Discovery of Love 5

Eric, you got me GOOD.


Sorry SJ, this is the episode you are officially sidelined and I have not much time for you *patpatpat*.

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She has tended to your wounds like so, the booboo stinging you physically and emotionally.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH00-53-53_zps2a261543.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH00-54-57_zps53ef76ef.jpg

You are soothing your ego yourself via flashback at least you cooed a hug from her.
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 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH00-59-36_zpsf145b5a1.jpg


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Footsies, and one stare at each other, and they left the boyfriend frowning like a third wheel in their little world.
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Without a word he takes up the blame for using informal speech as a form of intimacy when it is her misstep.
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 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-05-51_zpsb17e97ec.jpg

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 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-08-14_zpsf812f0ba.jpg

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She says so herself, her cryacting is getting scarily good and her bf is defenseless.  No surprise.

She also believes his  word KTH is the one starting the fight being a sore loser at…billiards.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-13-30_zpsb3b2ca80.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-16-07_zps20f66862.jpgTH is feeling like…shxt.

And Sol is sniding an analogy of ex bfs as night soil carts versus new love as the new ride.  JH reminds her she is a trash lady herself, collecting her own bins of empty beer cans being dumped by her douche. photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-16-28_zpsac3ca98b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-17-50_zps28b42a0f.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-17-15_zps118eeadb.jpg
TH is in disbelief he is the face of what is described as a vehicle holding nothing but excrement. I DO NOT CARE.  Come and I give sewage carts like you free hugs.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-23-34_zps4710181c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-28-17_zpsec730b2d.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-29-03_zps31b9cf91.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-29-06_zpsb2e18c30.jpg

She is not eating so he will not feel better, after he has generously helped her out.  He looks like a JaeJoong circa 2003 and he is asking for money for…emotional toll?!   It is not like she does not know he is not into her, nor worth it.  A little step forward telling him he is not a friend and too coward to take up responsibility liking her…even though it is more snapping yourself out of it.

TH’s hyung sees Sol in need.  As likeable I think hyung is I do not appreciate the dramahankie: blowing snoot into his, is fate/destiny/CP stamp.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-30-13_zpsbde5d3ae.jpg
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 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-35-50_zps3bc9a113.jpg

I love these little nuggets of truth about love and romance, it’s nothing fancy, just things we all know by heart from experience and it rings so true:  There is a world of men, but they don’t matter, the only one she loves, meaning the whole world to her, does not love her.   She will live, work, play, drink and still when it hits, she will cry hysterically because heart is own.  Simple, and miss writer is using Sol as the voice for KTH’s heart.

Then there are moments you lost it you can not function like a normal adult, like flushing the toilet.  Poor JH.  And yeah, marry the guy who is still around waking up to your daily unflushed poopoo.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-39-50_zps85cea10b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-40-25_zps17fc05ca.jpg

I would like to think there is an element of the girls not approving this outfit of Dr JH. I can stand the top part (barely) but there are tattered boyband whitewashed jeans down under no labcoat can cover.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-41-15_zpsb50e5652.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-41-25_zps8abe112c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-42-12_zps6de46449.jpg

I can not believe those two really left Sol at the door.  But then her habit of exercising and riding the bike to de-stress is a good start for the day.

Yes, phone says you are the fairest of them all.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-42-16_zpse0e3d869.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-42-37_zps2e1ed351.jpg
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 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-44-37_zps9a140054.jpg

A message from her for a lunch date and your face glows into such a fine smile.  AHHHHH.  She throws in a heart, it throws you off but what a pleasant surprise huh?!
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-44-46_zpsd0d1cd84.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-45-29_zps8fb1397d.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-45-39_zpsc41b6dba.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-46-05_zps51eb3483.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-46-21_zpsa7f9d1b4.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-46-30_zps8cd26c7a.jpg

I hope one of his minions taped, post this last few minutes of him being a loon to his phone on YT under:

‘my RAWRRbosszilla in LOVE’

  photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-49-33_zps7e9c1272.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-49-38_zps22253c49.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-50-13_zps8f1b0980.jpg

YR, coincidences add up to fate, your words, whether you make it happen or your fingers are taken over by a fate minion sending the sms for your bf to this guy.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-52-36_zpscacc0b63.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-52-59_zpsf200fc79.jpg

Ceasing the opportunity to smalltalk some ‘sense’ into her how her bf is not worth it for the Nth time.  She is repeating her words from years ago, again, and you have an encyclopedia of her quotes corresponding to the appropriate flashback every single time.

I belong to you (?!)
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-55-22_zps1a0e8385.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-55-36_zpsedbdecaf.jpg

Another time yet he grabs her out of trouble stopping more misunderstanding from her bf.   He even talks her through to tell bf everything and he would follow suit to make her life as easy in this sticky mess she got herself into of no fault of his.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-57-24_zpsa26783bf.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH01-58-43_zpsea597590.jpg

He even swallows his ego and eats the most indigestible lunch ever in his life as the most awkward third wheel.  When she apologizes, he tells her it’s alright, do not mind him.  He’ll take all the ego-bruising within as long as things can smooth out for her and her bf…whatever she wants.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-00-13_zps8564b167.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-06-44_zpsfa70f1fe.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-07-07_zpse7f5e870.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-18-43_zps0c5cdb3f.jpg

HJ is the entitled bf bf to ask TH not to air out the other thing more bothering him, his feelings for YR, whether it was a taunt or not, just on not troubling YR when she has to work with TH.  While TH is airing out he is no gossipmonger to tell YR he saw him with another woman, HJ still explains it is not what it appears, Miss ARM is not the other woman (yeah right TH face is saying you are kidding right?!).   It must be quite a bit of fun knowing he is such a threat to the perfect bf.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-23-47_zpsc9140474.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-23-53_zps1c9a1022.jpg

It was not a fun lunch for the guys, both have indigestion I bet just eating with the other and voila we have a very hot pharmacy I should be working at.  It’s too late for HJ to play any game but TH has to be childish and fake he is buying the medicine for his coworker hyung.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-25-52_zpsf72828fa.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-25-55_zpsc5789b1a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-27-06_zps78f5eb6a.jpg

Nope, rereading her emoji 2764-microsoft-windowsis not going to make your tummy any better with all the butterflies.  YR is getting some TLC gf massage and bloodletting (I kid but…) and she needs all the pampering because of KTH tensing her up.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-27-34_zpsa65e75bb.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-29-09_zps425b277b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-30-12_zps02320c9d.jpg

yadayadayada, sisters and angels and it is understandable you would wanna call him maybe for some comehither.  SJ has a cute side profile… just…I do not have a care for these two.

A very ridiculously cute mug so shocking your style WriternimMom.  Director is all cleaned and suited up and he wants to talk.  She does not.  He is kicked out after a courtesy cup of joe with the basic info of they drank with the actors that night 10 years ago, but he was not drunk (and yadayadayada)

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-30-54_zpsd2c85656.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-31-00_zps8a9c2d35.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-32-24_zps35bdb375.jpg

She is treating him a surprise dinner…and sees his bag and receipt from the same day she had cold noodles with TH…holding hands most of the time.  It bothers her realizing he called because of suspicious but kept it from her.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-32-42_zps3580848b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-33-01_zps612e88cf.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-34-13_zps912efc83.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-34-50_zpsc57c6aa4.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-35-03_zps0a276c3d.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-35-19_zpse0365576.jpg

She is a hard working poor student who suggested herself to treat him for dinner, has no money but wants to eat bbq meat smelling it.   And he concludes she is a much more brighter sunnier girl, more in need of his tender loving care  than his gf home waiting for him. *Barf*

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-36-22_zps8e388701.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-36-26_zps70e595e3.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-37-10_zps478be9b8.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-37-54_zps26ecf972.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-39-19_zps0d13acba.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-39-31_zps39f5488d.jpg

A nikkid SJ is not going to make me like what he is deliberately keeping from her…as I am assuming their history is not the seriously romantic kind (nope any puppy love under 10 is NOPE).  I actually can understand YR going above and beyond keeping the whole truth with TH from HJ,  It will complicate and TH should not be a complicating factor no more in her love life.   And I see effort on YR in being as honest as she can with HJ and let bygones be bygones while he is actively keeping information from her.  I need a better excuse and FAST, faster than you can take off your shirt.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-42-07_zps8ee814ae.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-42-28_zps0ade5355.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-50-00_zps8a30722a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-50-12_zpsd6f78c7b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-52-23_zpse00ccd43.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-53-34_zpsff3fc260.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-54-13_zpsa2cd9ba0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-54-45_zps485e5c55.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-55-34_zps8b320dad.jpg

They drink to being more honest with each other saying out loud she does not like this juice delivering/gimbap girl and she can live contently like this with this man forever. Never say forever in a Kfluff.

What I love about KTH is he is the most normal fluff alpha prince we had since forever.   Writer-sshi, even though this is not the most ingenious writing we are witnessing (but I do like it very much), thank you thank you thank you for not making me shameless, loving another nutjob annoying selfish twat noble idiot with softie vulnerable breakdowns for the nth time just because he looks hot like an Eric esp when in white shirts and jeans.  TYTYTYTY and hallelujahhhhhhhhh!

He is cutthroat no-nonsense professional, ie his usual self his hyung is eying him to cut the biting, facing their new collaborator lady.   Of course this is also him ceasing the opportunity to vent his frustration over the lunch date that dropped him from cloud nine drawing hearts to heartburn.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-56-11_zps3fd741b3.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-56-53_zps826a7a66.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-57-39_zps6c84fe00.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-57-52_zps5da79889.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-58-08_zps637c04fd.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-58-28_zps5041a3a0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH02-59-14_zps5106f5c6.jpg

She walks out in the middle of his very blunt critique of how her work has no human warmth and comfort, how she is not aware of that light casting on that special table, or his heart totally sets on a platter in the limelight for her to do whatever with it.  He orders hyung to warn her this is not right by him to cut him off and all knowing hyung is there to smooth things with YR.

He does not have to worry, she is leaving just to discuss with Sol how to make the adjustments, everything president KTH said is right, not easy to take in, but he never makes a mistake, professionally that is.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-00-07_zps8ae7da91.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-00-56_zps700de1dd.jpg

JYM actually does move that car a little!  SURPRISE!   It is all deliberate, he is boxing you in, not letting you go very literally.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-01-01_zps5b35eeb5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-02-03_zps13b8e09e.jpg

All of this is he wants some childish revenge and an apology.  In other words (he will not admit it): spending more time with her as foolproof as this working relationship can allow.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-03-16_zps5430e3af.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-04-10_zps398ea2c9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-04-43_zps6e228907.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-04-52_zpsa9d9df7a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-05-39_zpsfa47e82a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-06-05_zps74fffc70.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-06-10_zps9398d761.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-06-22_zps9bf0416a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-06-46_zps4ded5f8c.jpg

He has forgotten, but lately, he keeps remembering the past, with her, constantly, he can no longer tell what is real or a delusion of her in his head.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-08-02_zps99fe83c8.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-08-11_zps12612e0e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-08-41_zps104540d8.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-08-48_zpsa27795a0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-09-31_zpsf981d6f8.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-10-29_zps918819ba.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-10-41_zps5ecc9b30.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-11-09_zps3dc14bc4.jpg

Betcha he picked a green CP mug to go with her red one and it matches his outfit too.

My heart is conditioned to gooey-state as soon as Eric is drinking.   That day she broke up with him, he drank his sorrow away, writing down what he must say in order to pull it through the night.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-11-41_zpsfb647d4c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-11-59_zpsdce84182.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-12-06_zps7a44a897.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-12-15_zps5ab1ea8c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-12-23_zpse63f44d7.jpg

Miss you, love you, please come back.  I am Wrong.  Yeo-Reom…

As inebriated,  he recalls himself mailing it out with no postage, knowing she has moved, the letter of words he must said to her was still out there somewhere.   He must have thought it was closure…not if you can easily hit replay just by drinking with her on a work night social.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-13-04_zps35595de0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-13-10_zpsd1643239.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-13-12_zps9e1d8232.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-13-22_zps6e28cf9e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-13-32_zpscc9af5b4.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-14-30_zps9c2200e2.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-16-00_zps4b726f22.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-16-20_zpsb9581efc.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-17-04_zps7ba2115d.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-17-51_zps0f43a34a.jpg

I love you, I have started to fall in love with you again, for real.
I would most probably regret it when I wake up tomorrow, but I am drunk…
I feel like I should just say it.

I love you, HYR.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-17-54_zps4c08b467.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-18-10_zpsa5c817c7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-18-17_zps07797ad1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-18-23_zps3aeb1df5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-18-33_zps4a1e08db.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-18-43_zps848fb3a4.jpg

I learned something new,
when I thought I loved you…

It was not true.

It was not as painful,
The longing was not as excruciatingly unbearable…
I did now want you this bad.
It was never as insufferable. 
I did not, could not understand your pain,
no matter how often you expressed it,
but now I know now.

I know…that pain the person who loves the other more will experience.
I am experiencing it now,
this is absolutely hell.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-19-07_zps2819cf6f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-19-35_zpsc1f248fc.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-19-38_zpse72cb777.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-20-03_zps56a7fcec.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-20-12_zps60ba58b2.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-21-04_zpsfb1dda0c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-21-13_zpsf17bff9b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-21-26_zps56589836.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-21-31_zps8d0dcc36.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-21-39_zps7a10c12e.jpg

It is hell.

OHMYKNEES.  MY HEARTTTTT,  I am tearing up over fluff.  What are you doing to me now.  GOSHGOSHGOSHGOSHGOSH.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-22-18_zps61e9d723.jpg

She was the one who loved him more.  She was the weakling in the power structure of love.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-23-03_zps30321d7a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-23-32_zpse7aa6785.jpg

And it was hell.

She still remembers her hell.  I can not expect HYR to be in an absolutely flawlessly healthy relationship, that is not what she has with NHJ.  When you have experienced hell and hurt initiated by the one you loved more than yourself, there is always a scar in your heart even if only you know and pretend it is ok.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-24-04_zps0628ccf7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-24-45_zpse6b4671f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-25-05_zps99bb05ee.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-25-40_zpsfb67baa2.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-26-23_zps20ac9871.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-26-29_zpse095a2d1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-26-31_zpsfa543e3b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-26-35_zps101b8879.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-26-44_zpsf9f4c6e7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-27-01_zps8d75ab40.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE05140901HDTVH264720p-WITH03-27-09_zps117d0b2d.jpg

 HE is in the same hell I was in.

She is happy with his love declaration…for revenge.  Hmmm.



ShinHwa department store, # Mar 24th, Aug 26th is 6000th day of 신화, Eric’s bday is Feb 16th (after O Joe, Sean Lau another of my biases have the same bday as mine, hey lets play strip mahjong on our next one muahahaha)


Like this lovely song by IU, there is not a lot of fanfare,  IU in a little black dress and a sparkling necklace crooning a ballad and it is so effective owning me…like this little drama  (music and OST of the drama fr baidupan) The writing has manycute little homages, details poured in it is heart and dedication without overdoing it like with that little receipt…and that is on top of a great pace even when the story has its share of cliches done just right.  Even with tangents I am caring lesser, it is not dragged on too much.  Age is doing actor Mun LOTSA good, it is unbelievable he is irresistibly hotter than his QSS days.  Eric is a very effective actor for me, lets forget technicalities, when he smiles, I smile…when his heart is in pain, I have this lump in my throat.  Putting all his heart in some writing that is worth it here is my treat.  Let me be un-shallow for a moment.   He is out-acting this best of trio I have seen in a fluff for ages (I choose to ignore Miss plastic barbie).  SungJoon is still as good as the dream cutest manpuppy he is promising us for greater things to come in the impressive Can We Get Married but I can not spare a care about his arc.  The OT3 brought their A game and asking more is just greedy and stupid.

5 thoughts on “Discovery of Love 5

  1. Just finished watching all 5 eps! Gotta say I had loved the YR-HJ love line more than Eric’s the entire time…but now I’m assuming SJ’s character will be less important to the story and will work as more of a device:(((

    On the drama though, I’m just really appreciating all the main characters in general! The 2 buddies are so likeable and real I just want them in my own dining room giving me their two cents about what I should do with my life problems on love or anything really! The chemistry of the 5 feels just as natural as well! Love that JH and HJ are close and enjoy watching any household scene where the trio interact as its just so effortless its engaging. I agree that bc all the actors are so comfortable in their roles, we buy the story and set up immediately bc it doesn’t feel contrived at all.

    I especially liked the idea that YR was able to fall in love with a respectable and equally formidable challenger to the OTP as SJ really pulls off the role convincingly and endearingly so. I was definitely enjoying their rosy r/ship (or SJ’s cutesy yielding glances) up until now.

    But my ERIC moment finally came! The one moment that really got me in this ep was when TH reacted to being humiliated at the lunch where he finds out that he was being mistakenly invited by YR, but was still able to gracefully sit down at the table with the couple and eat his lunch, acting like the man I know he is!the voiceover was so effective I was totally there with him, feeling his humiliation, after happily obliging to such a warm invitation feeling hopeful and smitten…His own embarrassment when he belatedly realises the fact that he could even consider such an affectionate text coming fr YR was directed towards him actually being an absurd notion in the first place!) It reminded me of that one scene where he captured me in rookies (it was probably the first ep in the toilet when he overhears some jerk he was sharing a table with talking about him to another friend in a condescending way). That scene has left a deep impression on me for some reason. He’s quite good at expressing feelings of humiliation or disarmed pride if I may say so myself lol!

    But Miss ARM! hahaha you don’t know how much laughter you provide me with sometimes! I nearly died when i read “ they have scar on arm girl” LOL!!?!! Don’t know how you come up with them sometimes! lol

    I think my fav is definitely Sol and JH though. Its not like they get THAT much screen time compared to the triangle + arm arc but they really do shine when they appear!

    Can’t wait to watch the following eps!!

    1. YESYESYES!! Happy dance you are watching my love!

      I was so taken by pleasant surprise in the early episodes SJ is such a formidable competitor to Eric. Have you seen Que Sera Sera by any chance?! I am tainted by my rabid obsession over that drama and thus Eric+Yumi forever. I was stubbornly sure nothing can rock that, but SJ did and what a grand job….even though it did not last muahaha.\

      No worries, it is an absolute roller coaster ride in store for you ahead in the next three episodes, I do not think HJ is a device, more like a name we are SCREAMINGGGGG (and swearing at hahaha) and it will get intense.

      What is the breaking point is HJ’s ignorance with the ARM. He keeps ignoring the cautioning from YR, he was too full of himself, too trusting his ‘perfect’ bf/guy label…IF we really get more to their arc, he would be the one most shocked about himself falling for another woman I am sure.

      He’s quite good at expressing feelings of humiliation or disarmed pride if I may say so myself lol!

      You put it so perfect what is my draw to Eric! I know I am a sucker for the schadenfreude seeing a hot jerky egomaniac humiliated and at his most vulnerable. Eric has an almost animalistic predatory dominating crazy charm about him on screen and when such a beast curl up slayed in a crying ball of heartpain…delish! XDDD

  2. haha just realized it wasn’t a voiceover, he was actually telling YR how humiliated he was feeling!Lol his symptoms are contagious!

  3. haha unfortunately not really LOL eric is likeable in a general sense but there have been too many other actors that have grabbed me and that I could immediately relate to unlike him. Personally I feel that he is lacking something…aura/ presence-wise. I just don’t feel like I know him if that makes any sense… but despite that, I still enjoy watching this drama bc it doesn’t make me wanna vomit through sappy dialogue or preachy speeches.

    Would love to be Sol as she continues to get the best lines! and JH gets to do the fun stuff like spill and play both sides! (ep 6) so funny to watch!

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