Yuan Hong was PUNKD

There is a variety show called Secretly Greatly, of a format I do not particularly care for, torturing and pushing the buttons of stars taped on hidden camera all in the name of entertaining us through the ‘fun’ pranks.   It is just not my kind of funny.  :/

BUT YH IS HOT (literally and figuratively) suffering and in the heat. His leading lady Zhang has a hard time brainstorming saying out loud he is sooooo smart, she calls him out as having a very formidable scary IQ it is almost impossible to trick him. The premise is Miss Zhang will orchestrate a whole day of suffering on his birthday of all days, with his closest confidantes including his very cute and good looking and lovely assistant lil’ Ge joining forces.  The day starts out with YH not getting the notice of the early shooting, his assistant claims he did not get the message with the poor reception last night.  But YH makes it on time.  Then on the set, PD is also part of the prank, having a very foul mood day right away, keep nitpicking NGing everything YH did or not.  Lil Assistant Ge then causes a blooper, the last straw for Miss Zhang to have a huge temper tantrum YH can not fix.  Stomping off…she pretends to be hit by a huge lamp on set and YH has to carry her on piggyback waiting for her ride to the hospital….which is not coming and he ends up carrying her on his back in the heat in his costume for a good half hour.  GRrRRrrrrrr.

*SWOON* In the middle is a cap of him in the new teaser (posted further down the post), his eyes all red brimming with tears:  Why didn’t you tell me!?   Breaking my heart and taking my breath away.

haha the first one he hollers at: his very cute but poor assistant:

He has SUCHA sweet temper the sweetheart he is, when Miss Zhang pretends to be so pissed with his poor assistant causing the NG and YH being late, AND YH being too tight in his grasp holding her in the back hug causing her HA (all fake), he pats her head to comfort her and tries his best to coo her, promising he will make lil Ge be a jester later to make her laugh. I am just thankful he is much more fit than normal folks, carrying her in the heat for 30~ min desperately running around so worried.

Show can be watched here: http://tv.sohu.com/20140911/n404244141.shtml

Another rough cut teaser of Princess JieYou is out, I think this one looks more unpolished than the last, there are moments of brilliance in it but content wise it is all over the place…and I HATE the music, the audio is crap…hmph.  IT is clearly still a better Cperiod though, the cinematography is there, the art direction is beautiful.  I am still not sure if Zhang is comfortable in her skin in a period as the titular princess from the 5 minutes.

This is what he posted for Mid Autumn:  沙海升明月,天涯我最直!   A bright moon rising from the sea of sand, from all the edges of the world, I am most straight!  He can be waxing about that pole shooting straight up which he would never hesitate to poke fun at himself emphasizing he is not…gay.


12 thoughts on “Yuan Hong was PUNKD

  1. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! The prank was hilarious!!! His leading lady was adorable to come up with the scheme. I love this kind of cast bonding.
    Thanks for sharing!

        1. I do not care for pranks puttingy loverboy in bodily harm! XD it is easily 40C w his costumes, he is as skinny as a rod i bet not much heavier than her, 30 min is hell!

          1. haha….I think it only proves how true he is as a person. We get to see it first hand and that he’s not just acting in front of the camera to fake any sincerity. 😀

            1. But… nth i didn’t know. There r too many fan accts he would call them taxis and buy them dinners, just taking the best ridiculous care of everyone around. He has always been the exact same sweetheart. 😀

              It is mean to play with his well being and genuine concern. It was his bday! And i just find the show not worthy enough.

  2. Brilliant post as usual.
    I couldn’t stop myself from being jealous with miss Zhang :))) She’s so lucky to have Lao Yuan around to carry her and make her laugh. They look so good together but unfortunately she’s married 😥
    The new teaser is focus on the first husband of JieYou and the relationship between him and her. I think Mr. Yuan Wen Kang’s amazing, much more better than I expected.
    Loverboy had better find a girl and get married to have a little angel soon. I’m so eagerly waiting for that day.

    1. YWK is very gd! He is more an actor actor, worked on quite a number of well received movies. It took me by surprise he is 3 yrs younger than YH though, when YH is calling him KangGe (lol like his NianChi).

      He is too perfect, i mean look at this silly show he did not lose his temper once when his assistant caused him to be late, sucked it up when he is yelled at by PD and keeps NGing for very strange minor things for the entire morning! Thennnn miss Zhang had a tantrum over the NGs and his assistant he patted her head so lovingly, kneeled and cooed her to make her smile, ordering his assistant to buy everyone water and never losing his cool! It us toll he was genuinely worried about her leg that he was agitated to find her a ride, even was going to carry her to the main road and find a way STILL carrying her. Haha and so very smart noticing the strange additional cameras shooting all the while, picking up everyone flee when Zhang was hurt… all the clues but he still took care of others first. And he did not lose temper once. He is too perfect to be real, and too much a perfectionist.

      1. Yeah. He’s like perfect perfect so I wonder what’s type of girl does he like ?? A perfect one like him or a not – so – perfect ? That’s a hard question to answer but base on the fact that he’s still single now, maybe he’s looking for Ms. Perfect =))))
        YWK is 3 years younger than YH ?? That’s hard to tell when he looks more mature than our silly boy.
        Ms.Zhang now officially is my target of jealousy. She must have done a lot of great things in her past life to receive the sweetness of Loverboy now.
        I’m a Green-eyed monster =))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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