Friday Pretty on Happy Camp

Happy Camp 2 wks ago was record breaking good.  I do not watch the variety show much…last time I watched was perhaps the BBJX gang. You know my bias.

I need to get my hands on this 26th anni issue of Elle CN.  It has YH, WallaceH, ZhouXun, TangWei,  Song Jia, HuGe,  Zhu Yawen…basically a who’s who of my candies!!!!

The six of them are variety gold!  A new nick for my Loverboy is AiAi, he coined himself during a game from his best known character Prince 13, Aisin Gioro Yinxiang.  AT first he was going to call himself xiangxiang (which is homophonic to poopoo)…and AiAi is also a slangy verb for…MLing.   But yeah, I do not expect anything less from him.

YH X William Chan on the studs:

Of course Prince13 has to show us his equestrian prowess as well!

He was the lone survivor of his team in a tongue twister game against the very good Happy Camp crew

For punishment he has to jump ropes on pebble mat barefeet.  It looks insanely painful!!!

For owning the titles of period adonis they are tested on whether they know their 4 characters idioms.  YH gained many new fans from his gorgeous penmanship on the show…LMAO, when in RL he is notorious for his fugly handwriting lol.  But this character is truly pretty:

This is another character he did on the game:

Not bad.   Not bad!

But he does not know how to write the character for ghost properly while known for being a bookworm. lol


He properly learned archery from an ex Olympian archer while prepping for the role in Prince’s Education.  <3333


YH x William Chan

YH My Documentary:  Ma Tian Yu  It brings me to tears…  MTY has a rough childhood growing up very poor and working odd jobs since very young, perhaps that is why he cherishes everything dearly including his friendships.

YH x MTY Call Me Maybe

I am SOOOO deprived of pretty Cperiod fluff.  PLEASE GIMME CGX just so I can droolz at YH and MTY and their LOVELY bromance!

BTS of Princess JieYou:

Pretty sure they are competing who has a longer leg and can do a better tundra cancan dance?!

….and I bet the winner got injured soon after.  *HUG*

MY sweetheart treated the crew to hotpot:



Suddenly gifs of TianDiMinXin appears on my dash:  AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Still the best drama in quality he has ever been in.

2 thoughts on “Friday Pretty on Happy Camp

  1. loved that episode!! srsly best ep of happy camp i’ve EVER watched
    all of them are variety gold, each of them have their own highlights and its actually so amazing that none of them appear isolated from the group since there were so many ppl on the stage…6 guests plus 5 hosts OTL i can’t believe all of them got an equal share of screentime and funny moments

    happy camp shud srsly stop inviting kpop ppl…….kpop groups generates low ratings AND just plain bad content since the kpop groups don’t speak a word of chinese, the guests are stuck doing boring stuff. i thought the addition of period content was truly a breakthrough and they shud keep doing that for every drama crew that attends happy camp as part of the promotional cycle for dramas.

    1. I did not expect this to be sooooooo good! I was going to just watch a YH cut!

      Mango hit gold though with this six! I mean i just saw next wk is the yuma bunch and i really can not watch CX out of period garb if i do not want to still like him somewhat. He looks sooo countrybumpkin 土 and fugggg and no star charisma at all.

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