Golden Era Official Trailer

I did not expect the color to be so saturated.  Seems like we are led down a rosy lens more adorned and romantic.  I am more used to PD Ann Hui telling her stories in very spare, muted, almost bleak tones.   This is a very short teaser and nothing much can be read into it except a who’s who, which actor does look physically like the part or not.   We can always pray for a more substantial trailer with much more impact on what story will be told, afterall we have 3 hours+ of airtime as rumored to be the feature length of the ambitious film.

I am slightly bummed I am not hit in the gut right away by TangWei’s Xiao Hong, and the buzz lately has switched to the veteran awesome actor Wang Zhiwen’s take on Lu Xun, the most important contemporary Chinese writer of the entire 20th century.   I also think Zhu Yawen is very scene stealing.

New posters juxtapose the characters in the midst of the 笔锋/’ sharp edge of the pen’, the vigor in the style of writing.

Tang Wei as Xiao Hong:  In a tattered world, we have to love ourselves.  This is an era we have to know how to love ourselves. 

Feng ShaoFeng as Xiao Jun:  Love when you have fallen in love, break it when it is broken.  This is an era to love and hate to the best we can.

Hao Lei as Ding Ling:  Honest to myself, true to my desires.  This is an era to be loyal to ourselves without regrets.

Wang ZhiWen as Lu Xun: Scream from the heart, A madman like me.   This is an era we revolt the new and embrace the new!

Yuan Yian as Mei Zhi:  Keep our passions, guard our innocence.  This is an era we have to protect the purity of our existence.

Zhu Yawen as Duanmu HongLiang: Let the hearsays fly, our conscience is clear.  This is an era we have to lead our own path.


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