Itazura na Kiss 2 ~Love in Tokyo 2 : OP and New Poster

I can stare at this gorgeous poster the entire day/week/till Sept 12 for the SP, happy and grinning.  Miki looks so pretty, her Kotoko is maturing into a young lady/wifey her hubby Irie is now holding her tightly in a backhug for fear she would be stolen from him!  Beware, our IQ200 EQ still hovering around zero alien manboy!


We can always trust the lovely fandom to drop us a hundred life ruining gifs:

Thanks to Heisui, I just realized we are getting a S2 properly not just in Okinawa.

The OP, Cyntia’s LoveLoveLove

Tbh, other than Kiss kiss kiss kiss….I am not paying attention to a thing but these two being very cute.  No one is expecting they would give us a real smooch, or what is a teaser for if not to tease?!

7 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss 2 ~Love in Tokyo 2 : OP and New Poster

  1. Heheh Mookie, you’re always the best source for INK news! 😉 I like this poster much better than the one for the SP. :3 The opening MV is really cute too!

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