Friday Pretty: Adonises and Goddesses

Still another month until Autumnal Equinox, but 立秋(start of fall, the 13th of 24 solar terms)  was August 7th and I never mind very beautiful people in suits, gowns and fall colors.

Goddess extraordinaire Gong Li, selling bridal gowns in glossy magazine at 48 and we all would swirl and gloat if we can look exactly like her at our younger current age atvm.

Mr Kaneshiro Takeshi, can you suddenly lose your mind and decides to work in a very very good fluffy C romance novel adaptation?!?!?!  I can not deal with most of those supposedly tall hot and handsome but actually fug faces and many of the popular ones are your age anyway.

It was Faye Wong’s 45th bday last week.  Happy Birthday, ageless spirit!

I love my neighborhood park, it has a much smaller similar fountain the ducks love and puppies wagging on staring at them as moving toys/snacks, but I am very very grumpy I do not have this bench and the gorgeous specimen in suit on it.

Do a very silly K romcom, I no longer care what, insert a wedding, even if only in heroine’s fantasy and give me the visual of this in motion and let me lick my screen, hug it and dream on.

Yes, I want to be the doggie, the bword if more fittingly.


Loverboy made it on the hottest weibo list again.  Because his birthday is coming up and his very adorable fangirls redbeanies have started a tag #袁弘823生日快乐# on wishing him a happy birthday professing their love, how and when exactly they started flailing for the guy and he is beyond emotional reading…he has to ask why we switched from being the cutesy adoring fans to dissing and stabbing his silly derpiness (粉转黑/lit. pink to black of our hearts/ is the term):

The most liked replies said it was when he broke up with HuGe and let HG bromance WH OR when he got HuGe’s love, becoming HG’s lovely little red flower. One ballsy fangirl says it is when she learned he is gay, to which he has to make a hilarious silly reply:  I am the straightest guy in the milky way if you give me a fulcrum I (am the rigid rod that )can levant the entire planet earth don’t y’all know?!?!  Sorry darling I do not know, all I know is how to shake my head with a pfftttt and stinky-eye.

For me it is when he posts very WTF pics of himself at his weibo (I KID I LOVE HIM MORE!), and must be thinking he looks ridiculously hot…but just not.  I do not particularly enjoy guys showing off thighs skinnier than mine and this pic brings out the devil in me wishing the next moment he would fall off the railing into the ducky pond underneath and he would be all wet and attacked by the ducks.

WH’s faces perfectly summed up mine often reading YH’s weibo, containing my guffaws while shaking my head going WTH. Very hot uncle Huo, you were young and silly once (in drama at least).  These are from Emerald on the Roof with SunLi popping on my WL so adorable:

YH just did a spread for Elle with a CN supermodel, she is delighted with the collab posting gifs and bts:

*yes, he stepped on the lady’s foot*

Poor thing, his fangirls at the airport snapping this had to tell the world they were dead silent and making him pout and sad when he cheekily asked them if they really mind his facial hair that much.  Why am I not there?! I seriously love this on him and would tell him by smooching his lips right there scratched chin be darned.

Come on now babies, this is the bunch of hot period adonis on the Happy Camp show August 23rd (his birthday) and who is the hottest?!  Use your eyes, rub them clear.

But I am weird, the majority of his fangirls are missing his look from last year, haha and because they can not stop being snarky and tease him, they call it a dairy cow look, all cool and handsome taking a selfie with a fan, but actually the fan account read as derpy as can be, unbeknownst to him, they saw and heard him mumbling at that shopping mall behind where a new restaurant was still in construction then, ‘does this taste good or not huh?!  Yum!?!’  to himself while peeking through the window, totally oblivious he is being droolz upon.

I can not wait for the Happy Camp:  the Period Adonis edition just to see him being shameless with Ray Ma TianYu.   For a glutton like YH, he is complaining how insufferable it is being dragged to keep Ray company with his late night cravings of Hot and Sour Fish Hotpot.   And Ray is more famous actually being period gorgeous crossing dressing, and earning him the rep of being the most beautiful girl on his current airing idol period phenom Ancient Swords (I can’t stand the drama being so very draggy, a lot of plastics, and too ridiculously slashy)

On the set of Princess JieYou looking like the finest nomadic gentleman and nothing silly, nah.  He is helping his OTP out rehearsing the lines she keeps NGing from lol and he said he is helping by laughing along, I bet causing her to giggle worse:

There is a new SARFT cockblocking after the summer of ‘Dream of China’, primetime C dramas airing in the months of Sept or Oct has to be themed ‘Anti-fascist’.  Peeps in that nothing better to do bureau are nothing but creative and have amoebas as braincells, I have never heard of such a drama genre.  I guess to play it safe, keep showing the sinowar effort in a lot of manguo dramas and replaying BoC on every channel?! <-not really a complaint.  TR your upcoming stuff are so pathetic, why not just grab  these following 4 guys (you would of course add HuGe in the mix, JJF can play a young bro too) and have NanKing War of FlowerUncles?!   I would not judge.

I caught a rabid redbeanie being chummy with one of the precious writer of BoC, i hope she’ll get my ESP on the next manguo historical, cast a YH!

Gorgeous fanart thanks to original poster!

So I guess we’ll have all our gods and goddesses in a lot of uniforms coming months.   I do not mind, because even on the movie front, the Truimph in the Skies franchise is filming a movie.  I doubt it would be bearable story wise, but SammiCheng is rocking the uniform and pwning all the usual suspects of hotness:  Chilam Cheung, Francis Ng and Louis Koo.    Perhaps in a shorter movie length and seats need to be drawn in, they will fill up an hour or so with decent material instead of pure product placements and pilot lingo lessons of boring dragginess for 30 hours.

Remember I said I was very pleasantly surprised by the 3 minute teaser of HQG/ Journey of the Flower?!  Well fanvids ALWAYS beat the official material and this popped up in not even a day

Amazing.  XLY is a better actress than LYF but LYF has my vote for the most beautiful C fantasywuxia face, and even with her limited improvement over the years craft-wise, her eyes are born with that innocent untainted clarity acting has nothing much to do with it.   She puts on a period costume and we scream both the character 仙 (supernatural/goddess-esque) and 侠 (of wuxia, chivalry and heroism)  And somehow she has bottled up that childlike naivete in her eyes, a double edged sword which is playing to her disadvantage as she is trying to move onto more mature roles, but as a wuxia heroine ingenue, nobody is better at her A game. This is idol fantasy wuxia, and LYF’s skill set is more than good enough.  Too bad she is transitioning to a different path right now but lest we forget she is only 26, she is only 2 months older than ZLY and what she may lack in emoting as naturally as Zhao, her wuxia moves KICKASS.   One irk I had in the HQG teaser is even though both WH and ZLY are doing good jobs with their characters, I do not feel an all consuming chemistry between them, explosive nor bottled up.  I have been quipping LYF is also very standoffish when it comes to having romantic chemistry with her costars, but here in that fanvid, and obviously she and WH did not share a scene together, I felt a jolt.  I guess on a very rare case when both ends of a screen CP are so ridiculously gorgeous,  sparks just fly, there is no explanation necessary.

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