Discovery of Love 8


I have calmed down.  I have my favorite Eric gifs on my other gadget whenever i feel like popping a vein, for ohming, (not licking, i swear). I will not be a swearing ahjumma every other word i type, i swear for the last time in certain scenes.   My pride will not allow it . As Eric says in SWOON. Ohmmmmmmmmmmmm.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-18-09_zps2777c88b.jpg

PDnim and Writernim, what part of poor and orphan who MUST be bullied are we not sure yet of AR requiring a so getting on nerves flashback fr H!#@^%*J, or is there a need to remind me i am a Beach to want to send tidal waves of sidekicks at her and his face on her every word?!   So.  Be.  It.

And our poor!AR has a mighty mouthful accusing YR.  Lets evaluate in my court, each incident as a separate entity.

I will be your UNNI so YR does not have to.  Bullied in orphanage (poor dear!) and your Oppa taught you how to cause damage, two strikes were enough sulking, hulksmash them to bleed on the third and oh!so!v!poor!you!AR.   HUGZ and squeezes.  I assume from your logic YR has committed strikes of stalkerish bullying insufferable offenses and you have had enough. Lets count the strikes.

You asked a guy you know with a gf out on a kimbap dinner date the night after you cooed him to buy you a bbq meat dinner. (ARgh1) He ditches her to be with you within walking distance of where she just happens to be. You are ignorant of all that but anyone smarter would have picked up the guy is evading calls constantly (ARgh2)  and y u no feeding him kimbap with your chopsticks to begin with?!?!! (ARgh3)  A guy you just know, ate together once is not by my definition intimate enough for feeding food.  H!#@^%*J, you know the GPS thingy you have used yourself, how about defending your gf worried about you because you stopped answering her calls without reason that night, repeatedly as you are asking her to trust you for no reason and explain to your dongseng what stalking curtails?!  Walking by a transparent glass of a restaurant within walking distance of her normal roaming grounds meeting up her bf (YR1NOT!), the same alleys you happen to also just pass by so often lately YOU KNOW (ARgh4), seeing said bf being fed kimbap by a stranger… no effort is involved in digging out the scene to be seen, we can all walk past any restaurant with floor length window and tsktsktsk at the exact scene.   Why not be cheeky and said ignorance is bliss to her face now as you are the most faithful disciple on the twist of the adage: ignorance is (fuel for) bs.

YR brought his bike you sold him to your shop.  I hope shop has some servicing of purchases, in my woods there is return policy even if nothing is wrong with it.  He paid you money AND probono of free surgeries (and bought you coffee and meat because you smelled and wanna eat but couldn’t afford after you said it’s your treat) when he does not even know how to bike, yes nothing wrong with the functioning of the bike, but I would find it not irrational to accuse the salesman of cooing bf an expensive purchase he is not shown properly how to use.  No one is obligated to trust your words and promises over intangible impromptu feelings between a man and a woman, and a gf/proposed upon almost fiancee has the right to be curious with the end result of a $1mil won bike he can not even ride. (YR2NOT!) The world is not consisting of sisters and innocent orphans.  Stalkerish is some delivery lady fishing for a personal address unbeknownst to all inhabitants to drop off chubby free juices to a bachelor pad every morning (ARgh5)   Stalkerish would be to walk your body however uncontrollably to his clinic that same night for smiley chitchats you can not live without, after a serious sit down of the gf she is not amused of seeing random lady lurking around her bf, and lest you forget, that random lady is you, being stalkerish of her bf.  (ARgh6) Another adage you can ask your UNNIme some more after work at MY workplace and I love kimbap:  Pot calling the kettle black.

Math time: 6 strikese vs 2(not even) strikes.  YR can punch you to two nosebleeds.  I am just.

Oh and lets talk more about shopping for planet earth women and being a shopkeeper of a store front opening to the public, I assume.  She checked out tops for her BOYFRIEND of a specific very tall height you were sure would fit perfectly (erm by what logic?!) and wanted to check out another color, did not buy any, her face was not one smiley emoticon like yours.  That was being mean and hurt your feelings you can not stand it but have to erupt to her face while you just held her bf’s hand, scoot and hid with him BECAUSE she made you to, fault being suspicious of a stranger female having dinner and dates more often than her, the gf in the last week.  Her name is Summer not Cupid nor stupid, she is shooting eyebeams at you but those are not love arrows nor magic glue sticking hands together, binding bodies inches away on back of cars from the sight of gf.   If your shop is open only to fans of yours who would smile like you while shopping, that’s totally not creepy, and buy every hanger you hand their way instead of to the general public, sometimes including gf of doctors you always make sure you see very often, calling, texting, eating together, breakfast, dinner and late night coffee, free juices (and your person) delivered like sunshine every morning to his front door you will press the buzzer to announce (in Sol we trust, almost everything on her checklist of definition of dating for innocent folks brought up angelic), you need a sign for that…and lawsuits will follow. sowry.   Normal folks do not smile like a joker 24/7, YR’s attitude was often just me having a normal tired day and retail therapy is not working too grand, be it the face of salesperson bugging me, not gonna lie.  YR walked out of shop and sucked it up all along bemused of ur face with her legitimate reasons but did she slam your face, poke your eyes out with a hanger, accidentally?!  Lucky she was not me.  Another verb useful for adults at work: SUCK It, harsh reality, no one is obliged to spend hard earned money on everything you handed them with your grins after all but a few unfriendly words and off she left you within minutes, and that is not too much insufferable trauma.  Stalkerish is not checking out the pesky young girl leeching surgeries and homemade breakfast off my bf and showing up at his clinic and holding his fking hand and DARE breathing down my throat unni me for being TOO MUCH.  All the more reason while you said not a thing is going on between the two, or shall we say not a thing is getting btn the two of you when he has only eyes fixated, in AWE of your ‘awesome’ in person and in flashback or as the rest of us put it more aptly as we truly do not have a thing for either of you:  S!T!F!U!

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-18-56_zps1cf69290.jpg

*BARF*  Yes, new, I am pavlovianed to barfing at SJ’s face.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-23-03_zps351659b6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-23-13_zps656578b3.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-23-21_zps708c525b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-23-35_zps0b5f0dfa.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-23-58_zps1fb56d84.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-24-49_zpsc60b0bb1.jpg

*BARF*  OF all the offenses you let yourself off easy, lying, breaking promises you made on your own will and now after breaking them without a care repeatedly accusing her being unreasonable making you promise in the first place,  and as if you have not used GPS stalking YR’s whereabouts, ON TOP OF *COUGHCHEATINGCOUGH* …you are shouting at your gf bringing her to TEARS, tears you can’t stand even when croc.  You are hollering at her for disturbing the other woman, the other woman now with a super long nick of every reason why YR should be suspicious: probono surgeries/bike/galbi/free rawjuice(x2)/post-itnote asking for kimbap date/kimbap date you deliberately not answer her call her/ homemade breakfast behind her back with all concerned looks on your face for her to witness/ holding hands hiding from her after work at your car…girl.

And Yumi, I love you.  How awesome are you fine-tuning the gradients of unbelievable hurt and dumbfounded shock and the almost shoved aside rage with yo occupied by all the emotions clashing your YR on your face with every nonsense spit at you.  And Eric, what else can I say, nothing is dreamier than our dreamboat hottie doing our exact faces watching, just hotter.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-24-55_zpse57eb39a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-25-19_zps97b0fe9a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-26-11_zps93e4ff84.jpg

Gosh I am tearing up just staring at the cap.

His red-faced screechy question is why is YR dating him when she distrusts him.  WHY indeed.  Is this rhetorical of blatantly asserting YR not to date him?!  At least that makes so much sense.   Anger is often a transfer of guilt, Psychology Today says so.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-26-22_zpse8bf6e04.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-26-42_zps24973b7d.jpg

Bar(f)bie excuses herself with an ‘it’s ok I can leave by myself.’  Humor me, what is ok in this scene of a crying clearly in so much hurt gf, ‘unni’ you just provoked to tears.  Even if you insist you are guileless, not a word of comfort witnessing a fellow sister in PAIN, which you have a part of just by being in scene, is what we call apathy.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-27-04_zps03c07bea.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-27-07_zpsdab7b7e0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-27-58_zps04d43ee2.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-28-27_zpsa8948fc9.jpg

Real tears, and the guy with the culpability is not even taking a look, I bet he dares not to, not when his priority is to accompany the other girl home, concerned about her safety,  her well-being above everything else, including a devastated, crying gf he proposed to marry, to have and to hold…to spat all his bs at.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-28-51_zps39986d92.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-29-03_zps72e5067d.jpg

TH, why are you so very awesome?!  I do not see it coming, TH offers to chauffeur barfbie, so HJ can tend to a crying YR, his gf, as he should.  The other guy has your back earning back your gf, dude.  He states every word out clearly, calmly, to deaf ears.

WTF.  I am barfing at SJ’s backside and long legs now.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-30-38_zps82cdb53d.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-30-45_zps19ab81f3.jpg

I know this is breaking your heart which you have given to her to do whatever she wanna, every tear, her pain is your pain.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-30-48_zps6f313aa2.jpg

I do not want to cap this.  <_<  She falls (oh we totally do not see that coming a mile away grrrrr), her bike is broken and your face is softened like a concerned loyal pup and she is not even hurt, just emoting with pursing her lips I bet just to check it is still there, you can not feel silicone on top of botox. Fact.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-31-34_zpsd72effef.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-31-46_zpsd7ab1807.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-39-26_zps241fa072.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-39-57_zpsee9692dd.jpg

We later know this is supposed to be a very romantic random moment she claims she fell in love with her Daddy Long Legs.  I am barfing out kimbaps.  I do not know any 27 year old woman who can not properly walk, but can only babystep/dart down the streets.

I also mark a demerit later on my precious JH, self-absorbed, scared of getting involved in the ‘battlefield’, worried to be late for a date with Sol, all not too damning, but YR is clearly shaken and in need of some TLC, if you are not offering and TH is, thus she gets on his car for the company…you dare to blame her when you, the onlooking bff did not do shite?!  At least call her a cab.  And you did nothing.  Shame on you.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-40-18_zpsaf9fcf84.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-44-06_zps36b8f00b.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-44-17_zps7144ff7e.jpg

A note for future reference, H!#@^%*J(and A!#@^%*R) hurt YR’s pride in front of TH, AND THE ENTIRE CLINIC as witness!
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-40-21_zps1c6ad43f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-40-59_zpse6394e39.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-42-28_zps88febf24.jpg

She wants food, the trusty comfort, NOT kimbap I am sure.  IT is not escaping me we started the drama with a very cute kimbap scene and I took it as YR used to love kimbap, and TH still loves kimbap but the association with TH makes YR hates it, and H!#@^%*J is just salt on the wound.  It actually hits me in the heart how a heartbreak can be so encompassing, and moving on, grieving the relationship, letting go include perhaps deleting any sensory triggers.  Old comfort food is no more, even our tastebuds are altered.  We know TH thinks YR is super adorable atvm and PD/Writernim, we suffered through a H!#@^%*J flashback, do not rob us of a TH/YR flashback being cute eating and smooching.  What are those Eric lips born to do again?!?!?!?
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-43-39_zps18214c92.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-43-41_zps7157ae06.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-43-51_zps5787f308.jpg

My dearest darling Sol, I think you have weird ESP, you must know your rebound (not)bf/oppa is not at his best behavior on top of being late and you just ditched him, enjoying a pricey play yourself he paid for.  Yes, make him pay for what he did to your YR.  (I ship SolReum the most)
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-44-59_zpsd3b623f3.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-45-22_zps413162da.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-45-35_zps866d01de.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-46-07_zps244a2c2e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-46-37_zps55366640.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-46-47_zpse68a389d.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-50-39_zpse51778cf.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-51-39_zpsadda1ce4.jpg

Inexplicable misfortune goes hand in hand with luck without reason; as in I buy you my exact bike which in kdramaland is romantic token of CP and that goes hand in hand with my gf just have to trust me no ifs or buts nor reason.  *BARFing out a Strida*

OTP is, when you can still hold your chopsticks while your hot!Eric is staring at you instead of being a limpy gooey glob just staring back with heart-shaped iris.   TH is surprised YR really has an appetite.  My irk is he has lost his seeing her in pain.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-52-49_zps03454e09.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-53-51_zps34be4d06.jpg

WAH! You are really awesome! 

and for being beyond understanding of douchiness.

He sneaks in she should forgive the ‘bf’, I am sure is it not intentional but she just syncs his line of thought and ball is bounced back to dissing TH.  She does not want to be taken for granted like with ‘that guy’
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-55-31_zpsfde1aa71.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-55-58_zps9fb9cb70.jpg

Tell me Tell me, Tell me everything I did wrong… (and I will change!)

-The guy who does not understand because I do not tell him, will not understand even if I tell.

Good one YR.   Make him curious, make him sleepless so caught up thinking of you, figuring you out by himself.  That is what love involves, not just the happy memories, or declarations, but WORK.  It is a bit mean of YR badmouthing TH whatever chance she has while so very lenient on her H!#@^%*J, BUT TH, I hope you give this a very good thought later, she is so comfortable around you now she can transfer her frustration on you, instead of with a guy she should be soulmate, most intimate with.  Food for thought.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-56-49_zpsac133f2a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-57-05_zps8311af75.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-58-10_zps74eb6616.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH03-58-39_zps10fe67b9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-00-09_zpsbe9af325.jpg

YR asks TH to drive slowly passing by H!#@^%*J then speeds away.  TH stops the car after a safe distance, grumbling at her frankly using him heartlessly to revenge on H!#@^%*J, he is the guy who told her he likes her and has FEELINGS too and has been dangerously driving while eyes are fixated at you. But he teams up like a dream as H!#@^%*J approaches again, locking the doors.

TH: I can’t let you leave now.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-00-31_zpsd4be092a.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-00-37_zpsc1afa5e8.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-01-04_zpse3ed3250.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-01-07_zps29caed74.jpg

And they drive off happily into the sunset.  THE END.

She wants to go to the movies next.  Savaging his pride, assuming she is asking him to go along, he says how can he be in the mood, just being used.  Nope, she is just asking you to drop her off and now you are going to shamelessly tag along tail wagging with just an understanding pout.  How cute.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-01-45_zpsf4999c7c.jpg

She is watching a movie, he is love-gazing her face and having delusions of his pride impersonated by a footballer Eric, talking sense into him to leave, in vain.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-01-54_zps46226bbf.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-01-59_zps5b6e6b2c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-02-15_zps3ea72789.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-03-08_zpsc090ce46.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-03-14_zpsc47b2efe.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-03-16_zps1228cce1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-03-31_zps66636e7f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-03-36_zps9ee06c21.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-04-43_zpsd79345f4.jpg

Wait.  Stay.  You have no choice, you like her.

Might as well kick away your pride.  It no longer belongs to you.

Crazy bastard, you are calling yourself.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-05-16_zps83a08b96.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-05-21_zpsf6291b0c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-05-34_zps472691f7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-05-38_zps557d8008.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-05-46_zps35b8db7b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-06-01_zpsbc0ec7fd.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-06-49_zpsb71ab6ca.jpg

Premonition is H!#@^%*J may have anger management issue down the road, run while you can.   If you leave your gf unattended, hurt and crying to the care of a guy who told you up front he has a crush on her, if you turn your back, make your choice, there are consequences you should be aware of and man up.  You have lost your serve, your say.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-08-56_zps1786c817.jpg

Sol is referring to JH her pseudo-(non)bf, the #12, the owner of the handkerchief JH can not soil because it belongs to her ‘bf #12’ who is not JH because every bf from now on is a #12, she is cutting off count at a neat dozen no matter.  Confused?!  It is supposed to, just go along when she is grabbing you by the tie JH.  You have no choice either (you like her!).

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-09-06_zps6e0ab5b9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-14-01_zps78875332.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-14-37_zpsa1e97100.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-17-30_zpsc4d1cd98.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-18-00_zps69fe796c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-20-54_zpsb40b4c70.jpg

Thank you…and I’m sorry.

TH: It’s ok.  It really is. 

If you need to use me anytime, just use me whenever.

There isn’t much I can do for you otherwise.

Take it as my free warranty service for your convenience.

(I am fully upgraded and refurbished better than new…switch…if you want)


 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-21-20_zps38d8f759.jpg

One good thing about you, you treated me badly, but you are worse to everyone else.

You are better than a guy good to me but better to others.

Jolt it down girls, no truer words.   Always pick (an Eric) a guy especially good to you, even when he can be a jerk, we have our insufferable beachy moments too, but never a guy who is indiscriminately nice to everyone, love has not jolt him to put you above the rest, as he should only have eyes, ears, heart for you: the person he wholeheartedly loves.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-21-37_zps0feafd1a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-21-51_zpsc7c28421.jpg

It is a compliment, however roundabout, meaning the world to TH.   Her first real compliment to him, and he is better than her ‘perfect’ bf.  You must be itchy to tell your new bff the interview camera.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-21-53_zps5d6a2be3.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-22-22_zpsf40c7c4d.jpg

Good night.

How long has it been you uttered this simple blessing, wishing her well, from your soul, to this woman?!

PD ahjusshi puts what YR’s Mom, ‘a long time friend’ reminded him about the connotation of gift of side dishes from a lady on the table.  HJ’s Mom immediately points out ‘a long time friend’ is jealous and would not make the comment if not have thoughts for him.  She ceases the opportunity to shower him her praises,  he has a ‘smexy brain‘.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-23-55_zps74ec163f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH04-24-26_zps3f480828.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH11-29-17_zpsd92af99a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH11-30-19_zpse1f45ca2.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH11-31-47_zps413534e7.jpg

Poor assistant writer stomps off after is it aired out she is not dating any men, the only men who calls her are  the delivery guy and assistant director.  Super Slow on the uptake ahjusshi probes Mom what it means by the saying brain is sexy. Mom hates the saying, no man has a sexy brain other than Einstein level of genius and it is just saying the face is ugly.  Knowing the comment is from side dish lady, Mom showers her share of uncharacteristic compliments going the opposite route saying he has a brain of an ‘innocent’ but appearance of dandy style and an 80.  (really?!)  haha it is like the two Moms are having a fencing love match with words.  The intriguing twist to this arc is WriterMom has an idea of a daily drama with two ladies falling for a 50 sth guy. It can be art imitating life or writerMom is conveniently roleplaying her way through a life imitating art.   PDnim is projecting the character to have a sexy brain AND dandy just like him.  Who the hell put your smelly feet on a work table?!??!  I feel for you, assistant in pink shirt.  I am sorry, PD ahjusshi is only convincing to me if played by Ahn NaeSang or Kim GapSoo.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH11-32-50_zpsbcb77b62.jpg

Sol has a bf To-do list for JH/ he who has no name but #12, a trip is on the checklist.  JH is upfront about nothing will happen even if they stay in a room but Sol says she is subtly sexy, in every corner, subtly, so do not be too sure.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH11-38-12_zpscbf8fb81.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH11-38-24_zpsa352f43d.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH11-38-40_zps602373ad.jpg

YR is busy frowning, staring at her phone, waiting for a call she won’t be answering, no, more like begging, willing for NHJ to call so she can refuse to answer his call, but he has to call first.  5 times refusing, she plans on.  And cue the perfect reaction face to statement:

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH11-39-08_zps38ad7c14.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH11-40-26_zpse2855e31.jpg

JH prefers Sol (flat) to YR (mean).  Hm, is he saying he has thought about them romantically?!?!!

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH11-40-37_zps13c73fa3.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH11-41-26_zpscba68683.jpg

JH is biting his nails watching his daily soap of Days in HJ/YR’s lives.  Business as usual for NHJ as if nothing has happened for a week now, a record.  He was predicting the plot of HJ caving in, but when a nice guy is mad, it is scary cold war makjang.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH11-42-37_zpsf13ab583.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH11-43-04_zps481ad5a6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH11-44-11_zps596d35ba.jpg

Sol is watching on the show too, firmly rooting for TeamYR.  Her every word, MTE.  How could he blame her for misunderstanding?!!??!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The side kick she was going to throw at him worth a double nosebleed on the spot, is all our thoughts.

JH is on TeamHJ, A guy could not forgive his girl on another guy’s car passing by because of stupid pride and they used to DATE, oh whatever, and what about HER pride and a girl he might as well be freshly dating/two-timing in the present in front of her bleeding tears eyes?!?!  huh?!  <____<  As I said, BIG demerit.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH11-44-56_zpsbeda8089.jpg

Sol is smiling embarrassingly at the interview camera conveying ‘ He is not my fake!bf, I do not know him at all.’
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH11-59-42_zpsc3fbb89a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-00-38_zps85f599c2.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-01-37_zps73ce08cb.jpg

Sol points out she does not believe NHJ does not have a crush on the juice girl right away AND her first impression of him was of a player type the night of the blinddate.  As I said, in Sol I trust.   Yeah swirl more at your head, you cuckoo JH.

Dreamboat at work.  He turns down a prospective project suggested by hyung, he does not want to be the ‘sidekick‘ and respectfully decline.  Love the double meaning.   He gets a call from H!#@^%*J, summoning him for a drink at 8pm (it’s already 7 sth from clock on the wall), he is cut off before he can respectfully decline.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-04-02_zps8bcdffec.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-04-30_zps6ce6e3dd.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-05-11_zps05ae00ea.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-05-14_zps95350863.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-06-11_zps504dbdf1.jpg

NHJ makes it a point to tell JH he is meeting up TH for a drink at 8pm.  JH is not missing a beat he knows his human zipperness is called to arms.  It is an intelligence he should relay to YR and NHJ must be hoping she would be worried enough of their cockfighting to show up.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-06-53_zpsec3a5328.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-08-22_zpsc15b8cc1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-10-22_zps905e73fa.jpg

It is not a friendly drink, H!#@^%*J makes it a rude point refusing TH’s pour.  TH can not hide his enjoyment they have not made up.  H!#@^%*J has not seen YR obviously, asking TH what they did that night.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-11-09_zpsb6682f31.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-12-29_zps2128a7c2.jpg

What do you think we did?! 

Soju glass is TH’s head:
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-12-40_zps42c0e9b7.jpg

TH fesses up.  He does not have to heart to stir up more mess for YR.  They ate, they saw a movie...what did you do with HER?!   He asks H!#@^%*J back.  A tinge of warning don’t you DARE hurt YR, she is his business too.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-13-11_zpsdcddcfda.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-13-17_zpsc50e4058.jpg

H!#@^%*J states there is nothing btn him and the other girl, he professes his love for YR and YR only.   He can not make do without her.

If you do not have it in your life, you just live without it.

This is turning out to be a very honest heart to heart of speaking truths, speaking from experience.

-KTH you have never loved a girl this way,….you can’t even imagine how it feels.


Even if I have, I would not tell you.

With that, H!#@^%*J will not think more into it, as if TH is just messing with him,  but he truly would not tell because he loves the same girl way more than H!#@^%*J can imagine to not want to jeopardize her happiness with you by saying:  I could have liked her then, maybe not so much now (because I LOVE HER!)

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-17-10_zps6c0639df.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-17-35_zps7cc994ff.jpg

H!#@^%*J continues to open his heart to TH, in many ways HJ loves YR like she used to love him, KTH.  He would bend himself just for a smile from YR and be nice to her, putting her above himself.  Everything TH himself was not capable to when she loved him.

And it hits TH, how this is the happiness he had 5 years ago, he is sorely missing and will never have again, what YR has from this guy.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-17-50_zps68bc62ef.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-17-55_zps8986e5be.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-18-05_zps8668758d.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-18-11_zps121a9a27.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-18-13_zps5bf188c8.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-18-22_zpsa57414a3.jpg

Almost pleading, HJ states his only concern is YR’s feelings, but now TH’s feelings towards her matters because YR has included him as a third party in their problem as a couple.   HJ is truly threatened this time when they are so intimate to team up, to embarrass him in front of TH.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-18-52_zps7070ab3b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-18-54_zps14013057.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-27-18_zps9bed8a16.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-27-35_zps51d1247b.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-27-56_zpsb10dfef2.jpg

And TH actually feels for HJ, for a fleeting moment, until he threatens him to never get between him and YR.  He would never hesitate if HJ hurts her for one.  He taunts HJ what if they team up again, what if he gets between him and YR, what if he makes her so at ease to show him her true colors, her raw feelings she used to only show to HJ, and not even?!

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-28-30_zps444208ee.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-28-35_zps8615cf60.jpg

I would kill you.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-28-47_zps617fac17.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-28-58_zpsfd54085e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-29-17_zps89cba4e6.jpg

lol and TH is truly afraid.  haha Great Gatsby thoughts, huh, TH?!?!

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH12-29-59_zps66e0c1e5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-08-12_zpse070a0db.jpg

After the drink, H!#@^%*J asks the driver for hire to drop him off at YR’s workshop but can not make himself go in, can not make himself calling her.  WTF.  Again, choices we make, always have consequences, a step of hesitation, a missed chance of communication, the window of airing out the funk in your relationship may be gone forever.  One man’s loss of a chance is another man’s gain.  If you swallow your pride and YR would not make her subsequent call, and why you decide to leave her workshop and head to where you are going next, beats me H!#@^%*J

YR calls TH instead to ask for what she is dying to know: what HJ said, missing him, using TH again, without a bruise on her pride, after stewing over their meeting from the trusty broadcast of JH.

I am sorry… I am asking for a favor.  Please come to my workshop.

He knows she only wants him as a human recorder of what her bf said.  Of course TH wishes, prays she wants to see him, him KTH, no matter how implausible.  He has no choice anyway, banging his head will not shake  sense into himself as he wishes because all he wishes is to see her, any chance he can at her mercy.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-20-26_zpsd1c43332.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-22-31_zps1139c8aa.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-26-57_zps475fefe1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-27-09_zps45d79d56.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-28-36_zps8d3b830a.jpg

What the hell is this… my body is not mine, my heart is not mine, I have no will power at all.

He asks the driver to pull aside, muster up all his pride, self-control, whatever he can savage and texts her he can not come to her and waits for her to text back right away, I bet to ask him to, so he has the measly reason of she asked him TWICE.  Alas, she does not respond.  Not trusting himself, he doubles the pay of the driver to NOT drop him off at the workshop.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-29-35_zps51989794.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-40-38_zpsa14775d9.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-40-44_zps18b68fe2.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-41-18_zpsc47739d5.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-41-50_zps748d57aa.jpg

lol  you know this is all futile, it’s all on your face. Poor thing in love.

ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! lets count the way of CP:  you check on her well being before your said gf, you touched where her hand touched on the bike you gifted her, and you have an identical one and one guess you haz touched the handle thinking about her and NO you do not having a thing for her.  And you smile like a loon brighter than in front of your said gf.  And room is all dimly lit and shady.   And reason is you miss your said GF and this is comfort. BARFBARFBARFBARFBARFBARFBARFBARFBARFBARFBARFBARFFFFFOREVER.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-43-15_zps8c2186e7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-43-23_zpsfabdb435.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-43-32_zpsa3ee2e9b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-45-14_zps044872ba.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-45-25_zps3ee5cec1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-55-06_zpsfc4ae58e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-56-45_zpsfa3685bd.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH13-58-08_zps9a04dfc1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-00-25_zpsb958a635.jpg

BARF.  Bleh.  ARgh confesses in a random instant of him carrying her broken bike, yeah she said random, I will give her that.  And she still swears she has nothing romantic towards him prior.  *eyes rolled out of sockets*.  She must now control her one-sided feelings towards him.  O RLY.  Lets see how you go about doing that, shall we?!???????????????????????????????????? I SO LOOK FORWARD TO NOT ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-01-15_zps12361b02.jpg

Poor hot thing, he owes the driver ahjusshi many folds of going back and forth and still ended up the butt of the joke being called a lunatic as he gets off car, asking driver to wait.

Yeah, we can see you have arrived, the hot crazy crazily hot you.  I am pretty sure if I go down a stair so smouldering and with alcohol in my system, most definitely would end up tumbling down.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-02-11_zps4efc4d55.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-02-22_zpsdb5ea2b6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-04-46_zps48d7dbe1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-05-41_zps89f23ce9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-06-28_zps2c8b6d83.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-06-35_zps19b65e15.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-06-38_zpsc95d5b95.jpg

One last smoulder for his nonexistent pride’s sake commanding her not to laugh, no don’t even smile at his shamelessness for showing up.  And yeah, yet another CPOTP color coordinated outfit.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-06-45_zps973bbecb.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-06-48_zps185c07ab.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-07-01_zps9bbd6689.jpg

He gushes out the meaning of the wood she is working on, ‘undying love’   He still remembers, he remembers everything she said.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-07-48_zpscfd1b532.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-07-57_zpsdfedbb4d.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-08-04_zps17d902bd.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-08-06_zps9d9ee158.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-08-12_zps967b704e.jpg

Do you think there is a love that will never change?

– If you have the will.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-08-25_zpsdfaf2778.jpg

Love is not about a feeling, but the will power of how much you want to cherish it

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-08-32_zpsfbf0e57d.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-09-24_zps1cce7125.jpg

I did not have the will?

-That makes two of us.

YR: We have the feelings of love but we did not know how to love…how to keep the love. 

That was the way we were.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-09-34_zps2b3e7451.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-09-48_zps95cef7d6.jpg

Why did you show up then…when I did not know…how good you were to me.
If you show up now, I would be very good to you, carrying you on my back everyday.


 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-11-19_zps8fda87e8.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-11-23_zps8008ae8a.jpg

I think this is the drama inventing drunken breath as heartstamp, JH did that to Sol too and we know how freaken adorable an OTP they are it is wrong I want the cliched drunken romping bun in oven baby So-on NOW!

He asks her the question:  Why did you call me?   He has to know, however hopeless if she calls him just because, no reason necessary, he is that close to her.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-11-54_zps26b233fc.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-12-16_zps30416434.jpg

But there it is, he gets the shut out.  She wants to probe about what her bf said, that’s all his worth.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-12-24_zps4974129e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-12-27_zpsa058bddd.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-13-57_zps5a8bcec6.jpg

You can’t even ask your boyfriend?   You throw all your tantrums at me, and only show him the pretty side of HYR, pride intact?! …I promised myself not to tell you a word about him.  It’s my pride not allowing it.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-14-33_zps0501a171.jpg

Why did you come here?

-Why did I come here?!

You should know. (See smile below HYR!)

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-14-49_zps6aa71fb1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-15-41_zpsc430fa54.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-15-48_zpsceff2eb5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-15-51_zps31dc5cc9.jpg

I come to see you.  Again.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-15-57_zps452cf062.jpg

I want to see you, again

and again, even when you are frowning,

This.  All of it. 

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-16-03_zps4c08045a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-16-06_zps499116d0.jpg

I want…to see you, ugly you. 

You look ugly when I am drunk, and this is drunk talk. 

( And Very pretty, your HYR kind of pretty when I am sober)

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-16-57_zps2d982a65.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-17-11_zps3d77dade.jpg

Do you want honey tea?

-Do not seduce me.  You won’t come to me anyway.

If I like you anymore than this, I am better dead.

His frankness is heartbreaking, his own heart and mine.  He will tell her whenever he feels like it he likes her, he loves her, but he is not obligating her to anything and not crossing the line.  He is not messing with her life anymore, he is just taking care of his feelings as she told him to.  He won’t say it, but he does see HJ as a guy capable of loving YR very much, exactly as much as YR wants her guy to love her.   He is wishing her happiness with how he reacts to his feelings.  He said he has changed, and he is speaking up everything on his mind, no holds barred.   We have a revamped refurbished Guy1+Guy2 hybrid in KTH and HOW are we going to quit you when this drama ends?!!!!!!!  ><

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-17-44_zpsab382432.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-18-08_zps21e68b9f.jpg


I am sorry.

When your father passed away,

I was not there for you.


 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-18-12_zps5ce846b9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-18-19_zps0a161a0b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-18-23_zpsd00c1674.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-18-31_zpse51d4cc5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-18-37_zps4cb6a700.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-18-49_zpsc23f384a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-19-05_zps3d781a56.jpg

And if HYR is being honest to herself and able to face the interview camera, this is the moment she will confess she has fallen back in love with KTH.  If she could let herself be, she would hand gesture how sparkling he is this very moment, just like he did just now, just like she did 10+ years ago on that train ride to JinJu.  It must be shaking her she still can feel that jolt, see this sparkle ever again.  She has no choice.   He abandons himself and apologizes without getting to the bottom of what he did wrong, what she is still keeping from him, so out of character for TH, just knowing his apology will release her from the past…and she can truly move on and be a happier YR not bearing a grudge against a guy who should not be in her life anymore.  It is not about unburdening his guilt in the apology because why should she care about his guilt anymore, he is a closed chapter for her.  This is how KTH is truly saying he loves her, HYR, with everything on the line, unconditionally.  Bye, he said.

Favorite! scene!:  Do we need the rest of the epi, not really for me.

Credit: eluvnel

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-19-27_zps2eccd6a9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-21-46_zpsecfe3ff6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-21-57_zpsfd10bc2f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-22-50_zps956f6c13.jpg

Sol and JH are ganging up to force YR taking the initiative in making up with NHJ, excluding her in their bff comforts, no ramen for YR, go get hers from her bf.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-23-53_zps04a44e5d.jpg


 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-24-41_zps2f312182.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-27-02_zps0da65e2a.jpg

 *inserted a QSS cap fr Dramabeans because I WANT TO!*

But yes, that’s silly of me, NHJ deserves to sulk in all the loneliness and no I do not feel a thing called sympathy for you, H!#@^%*J, while our Han EunJoo did not do a thing deserving her lonely silhouette.

Even with the push from her bff, YR is still hesitating, not making the call.   She needs to mourn, the magical one of a kind love she thought so special, so perfect has just collapsed to nothing but the usual thing we call love everyone experiences.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-38-44_zps410bb5b6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-39-07_zpsc0446cf7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-39-15_zps655272bf.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-39-19_zps55f6f762.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-47-22_zpsd2c43d9c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-47-47_zpsf36d67a2.jpg

It is very scary…I will not let it slide this time.

Even her cup is speaking to her intuition, she can not keep drinking from it, taking it for granted, it would dry up…like love.

As expected JH knows about love, his sex, more than he will ever reveal.  A man is capable of love, when he is in love he will get the girl the moon, the stars, the sun, anything…but one condition:  it is impossible for a man to love a girl forever.  It is for the interview camera, advice addressing to YR to come to the senses she overheard.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-51-45_zps755a7a73.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-52-02_zps30c904f3.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-57-55_zpsddca51fc.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-58-03_zps84daf468.jpg

She knows too well.  The guy can genuinely loves her, but there is an expiratory date to the feeling, it is testing her will how much she does not want to lose him, to keep their love out of the indolence.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH14-58-22_zps640669bf.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-02-51_zpsd415297b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-02-57_zps80744851.jpg

She buzzes when she knows the code, to give him time to hide the other woman, or not to hide.  H!#@^%*J knows she trusts him therefore she comes to him.  He is not lying he was going to call her.  She forgives him even before they kiss and make up and he keeps repeating HYR is most important, HYR is always right.  Whatever.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-32-34_zpsb2a5620b.jpg

I am not going to gripe a dirt poor girl having more cute outfits dainty purses than me and how is it practical to carry school stuff and all the work stuff in that thing for her packed schedule.   AND she calls to confirm their trip to the orphanage he offered to give her the ride earlier the night.  Yeah, you have no choice when you said you are going to control your feelings towards a guy WITH A GF.  BARFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

YR suggests a romantic date tomorrow.  It is not per design there is a huge pillar separating them I deliberately cap.  Nope.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-33-02_zps2f2e8aff.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-34-19_zps50257889.jpg

He gets the text and he frowns with back to YR.  She gets a text and she is looking eagerly straight at HJ to tell him.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-34-48_zps4a0c9177.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-35-34_zps5918e269.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-35-54_zps6fdd2076.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-36-01_zps9fb908c7.jpg

She is forthright with telling him work suddenly creeps up, it is not hard to extrapolate it is TH related even for H!#@^%*J IF HE CARES.  TH asks if she is free to check out some wood for the project, very legit.  H!#@^%*J still LIES he has a seminar.   Nope, from her face, you are duly noted by YR of what exactly you are doing.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-36-50_zps9f99d530.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-36-56_zpsf303e5c6.jpg

Top:  How a fox trots.   Bottom:  How a normal woman leisurely walk to work.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-37-14_zps7dbdc1ed.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-37-58_zps955585be.jpg

YR is a face of nonchalance to a too enthusiastic TH, haha but she does take note of how dandy he looks in his pink ‘date’ shirt.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-38-12_zpsd55c9806.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-38-24_zpsb5658f33.jpg

 :/  I share your face, YR

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-38-42_zpsf6b43cd3.jpg

You can look on at the girl longingly and remind her to put on the seat belt like the model of how to love a woman Mr TH on top, or you can be lying liar pants on fire cheater putting it on for her because a 27 year old woman can not and is retarded from how she is smiling like a loon for no reason.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-38-55_zps54ac9f40.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-39-05_zps416c098f.jpg

Yeah so much to keeping your feelings in check and not intruding a relationship and be the other woman when you are soooo taking this as a romantic date.  It has never been cute. (I have to skip all orphanage scenes next episode.  I am paying double the person who is going to cut my fingers off if I do not click ff)

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-40-05_zpsd42545d9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-40-09_zps66d75357.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE08140909HDTVH264720p-WITH15-40-13_zpsbf7ccb20.jpg

And KTH has mastered the madskill of driving while droolzing side way at a knowing her left face is very much loved and luckiest half face in the world being gazed upon by Eric  HYR/JYM.

I know a NHJ personally, too well, a guy who is as close to perfect by all accounts, you can not nitpick, 99% of time, he will dote on you wholeheartedly, he will spoil you genuinely with a smile just so you will smile and be the happiest woman, and one would think this is the best, comfortable guy to be with, you can easily read him like an open book and there will be no drama.  He is a guy of discipline, pedantic to a fault maybe, he will go above and beyond to keep up with being the nicest guy with its toll.  It takes a lot of work to be perfect all the time and it is unrealistic he will not be aware of the effort himself, but often you would be negligent because all is too easy.  His goodness is honed to weapon grade and a buffer he has used to great success all his life whenever there is a snag.   Alas, life has curveballs, when shiz happens, stressors intrude which could be his inner demons just surfacing, above the threshold of his ministrations, like in titration, the solution with buffers, reagents unbeknownst, coexisting in a semblance of balance, clear, innate, but just one extra drop from the pipette, the equivalence point is trespassed, the indicator flares up, molecules turn into another compound, a different solution, perhaps irreversible.  All his inner colors, perhaps unaware to him could precipitate.  He is closed-off, shut-down, self-serving in survival mode, turn an 180 and be most unbelievably thoughtless because he also has the inertia of the nice guy, slacking off from never being judged by the world with his spiffy label most of the time.  As YR put it, which imo is our life lesson learned and in our human nature, we have to take care of our feelings first, if we are drowning, instinct dictates we will grabble on anything and anyone to catch that breath of air.  Because one is used to the pedestal set up by the perfect guy, the fall, the reality check, whilst you need him most when he is the culprit hurting you because he has abandoned the coupledom and resorted to the individual, when he is unaware he is the stressor… would be a total wreckage unsalvageable beyond the traumatic.  At the receiving end, it is hard to overcome this hurdle of him causing you pain, least expected, knocking the wind out of you at your blind spot you never saw coming.  Otoh, he could be immersed in all the days and deeds of how he has been the giver, so very good to you and be hurt as well when one blemish, a misunderstanding from his pov is all it takes to crack a distrust, a fall, all the hard work he has poured into the relationship is vulnerable and insignificant.   Both parties thought they own a different part of the same unicorn, magical, unique but the horn comes off and it is an ordinary pony in their barn just like everyone else.  Nothing wrong with that, it is just not a unicorn.

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity, to quote Martin Luthur King Jr.  Ignorance can not be bliss, in love.  If we apply conservation of momentum to love, in a collision, masses/hearts thump, jump to cloud nine, fall to shamelessness, in reaction to impulses, changes in (e)motion, but no momentum is lost in the couple, in the system.   There is an equilibrium always to restore, a constant, a push and a pull, a giver and a taker.   If one stays inert, stagnant, the other party has to provide all the force for the collision.  The ignorant party may be happier being clueless but most often it is at the expense of the other in the know.  When we decide to suddenly change the course in full velocity, a rebound as we put it and fall in love again, another collision, by laws of the universe, it can never hit you with a more ferocious velocity.    YR seems nonreactive to TH not because she was not swept off her feet by his hits,  but lessons can not be unlearned, nothing is gained without losing something else.    TH actually becomes a catalyst in her decision to make up with HJ, what JH said she overheard is the indicator she has to take the initiative to savage the romance or it would just disintegrate beyond reversible with every drop of misunderstanding, of bitterness festering, unattended…like her past mistake.  She has taken her cupeth for granted without knowing she has taken her last sip, the last straw for HJ.  Pride and everything we uphold is dictating her not to budge, as she did for the week of cold war, another factor at play is, she is subtly putting it as their romance has turned ‘real’/ordinary, and as JH puts it no one stays in love forever.  She knows it is will and determination, work to keep the sparks flying, the collision ongoing.  The fervor of the falling has subsided and now it is how to maintain the love.  She failed miserably with TH, trusting their strong feelings will last forever, alas.   HJ’s approach is never to reflect, he is hoping YR will just fall into his lap again and all will be well like how they fall in love and how they smooth out every bumps every step of the way.  He has no awareness YR is not rebounding back to him exactly the same, this is not romance she is savaging but a relationship she is working on her will to maintain.   They make up without any inner resolving, it is just a lot of sweet nothings and physical comforts.  HJ is still ignorant to any wrong doing, he covers up his disgruntle with YR as they make up, make love, springing back to being the good guy, yes man to everything she says.  YR trusts his ignorance, with HUGE apathy and a sacrifice stitching up her wound by herself inflicted by HJ, she puts in her all holding their romance together, for now.  It can heal up, but another provocation, it will burst open uglier and more painful.  Time to jump ship if you are the lone weirdo on board.

24 thoughts on “Discovery of Love 8

  1. I feel your pain!!!! aarghhh was googling for ep9 preview and stumble to your blog… Ep7&8 are so frustrating to me seeing HaJin-Shit treat YR that way, so many wrong wrong wronggggg

    1. I can see it hard for him to be level-headed enough to scrutinize himself, it is not as easy to accept your own wrong when you have been the perfect model all the while. He is still ignorant of what he did…he’ll pay though.

  2. I’m enjoying your posts way more than I’m enjoying the drama itself. 🙂 Maybe because I don’t have as strong feelings for it as you do. All I seem to do is fight the urge to ff straight to all the Eric scenes, LOL!

    I’ve always had broblems with this writer’s characterisations of her mains and DoL is proving to be more of the same. Only not quite to the same degree like say in INR2 where I loathed just about everyone. Here I can at least understad where both YR and TH are coming from and sympathise with them, even when I feel like giving both a good slap on the side of the head from time to time.

    Gosh, I’d love to see Eric in a romantic drama like TPoH. I think with the maturity he seems to have gained he’d be spot on.

    1. Chingu, I have altered the 3 to 2 and deleted your edit, hope you don’t mind! ^^

      I LOVE this writer though, I love the frankness of the characters, she did not do much to smooth them out to fit into the usual neat moulds easy to sympathize with. I appreciate it very much. I know she keeps repeating herself, and I have to thank the INR franchise then to not lure me in earlier because I usually have little interest in romance if all the actors involved are not my cuppa and DoL just happens to have Eric and Yumi and SJ has impressed me before. I have never expected to be treated with writing this unapologetic. This drama is certainly not for everyone, I do understand the frustration watching it, I have it too but it’s sooo enjoyable haha I don’t know, perhaps I enjoy the schadenfreude too much and think it is delicious for a little drama to wring this out of me.

      What makes you want to slap YR and TH lately? I think TH is growing into my favorite K romance hero haha and it could not be all Eric’s magic. They are my flawed darlings who are aware they are doing regretable things they want to hit themselves but I cherish them truly even as characters because it is exhausting to be so in tune with own’s feelings and emotions and be honest to oneself, brave enough to act upon them against better judgment, the baggage of being a 30 sth, all those trappings in life.

      GOSH I just have a brainmesh with you!!! I was chatting with another friend the other day haha and Eric’s performance here was strangely reminding me of Tony’s in TPoH and you know how much I love that. I know Kdrama has been hots on remaking ‘gems’ from other dramaland and if someone is sharp-eyed enough to pick TPoH I want Eric (and Yumi) 😀 better yet if Uhmforce can be entertained, he would make ONE HECK of a free spirited hottest backpacking WaiTing that will not get on my nerves just on the face alone!

      1. I’m all for compex and real characters and I don’t even need to like them all that much but there’s got be something else than just grade A irritation to for them. So far DoL has not gone there. I think it’s actually a good thing you have not seen any of the INRs as this is so far the most balanced of her works, imho. She’s always been good at dialog and examining the different aspects of love, romance and whatnot. But, I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I hated the ending of INR1, could not stand any of the mains in INR2 (honestly, it was just like fingers on a chalkboard to me – grating) and INR3 wasn’t my cuppa in other ways. I’ll keep watching, at least for the time being.

        Oh, I haven’t felt like smacking either YR or TH lately.^^ Like you said, both are flawed and each with their own baggage. That’s one complicated ralationship but I think they actually needed to meet again as their break-up left quite a bit unresolved derbris lying around. So that’s what I feel they are doing, working through it. What will happen once they are done is anyone’s guess. Somehow I don’t see them getting back to gether though. But yeah, it’s pretty tough not to be moved by TH, Eric is just all kinds of wonderful here.

        God, don’t say it! Koreans generally suck at remakes. But yeah, that would be a grand team; Eric, Yumi and Uhmforce. But who’d be at the helm of such a production and not ruin it? The ‘A Wife’s Credentials’ crew perchance? One can dream…

        Oh, and thanks for correcting that typo, btw. 🙂

        1. Yeah i know! I luck out none of the INRs grabbed me!

          I’m on the same page, i do not see them romantically together. Actually with every of their subsequent interaction, the growing ease and honesty…is actually too assured, too at ease for romance. Especially with YR, she is no longer hesitant calling him for whatever absurd reason, even if it was outrageous of her and she knows it. They are getting closer, bonding marvelously opening up new synapses for communication but exactly because points are getting across now YR is not interested in rekindling a romance with him and TH is duly noting exactly that . Eric is more than anything i can ask for. I am always even more nitpicky when an actor is serving me the same old, repeating similar roles, but here he truly is revamped and better. What a treat!

          Geez now im wanting more AWC is flawless. I’m also very fond of the PD/writer KimKim team of MNIKSS yes Can We Love was a miss but they have a synergy! We can dream! XD

  3. Hello there…I’m a fan of your writing style. So much light and fun to read.. I love the way you summarize every episodes and put their nick name such as H!#@^%*J (Hajin), human zipper (Do Joon Ho) and Ms. barbie plastic arc arm….But you keep calling Tae Ha as Eric….Lol… I hope one day I could create a blog that makes my readers having fun to read like you^^

    1. ^__^ tyty for hanging out! haha I am shameless and reckless, so just write. 🙂 I am surprised someone find my word diarrhea fun tbh but these are my true reactions I enjoy airing out myself XD

      Obviously I am beyond hope an ActorEric fangirl and there are just moments I pause and just admire my screen and I can not be alone, RIGHT?!?!

      But it is not veiled berating of his fine job here though. Frankly Eric can never be a versatile thespian, but he is very good at what he is typecast in: the magnetic chauvinist, his brand of maleness mix with the aggravating flaws of the character always put us in an intriguing dilemma. TaeHa needs that physical presence of Eric as an intrinsic part of the characterization, I am not saying Eric is just being himself but he works on his perfect raw ingredients and bake us this irresistible character.

      1. I know you’re one of Eric’s fangirl just like me (I’m his new fan though). Sorry not to tell you before, but I share your blog in Eric’s Soompi thread..

        1. np at all, share on…I hope I said nothing offending Eric’s fans too much being a perv. I am not truly a loyal fangirl though, I have only liked him in QueSeraSera and loved the drama ridiculously much, his other dramas are not my cuppa. XD

  4. Unni, wonderful post! Thank you for experiencing the pain and recapping it so I don’t have to hahaha – I really can’t watch HJ being such a huge jerk. Really, HATE HATE HATE —

    My favourite part was your words: “She needs to mourn, the magical one of a kind love she thought so special, so perfect has just collapsed to nothing but the usual thing we call love everyone experiences.”

    That’s so lovely and that’s so true. I often think that if I was YR at the moment, I would drop HJ forever – because I don’t think I could ever forgive a guy who walked away after seeing me cry. Nope. Nope. Although, if YR and HJ are able to work things out from there, they could have become a real couple – but nope, more sweeping under the rug. I’m just not really enjoying the plot – where it’s more YR holding on and having HJ be jerkier and jerkier until they can’t lie to each other anymore, or YR can’t lie to herself, and they break up? Or, worse, they don’t! I don’t know – is this supposed to be realism? How realistic is it for YR not to be making out with TH/Eric when he looks at her LIKE THAT ALL THE TIME? Nope, I don’t think this drama is realistic at all.

    1. Wonderful pondering yourself Dear! That is what made this realistic to me because I can get so invested, immersed in say YR, in the character’s shoes and not be sure what I would do, there is no easy black and white, right and wrong choices, sometimes there are none.

      It is frightening how realistic this is actually. This is how people truly stay in a relationship…or not. None of the heightened dramatics we usually get, neat, easy to consume in K romance. I love this tweak of how TH being back in her life is the trigger for her to discover love sharper, not the usual which guy she must choose pronto. I love YR’s dissection of their romance, I wonder if TH is not here a willing audience and was the main lead of that episode of her life, would she have such poignant reflection on her own?! I bet she did, just not articulated, and often when we can speak out our thoughts it bring it to the foreground, sorted out to utmost clarity. Tango’ed with such an honest, heartfelt moment they are stripped of all the facade, as two most knowledgeable expert on the subject doing the best critique, it becomes a much more effective trigger for YR to apply on her current relationship with HJ…HJ is the right guy, at the right time in her life to settle in love without that AR episode. If she let that episode eat up the will she has, to savor the love and she breaks up with HJ, she is afraid she will regret it and I can extrapolate as how she must have an entire phase of excruciating regret after the breakup train ride with TH. It was not a spur of a moment, but in the back of her mind, she must have rewinded what if she let it slide, given she was in a very emotionally fragile state mourning her Dad, and gave them another month, another chance?! Because it must be shaking her, even though she has moved on, TH is shockingly repeatedly expressing how fixated he is with her just with a chance encounter 5 years later. She was the giver of that relationship, safe to assume she loved him more in her opinion, she was the lone one holding on, and yet he is still harboring genuine strong romantic feelings towards her every moment they are alone…and Yumi is insanely skilled portraying how YR is regarding TH, the undeniable intimacy and ease of two people who got closest to the other soul they are no longer letting anyone else in, but it is no longer love for her. She has put him in a display glass installation in her heart, boxed in as the ex, someone she loved like she will never be able to again. At this point she is so at ease with him, even to have aware fluttering, lapses of falling, all the emotions we associate with falling in love, but equipped with the experience (and she told him so) there is too much work to rekindle she will never entertain it. I actually do not need them to be back in love as a romantic couple, what they are having, two bare souls knowing the most about the other like no one else, never as honest interacting, effortlessly connecting within the comfortable arm’s range of no lover’s entanglement in e8 is more than precious.

      I am sure YR is not absolutely certain she made the perfect decision with HJ, Yumi is AMAZING and under-appreciated here even by me. That face when HJ tells her he suddenly has a seminar, is very telling: she has an irk, it is not shock, she is prepared he would put her into the tedium to be suspicious again…just not this soon. I can’t wait to see how YR will handle it, she is scary in how she can evolve and learn her way mastering how to love so shrewdly.

  5. OMG I don’t know what to say! One ep has flipped so many things for me!!

    First of all ARMMMMM! She really killed me in this one! I was so frustrated I wanted to scream!! She can talk back to YR and we are kindly provided with a lovely orph flashback (such a lame tw drama moment here) , smile days on end dropping by juice/texting & eating with her doctor and she has the NERVE to say that YR is being too much and pinning her as the reason for them needing to hide?

    The moment where I really wanted to slap her was when she told HJ she doesn’t like how he likes his gf so much??!!!?! WTF. What are these people eating???? So delusional….after all thats happened how can she!!?!?!?!! I don’t even want to go there…

    HJ oh why???? I don’t get him. Really don’t…the writer must want HJ to look schizophrenic or something. So he loves YR ( I don’t doubt that), and he doesn’t have any feelings for ARM (I do doubt that), but even if it upsets the hell out of YR, he will continue to see ARM and on top of that, continue to LIE about that as well? I think for me, it would have ended at the not-picking-up-phone-call part. I know its hard to give up such a tall and cutesy obliging bf…but its sadder to have that same bf ignore your call while on a date with a pretty, young & hardworking girl who has scar on arm. Realistically speaking she could be ugly, lazy, older, and non-smiley and it would probably still be as painful I think…

    JH oh why???? Y did the writer make him out 2b so pathetic in this ep? Argh it actually seems out of character given 1-7! the writer went mad on this ep!

    Sol is still awesome though!! (thank god!)

    But seriously Eric has won me over!! I don’t think he is anywhere NEAR TY’s level in characterisation/ emoting/ presence/ aura…etc but gosh, how could I not empathise with this guy now??? The writer has done well with his TH character development. We have him trying to protect YR’s happiness by reminding HJ to remember who he should be giving a damn about (so selfless and genuine here), then we have him permitting YR to use him for her own selfish reasons, we also have him in that splendid scene where he realises that HJ was able to do things that he wasn’t able to in the past for YR, wishing her a genuine good night (big deal like u mentioned) and finally (in what was also my fav scene!!) him apologising to her about not being there when she needed him most. BIG HIT!!! for me! That scene was gold. If I felt like I didn’t know who TH really was before (partly bc I don’t think Eric carried him that effectively), this ep really changed all that for me as I completely related with everything he was feeling and going through. He really became TH here and I was sold on his unconditional and nothing but true love for YR. There is no ulterior motive and he knows that she is not who she was in the past…it is just his love for her making him giving in to her every whim, making him abandon his dignity, pride, logic…and he doesn’t even care anymore, as long as he gets to see her face, even if its a disgruntled one. Poor TH, but good on him for being a MAN. Gosh we needed one in this ep!

    Gold medal moment goes to YR though. That expression when TH apologised…

    1. Isn’t this drama doing things to us?!

      When i first watched the ep, i was in so much rage w HJ and ARM, so much rage! But then it is much easier to be sensible as an observer than critical on oneself. Both of them r too sure of themselves beimg goody 2 shoes all their lives, regarding themselves above what they r actually committing which is emotionally cheating and stealing someone’s bf. They r falling for each other but completely oblivious, not yet see need to sort out the feelings… if i try to understand them it is realistic how when everyone falls in love, there is always a cloud of confusion when u lost control of your emotions taking the fall, and when one has the clarity to realize it, it is an afterthought. Your heart is no longer urs but belonging to someone else.

      I think im much more pissed though w HJ’s reaction when she said she doesnt like YR or sth, he smiles at her and totally taking it lightly, ignorant to even hurting YR. When u r siding with the other woman dissing ur gf, ship has sailed.

      HJ is never gd with confrontation, he always let things slide, kick it under the rug. The fact they just made up, he does not want to jeopardize it. I can cut him some slack he would’ve forgotten his date w ARM if she didn’t text him, and since he still has not grasped he has done anything wrong, and he is not regarding it as a date but just doing ARM a favor, he thought lying, covering it up and YR will let it slide, he is not worried afterall she trusts him and willingly come back to him without an effort fr him. ARM though… she never considers for a moment YR’s feelings, i guess that is the utmost impt criteria to be a bf stealer. All she whines about controling her feeling is because HJ has a gf and she does not want him suffering, never has she said she should not pursue him because it would hurt his gf. Even if he offered the ride, it is a favor, you do not go around reminding someone hey u owe me charity i am taking it as a romantic outing. BARF if we r later let on she txt him to get a feel if he is ‘available’ despite having a gf, as in testing if she has any chance, and since he says yes, she sees it as a go…then she needs to diahf.

      That scene is a contender for my fav in drama! U put ur thoughts so lovingly! Haha we really should watch dramas together fr now on! Hugssss

  6. Shackles you’re so right about Hj’s reaction! Totally agree about the ship sailing when both ur bf and other girl diss you together….that’s so tragic I don’t want to even contemplate.

    Your first paragraph articulated really well what was in my mind in the prior episodes. Maybe they are falling for each other and that’s prob why I didn’t really think much of ARM because it is Mr Perfect-Long Legs-cute baby-PS we’re talking about here, so I can understand that just bc someone’s taken, it’s not like you can un-like them, especially if you’ve encountered someone as fine as him! All you want to do is to see them and blah blah your feelings speak a different language to your logic!

    But I think what bothers me is the level of delusion on her part. If HJ is arrogant and confident in himself, thinking that these lil dates aren’t going anyway, fine. If in his mind he isn’t cheating, then he isn’t so to speak… But ARM’s audacity to defend herself and act victimised was just too much to handle. I don’t know if she’s hoping for anything but constantly approaching a guy in the way in which she does when she knows he has a gf isn’t appropriate (I mean didn’t the sisters/ angels/ the gods ever teach her that???) and furthermore someone with her righteous personality would at least have a bit more common sense than to do that (if she is innocent)… so I just feel the writer really stuffed up here when she had ARM throwing back arrows at YR when she could’ve just excused herself and let HJ deal with his gf instead. I just think it’s a bit too much to be asking the audience to swallow the idea that she didn’t think she liked him until the bike scene! (as IFFFF)

    You have feelings for him, you knew he had a gf, she just made a scene in the morning, but you’re going to see him again anyway-on the same day?? That’s an all-new low for kdrama characters with no common sense (and courtesy)… that is IF she is innocent which she isn’t. So I maintain that she is just a cow and the whole defence thing is an act in front of HJ (I will just choose to ignore the writer’s intentions here and just get a bit more real about ARM and all)

    I agree with you whole-heartedly about ARMS biggest flaw being her lack of humanity, not being able to show any regard towards YR’s feelings and position. I always go on about actors/ characters having empathy (in my mind just measuring people against each other which meant that I never really considered that anyone was ever apathetic) but yes, here we have ARM, a poor hardworking girl having gone through life’s hardships but (as a fellow woman) is not able to put herself in YR shoes for one second and consider how it’d feel to have your own bf yell at you, ignore your calls, and even try cooking breakfast for someone he kept you in the dark about when you’ve just spotted him holding hands with her? Hmmm. I guess its all about survival and self-satisfaction reigns supreme. Let’s see how long she can “suppress/hide” those feelings shall we? It’s really sad how there are so many delusional people in the world. Being a cheater/ stealing ppl’s bf/ tricking other people’s money or lying isn’t really the wrong or scary part. The part thats scary and wrong is when these same people can’t acknowledge what they have done, do not understand that they’ve done something bad, or just don’t feel any remorse at all.

    Anyway thankyou for pulling me back into dramaland so easily!!Haha yes we should totally watch more together!! Hope there are more surprising dramas for us to rant about!
    *Hugssssss back*

    1. SQUEE MY thoughts exactly here and there!

      I am not as fond of HJ though even when he was perfectly perfect. I consider it a form of emotional neglect as well when you are blindly compromising, all along as if keeping count on a balance how much IOUs are in your favor in the relationship. He is not really letting things slide, but just brushing everything under the rug and feigning he is a much more generous, compassionate person than he truly is instead of seeing any need to resolve minor understandings and learn more about the person he loves and how to communication with her effectively.

      I do not like ARM from the get-go. It is not the falling for an attached guy that is bothering me, but even if you are inexperienced in the department, we ALWAYS notice our heart skip a beat, and all these weird butterflies, she is 2 fking 7! ! ! She rubs me wrong from turning his offering of free surgeries into the ‘impressive’ ‘ohsosweet’ helping out of other orphans, THEN clinging onto that for so many ‘chance’ my foot meetings when she can easily ask him to contact the orphanage himself for pro bono of even a wider scale and if her intention is purely for the good of orphans in need she should have progressed to ask if Dr Nam has kind doctor friends also interested and go set up a network, a nonprofit, WHATEVER but what she did. I do not blame the writers to dump things on her making her a basket case other woman though because I truly can see how that can fuel what she is doing and keeping her conscience intact by the cushioning of the denial.

      And the audacity in deed, but my take it she is in denial, again she puts herself on this high horse like NHJ they are these honorable sweetest angelic orphans who can do no wrong, and when accused, she will reflect the blame, point the finger before any introspection… they truly make a great match.

      The only way she can redeem some what is confess her feelings with NHJ and wakes both of them up in one blow of honesty for once. If she still keeps this clingy infatuation and call it just one-sided love yet still be on the aggressive meeting up with him, it is too low.

  7. Haha yeah what you said about HJ I get, and you’re totally right about him. If it were played by some other actor I’d totally hate the dynamics because it’d feel superficial and look like HJ is just amusing himself with the idea of what a almighty bf he is. Even though I kept saying he was perfect, I was just overwhelmed by how cute SJ was to really consider how much HJ doesn’t question her and get to the bottom of whatever issues the couple have. I also find YR a tad annoying at times and although I understand her reasons, I just feel hiding your financial situation to her extent where HJ doesn’t have a clue is just a little bit unfair. I know I have no right to say this but if i were HJ i would never guess in a million years that money is her reason for not accepting the proposal and considering his feelings. Anyway I think both parties are equally dishonest in this relationship which makes me think it isn’t a bad thing if HJ and ARM get their orphanage reunion since they both seem so absorbed by each others’ presence.

    haha ep 9 is out now and I have a feeling ARMs only going to get worse!

    1. They are all flawed to different degrees but I think hiding the financial woes especially when his Mom dislikes her and the pressure marrying into his welloff family is stress enough to be too shameful to come forward. They have only dated for a year or 2 (if my subs r accurate) I think it is very understandable to not be ready anyway, let alone once her workshop gets going, her financial situation can get much better, she just needs a bit more time, and with that this snag will go away. I do not think HJ is taking it too harsh and in no way this is irreversibly harming their relationship I think.

      Unlike his lies though. He is the one proposing, how is he going to keep it from her forever even after they enter into marriage?! His situation is not going to go away and worse yet it is putting unnecessary stress and misunderstanding on their relationship, and deteriorating it atvm. IF he has told YR about it, ARM would not be an issue, I bet YR would be happy to join them visiting the orphanage and will treat her like her own little sister as HJ is claiming he is. YR would not mind to be a friend to ARM BEFORE ARM’s falling for HJ, and now things are truly out of hand and the culprits are still oblivious or blatantly not doing a thing about it in ARM’s case. She has the right to fall in love with anyone including HJ, she just does not have the right to be all holier than thou about it. With this dishonesty, HJ has to keep lying, and every lie YR catches him it will taint their trust. JYM is absolutely marvelous all along in showing me her YR has no intention to entertain any of TH’s swooning even when it can hit her emotionally, if she told HJ about their past, HJ could never overcome it after that night she spent at TH’s. HJ would have an impossible time with them working together, and she would lose a very crucial project for her workshop to stay afloat…let alone saving up for marriage. This lie is truly out of good intention foro HJ, even if the truth is out later on, she really is not bearing the guilt of 2-timing like HJ is. How HJ takes it, depends on how much he trusts her because even though we can all predict YR will fall back in love with TH down the road, TH being her ex, is not the reason why. She genuinely has moved on and is loving HJ with all her might, she never shadily meet up TH and has been very honest with her dealing with TH. Even with the outing in 9, she has told the truth, it is work related and obviously TH can be accompany her.

      1. Yep, I agree LOL and so you’re probably going to think “what?” haha which is why I said I know I had no right to say it. (about YR hiding her financial situation) lol I also understand why she isn’t telling HJ about TH. That is completely understandable. It was just my natural reaction to the scene where she is able to be upfront with her friends and not her partner about her finances but I know that there are reasons behind it.

        I’m also impressed by YJM’s acting especially with that expression she has every time something related to her dad pops up. She can just make me go red-eyed seeing her turn into a different person with that pained expression of hers.

        A lot of things have once again turned around for me (once I went past that one minute) finishing what was, an amazing episode last night! Eric was kinda hot in that ep if I may say so myself! lol

        1. lol so you have come around with Eric huh?! Technically, he won’t be top of my list, but he is naturally awesome in emoting and as I said I think he has a very good read on his characters and really pour his heart into fleshing them out.

          This is exactly the kind of drama that is my thing haha, I get hopelessly immersed and my mood swings along helplessly. It is what I crave for in watching.

          Gosh I cried a river with 10. Eyes are still puffy.

  8. ARGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHHHHHHHHHHH I couldn’t watch past one min of it!!!!!!

    ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this drama is doing things to me alright!!?!?!?!?!?!! WTF is wrong with her and most importantly HJ???????????????????????????????

    Now all sympathy is lost!!!?!?!?!?!HJ needs to get eggs thrown at him!!>!>!>!>!!!<!?!?!?! Will take a break before I resume vomit scene.

    1. OH GOSH I watched 9 almost live yesterday and I know and you know we share the same exact FURY!

      ARM is exactly what my first impression of her was. Exactly. I think I have a grand ‘beach’ radar if I can say so myself.

      I have actually calmed down with what HJ is doing, part is SJ is a much better actor than our barfbie, there are scene he is starting to convince me he truly is ignorant. NOT ARM THOUGH.

      She is even worst WAY worst when talking, esp not to HJ, you have to see to believe!

  9. LOL ok well at least you have warned me again in advance! I thought I knew what to expect, but I didn’t actually anticipate to be this pissed off within the 1st minute of viewing her and HJ on my screen. Ugh!

    Well your radar was definitely right ok!!

    I will now proceed to watch the rest of the ep with a truly more prepared mindset lol!

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