Happy Birthday Yuan Hong!

This is so sweet a fanart fr 嘚吧嘚是米小贱, all his characters flying high with his fav thing Totoro”


He is having a great time at his bff’s wedding back home in WuHan.  No place like home!

I guess because he is the birthday boy and everyone is droolzing at his face anyway, no one will notice he is wearing sandals, however chic *coughfugcough* to a wedding.

I have not seen PapaYuan before!   Hello~~ my imaginary DiL!

The lovely bride (congrats!!!) gave him the bouquet, lol:

haha I do not know how many pics he has took with the bouquet totally preening and in character of frowning but if I was there witnessing I would sneer and shake my head giggling.

This is HG’s Bday to his Little Red Flower, the nick he coined.

YH is now owning the romantic emoticon in HG usage.  We can go AWWW everytime we see/use it thinking of, HG seeing it thinking and missing YH.  muahaha

haha lately he is very blatant with how desperate he is in the romance department and a fangirl listed all the hotties who have married their fangirls (Jimmy Lin, Wallace Chung, Andy Lau, LeeHom…etc) and said, YH, come here and lets have a good talk about the matter. 🙂

AND, haha he replied to the fangirl, ‘ Lets Talk.’

This is what sweet Prince 10  Ye ZuXin greeted him

@叶祖新: 袁二货,生日快乐!找个好嫂子[嘻嘻][嘻嘻][蛋糕]@袁弘 [挖鼻屎][偷笑][偷笑]
Derpy Yuan, Happy Birthday!  Find a good wifey!

@袁弘:就要阿凝[懒得理你]  I want Ah Ning (ie Jiang Xin, ie Ye’s long time gf)  Notty!

But he is just fooling around he is a sweetheart not only to the ladies:  this is  vid from a fan at the taping of Happy Camp airing in a few hours! LYF was going to hand the mic to his bff from Ancient Swords Chan WaiTing, but Chan was not paying attention and Loverboy immediately holds it for FengFeng.

His sweetest BFF  Ma TianYu will also be on Happy Camp and it should be the pretties riot ever on that show

@马天宇 小红花 @袁弘 生日快乐 你永远都是我的老O~爱你哦[笑cry][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][礼物][蛋糕][鲜花][干杯][男孩儿][萌] PS:一字之差,差别就好大诶。还有前两条照片质量好差~[怒][笑cry][拜拜]
Little Red Flower, Happy Birthday!  You are always my Lao O~ Love you!
袁弘:谢谢美人儿[亲亲][亲亲]  He replies:  Thank you gorgeous! 

It is not shown in the show but he is aiming at my heart.

We seldom get the chance to appreciate his tushie ^…and hints of his chest:

The redbeans celebrated his bday early on Princess JieYou’s set and on the cake they boldly wrote:  Lao Yuan, Happy birthday, Marry Me! (but the verb they use is for the bride…) and when he saw it, he immediately asked who wrote it.

Please can some one cast him in a Manguo ShangHai Bund fluffy shoujo thing pronto:

I love his new haircut, I love the Princess JieYou dreadlocks, I LOVE the facial hair.   All the best Loverboy and be hotter prettier yummier more perfect like you always do year after year!

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