Catching Up with Liu YiFei

Crystal Liu is BACK to claim her slice of the pie looking the most drop dead gorgeous I have seen her in years of semi-hibernation appearing in nothing but period D movies. I am not the biggest fan of her acting, but recently i have rewatched scenes of Chinese Paladin because i am sooo deprived of non-plastic period pretty fluff… and suddenly i realized i miss LYF very much in what she is good at: gorgeous period fluff! She is suddenly passionate about working furiously again this year, we will see lots of her in movies in the upcoming months.   Her movie with Rain is coming out on November 7th and surprise, she is totally out-acting Rain.  Gosh Rain is so rusty in emoting and his Kdrama OTT acting habit magnified on the big screen is a huge turn-off.  Mucho improved Crystal!  Her face is not perfectly constructed imho, but with good makeup and great angles she can look more than drop dead gorgeous, that is what makes her face memorable on top of her out of this world classy innocent aura of a demi-goddess like no one else.  I think if she is passionate enough about her vocation, which she is suddenly showing me so, she has the raw material to become next generation’s Brigitte Lin, a screen goddess more on her larger than life charisma/beauty and in Brigitte’s later stages of her career, the skills also caught up.

I dropped the book not far in, just not grabbing me.  The synopsis reads mundane of fallen princess heir to a very prominent family on a downturn, falling for a ‘dirt poor’ artist who might have schemes and could be a very rich prince trying to escape from his confines.  The good old family obligations, love, money and compromises stirred up in a potboiler.  If Rain is serious about this role, he should have lost every ounce of his hulky bulk, no painter going from meal to meal has the time to train those muscles with the daily dedication they take, not even if you are boxing.  I was sooo disappointed with GXX in ChuHan Contention I have completely lost faith in him as a PD, even in his better works, romance was never his forte.  I think the cinematography is very dated here and PD Gao is coming across as a fluke staying just to make $$$$.   I have loved writer Amy Cheung less and less through the years.  I should say it is harder and harder for me to love the genre of romance novel.  She still can beat 90% of the novella writers out there for me, but she has her fair share of mediocre as well.

I am already bracing on the clusterfuck that is her another upcoming movie with Song Seung Heon aka and then God channeled His boredom and made a Korean Ken.   I trust Crystal will look Oscar worthy next to him, but seriously young lady, you need to work with BETTER than you thespians and properly learn ur craft, not being dragged down by partners not really worth your time.   Treasure your feathers, as the saying goes.

And I will keep harping this until it happens  Y U NO CDRAMAPERIOD W YH AND HG  AND WH?!?!?!?   It is always when we have lost something precious, we’ll miss it more dearly.

8 thoughts on “Catching Up with Liu YiFei

  1. Yo mookie!!!!

    Besides expressing my jealousy over the ever-so-gorgeous LYF, just wanted to say ‘hi’ as I have just returned from the hell that was my one-month intensive short course!

    I’m sure battle’s still engaging you. I’m so outta the drama loop at the moment but I think I’ll get back into it soon! Soo sleep deprived from the bloody course but now I’ll return to being sleep deprived for a more legitimate reason lol hope alls well in your world!;)

  2. haha I will check it out!Eric makes me feel reminiscent even though I only saw him in Rookies and Xman. Kinda missed him without knowing. havent seen the actress in anything but Sung Joon doesn’t annoy me either.

    thanks for the recc~!

    1. He has improved LOTSSSSSS since Rookies days! He is soo emotive and magnetic, age is doing him only good! I actually am attracted to actor Eric more than leaderEricm but gosh i love those Xman days! There r moments i think he is as impressive as Tony Yang who still has my vote for the best romantic lead actor ive seen all of last year!

  3. agree 100%
    rain and song seung heon are honestly outdated …
    rain’s acting used to be okay under non-HD camera with a simple character personality (full house)
    song seung heon’s acting was never great. even back in his best years.
    also both of them looks wayy older when placed next to LYF lolol

    the thing that is pissing me off the most is that GXX changed LYF’s rank on the credentials to 2nd????? aka that means LYF isn’t the titular character anymore?????????? WTF??????? is ?????GXX??????? thinking??????? the story evolves around LYF’s character AND she’s more famous than rain in china, where the majority of the box office comes from. WHY would u ever make her the non-titular character?????

    i think GXX might have a slight problem with his head as he ages and yea i also lost a lot of respect for him as a PD

    1. GXX stands for GA… ( sorry if i offend, i just have to) and his aesthetics have always been sooooooo questionable in what he picks for period pretty ladies and his obsession over PeterH, goodness gracious how can an actor be fug and talentless and still work in many great stuff (before he is attached that is) for 10, 20 years?! I can not compute.

      Rain has always been overrated for me, very. And he is of old sch kdrama OTT camp, ok in SangDoo when he was less aware of self and coached closely by PD. i cant stand FullHouse, gosh that was infuriatingly stupid.

      SSH is my vote of the most hopelessly talentless K actor ever. His sleaze also cancel out his handsome for me i just cringe for the actress whenever in intimate scenes with him. It is the brows.

      I read how angry the LYF fans r, rightfully so! Geez. I think this is Bmovie at best anyway, so yeah boycott GXX’s shit. We got impressed enough w LYF both with her looks and improvement in the trailer already. Better luck next time, beautiful.

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