26 Years Old

Elle CN is 26 and it has asked all our familiar faces to spend a minute or so with the camera on thoughts of being 26 years old.

And Loverboy had make me cry going WKW-esque:



When I was 26,

I did not work the entire year.

I did not know why,

there were just no acting jobs.

Most of the time my brain was drawing blanks.

There were times I was antsy, I was muddled, I was lost.

I have time to myself,

to read a book i like,

to watch a movie,

to wander around…

I was at a crossroad,

wondering where I should head next. 

I did not know if I should stop on red…or go on green.

And the redbean dearie replies:

You are 32 years old,

we have watched on as you have been taking every step steadily,

better and better by the day.

We have chased after you when you are running,

we are dazzled when you take flight.

You are still young, we are still young.

It is not late for the best yet to come.


Wallace Huo:

Zhu YaWen:

Tong LiYa:

Zhou Xun:

Yang Mi:

Sun Li:

Zhang ZiYi

10 thoughts on “26 Years Old

  1. OMG!!! The redbeanies are so endearing and sweet! What’s not to love about loverboy?!?!
    Thanks for sharing mookie 🙂

    1. Haha like idol like fans?! ^^

      We have to start praying he could hold his too friendly sweet sticky fingers to not help promote DMY for HG, LSS and Eddie in a month, gosh i do not understand why that offensive drama got a pass from SARFT

        1. Too friendly indeed! Haha i think some dearies are proposing to ask his cute assistant and his Wuhan bff to talk some sense into him. I am wishing for Princess Jieyou to ship him to Kyrgyzstan or somewhere he wont have reception for sure the next month, rather not hear a thing about him at all! He would be stabbed by those very cuckoo shippers fans fr HG and LSS but that’s so much better than being attached forever with this entire DMY subversive commodity that looks so crappy and worthless to begin with.

          But lesigh i can see he could not resist retweeting whatever the trio tweeted at weibo on it though. :/

          🙂 glad u enjoy my silly and the pretty! That makes maybe 4 of us muahaha!

          1. hahahahaa he did not post anything for a week and many of us has felt like a month so I couldn’t imagine what would happened if he neglected his weibo again.
            Personally, I really want to stab those stupid and annoying fans from HG and LSS. They should think twice before saying anything that hurt Loverboy since their dear adonis and goddess haven’t done a thing for him. That’s irritating.

      1. omg yea DMY got a pass from sarft
        they actually literately changed everything lol, from the dynasty settings to the name of individuals…they probably re-dubbed the show a billion times to match up with their newly-made names lol
        tbh i don’t think its gonna have a good rating or viewer count, since its gonna succeed Gu Jian’s timeslot. tbh that timeslot is terrible (11pm???) and there won’t be any kids on summer vacation boost the viewer count

        1. No matter, unless they reshoot everything and LSS’ character is magically in pocahontas outfit and HG+ Eddie put on blue circle lens and blond wig, who the heck r they tripping it is still a perfidious insult on the history of Han and QiongNu?! I didnt get far with the novel, but fr the quote i read what LSS’ char said, i wanna spit fire. wtfffffffffff Tonghua?!

          I honestly do not know wtf they do we have DMY in oct then YZG before yr end and even Red Sorgeum, Quiet in Beijing r delayed what give?! Did TR and yuma promised SARFT they will jump off 3 gorges dam by yr end?! I am sooo disgusted and appalled!

          I dun care about the ratings i know it would sux just coz it look so cheap and terrible my bet this will be worst than shiteous sword and BBJQ, the worst ever fr TR.

          1. excellent. at least no one will ever watch this shit and think wow we as chinese ppl actually created this atrocity that basically insulted our ancestors


            all quiet in beijing is delayed??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

            kill me now omg

            i never liked Tonghua as a writer even back in her BBJX glamorous days. lol did you hear about that 民国 drama she’s gonna write? sounds super mindlessly dumb and boring, and i swear she’s on some kind of publicity war with yumama to gain attention from the media. lost all respect for her.

            1. I liked BBJX enough for the story but i thought her 文筆 is amateurish and her Chinese is smug and unimpressive. Just not illuminating and there is no true soul, my impression. Very overrated on that book alone, that’s y i truly thought TR did a great adapt out of it, i feel much more for say 8/ KC than the char in book.

              I have lost all respect for her since perfect couple that was such an easy fluff and she cant even get that respectfully completed! It was half a silly but enjoyable guilty pleasure then half crappiest poop that make us regret ever watching. She is in this business for $ she is a fluke w no artistry.

              We will have that stupid Octoberfest of nothing but antifascist propaganda in primetime, ie bio of mzd dxp mzd dxp… And nth else. No ZhouXun, LiuYe…

              Hey I bet u must’ve watched LiuYe in grandpas over flowers huh?! Goshhh he is soooo adorable and show is cute and painless!

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