Golden Era International posters and Team at VIFF

Hong Kong






I love the HK and US ones the best.

Some more concept prints:

^I adore this one:   Man is the same as animals, we work hard surviving, work as hard dying.  -XiaoHong

She recognized the Storm.

The leads are at Venice International Film Festival at the moment looking very very fine!

From L:  Yuan WenKang, writer Li Qiang, Zhu YaWen, Feng ShaoFeng, Tian Yuan, Wang QianYuan, Tang Wei, Sha Yi and Zhang Yi

Zhu Yawen, you look sooo adorable!

PS:  Huang Xuan is missing because…

…he has started working on Legend of MiYue/ 芈月传 from the team of Legend of ZhenHuan PD Zheng and SunLi!!!!!  I am still praying they can get JiangXin on board for some glorious catfight!   Good to have a planB in case Ming Doctress tanks and what a marvelous PlanB/A this is!


2 thoughts on “Golden Era International posters and Team at VIFF

    1. I have heard of mixed reviews from VIFF :/ BUT I always love the PD, so in Ann Hui I trust. It is the lack of any praise whatsoever for both the main leads Tang Wei and Feng ShaoFeng that is getting me angsty.

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