The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep24

 photo 2401-43-11_zpsb87dce14.jpg

Half our screens are filled with scarier fiery explosions with each front line confrontation as the war escalates.   This is hard to watch.  Hard is an understatement.

 photo 2401-44-50_zps464b5c39.jpg
 photo 2401-45-11_zps87e8d6c9.jpg
 photo 2401-45-25_zpsd74b4b13.jpg

Night and Day from moments ago, last episode, when he was complaining about how the roasted pork could not compare to Grandmama’s.

He’s dead, he’s dead… dead!   A medic making his way through the fallen…he was one of them before long.

General Fang is commanding backups on phone when GCM is asking for help from his regiment.  Their commanding general is dead, so is the assisting commander.  Only two battalion are holding the front to the aggressively advancing enemy.  From the confidential documents they siezed General Fang knows this is a rushed attack, the enemy is very low on ammunition, they just need to hold and brave through until their armies convened from all 3 directions, but GCM urges they won’t have a front to hold much longer without any breathing body on the front line at JinPanLing.  General Fang can only supply GCM with the auxiliary, just as XiaoDi dashes in, reporting on the disheartening loss XJS’ battalion is suffering.  They have only 20 soldiers left.

 photo 2401-53-46_zps04755b76.jpg
 photo 2401-53-50_zpsdb423373.jpg
 photo 2401-54-43_zps330ae775.jpg
 photo 2401-54-52_zps9560cb9d.jpg
 photo 2401-55-01_zpsca48006b.jpg photo 2401-55-36_zps8c023672.jpg

 There is no soldiers left standing, no bullets left.  JinPanLing is crumbling, screams XiaoDi

General Fang rushes out to see for himself, only be greeted by bullets.

No ammunition can be sent to the trenches, the enemy is hitting the runners.  XJS commands them to retreat…at gun point.


 photo 2401-56-28_zpsb2330c3a.jpg
 photo 2401-57-09_zps0dcd3762.jpg
 photo 2402-00-31_zpse92226e1.jpg
 photo 2402-01-04_zps3d47a804.jpg

I will not let you all die here, RUN!

 photo 2402-02-09_zps79242e96.jpg photo 2402-03-17_zpsca4fa294.jpg

 XJS steals a look at the sky before he faces the doom as the lone man left, holding the entire front.  General Feng orders bombs to fall on JinPanLing, that is the south gateway to ChangSha city they can not afford to lose.  GCM offers to lead a squad to aid their retreat, pleading to his General they can not sacrifice their soldiers.  General Fang continues sternly the order for bombs while commanding the security guards to protect GCM, keeping him from the line of fire.
 photo 2402-03-53_zpsfecda62d.jpg

 photo 2402-04-38_zps3abdcf49.jpg
 photo 2402-05-42_zps22a47ed4.jpg
 photo 2402-07-49_zpscc74cb4a.jpg

XJS’ squad is scurrying back, they are shot at by friendly fire guarding the front.  XJS sharply sees an exit route towards the forest in the other direction.
 photo 2402-09-22_zps02b292de.jpg
 photo 2402-10-33_zps1bdbe6ca.jpg

A very close shave while reloading, XKS is saved by one of his soldiers as GCM’s squad is making its way towards them… that is when the bombs start bombarding their trenches.   XJS can not be luckier he made the soundest decision.
 photo 2402-11-23_zps47642c2c.jpg
 photo 2402-13-01_zpsa32a02b4.jpg photo 2402-13-59_zps14ab14cf.jpg photo 2402-15-20_zpsa4887420.jpg

He is a cat with 9 lives, if he could say so himself…just used up his 8th.

 photo 2402-15-27_zps88d24e9a.jpg

GCM can only watches on as XiaoDi calls out BigBro! BigBro! at the bombs falling on where XJS was stationed.
XJS comes up with another brilliant plan on the spot trapping the enemy hiding in the woods.  He would distract from face on while most of his squad will attack from the back prompted by him firing his weapon.
 photo 2402-16-01_zps2f7291c9.jpg
 photo 2402-16-23_zpse60c586e.jpg
 photo 2402-19-29_zps3c281bc5.jpg
 photo 2402-20-58_zps173842a3.jpg
 photo 2402-24-46_zpsb7fb13d3.jpg


It works!  XJS advances like dancing a foxtrot.

 photo 2402-27-12_zpsed023a6b.jpg
 photo 2402-29-55_zps55b4a4af.jpg
 photo 2402-30-27_zps62d41340.jpg
 photo 2402-33-37_zps875bc271.jpg photo 2402-34-34_zpsae5533fe.jpg

Another close shave is missed by a hair with a soldier in hiding dashing towards him samurai sword in hand.  If I am dead, who will take care of your Sister in Law?!  He finds a last betel nut XJ gave him in his pocket, it must have been his lucky charm!

Scouting the camp, he smartly finds a way to demolish their weapons by hand grenades just when GCM shouts out to him, happy to see him alive!

 photo 2402-37-32_zps748a0994.jpg
 photo 2402-39-44_zpsc1b10968.jpg
 photo 2402-40-20_zps71fc334e.jpg

XJS can not be happier to see GCM and his soldiers…as a shot is fire at his heart.
 photo 2402-40-30_zps7d4e841d.jpg
 photo 2402-40-43_zpsd1afa816.jpg

Just as I said, I am invincible! 

 photo 2402-41-13_zpsbffdb2a7.jpg
 photo 2402-41-31_zpsd8c449ea.jpg
 photo 2402-42-21_zps6af3a000.jpg
 photo 2402-42-57_zpsb83b79d0.jpg
 photo 2402-44-16_zps207edd14.jpg

His last glimpse of consciousness is watching his soldiers advancing…color fading…being replaced by the idyllic hay meadow with PingOn…in his dreams.

 photo 2402-44-41_zps7419001b.jpg
 photo 2402-45-04_zpsc2df3c66.jpg
 photo 2402-45-18_zps3abb4ef2.jpg
 photo 2402-46-11_zps331e6292.jpg


His last words.  I bet if XJ was in his last dream, he would have died with a smile on his face.  T___T
 photo 2402-47-18_zpsb2c97f21.jpg
 photo 2402-47-27_zpse37c431d.jpg
 photo 2402-47-58_zps754030c3.jpg
 photo 2402-48-35_zps77c889e2.jpg

 photo 2402-50-02_zpsf94e34bf.jpg
 photo 2402-50-17_zpsc0eff7c8.jpg
 photo 2402-51-19_zps779bab5e.jpg
 photo 2402-54-27_zpsca9c4287.jpg
 photo 2402-54-43_zpsaf7891d6.jpg
 photo 2402-55-32_zpsafc447d1.jpg photo 2402-55-39_zps22e00cee.jpg

  LE sigh…..  Mookie is carrying a wounded soldier as grenades keep flying.  He dies on impact.

Mookie! Mookie!!!

T __________________________________________T

 GCM fires in his rage and despair at the overwhelming advancing army.

 photo 2402-56-30_zps75400757.jpg
 photo 2402-57-43_zps22d3fe2d.jpg

 photo 2402-58-06_zpsd1a87140.jpg
 photo 2402-58-11_zps8a1e841f.jpg
 photo 2402-58-45_zps95fba59e.jpg
 photo 2402-59-10_zps80b8dd8c.jpg
 photo 2402-59-20_zps541c0760.jpg
 photo 2402-59-25_zps794d7637.jpg

The tree that has been standing tall through all these harsh winters….is suddenly withering.  Dad can not help but nags XM for not putting in his effort like his two BiLs, who have never bragged about killing the japs.

 photo 2402-59-41_zps38ba2efe.jpg
 photo 2403-00-50_zps6d3e1d8d.jpg
 photo 2403-01-57_zps8c835bcb.jpg

A new stream of gravely injured soldiers are rushed in, when XX notices the red thread bracelet and the familiar face of its owner, she has been dreading in nightmares.

 photo 2403-04-27_zps4b0acce6.jpg
 photo 2403-04-30_zps0cf2e8fc.jpg
 photo 2403-04-42_zps3a17eacb.jpg
 photo 2403-04-52_zps6b538531.jpg

Not able to collect herself, JF reassures XX they will take the best care of GCM.  XX can only walks out of the operating room, snuffing her cries as she holds onto his bloodied uniform.

 photo 2403-06-20_zps862b61e2.jpg photo 2403-06-24_zps2831c4ad.jpg photo 2403-07-35_zps7341226e.jpg photo 2403-08-44_zps04db56e1.jpg photo 2403-09-05_zpsb096ec12.jpg

XM hurries home to grab some clothes of BiL for the seriously injured GCM (T_____T)  Sister helps him pack as she worries about her hubs (T_____T)

Wonder where your BiL is at…  I wish I can bring him some new clothes.

Is unbearably cold for XJ, perhaps her mind is suddenly attuned, acutely receptive to the world around her, a desolate attempt to connect and feel the presence of her husband away from her, now worrying her mind more than ever.

 photo 2403-12-11_zps014db7e5.jpg

JunShan…he always whines at night it is cold.

-….MaMa… MaMa…
 photo 2403-13-01_zps0adce94f.jpg
 photo 2403-13-15_zpscce1d1dd.jpg
 photo 2403-13-18_zpsaef2ef8b.jpg
 photo 2403-13-32_zps898f872e.jpg
 photo 2403-13-54_zps14c3dc1e.jpg

Grandmama reminds XJ MaoMao/PingOn is calling for her, she stares at him pensive, and excuses herself to cook dinner.

GCM wakes up to XX napping next to him.  XiangXiang…
 photo 2403-14-25_zpse915a9bc.jpg
 photo 2403-14-42_zps4e0d2f9c.jpg
 photo 2403-14-44_zps95836c3a.jpg photo 2403-15-33_zps71ac3a46.jpg

The bullet missed his lung by just an inch…thanks for your red thread.
 photo 2403-15-40_zps6854971e.jpg
 photo 2403-16-00_zpsec9c398a.jpg

 Don’t cry.  It is not the first time.

It never gets easier GCM.  XX breaks down, begging him in tears if he can stop fighting in the war.

I am begging you… T___T
 photo 2403-16-24_zps3c21aafc.jpg
 photo 2403-16-33_zpsf2ecf39f.jpg

Silly girl, with you waiting for me, how could I die leaving you?
 photo 2403-16-54_zpsdb170597.jpg
 photo 2403-17-05_zpsf2ff99a2.jpg

Is this war never going to end?

Years of war,the endless toll, is chipping away all the strength and hope of XX, she is living everyday watching the increasingly overwhelming soldiers, there are too few of them and nothing can be done, all she can do is watching them dying one by one in front of her eyes…and now

you, now it is you!
 photo 2403-17-33_zpse122e9d8.jpg
 photo 2403-18-04_zps6ad8b8a1.jpg
 photo 2403-18-24_zps5c2918ce.jpg

XX, see if BiL’s clothes can make do.


 photo 2403-18-29_zpscd83ddb3.jpg
 photo 2403-18-59_zps1abff58a.jpg
 photo 2403-19-25_zps7011642e.jpg

 XX, your BiL has perished.

-What did you say?!

He died in my arms.
 photo 2403-19-34_zps4fa76734.jpg
 photo 2403-19-37_zps4eb2f736.jpg
 photo 2403-19-54_zps95891d91.jpg


 photo 2403-20-30_zpsd7557e27.jpg

{To the Surviving Family of Xue Jun Shan}

 photo 2403-20-35_zps56d8cca4.jpg
 photo 2403-20-39_zps364a8b62.jpg
 photo 2403-20-59_zps15eb8c52.jpg
 photo 2403-21-02_zps02f966da.jpg
 photo 2403-21-18_zps2f0ef338.jpg
 photo 2403-21-28_zps4ae5018b.jpg
 photo 2403-24-32_zpsc0ef7dbb.jpg
 photo 2403-24-41_zpsbf4f2116.jpg
 photo 2403-25-04_zps04bd04c1.jpg
 photo 2403-25-14_zps06ce5253.jpg
 photo 2403-25-28_zps25d14640.jpg
 photo 2403-25-31_zpsff6cf7be.jpg photo 2403-25-42_zps59f1c313.jpg

 Can you hear her?!  Up there, can you hear?!

 photo 2403-26-08_zps0b467643.jpg
 photo 2403-26-14_zpsd55b4e38.jpg
 photo 2403-26-22_zps12e3634f.jpg
 photo 2403-26-25_zps5d5b8ef9.jpg
 photo 2403-26-33_zps20e0735a.jpg
 photo 2403-26-46_zpsfacdd49c.jpg
 photo 2403-27-05_zpsa6b819b7.jpg
 photo 2403-27-09_zps70f33e38.jpg
 photo 2403-27-31_zps8687bcf3.jpg
 photo 2403-27-44_zpsc36912df.jpg
 photo 2403-28-19_zps55b296cd.jpg

On his tombstone, it is written he is survived by his dear wife XiangJun and son MaoMao.  Born in the first year of XuanTong (1909), died in Minguo year 30 (1942)
 photo 2403-28-23_zpsb771d9ed.jpg
 photo 2403-29-16_zps3d514677.jpg
 photo 2403-29-22_zps362b0a42.jpg

Grandmama tells XJS to control his temper at the other side, do not be unkind to himself…

he would not admit it, but XJS had always taken care of all the their needs before being kind to himself.
 photo 2403-29-31_zps7e61c29b.jpg

BiL, take good care of yourself at the other side.  Buy more alcohol for yourself to enjoy.

 photo 2403-30-04_zps72c63f68.jpg

XM promises BiL he would take good care of the family in his place…by pinching his cheek as a pact.  T_______________________________T

 photo 2403-30-16_zpsec2ab13a.jpg
 photo 2403-30-30_zps208d6e4b.jpg
 photo 2403-30-59_zpsd7b3b870.jpg


 photo 2403-31-38_zpscc30aabc.jpg
 photo 2403-33-19_zpse90b3d94.jpg
 photo 2403-33-45_zpsf9a78413.jpg
 photo 2403-34-17_zpsa531bf68.jpg

XX tells GCM they have sent BiL off.  Lets pay our respect at his grave together after I have recovered.  Thinking of BiL, missing him.  XX remembers fondly the first meeting with GCM…which seems like a lifetime ago.
 photo 2403-34-25_zps082a4e3c.jpg
 photo 2403-35-34_zps80927c95.jpg
 photo 2403-35-44_zpsa3569bfa.jpg
 photo 2403-36-30_zps68acf6ea.jpg

XX also asks if he wants her to read to him the telegram from his Father.   It is not necessary, he heard from General Fang his Father’s most urgent priority is for him to be back in ChongQing, bringing XX along.  Too bad, he is stuck with me, the unfilial son….XX he does not have a chance, but you have.

GCM is promptly cut short as he repeats XX’s line, bullets do not have eyes in battlefield, no one can escape the fate of being hit.  You have just said, if I would wait for you, you would not be able to die leaving me.  He has not escaped it, he would continue to be unable to escape it, he says she has a choice to stop her suffering by cutting him out of her life, but she does not.

GCM, I am telling you. 

I will wait for you for the rest of your life. 

You are not allowed to die.

 photo 2403-37-22_zps01eb6035.jpg photo 2403-37-42_zpscb8cb4f9.jpg
 photo 2403-37-51_zps3c3a41ba.jpg
 photo 2403-37-59_zpsf4ab86a4.jpg
 photo 2403-38-08_zps16791596.jpg

Alright.  I will try my best to  stay alive.
 photo 2403-38-18_zps320f102d.jpg
 photo 2403-38-34_zpsff2d2e1c.jpg
 photo 2403-38-42_zpsa744cb3c.jpg
 photo 2403-38-48_zpsef6cee18.jpg photo 2403-38-50_zps19549db1.jpg photo 2403-39-07_zps2d736878.jpg photo 2403-39-19_zps3e90550d.jpg photo 2403-39-22_zps14cdf751.jpg photo 2403-39-29_zps98a620f2.jpg photo 2403-40-05_zpsafe034fa.jpg photo 2403-40-13_zpsf85a8fdc.jpg

He said she has a choice, as if he can let go of his grab on her hand.

Hearing heels, he assumes it is who’s on his mind, XX, forgetting something she has left behind.  It is his sister, in the place of his Father, whom she is complaining in tears he is forgetting.

 photo 2403-40-22_zpsbc447a63.jpg
 photo 2403-41-04_zps7824b948.jpg
 photo 2403-41-11_zps5eddf093.jpg
 photo 2403-41-45_zpsbaa39324.jpg

Little brother, if you can think for your love, can you spare a moment for us as well?   Father had not have one meal, a night’s sleep at ease since the day he started fighting in the war, his hair is all white now, he would have make his way to his bedside this moment if he can, to see his son almost dying before him.  His most horrifying nightmare haunting the old man which he is award to be the reality any day.

I am sorry.
 photo 2403-42-27_zpsb72a1fa4.jpg
 photo 2403-42-38_zpsa09d75e0.jpg
 photo 2403-43-23_zps8c5ce013.jpg

 She tells GCM she is not here to force him back, even though he has not been considerate of them, they can not stop thinking for him.   Bigsis have plans for the well-being of GCM and their family.

Mom and Dad gather in Grandmama’s room,  XJ has probably awaken from her delusion, she is oddly asking for them to take care of PingOn…as if she is going to leave them.  It is something Cousin MingHan has been fearing and expecting.  Dad also asks for Grandmama’s word on the business with XX the Gu family has proposed.  It is obvious they have asked for XX’s hand in marriage to GCM and to leave with them to ChongQing.  Grandmama lets them decide, she has XiangJun to take care of first.

 photo 2403-44-09_zps59bfc520.jpg
 photo 2403-46-21_zpseab8fa5e.jpg

I am old, I can not bear to send off another head of black hair with my head of white.

Who can.

7 thoughts on “The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep24

  1. Oh my… I want to wait till the whole drama is subbed in English (I started onViki, got hooked…) but I had the veeeeeery bad idea/impulse to check on your recap…. 😦
    Oh my….

  2. *cries* This is one of the most heart breaking episode for me. I’ve been rewatching some of this, mostly the beginning some at the tail end but this one I don’t think I’m ready to revisit. I can’t even get through the recap knowing what’s coming. The most heartbreaking thing is, we as viewers had hints since at least ep23 but when you see him making it out with his 命大. You cheer that he’s save once again, it hits. It’s so unexpected. Then you see Xiao Mu getting hit by the shell. It really hits you in the gut that in a war death always catches you by surprise.

    1. This drama is sooo good to hold us by the red string. We get all these premonitions from the hints last episode and went through quite a few times we thought gosh perhaps BiL will get hurt…but just when we loosen up a tiny bit knowing hey HeroGu is here, and it is a lone gunman and the shot will miss the heart as we try to grasp for excuses but no…and a minute later XiaoMu too. T________________________T This is just brilliant pace at work.
      But rationally without these deaths, what GCM brought up yet again ‘giving XX a choice to leave’ would have been pathetic as in they have braved through so much, and he made it back even if seriously injured…yet with what he witnessed even on a day of a slew of good luck, you really can not predict what the next curtail in war.

  3. No way!! I have to vent my frustration… The drama seems to have diseppear from Viki…. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  4. Well, I think I panicked for nothing…the drama’s back. Phew! Sorry… But the subbing is so slooooooowwwww.
    I need to learn Chinese. Hahahaha!

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