising young man he has taken under his wing with and without the arrangement with his bigsis, knowing GCM would make a decision himself that would sing to his own wishes at heart, but he would not have to refuse Mr Gu Senior’s demand himself.  He is the very smart savvy General he is, never losing focus on the big picture.

 photo 2022-30-04_zpsd201071e.jpg
 photo 2022-30-20_zps90f23a44.jpg
 photo 2022-30-34_zpsbba722ea.jpg

I am reporting to General I am not leaving ChangSha!

The general eyes are seriously full of pride for the young gun, he must be seeing a younger self.

12 thoughts on “The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep20

  1. This one of my favorites episodes..I have so many in this drama lol
    Yang Zi is really a good actress. the bath scene makes me cry a river everytime I watch it. How could she controled her tears till the end of the scene. I really love this actress but couldn’t find any information on her. Hope to see her in more dramas as the heroine. I heard of “King rouge” but didn’t watch it yet.

    1. If it is up to us she should be in every major production worthy of her talent. She is working on 大秧歌 , sounds super 主旋律 and…too proper CCTV for my taste. Her face is still a bit too cutesy chubby for what they like in periods, but if there is a decent production for a Princess TaiPing, she is my #1 choice!

      Every flicker of emotion, how she minds herself to toughen up slightly from getting too emotional, in the way of forcefully getting her point across brimming with just enough a flourish of emotion in every line XX has to say, how even her tears r timed perfectly… i am speechless, no words can express what she did really.

      1. and???? lol . I m not a drama eater so I don’t really know what style of drama they have on CCTV. I ll try to check da yang ge when it comes out. well Shandong TV is known to produce nice drama so I ll give it a try. I watched the preview of nirvana in fire and It looks great. and isn’t CCTV and shandong who gave you handsome Wallace huo in his CGM uniform? 😉

        YZ is really different. I like her chubby face and I m pretty sure she can pull off any periodic character. she is not the usual pretty actress. She has a charistmatic presence when acting in emotional scene. I think I am biased. lol

        1. haha I can tell, you are an eater of books.

          ShanDong is not the main producer… and while my interest is perked up if they are involved, BoC is precious in balancing all the elements. I will not give BoC a chance without gorgeous fluff right off the bat, whereas 大秧歌 will be straight up SinoWar drama, very serious, very dense 75 eps…just not something I jump up and down can’t wait to watch for the toll on my emotions alone, unless someone tells me it’s BoC good! haha and there is no equivalent of WHpretty there on the roster, I’ve checked. The PD is solid, I’ve seen bits of a few of his past works but not PD 孔笙 magical for me. CCTV also commissioned or is airing TONNES of crap these days…that followup of BoC, an awfully silly period drama with HanDong…absolutely not watchable.

          You and me would think YangZi is beautiful but if you stick her in those super popular idolperiods in vogue nowadays amongst the plastics (take Ancient Swords) she’ll be so fish out of water. I saw her name thrown on the ‘suspected’ roster for 秦时明月/Qin’s Moon movie by TangRen, or whatever TR has in preproduction. I hope it’s not true, I can not stand her wasting her time in a supporting role against a LSS, NaZha…ie talentless (even if kinda pretty) blocks of wood.

          1. Nowadays I am on special Cnovel diet 😉

            75 episodes!! I will really die watching this drama. luckily i have the fastforward button. lol. I ll only watch YZ screentime. Why are they making it so long!?! I like historical stories but this long is quite a torture so I really hope it will be good! lol

            I hope god of dramas will hear you and give her more main role with handsome actors as partner. She already got Jo Huyn Jae and Wallace Huo. And I am starting a petition for princess TAi ping lol

            1. What r u reading?

              Lesigh YZ actually just finished filming a movie with Dylan Kuo. I do not mind his looks but he is the exact mould of TW idoldrama himbos: can never really act.

              1. sorry was so busy lately.
                my actual book is nirvana in fire . I ve read some fei wo si cun books but found them so sad that i might not want to read her anymore. lol. in fact I just go on shushenbar and just pick up any book that the review seems nice to me.
                YZ will save the drama. hahaha

                1. Hugs!

                  I am not a fan of FWSC, too angsty for angst sake. But I can acknowledge her command of Chinese is quite good, can’t say that with a lot of writers these days. I do like Nirvana in Fire (distracted by other stuff and haven’t finished). Xin YiWu’s writing connects with me the most, her characters are usu flawed but she makes them understandable. I like her style of writing, very to the point without extraneous flourishes, unnecessary when her storytelling is captivating enough.

  2. That scene of XX pleading with GQM is so precious. Tears swelled in my eyes because it showed that love is transcendental + knows no bounds, in peacetime or wartime, in life or death, through thick + thin, love endures. And yes, I agree that this is YZ’s crowning moment. Too often during these kinds of scenes the acting + lines (台词, can’t remember the English term >.<) get so mushy gushy I kind of want to puke, but not here. Something about everything falls right into place and it all flows so naturally + beautifully <3.

    Also, Maomao is a really talented actor, as young as he is! His crying + fear are so real + heart-wrenching. I don't know how the director/crew did it or found such a talented little fellow, but hats off to this precocious boy!

    1. So well said! It is my favorite scene in drama just on worshiping how perfect YZ is, WH did a gd job, but this is her scene. The lines are well-penned but still if not spot om the last lines when she is asking him to cherish her may come across too…whiny/desperate but YZ somehow delivers to me this is XX waking GCM up, delivering her most poignant ending statement presenting her case how much she loves him and how deserving she is of his love and how lucky he is, loved by her in a very moving loving way none of XX’s old abrasiveness but in its place a tender feminine grit.

  3. Another great episode. Haha you’re not the only one whose mind went to the gutter and initially thought of a steamy bath scene. But seriously, that bedroom conversation between XX and GCM is more intimate and touching than any raunchy scene. I adore XX a lot. Once she knows what she wants, she goes for it with bravery and honesty. I smile widely whenever she gives GCM a sincere piece of her mind or when she bear hugs him anyplace, anytime she feels like it. That’s what I call a great heroine. And I agree, Yang Zi is a very wonderful actress. I hope to see more of her in the future. I’m so happy GCM is slowly becoming a part of the Hu family, because a warm family is exactly what he, or any weary soldier at war, needs. They can help mend both his physical and emotional wounds. The scene of Dad and him listening to opera is a breath of fresh air. The days he spends with them surely does him some good. That’s evident when he reports back healthier, happier and with a greater sense of purpose.

    1. It is not everyday we love a heroine so much so soon and when she matures into an even finer lady and we totally buy the sparkling hero to feel she is too good for him, that is magical! Better yet the heroine is able to give such an amazing love declaration not just to sate his insecurities but make her stance she is this amazing young lady that has set eyes on him for him to cherish and to hold, in the perfect mix of boldness and tenderness. There is no buffing, she is not trying to impress, she would admit she is a girl, prone to her insecurities and weaknesses, but take a good look at her, she can cry but bravely soldier on even when he is dumping her. I do not even know if this is a persuasion per se because she is just laying out her thoughts and emotions and letting GCM make up his mind how to react when she has poured her heart out, but how can there be a choice but loving her more?!

      Haha and i love how u point out she will bear hug him wherever and whenever she deems fit, without a care of anything else other than she needs to hold him in her embrace RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT! Such a tiny package packing the formidable even Mookie, XM did not dare tease her when XiaoDi and XiaoHe smirked at XJS grabbing the waist of his wife. She is 青出於藍 of BiL! That is our XX!

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