Press Con and Teaser for Princess JieYou

I can no longer tell if these stills are mostly PS’d or real.  They are too gorgeous for my eyes!

The first teaser is out and…perhaps I am expecting to be swept off my feet with breathtaking cinematography, this is slightly not as exciting as I thought it could be.  If you want to read up more on Princess JieYou, who was sent off to a political marriage (and a few more subsequent ones) since 12, and stayed more than 50 years of her life adopting the lands of the nomad tribes as her second home and the people of Wusun, this is short and sweet.

When I was little,

I always wished I can glide in the same sky as a male eagle.

That is why I always looked up to the sky,

visioning myself flying freely.

– What did you see?


– In the future, you would be the mother of all the millions of citizens of Wusun.

What is the mother of millions of citizens?

No matter when,

I have only one name.

It is JieYou.

– JieYou…

– JieYou…

– JieYou.

I LOVE their voices, I hope they won’t be dubbed, and Loverboy is melting me to a puddle with his JieYou x 3 at the end.  Of course the kisses are ridiculously hot too.





The presscon was held in BeiJing the other day, OTP looks very happy together:


 Of course I am not half done with picspamming! :

They talked about their very passionate kissing scene(s):

This is the first time Jiang XinYu is the lead in a period (it said it is her first period, but I remember seeing her in a bit role in My Own Swordsman.)  Anyhow, there will be some hot kissing and ‘boating’ scenes.  When asked his impression on Miss Jiang’s kissing, he said it is very passionate.   Their kissing scenes are very physical YH said there are a lot of shoving and slapping of mouths, losing of bearings and next thing you know they are kissing the wind out of each other.  She said she is ecstatic working on her first period leading role, it took her a year to make the decision, has an ease of mind after learning YH and YWK signed on as princes vying for her affection.  At the presscon, one of YH’s fangirl shouted out ‘I want to bear your monkey!’ *monkey sounds like child in mandarin* JXY does not get the meaning, asking why the fangirl is not asking to bear him a puppy, YH is born on the year of the dog.  Muahahaha, JXY is notorious for being a very cute and hilarious ditz in RL by her fans, and it must be a circus on the set with her mixing with YH and YWK, they have become fast friends.   YH is also clueless until the reporters explain to him what giving birth to his monkey means.  lol

He is not let off easy, the reporters keep badgering about his love life.  YH whines the producers are not helping him, his last few dramas, all the actresses he has worked or is working with have their significant others.  JXY claims she has already introduced a single lady gf to YH,  asked the crew and YWK to keep saying good things about the lady to YH, the lady will come to the set and have a blind date with YH soon, Miss J said.  In the vid above, haha YH is not letting her off easy on this promise, he said he still has not met the lady, he is that desperate.

It is always exciting when the drama still in production is reported on CCTV, hinting on it will be airing there and I do not have to be cranky over whether I would even see the daylight of this.


7 thoughts on “Press Con and Teaser for Princess JieYou

  1. He is too skinny! Hope he gains some weigh after this series. He is sooooo SMEXY, loved..loved..the back/side view of him! Hope he finds a good woman soon 🙂

    1. I don’t think he would gain wt as long as he has work lining up, it’s unfortunate whenever he gets more meat on himself it’s always on his face. He should build up more muscles, I think he is working on that.

      haha he is almost yelling at JXY not following through with her promise, it’s adorable. MY irk is he is super picky, not necessarily his gf has to be perfect but it has to be exactly what he wants and he is very fussy.

        1. He won’t be the sweetheart he is if he is not fussy and super considerate. But of coz i’m w you, in love and happy. It cracks me up when he said the Princess JY trio will tuck up and watch Daddy where r u? together.

      1. Yesss stop being Fussy Yuanni darling and take meeee ! 😀 I
        lol on the trailers all tribe males have dreadlocks. The heroine is pretty just her mouth looks weird. wow at the kissing scenes !! M’goi Mookie gege for the trailer 😀

        1. That’s their tradition, ‘dreadlocks’ but they r intricate braidings authentic to their culture.

          Her odd looking is just the same old: plastic surgeries. She is a solid actress though so hopefully her skills can distract me enough

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