The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep25

 photo 2500-46-13_zpsc6c9e322.jpg

Mother is tucking her into bed, handing her a sedative for sleep.  Xiang Jun sees it all, with a wistful longing in her eyes, she has been showered by the love of her parents, her Grandmama, her twin younger siblings and her doting Husband but now when part of her luck has run out, she is falling apart inside.  She is Mother’s firstborn after childless for many years, the godsend miracle Grandmama bowed her way to beg from GuanYin, and that was ever the only worry the matron had for her granddaughter, holding the family together like a silent glue in her gentile yet stately way like the greatest blessing, a GuanYin personified anyone can only wish upon, tiding them as the most comforting support through adversities.  She has always been the best daughter, granddaughter anyone can pray for.  Time and time again, she has thanked them for taking care of her only son, ‘PingOn’ in her place.  Her family never had to worry about her, until these last years under the wrath of war.  What is it doing to her child, Mother, Grandmama must have asked the power above many many times.  Why?

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 photo 2500-48-50_zps3f786fa3.jpg
 photo 2500-51-22_zps0d24a8b3.jpg
 photo 2500-51-46_zps15105aeb.jpg

 No one is better than you, JS.  No one.  You would not believe me if I said it out loud.

Every waking moment, every night alone on her bed, she misses them, misses them, misses them.  When she was dazed and mentally invalid since the death of PingOn in her hands, she could block the trauma and and be unaware, not she has waken up and reality is eating her soul.

 Wait for me.

While Mother is taking care of XiangJun by her bedside, Father makes a deliberate visit, asking Cousin for help.  XJ has stopped being responsive to PingOn, she has refused to eat, nor coming out of her room.  They suspect XJ has waken up from her amnesia and can not be more worried.

 photo 2500-54-01_zps43ec64a1.jpg
 photo 2500-54-30_zps3595a9c8.jpg

Grandmama is much more practical, trying to occupy XJ’s mind, reminding her of how much the family needs her as the heir of her place, the matron of the Xu family.   She delegates XJ as the housekeeper along with gifting her all her own processions, XX and GCM is getting married and they can not be more relieved of the happy union.  They can not even afford a proper dowry for XX but the Gu family is more excited just after meeting XX once, can not wait to welcome her into their family.  XJ can only cry and kneel holding Grandmama, unable to accept Grandmama handing off her role to her when her mind is occupied by guilt…and nothing but leaving them forever.
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 photo 2500-57-11_zps3ecd6775.jpg
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 photo 2501-00-37_zps7fdd86eb.jpg photo 2501-01-12_zps124248b3.jpg photo 2501-01-36_zpsb7333dd2.jpg

You are our savior, our saving grace XiangJun!

 XX walks into the room of GCM only to find an empty bed.
 photo 2501-02-32_zpsfe936f26.jpg
 photo 2501-02-50_zps8cb0fc63.jpg
 photo 2501-05-32_zpsb3a882d3.jpg
 photo 2501-05-41_zps18c69e38.jpg

Cousin points her towards an operating room where a still body is covered with a white sheet…

 photo 2501-06-17_zpsbe989552.jpg
 photo 2501-07-36_zps4fd8e8a7.jpg

HXX, you deserve this!

It is a prank by XM!

As she turns around, she is greeted by this dreamy scene!   :~)

Marry Me.
 photo 2501-08-04_zps9a55a95c.jpg
 photo 2501-08-33_zpse7d0b488.jpg photo 2501-08-48_zpsc192330f.jpg

 XX is moved to tears, more so by XM saying he will miss her as he asks bigbro Gu to take care of XX from now on.

 photo 2501-09-07_zps9a5f9946.jpg
 photo 2501-09-38_zps03ff9c38.jpg
 photo 2501-09-54_zps05c6a464.jpg
 photo 2501-10-37_zps1a8c1279.jpg

 Lets not run away from each other… from now on,  I will listen to everything you say.

  photo 2501-11-35_zps99551692.jpg
 photo 2501-11-58_zps67908e5d.jpg
 photo 2501-12-39_zps22287e55.jpg
 photo 2501-12-54_zps518a3464.jpg

It is also the wish of my Father…he is worried he won’t be able to witness his son getting married and grandchildren born!

General Fang is here officiating the wedding.  Father apologizes to XX for the impromptu wedding, I am sure XX remembers fondly he was the one firmly against hastily marrying his precious daughter off that night before the great fire…and gosh it seems like many lifetimes ago!
 photo 2501-13-17_zpsc910fc8d.jpg
 photo 2501-13-20_zpsff95b7b3.jpg photo 2501-13-23_zps4f7eda6b.jpg

 What do you have to say to the bride?  and the groom?

 photo 2501-14-01_zps81be9870.jpg photo 2501-14-10_zpsb32bdf42.jpg

XiangXiang, will you marry me?

 photo 2501-14-16_zps02b33044.jpg photo 2501-14-27_zps5649dcb6.jpg photo 2501-14-33_zpsd18e1bf4.jpg

Bullets do not have eyes in battlefield, I just wish my husband will come back alive.

 photo 2501-15-03_zpsa1c2d2df.jpg
 photo 2501-15-15_zpsa48b0fe6.jpg
 photo 2501-15-20_zps5c53f40c.jpg

 I will.
 photo 2501-15-30_zps8c9203f1.jpg
 photo 2501-16-02_zps6dd0bdd9.jpg

 photo 2501-16-08_zps5d79dbb7.jpg
 photo 2501-16-11_zps9eed1d32.jpg
 photo 2501-16-18_zps1cb850af.jpg

With the medical staff, her dear friends at work attending, without which there won’t be a GCM standing, smiling, dashing in a suit to be her husband, whom are her comrades, her other family fighting their daily battles on their front at the hospital, XX says I do in her white uniform and a mosquito netting for the most perfect wedding dress.  If we ask XX, this is exactly her perfect wedding, marrying this man.

 photo 2501-16-34_zps42ebc9a4.jpg
 photo 2501-16-38_zpsb38744d9.jpg
 photo 2501-16-49_zps401eab4e.jpg
 photo 2501-17-01_zps12541d23.jpg

 photo 2501-17-20_zps3cfb4e60.jpg

The same warm glow on a cold dawn, XiuXiu looks for MH at work desperately.  They found a bottle of sleeping pills under XJ’s pillow, she must be planning her suicide, pretending to take her pill every night under their careful around the clock watch.
 photo 2501-18-10_zps846a062d.jpg
 photo 2501-18-16_zps95dc7976.jpg
 photo 2501-19-21_zps0ff14d88.jpg
 photo 2501-19-33_zps6afe095d.jpg

She put the key to the household Grandmama handed her the other day, into Grandmama’s dowry box, on the red auspicious paper she wrote, ‘Happy Marriage’.  She is handing it down to XX, preparing for her final goodbye.

MH hurries home as XJ is missing.
 photo 2501-20-55_zpsf543f034.jpg photo 2501-21-36_zps75007461.jpg

He knows immediately where to find her, the cliff on XueLu Mountain, a spot he has stood so many times himself, ready to take his leap when XJ married XJS.

 photo 2501-22-17_zps00c51d9c.jpg
 photo 2501-22-25_zps2d54cee7.jpg
 photo 2501-27-15_zps2e48784a.jpg
 photo 2501-27-33_zps783a56b6.jpg

 You do not understand, JunShan and PingOn visit me every night.  Every night.
 photo 2501-27-45_zpsaf55dd5a.jpg
 photo 2501-27-49_zpsb5b6bae6.jpg
 photo 2501-28-09_zps689432f6.jpg

 I miss them so much, I can not stand it.  I really can not take it anymore.


While you are suffering in the excruciating pain losing your family, you should know if you leave, how can you put one person at least, your Mother, through the same pain?!

 How can Grandmama and Aunt survive with you gone?!?!

 photo 2501-29-22_zps80243524.jpg
 photo 2501-29-30_zps4d0bf351.jpg
 photo 2501-29-46_zpsdba0207b.jpg photo 2501-29-56_zpsbdac9658.jpg photo 2501-30-16_zpsd7093dfd.jpg

 PingOn has lost his mother.  It is too cruel for a child to bear losing another mother, the only mother he has, again.

 photo 2501-32-40_zpsb26979c6.jpg
 photo 2501-33-11_zps2ab4ce38.jpg
 photo 2501-33-35_zps89afd0f3.jpg
 photo 2501-34-27_zps31c02e00.jpg

 I am old.  I can keep an eye on her now, but not for the rest of her life.


This is how GCM welcomes himself into the Hu family, being one of them.  Knowing full well from his wedding, Bigsis is not doing well, Mother, Grandmama and XiuXiu stayed home tending to her.   He suggests to MH he will recuperate at home, it will be less stressful for the family spliting time between the 2 patients and he can contribute keeping an eye on Sis.

 photo 2501-34-44_zpsda21fcd4.jpg photo 2501-34-49_zpsf388fd5f.jpg
 photo 2501-34-51_zps4ec76dc0.jpg

 That night, he pays respect pouring BiL a cup of wine.   Reporting the good news from the front, they had won a brilliant battle sweepingly that day, the battle they both fought in gallantly, the best win since War of Jiawu/First SinoJapanese War.
 photo 2501-35-50_zpsd227af52.jpg
 photo 2501-35-53_zps5156b8d9.jpg
 photo 2501-36-07_zps8d6cd297.jpg
 photo 2501-36-13_zps5732ba9a.jpg
 photo 2501-36-43_zpsb58c4bfb.jpg

 Big Brother Xue, we won.

 photo 2501-37-06_zpscda9bd6c.jpg
 photo 2501-37-12_zps2d7ebe76.jpg
 photo 2501-38-03_zpsdf5effa2.jpg

We know how imploding our enemy are, that is why we are soldiers…

we fight not because for fear of death, but because of our desire to survive,

the survival of our family, the survival of our country.

Down in history, in ChangSha, the hometown of You Xue JunShan,

there was a big win in the war never before.  You are a part of the win. 

We do not know how long this war will go on,

but I promise you, till the day of my last breath, I will take good care of our family for you.

 photo 2501-38-51_zpsccba5dbf.jpg
 photo 2501-38-59_zps510f7945.jpg
 photo 2501-39-40_zpsd3b44965.jpg
 photo 2501-39-56_zpsc6db811e.jpg

Do not worry.  Rest in Peace.

 photo 2501-40-09_zpsc6a09814.jpg

 Brother in law, if you can hear us from heaven, please protect our family from any harm.  

I thought I won’t cry.  T___T  BUT seeing GCM in BiL’s clothes doing exactly his chores got me:
 photo 2501-40-34_zps55814c3b.jpg
 photo 2501-42-25_zpsdc505f2a.jpg
 photo 2501-42-55_zps8f59d95b.jpg

XiaoHe is still around and he is asking GCM for a position as his underling just like GCM has taken XiaoDi under his wing with Mookie and BigBroXue gone.  (T______T)  GCM snubs him right away, sniding working under him will not be suitable for XiaoHe without the inflow of anything but a few mouthfuls of water, none undertable murkiness XiaoHe is used to.  WHY is XH still living under their roof?!?!?!?!  Argh.

Under the dedicated care from MH, the guy who loves her all his life, he suggests XJ to volunteer at the orphanage, bringing PingOn with her, the boy would love to be with his Mom.  It is so precious to see XJ holding the hands of PingOn again!
 photo 2501-45-24_zps79cbeb90.jpg
 photo 2501-45-58_zpsab177d92.jpg
 photo 2501-46-07_zps69c0783e.jpg
 photo 2501-46-17_zps9933f3e4.jpg

I savor any little scene of our newly weds being an ordinary couple.  She is bringing in the fresh laundry, he is fixing their dresser while she nags him to take caution, he has not recovered yet.  He knows she will keep nagging him perhaps, till she gets him resting on the bed idle, he changes subject whether she has given his wages to BigSis, clearly BigSis is working on taking up the role as the housekeeper now (YAY!)  Grandmama refuses to accept the money, since he is not marrying into the Hus.   GCM has an idea, do not tell Sis it is his wages, instead pretends it is XX’s money but her new husband is a foodie who is craving for beef and good food.  XX immediately glows up in a dimply smile sooooo adorable.
 photo 2501-49-58_zps3c0a797e.jpg
 photo 2501-50-36_zps8891940c.jpg

*smooch* This is my worthy husband

One of the strong qualities of GCM is he is like a sponge soaking up all these shrewd little schemes he would never entertain otherwise, from the dear ones he love, this is exactly from the playbook of XJS and HXX meshed into one, made more believable with his image of the upright straightlaced GCM.

Grandmama and Mother are discussing what to pawn next.  They need to keep some of their jewelry for XiuXiu’s dowry, even if they are not lucky enough to have XiuXiu as a daughterinlaw, they have to marry her well.  XM walks in with a pile of cash he said he earns being an accountant at the factory with his skills with the abacus.
 photo 2501-51-58_zpsb4e5997d.jpg
 photo 2501-52-47_zps8e386395.jpg
 photo 2501-53-19_zps40afdb98.jpg

 XiuXiu knows better…XM had asked her to sneak out the deed for the house for a loan.

 photo 2501-54-27_zps72015e82.jpg photo 2501-55-45_zps0da387d5.jpg photo 2501-57-01_zps8a2a2954.jpg

That is a loan they have to repay the loan sharks, XM learns after the fact what XH is getting him involved as well. They are starting their own cigarettes company on top of the cash needed to feed XH’s gambling habit.  SMH

 photo 2501-59-20_zpse1d2b220.jpg
 photo 2502-02-30_zps62ae8951.jpg
 photo 2502-03-40_zps684779ed.jpg

XH urges XM to marry XiuXiu, the easy way out to shut her about the deed.   XM immediately warns him not to have any ideas for XiuXiu.


 photo 2502-04-39_zps50b06935.jpg
 photo 2502-04-54_zpscbb8d718.jpg
 photo 2502-05-15_zps9f21cc0c.jpg
 photo 2502-06-01_zpsbba6d349.jpg

 I want to have a child with you.

That way I won’t miss you that terribly when you are gone.
 photo 2502-06-08_zps61d128a5.jpg
 photo 2502-06-10_zps272c7862.jpg
 photo 2502-06-13_zps1cbbe7ad.jpg

 photo 2502-06-23_zps8ad1b235.jpg photo 2502-06-45_zps457f86df.jpg photo 2502-07-01_zps99f19bc5.jpg photo 2502-07-08_zps1306ab85.jpg
 photo 2502-07-23_zps0e1d2de9.jpg

There we have one of the most quoted lines from the drama from WH’s most rabid fangirls.  GOSH haha how do you shout it out loud/print it on banners…etcetcetc unless you are the fiestiest little pepper HXX…and to her husband in their bedroom!

 photo 2502-07-45_zpsceebf1f0.jpg

It is January of 1944.   My guess is XX and GCM are married the winter of 1943.  This marks another war year.  Battle of ChangDe in the previous month has resulted in the city to succumb to the Japanese.
 photo 2502-08-29_zps5cf3f24b.jpg
 photo 2502-08-57_zpsf0393988.jpg
 photo 2502-12-19_zps08a3cb13.jpg
 photo 2502-12-25_zps97197093.jpg
 photo 2502-13-14_zps3418b5ad.jpg

The cigarette factory is making less and less money as the surrounding towns are occupied, the roads in and out of ChangSha are blocked and their cigarettes can not be delivered out to the demand at the warfront.  That is not enough to make the payment this month on the loan due, let alone getting back the deed on the house.  XH reassures XM at least he has the protection of the powerful GCM (how come it sounds so sarcastic?!)   Yikes!  XM is greeted by the lone sharks as he is heading home, the house that is officially not owned by the Hu family anymore.

XX is going to be a MOM!!!   We are along the ride as our dear Hu family is transitioning to yet another new normal.  GCM is assuming the role of BiL, almost filling his shoes perfectly…except we are sure BiL would be much more cunningly streetsmart cautious of XiaoHe.  BiL needs XH tagging along doing the dirty work for him, but he would have never allowed him hanging around XM and be a very dangerous bad influence.   We can not be too harsh on the boy, last episode, he was still lazing around house, hollered by Dad to make himself of use at least helping out at the hospital, or volunteering as a guardsman.  Must be provoked by the death of BiL, he is taking up the responsibility of the breadwinner, but it is an even more difficult time to make any normal living, it has been almost 6 years since the J occupation starts ravaging the country.  We are also not terribly worried because XM will always have his family, they will pull it through, every one of them will do their part as a whole and persevere.

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  1. Sorry to bother you but are you going to go through the rest of the drama? Viki is not loading it anymorore 😦 Completely desperate here………………………………………………… Pleaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to post this! I’ve watched eps 1-22 but was really sad that ViKi stopped with subbing the rest. But i really can’t do anything since it’s something to do with the video links. Anyway, really hoping that you would post the remaining episodes. I waited for this drama for a year and truly hoping to know the ending of it. ^_^

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    1. Hihi!
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  4. I see I am not the only one following this amazing drama. 🙂 Such an awesome find! I just happen to stumble across it while looking up some of Wallace Huo’s other movies. I’m surprised this isn’t widely followed. I will wait patiently for your next recap. Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Dear fellow lover of perfection! I promise I will jump back, but life Tboned me a big twist, still feeling like bird without feet… but I SWEAR! I will do it (but realistically next month…maybe)

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