The Only Thing I Will Watch Next Week: Discovery of Love

I love these two on one screen, mine, like nothing else.

You are not prying me away.  Considering my weird aesthetics and not compromising a peck if I can, no Kdrama CP is with pleasing my eyes beauty, compatible chops bringing the best out of the other and sizzling chemistry like them.  I do not even care about the usual writing, directing no more, I know scarcely little about the details deliberately, the trailers are leading me on this should be SUMMER (her name) cute and fun and they will keep touching or throwing things or themselves at each other.  Sung Joon is FINE, but I do not need him, I am for Eric + YooMi.  Even if there is angst, they angst soooo soooo good. (Yes, rewatched a certain episode of Que Sera Sera and guilttripping myself it is horrible to love that scene and the hotness so I took a cold shower.)

 All I know is Eric’s TaeHa is an interior designer (I want the HGTV p0rn too, please) and he has a pet rabbit (pile on the cute and dreamboatness, why not?!), and he is the first love.  I welcome tonnes by the truckloads of QSS meta.  I mean begging on my knees and praying.

No, I am not alterna-shipping, who would not drink your coffee this way, nobody.

There is a tree, there is a Sung Joon, and a nursery rhyme.

Sung Joon and [insert name (me)]
sitting in a tree,

Funny hair, cute face, spec, playing a doc, watch is sharp too…you are just making me love you right cutiepie whoever you are!   He must be a coworker bff of Sung Joon’s plastic surgeon.

YooMi’s YeoReum and her roomies:

This vision is like new parents looking down at their bundle of joy:

I am pretty sure we are supposed to take the hitting each other with roses, rainbow balls, icecream, banana toy, white magic dust, confetti, water… as very literal token of love.

YeoReom: Lets breakup.

TaeHa:  What are you saying?!?!

YR: I am the one hurting, alone, waiting for you to call me.  I feel so lonely when we are together!  Is this love?!

TH:  I still do not understand why we broke up back then.

TH:  I think because of her, I have become an ‘used good in love’.

YR:  Because of him, my attitude towards ‘love’ is changed.

Sung Joon’s HaJin:  Can we kiss…


YR:  Don’t ask me that.  Don’t ask…means alright.

YR: …my boyfriend.

YR: My very good boyfriend…

TH: Long time no see.

*throwing of water*

YR: We were really happy back then…

TH:  Break up with him.  Come back to me…..

TH:  So?

‘The Discovery of Love’

Grinning so mad.  Please be nice to me Kdramaland.  I want to come back and love you!


4 thoughts on “The Only Thing I Will Watch Next Week: Discovery of Love

  1. Weeell, it’s by the writer of the ‘I Need Romance’ franchise @ tvN and I dropped all three of them at some point. Every INR had some features that did not sit too well with me. But, but… it’s Eric and Jung Yoo Mi, with the director of ‘Heartless City’ and a bonus Sung Joon. Cutie Soo aka Yoon Hyun Min from HC is in it too (the cutiepie plastic surgeon with glasses ;P). Of course I will give it a whirl and hope for the best. 🙂 I already have one great drama in ‘Yoo Na’s Street’, so if this one turns out to be good I’m doubly blessed.^^

    1. I didn’t even last an ep of INR2 for YooMi but… In Eric AND YooMi I trust! I am telling myself to not nitpick, I do not think this will be super duper awesome but just need some harmless romcom goodness rounding up the summer. So all I’m begging is light on any nonsensical angst please, let them cutely bicker gibberish for 16 eps, I can watch that.

      Ahhh so that’s the boy, I did not recognize him fr Cruel City w the specs but now I rem, he held his own there!

  2. That’s some serious gif-fing skills.. 🙂

    I am so looking forward to this too. Hopefully it won’t end up on the dropped halfway list as what has happened to INR 2 and INR 3.

    As much as I love Sung Joon and his voice, I don’t think I’ll be getting the SLS syndrome from this one.

    1. INR franchise is that meh huh?! I only watched an ep of INR for YooMi, didn’t grab me.

      I seldom have the SLS myself and Eric is just too hot. There r prettier men but he is irresistible esp next to YooMi. There is never a choice. Seems like their characters here r mellower mature versions of those in QSS.

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