Love(?) Discovery of Love

Love is an irrational thing.  I am aware this is not perfect watching, not worthy of much dissection, but I love it, watching through my rosy lens, I see no flaws.

There are a few prerequisites to fall in instant love with this drama:  1.  You think Eric is a Smexy Beast.  2. You are/were insanely rabid MNIKSS fiends, locking everything down to camera work in your head forever.  3.  You do not care how wrong but you did cry and pray for the QSS OTP to have any semblance of an HE and be damned.

I think the writing is fine.  It is not pretentious, not preachy, not trying too hard…nor quotable impressive either.  I have not watched much of INR (ie did not grab me in an ep or so each) and I have nothing bad to say on the writer after first episode.  The pace is breezy, the trio is so comfortable in their roles and chemistry is as natural as can be.  Eric and Yoomi could have done this a month after QSS wrapped for a TV movie SP and I could not tell.  Writer has studied both Que Sera Sera and MNIKSS (and What’s Up Fox) thoroughly, perhaps earlier in her career she was a fanfic writer meshing those and voila.

I watched it raw and do not feel like I need to rewatch it subbed.  It is what it sets out to be romantic and light, nothing for me to fuss over other than I want to screengrab Eric’s hotness even as I am watching along.

The characters are not carbon copy of their previous collaboration, of course.  These are normal adults in their late 20s early 30s.  YooMi’s YeoReum is happily in love with the perfect guy, a young good looking plastic surgeon Dr Nam HaJin (Sung Joon), very in love with her…but she is not ‘ready’ for marriage.  Truth is she is broke, supporting her Mom, buried in student loans and can not afford marriage and too shameful to be honest with her dreamboat.  Dreamboat has a formidable Mom, reminding me a bit of the dynamics in Can We Get Married who is still pushing son on matchmaking dates with daughters of presidents of hospitals when he has a very steady girlfriend she is clearly not approving.   YR and HJ met on a twist on a blinddate themselves, she and her roomie/bff/HJ’s work buddy was trying at matchmakers but her gf immediately blurted HJ is not her type.  YR and HJ clicked and sparks flew instead that night.  Eric’s Kang TaeHa (he was Kang TaeJoo in QSS) is an easy-going, successful guy, running his own interior design company, nice to his employees.  He dated YeoReum for 5~ years, I would say he was very happy most of those years till she ‘suddenly’ broke up with him on a trip for their anniversary feeling neglected,  but he burst out he had compromised losing sleep over work to make do.  He has not figured out why he is dumped exactly but no longer bothered.  It has been a few years since, he has took their pictures off his life is a journey wall, putting all his energy in his work in the mean time.  After they accidentally meet again when she is spying on HJ’s blinddate at the typical hotel cafe, it must have shaken him…this is still the woman that can hold his glance, perhaps roughing up his heartbeats instantaneously.  He can still be suddenly hit with a bout of jealousy seeing her with her new love.

YR is daring, can be reckless and hotheaded.  She is the one asking for skinship at a hotel marking their 100 days of dating.  Meow~!

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-16-50_zpsced44d64.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-16-58_zps9f46555f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-17-28_zps749aa807.jpgI love the feet grabbing under the table (yes nostalgia over a cute boy I dated moons ago TMI )

I love YooMi’s face.   I just feel very relaxed staring at her, at her emoting.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-18-01_zpsc0397110.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-30-26_zpsd00a9f91.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-30-32_zpsd821937b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-31-28_zps057e0b02.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-31-56_zps47222a00.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-37-34_zpsc33ed9cb.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-38-40_zps60eb2ea5.jpg

And no one in love with QSS does not remember the palpitations of these two in a car, or most of the time Eric stealing stares at her in his car, not doing much other than being angsty and brooding with a lot of WANT! in his eyes.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-40-04_zps988a92f7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-40-20_zps05ea36aa.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-40-26_zpsf5fa3318.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-40-56_zps54585570.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-41-10_zpsa07c3ea4.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-41-23_zpsb403f2d1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-41-34_zpsd4fc3a1d.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-41-48_zps7ab2b1dc.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-41-51_zpsb4bc54ed.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-42-54_zps9449d056.jpg

Flashbacks of them in love is cute and painless.  I love it. I did not catch why the modern TaeHa and YR are being interviewed on love, but I would happily be the one at the other side of the table holding the recorder and a bucket for my droolz as he reminisces the breakup.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-44-15_zps91a8335e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-46-07_zpsebd903ed.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH15-47-00_zpse874c8b5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-37-28_zpsa653c8b3.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-38-21_zps0ba14bc5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-38-29_zpsb2bdaf27.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-38-44_zps1a522e0c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-39-34_zps2c438445.jpg

While he talks about the breakup, she is talking about how she met her perfect very very good boyfriend.  I figure she is working at a flower shop?  Love the plantp0rn.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-40-12_zpsd609c730.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-40-23_zpsbc799229.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-40-39_zpsbe58e249.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-41-07_zps4c0c0ee3.jpg

The hottie bff doc is hotter with glasses, and do not ask me why, I love boys in checkers/plaids, and yes, girls in polka dots. Their outfits are already too telling of the matchy color schemes of the pairing, no?!

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-41-26_zps2e6d18c9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-42-29_zps61df8ee1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-43-07_zps089972b7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-43-24_zps87ddd560.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-43-36_zpsaf27e022.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-44-23_zps10b35cf0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-45-59_zpsb8407483.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-46-17_zpseda527ab.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-46-24_zps0665b1ef.jpg

They clicked and one can sense they are the same impulsive, very frank with their feelings type.  And often it is easier to be in a relationship you can know exactly how his/her heart thumps next. Of course, it can take a kiss to fall for a good kisser.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-47-49_zps9d404d16.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-48-30_zpsa6e9ef53.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-49-41_zps73af37cc.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-49-43_zps1d5c8b5c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-49-45_zps7b9f85ae.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-49-55_zps1cd00eea.jpg

Please tell me they will be a pair:
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-51-52_zps3d057dd2.jpg

 I have never been so distracted with very long legs before SungJoon’s with his baby face yet carrying himself like a perfect suitor of a man.  No need to ask, I love the very cliched but always doing it manga cap of the tiptoe in a kiss.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-52-29_zpsf125fe5b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-52-49_zps040f8c3b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-52-52_zpse2b8cd3d.jpg

But I am not too hot on kissing my phone.  GERMS peeps. You can perfectly smooch the sound and feel of it an inch away fr the screen you keep touching all day.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-54-03_zps153305e0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-54-54_zps0779be92.jpg

Usually I would grumble I am not hot about this hairdo, but when cute boys are matching hairs as a BFF stamp…you cutiepies win.  Always.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-55-05_zps25463665.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-55-39_zps842f21f0.jpg

This is so cute a homage to the scene from MNIKSS.  I bet other K romcoms have the hotel cafe blinddate eavesdropping water splashing shenaningans but I do not remember any other.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-57-15_zps4d540fe1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-57-55_zps1084c295.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-58-19_zps268a4980.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-58-28_zps1c95cbdb.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-58-31_zps77afde4e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-58-36_zpsf4295a24.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH17-58-53_zpsae55b0ed.jpg

She wrote down her embarrassing situation on a round napkin/dolly (hey the one SamSoon and SamShik wrote down their rules of engagement was also a circle…hmmm) :  she needs to borrow the seat to spy on her boyfriend who is on a blinddate literally behind her back.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-00-02_zps2423c7a7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-00-12_zps24ac524a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-00-54_zpsfca215f6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-01-12_zps2720b5c2.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-01-40_zps6d715874.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-01-58_zps8daae61c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-02-05_zps513f070c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-03-32_zps10278835.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-03-54_zps0e6eb7fe.jpg

No wonder she has to close her eyes, her ex she has not seen for many years is looking at her so DAMNHOT while she is too immersed in eavesdropping the pleasant conversation her perfect boyfriend is having with the flawless barbie doll.  She is spilling her anguish, a breakup no less, to the guy in front of her, for the ears of the guy to her back who is getting along splendidly, with a very good looking the perfect match by all social norms and especially in his Mommy’s eyes arranging this date.  No longer sure who is spying on whom, Perfect BF Dr. Nam is listening to her every word amused, so is his pretty date.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-04-10_zps3a2f54aa.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-05-02_zps3cc2fca0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-05-10_zps70fd16fd.jpg

Perfect boyfriend is gloating hearing her every word of jealousy/love.  She still dumps her frustration/water on the innocent (perhaps not) ex.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-05-45_zps634c338c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-05-57_zpsd099364c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-06-03_zps314fde6f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-06-21_zpsd7b140ba.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-06-49_zps42bf9201.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-06-52_zps3d0d1d42.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-07-06_zps3bf8b4c6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-07-29_zps12c6aa1e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-08-06_zpsfaa4821c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-08-36_zps0f50bd79.jpg

Perfect boyfriend apologizes with a bow, I am 50/50 on whether he recognizes this is the ex.  (ok I need subs for this scene alone then)

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-08-54_zps4d5845ef.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-09-01_zps9cbb8e5a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-09-11_zpse8be8812.jpg

Eric, y you so hot when you are in some form of butthurt.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-14-49_zpse36bb80e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-15-05_zps43b37130.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-15-36_zps085df72f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-16-00_zps12194f0e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-17-45_zps6c5ebed3.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-17-53_zps24244f89.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-18-13_zps19cc5050.jpg

In the middle of her Perfect BF cooing her and being so affectionate, she is still aware of her ex’s brooding stares at her direction.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-18-28_zps53c0e368.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-18-31_zpsdecef1c0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-18-56_zps35e00533.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-19-16_zpsb4b25eb3.jpg


I predict what will sure be treating us as soon as we have a filler shoot of his house.  *pat self*  But seriously, who misses the above gif of GOSH I NEED AN ANGSTY MANPAIN SHOWER ASAP all over his face, huh?!

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-20-03_zpsf358806e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-20-10_zps8608e2b7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-20-21_zpsf1e9e7f4.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-22-47_zps7f2697c8.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-23-14_zps7765136c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-23-35_zps859a83d2.jpg

I deliberately grab all moments of Sung Joon begging for smooches.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-24-38_zps15bc2467.jpg

We have the typical phone switching and an Eric horizontal on bed.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-24-53_zps3093f9f4.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-25-03_zpse9e2ead3.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-25-14_zps8dee62fb.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-26-31_zps991d16d6.jpg

While we girls get ready for the day mostly with the perfect outfit on in no time and all the while just putting on lipstick (not!), Eric actually puts on clothes while staying mostly naked.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-27-10_zps4102ce8d.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-27-15_zpse48d3938.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-27-19_zpsd880a38d.jpg

He puts shirts on like SamShik did!  *ALRIGHT. I know.  All hot (and not) guys put on shirts the same exact way and I only remember Hyun Binnie and Eric. *shrug* *

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-28-14_zps3e927598.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-28-43_zpsbdb5cdea.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-30-55_zpsd9d0f1a0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-31-32_zps42559a7d.jpg

I think Caring Boss is at ER visiting an injured ahjusshi I do not think is his Daddy/Uncle.  Not sure, but he is a Hot Caring Boss…who is grinning like a happy kid receiving a call from a girl he wants to get a call from.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-32-07_zps3d80c66e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-32-27_zps44a4354a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-34-22_zps5d737111.jpg

And having fun reading her texts…which are not actually fun…about some money she owes.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-35-55_zpsb4736856.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-36-08_zps56a994db.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-36-13_zps7feb1e56.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-36-59_zpsdfface24.jpg

So your work day will be mostly you smexily staring at her phone huh?!  Some dirty thoughts on top of nosy wondering if she has some nikkid pics?!

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-37-20_zps2dd46371.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-38-15_zps6feabdcb.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-38-34_zpsa6b42381.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-38-48_zps19096be5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-38-53_zps03f874fa.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-40-03_zpsdfac17a1.jpg

Introducing our very plastic girl2:

I can not recognize Yoon JinYi from her Gentleman’s Dignity days, that is why I hate it when they are a few procedures too many because I would sweat over whether I am hit with early(not) senile dementia. It is very cute though playing with Sung Joon being sooo tall when he holds the door for us, we would have to pass through his arms and lesson learned:  hit his arm with your head, he thinks it is cute.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-42-25_zps01a53d30.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-42-47_zpsd4b98307.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-43-19_zpse54b4350.jpg

I think the cameraman has to do extra work just to capture the full length of SJ, so lets give him/her a clap for the good work in a cap.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-43-45_zps13c3c593.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-44-40_zpsff3e00f2.jpg

I have never seen the token piercing through the soju bottle and it magically has a few more drops happening.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-45-10_zps3f29b4f3.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-45-52_zps7e230adf.jpg

I love the clutter.  This is the same quirky place she met her Perfect BF and now she is confessing how much she loves and fears losing him, her insecurities, to her Unni.  I did not check, is this the same little place she flirted her skinship plan for the 100day anni with TH?!

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-46-35_zps5c26500e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-50-34_zps308ba204.jpgHere because we always have to appreciate how fine Eric’s shoulders are.

He gets a call to save the drunk ex he leaves work in the middle of a meeting to dash to.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-51-29_zpsd3435a0a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-51-36_zps614e7ec0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-52-25_zps8f4d6007.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-52-33_zpsae12c3d3.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-52-48_zps0b06545d.jpg

I have a lot of QSS ending feels.  Or simply fond flashbacks of the numerous times her EunSoo flopped herself at his doorstep like a lost weird puppy insanely amusing to his TaeJoo, worming into his heart.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-53-38_zps3f06973b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-53-48_zps1a2f0359.jpg

Perfect BF calls…just as her phone goes out of battery or Fate intrudes, as we call it.

I love the defensive reflex of her hitting him when he inches too close, invading her space.  His hotness must be bothering even through her closed eyes and hair.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-55-22_zps185b5edc.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-55-43_zps654f3ad9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-56-23_zps7aa833d9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-56-38_zps7d2662a9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-56-49_zpsb34e6e30.jpgYup, touch it, he wants you to and he is HOT.

And she shoved him again.  Ha.  I was thinking he should be faster in grabbing her hand second time in a roll of being hit but he is defenseless. ( I think we should read much more into the symbolism)

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-57-17_zps3a9b91d5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-57-57_zpsdde32015.jpg

While she pukes, she randomly finds a kohleyed rabbit.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-58-36_zps81422664.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-58-42_zps18a7cabd.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH18-58-52_zpscc778cfc.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-00-15_zpscce31a4c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-00-32_zpsa02bf45f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-01-42_zpscac72e05.jpg

And he sees she needs to use the bathroom, perhaps he thinks it is fetching haha I dunno what the comehither faces you are making 24/7 are supposed to mean no more Eric.  (You can not possibly expect my head to think a thing with Eric holding a bunny)

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-02-52_zps63e8545b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-02-58_zps81134d70.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-03-19_zps65592b34.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-03-30_zpsf5d5f2c2.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-04-39_zps01f6b39f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-05-02_zps920711bd.jpg

He makes her pay while driving her to the closest restroom, that is,  ALWAYS his place, revenge for the water splashed (and the sourness henceforth seeing her with her lovely bf) by playing Flight of the Bubblebees… Affrettando!

While Perfect BF can not reach her in the middle of the night, he is dropping by her usual stops.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-05-35_zps24a8f3cc.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-06-30_zpsb6aabc50.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-06-41_zps7856150b.jpg

I love he immediately charges her phone for her.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-07-08_zpse5d92cb1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-07-28_zps632e2fb0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-08-10_zps261bd198.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-08-13_zps64fd0b44.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-08-42_zps8f28ce61.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-09-55_zpsc7a77427.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-10-34_zpsd903926f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-11-45_zps946c0be5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-11-50_zpsac48847f.jpg

He could have passed her the other dry towel right there, when she asks to be dried up, too.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-12-32_zps2ddf66f4.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-12-52_zps2e9a29f5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-13-22_zps3ebdf451.jpg

But he loves to dry her with his towel, his hands.  I do not think we have a similar scene in QSS, but this could be followed by a flashback of that one she needs to poop while he still has shampoo in hair and it will work like MAGIC.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-13-45_zpsbb9e1863.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-13-53_zps414a51ef.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-14-03_zps83e28efc.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-14-37_zps962acb40.jpg

This is lovely, nonetheless.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-15-08_zps86834f91.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-15-14_zps390853f9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-15-29_zps346a3044.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-15-42_zps0bd84c9e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-16-03_zps8aa7f3b0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-16-09_zps44de31c1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-16-17_zps750926fa.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-16-30_zps8b4ffa09.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-16-40_zps245cec44.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-16-55_zps3384577e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-17-01_zps7b3e7d10.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-17-07_zpsffc479a0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-17-34_zpsd684a5d4.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-17-48_zpsd327733e.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-18-11_zps2c9e3336.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-18-16_zps1ac863d2.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-18-23_zps862e065f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-18-29_zps5bc1a4ed.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-19-13_zps46001024.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-19-40_zps74fa0fbd.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-19-55_zps39c17023.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-22-54_zps9f4a8d0f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-23-08_zpsb2b303b8.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-23-25_zpsa2b6f1c0.jpg

She is waking up to vision(s) of what dreams are made of.

Her perfect boyfriend is getting her the ring in the robin blue box and flowers.  Perfect boyfriend is Perfect.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-23-40_zps2d3cce03.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-23-42_zps9da0e2c6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-23-50_zps77dd67e8.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-25-38_zpsab0cc285.jpg

He calls her at her door she is faking she is inside and her bffs can not help her.  She said she is with her Mom, but her Mom is also showing up in front of him.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-28-08_zps20d86db7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-29-24_zps5d871cf4.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE01140818HDTVH264720p-WITH19-29-31_zps61a31493.jpg

Oh but you have this, GF, on your birthday.

 Words.  Thoughts.  Ok.  ASDFfijghfajklasdhfdkkfghkluhlasdf;jklghdsadsfklk’;jkfa

8 thoughts on “Love(?) Discovery of Love

  1. Yesssss, OH YES to your last gif. *Hides face from embarrassment*
    As always I love your comments ❤ Like you said, this story isn't necessarily new but it's very breezy and it's worth the watch just for the cast alone. QSS was one of my very first crack dramas as they like to call it. I'm happy that Eric came back to dramaland to work with Jung Yoo Mi again, and i'll be waiting for the news that they're dating. I know he's in character and all, but the way he looks at her…oh my!

    1. I do not know QSS was cracky for you! I am assuming addictive in a good way? It was a drama that started off harmless enough then held me captive wringing my emotions till the end I still think it was a drama bottling up emotional magic.

      I know rationally Eric will never be the great technical actor and in other things he did, none have this walking breathing smexy beast oozing out his pores when he is not even trying nor necessary for scene as he has next to YooMi only. That is, even though I do not RLship this can not just very gd acting esp fr Eric. It is hard in their shoes to operate on crushes and impulses in the public eye, lots more at stake though. But MTE the way his eyessss looking at her ALL THE TIME! I have no words but drawing stars and hearts.

      1. Yep in a good way! It was my very first Korean romance/melo drama that I watched and I have no regrets. Lol, i’ll be drawing stars and hearts with you! Hopefully DoL stays on a good track. Random question: Do you like Eric’s haircut?

        1. lol it is a tiny bit Lloyd Christmas fr Dumb and dumber huh?! BUUUTTTT I do not care I honestly can not see if I am not screengrapping being so fixated on his EYES……. It is irrational.

  2. Thanks for the caps. I haven’t gotten around watching the eps due to bad net connection so I was scouring around for recaps.

    Truth be told, this is my third viewing if this post..

    And I can’t help but snicker at your captions.

  3. Hello Mookie Unnie,

    I really did not want to watch this drama when there’s only episode 1! But ugh, their chemistry was so tempting and it’s SOOOOO GOOD. Actually, I find the other scenes when they are not around boring, and I all I want to see is THEM. I don’t know if I can painfully follow and watch her struggle between her desires though, I may wait till the whole drama completes first.

    1. I can not wait. I do not usu wish drama OTP to reinvent their magic so many years later but this OTP’s chemistry withstands time, and better yet i think the material deserves them! What gives to have Sung Joon too?! I am in a dream I’m refusing to wake up XD!

      Ep2 settles into tighter writing and much more intricate complicated dynamics i am wishing for. I’m not worthy!

      I thought the pace was v nice e1 i do not feel anything drags at all, perhaps i just am afraid to have any expectations.

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