Itazura na Kiss: Love in Okinawa SP

Dreams do come true.  -life’s motto of Ai..Kotoko, I…IRIE Kotoko!!!  *she must have said it, I swear, in her head, or out loud a million times*

Planned to write a decent spazz post befitting the awesome but I WANNA REWATCH MORE!!!!  So watch along with me while you stare at the gifs and that alone is happy place enough here!  *Owing hundreds of thank yous and hugs to the original posters at weibo!* I ❤ you fandom!  *

Or just rewatch the ep.  We can have a contest how many times we can watch this till Nov 26th when Itakiss2 arrives and I WILL WIN!

Dreams do come true.  This is more than perfect any fan of Itakiss can ever fantasize.   I am still in disbelief how every frame is either frame to frame loyal to manga or just simply stand alone loveliness.  I have to rewatch it till I have slammed it in it IS true, DO I!?!?!?!  XDDDDD

Iriekun, you were (supposedly) sleeping, but when your new wifey bellows out Attention Please Coffee or Tea you hear and pay attention, inform her the common sense not to use her Engrish on a domestic flight…then you sleep on.  So mostly you are concerned about your cute Kotoko embarrassing herself more than it used to affect you, when she is being her silly self.

When she takes pics of you, you do look her way however unwillingly.  How far you have come!  We all know you are keeping your blank grumpy face just to let Kotoko know she can not get away with being this cute forever and you are too embarrassed to admit you love and enjoy her silliness too much.

I almost weep at 3:33, for the next entire 3 minutes of lovely flashback that tempts me to rewatch ItakissInK instead…that is after giggling at Kotoko gushing out sooo proud of the finest fangirl job in her life ever herself, doing all the heavy lifting here and there and everywhere chasing after her now hubby.  WE were all there every kiss along the way for the 6 years Mrs. IRIE KOTOKO!  :~)

Beach is beachy.   Narita Rikon was a cute oldie dorama 17 years ago of a couple falling in love in a whirlwind romance, got married THEN divorced (or not) on their honeymoon at Narita, I was hoping for Irie to wake up and slap the woman.  But yeah,  why let them mean a thing?!  I’ll go back to sleep, I sleep at 10…and I do not know if I can tonight…


It is still Kotoko grabbing Irie’s arm, but each time he looks at her, his face warms up a little, a tiny smile escapes, and knowing his eidetic memory, he is filing her excitement and sweet smiles just grabbing his arm every time.  He is listening to her every silly word in her high octave, enjoying everything in the moment.

The OP itself is too cute for words:


I love how Iriekun patiently waits, even squats with Kotoko looking for her sunglasses in the middle of the airport.  We know your exasperated face, this is not it.  This is a bit taken aback, as you move your head back examining your Kotoko’s horrible taste in swimsuit….but not really disapproving just taking in this is another Kotoko thing you have to deal with, part of life is interesting with her in it.

Our Iriekun 6 years ago would have ignored Kotoko and walked away in annoyance as he did with that beachy newlywed woman Kotoko switched luggage with later on, walking out of airport.   Taking up the new responsibility of taking care of his wifey, with Yuki’s nommy voice, he sweetly hammers in he had reminded her to double check, to make sure she will remember it, without the tone of yelling at her.

Kotoko is obviously too busy droolzing at her hubby while he did a superhero move saving her like the caring husband he is shouting out, KOTOKO!

lol I do not know what ‘TW’ A.N.JELL is here for other than perhaps to let Irie/Yuki show off his Mandarin?!?  Just because Kotoko asks him, even if he does not feel like it, like encouraging her fangirling the boys by being her translator.

So handsome!

Kotoko, I think you have two new holes on your left side of head.

He does not spare the idolboys much of a look, busy staring at his Kotoko, taking in her amusing shrieking fangirl nonsense, let her have her moment, before telling her they should head up to their suite!  lol Kotoko, you should be the one eager to be there, and you have Irie reminding you.   Tsktsktsk

While Kotoko is screaming around the room being herself and sooo adorable *hey if we were Kotoko and we got Iriekun in a hotel suite, very close to a bed, we would have screamed louder.  I would*   Instead of his usual tskkking, even though he is telling her to calm down, he is not breaking glance from her.  You like her silly shenanigans too much to admit, don’t you?!?  I did not miss even though you are trying to pretend you want nothing to do with a rolling in the sheets herself Kotoko and resort to the good old excuse of reading a magazine, you are beaming at her while taking a seat, only when she is silenced by her own realization there is some romping on the bed that is going to happen and she will not be alone…does he suddenly has to read the magazine very intently.  I love this toning down here, the manga Irie will still smugly make fun of Kotoko being slow and ignorant and watching TKA, it was so frustrating when Joe is a bit too much smirking at Ariel whenever this topic came up.

lol you are jealous of random boybanders and one of them is a girl?!?!  That must be why you are sitting on the couch yourself stopping yourself moving towards the bed huh?!  Oh how we miss you JellyIriekun!

You just have to be you.  You do not need anything better.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  And when Kotoko is pouting her lips for you to kiss you can not help but stare at her, so happy in love.

Lets STARE at the ring!  And how disappointed Iriekun is when he must’ve planned it all out to pat Kotoko’s head, say the line, Kotoko will inch in for a kiss…then… Alas, his grand scheme is interrupted.  Beach is Beachy.

Lol he is still not done with being jealous and more so of Kotoko not half as deflated as he is with the interruption, offering to buy the drinks all smiles which will leave him behind with this woman.   After a look at Kotoko, he revenges by going along.

But still on such high alert, eyes on his Kotoko…lol and so not happy with her chatting with the mousy Mr.  Come on, you are jealous of him too?!?!?!  *oh but Kotoko, you did grab his arms and he holds your hand and Irie is not missing ANYTHING! except he did not see this grumbling face of yours earlier on.

‘Nice Blond lady’ MaMaIrie, still the awesomest Shipper Extraordinaire, Our Supreme Leader.   Yes, we need to practice throwing beachballs like missiles at Beaches.

A ranking of who loves Iriekun the most would be KotokoLilBro>>>>>>Mama+Papa.  ^Proof.  If this is not love, good luck putting a st tween boy in a dress in public.

Hmmm, wifey seems to REALLY working hard at thinking for once.   Thank you Mom for everything.  I wonder… if

A) she will turn and smile at me and I can’t help but smile back fleetingly.

B) dash to me and see if I am perhaps hit as well and I will pretend my mouth needs some TLC

C) Get me out of here and lets go back to our suite ASAP!

D) All the above while she thanks Mom too.

Lesigh.  Bummer.  Kotoko only asks about how the beach was doing all concerned and she is still clueless.

You never know Iriekun, how Mama and Kotoko has been working on TeamKotokoIrieFOREVER.  She might need her undercoverofwig help later going along her intuition Mama is… a foreigner  *bigsmile* so you will not be obliged to snuff them out and spoil things being a square pants.

The four of them are drinking at double date and of course someone continues to be Annoying while in effect encouraged more OTP goodness.  She snides it must be Kotoko being relentless chasing after Irie that they got married…makes Iriekun can’t help it but laughs out loud, so amused and happy of how grateful he must be because of Kotoko’s pining but the annoying woman knows nothing of the real force behind and one that knocked her down, the true TPTB MamaIrie.

*Kotoko is drunk.  Le sigh.  Me so disappointed.*

OH WHY Iriekun?!  kekekekeke

I can not expect him to roll in the sheets by himself like Kotoko.   Not that I am not crazy enough to want to see a visual of him lying next to an unconscious Kotoko and just getting used to it all amused  muahahaha.

 Kotoko, we are back.

WIFEY we are back in our room. 

WIFEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Iriekun will only call her the sweetest things when he is sure she is passed out because his pride won’t allow it…yet, and earth is heart shaped now.

Iriekun, I love you so much.


TY for loving me so much Kotoko, I am the happiest man.

:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD  Confessing when unconscious are the truest loveliest kind.

The next day.  Of course Kotoko is still excitedly shrieking at everything, she wants to take a picture of Irie with foo dog statues.  He says he does not want to (lol please do not be jealous of statues now, d’awwww) but as soon as Kotoko says she wants a pic, he stays right put like one of the foo dogs, as a very good husband should, do as wifey says.

Iriekun knows that is their parents and his younger bro in drag, but it is not bothering him too much and he won’t tell Kotoko unless she figures it out herself (and it must amuses him, alright with a tinge of exasperation how her brain can stay functioning so differently from his and all his trying to talking sense into his wifey all along is not effective at all)

lol Yuki actually smiles a few times, out of character in the scene, but good that we still have the same blank face Irie in the group picture like it is supposed to especially when he has to hold a reptile (instead of his wifey) and that pesky thing on his left is closer to him than the darling cute thing on his right.

Day 3.  Why is Kotoko color coordinating with the signs in the wet market?!?!

I wonder if the coconut crab is tasty….

(Not even half a second later)  – Hi, I want this one.


Finally we have a CP outfit in Day5.  Iriekun is willing his left ear to go deaf and hoping his prayers will finally be answered by obliging to let him hold his arm to please make the beach go away after.  *I love how the beach scenes are streamlined already from manga, it was SOOOOOO unbearable in They Kissed Again, super faithful to manga be damned, especially when PD Winnie and Joe neglected so many subtle nuances Yuki is spot throughout. *

Last day in Okinawa:  Erm Kotoko, you do not need to be on the balcony, you could be on the bed taking in the scene from THIS angle atvm.  Just saying.

Since you would rather kiss your glass than me, and I need one hand to hold my head in frustration and pout, I will let her do whatever she wants with my other hand just to spite you.

Humphhhhh  And you do not even notice.  Not happy.

I wonder (lol not really) if there is a statistic of how many new brides thought of their MiL on their honeymoon.  I would guess VERY few, lol.  Call it sublimation, this is what Kotoko needs to envision in her mind on the fetching balcony, a little scary I must say how Kotoko imagines Mama would be anticipating their wedding wedding night, for that extra push for a determined Kotoko to proclaim she is SO READY for their first boating!

Kotoko, I am looking forward to it very much.  *AyeAye Captain MaMaIrie, Our Leader Supreme!*

*lol how can Irie not wake up by her shouting this out?!?!  We know he is just too embarrassed to let out he heard all of it*

Please, this is the last time I am taking wedding pictures because I will forever only married to one girl

Ok, 5 mins later, I have calmed down.

Although Yuki’s Irie is still harsh scolding Kotoko for being childish not wanting him to touch miss beach to diagnose her discomfort, at least his face is just stern and serious and not truly pissed off.

Do not compare yourself to MYKOTOKO®


Hey what’s the matter with MY WIFE?!

Kotoko, he said ‘MY WIFE’ , Kotoko!!!!

Before marriage:  one hand still in pocket; After: Both hands going OH MY KOTOKO I THOUGHT I WILL NEVER SEE YOU~!!!!  I am so worried sick I forgot to breathe just now *GRASP*

As lovely I thought this SP gets all the lovely OTP bits delivered, how is it possible the streets are absolutely deserted in a tourist trap safe for one local cop?!?!??!

He kisses her, like the first time to shut her up, this time to shush her blaming herself being a ridiculous woman when all he is annoyed about is how she makes him worried, so worried about losing her.

I am so used to this Itakiss being just right chaste I can’t help but be fixated on Irie’s hands all over her back and waist.  Perv me.

I am so moved by the face of Kotoko’s Daddy, his babygirl is all grown up married and kissing her hubby in the moonlight, it’s always the most bittersweet moment for a Father.

 -We’ve come a long way…

As long as you are with me I do not mind.

-But I do mind.


I know it can rub the very loyal TKA fans wrong but again I love this way more than ArJoe’s, that was wayyy to soft p0rn too in the know for an Iriekun.  This is just right.

We start the SP with Iriekun sleeping on the plane with his hand supporting his head, eye mask on, do not disturb.  Ending with our darlings in their own world, peacefully asleep, no hohum can intrude.  How neat and perfect.  DohdohDOHHHHHHHH~~~!

Love it!  I love the pace I love the little tiny tweaks and this is making me so much more excited with this PD on S2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The attention to all the dokidoki  nuances is almost as good as PD Koto, I only wish the cinematography would be prettier, dreamier, at least light things better in da room so we can SEE the Kisses!!!!!!!!!!!  I love how verbatim it is to the manga, I love a lot of the slapstick is streamlined.  As funny as the gang under the leadership of MamaIrie is,  this is 45 mins short and we have a lot of emotional grounds to cover in between the impromptu wedding and a first night of the newly weds and I would rather we spent every minute with them and sideline all the other tangents.  The other CP is still insufferable a plot device but it is already toned down, same with Yuki’s Irie, I am surprised we have not one face of full-on abrasive of Old Irie towards Kotoko, all we have is usually the mildly frustrated ‘why am I not surprised?!’ look while he pines with his eyes staring at her. He should be used to all of this by now and have no problem bending compromising silently to accept what bizarre booboos Kotoko gets herself into, dragging him along.  He is still taken aback, but that is about it…other than the episode with the faking stomachache woman, which is something he can not let Kotoko off easy and have her way, touching on the more serious matter of his aspiration and their future life together.





I did not notice it myself, but the pervier than me babies caught Kotoko oddly wearing a turtleneck and it must be she has some hickeys planted on her neck  *blush*

Still pinching myself.  But my eyes tear up, RL Mr. Kotoko wrote all the lyrics.

From the first line of the ending song White Stock:

一句早安,就能令我幸福永远。谢谢最爱的你。和你相爱相守,永不分离。  A Good Morning, is my eternal happiness.  Thank you, my love, lets stay together and never be apart.


16 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss: Love in Okinawa SP

  1. Thank you for your fast recap mookie!!!! I love it and cant wait for season will be interating since irie will have a new rival and we will see more intimate kote and naoki rela..

    1. hihi pdat! Watching any dorama lately?!?!

      I CANT WAIT FOR S2!!!! This PD handles the pace and flow very well and actually grounded the material makes everything more convincing without skipping a shoujo beat methinks, which S2 needs terribly when our darlings are really in the RL with less shoujo plot hide behind.

      1. dorama? emm..i might actually start to watch taiga drama gunshi kanbei but i’ve been totally buzy with my study lately…glad to know itakiss follow the manga so well and cant wait for season 2..any dorama recommendation mookie? i’ve been looking a nice soft high school slice of life and i have lost track of dorama lately..i have been waiting for “say i love you” movie to come out and it looks promising! please have a look for that movie special trailer! i love it!

        1. I am just watching Hirugao this season, all characters are messed up in messy infidelity. It is delicious for me but I doubt it is your thing. XD

          You mean this one?

          Gosh it looks awesome!

  2. Awwwwww… !!! You’re so right!! Thanks for the gif of Irie caring (*cough*groping*cough*) his wife’s back & waist….. LOL The genius have holding in for quite some times… must’ve been one of his evil plan kekeekeke…. YES S2 pleaseee pleaseeeeee… I need some consolation show from my anger from Discovery of Love 9&10

    I LOVEEE how you do the comparison between live & manga version.

    The AN.JELL scene is sooo random.. still didn’t get why Taiwanese Go Mi Nam is there (and didn’t have Jiro Wang too)… where they actually have ANJELL Japanese version from Ikemen desu ne… anyway the only anjell for me would only be JGS, Park ShinHye and another two hahahahahaa

    1. Is there some kind of little reference I am missing with the ANJELL scene?!?!! I mean if Jiro is here I totally get the cheeky TW Kinchan meta…but as is…I did not even watch the TW version so I do not even know who’s who without the line and…is the TWdrama a huge thing in J?!?!

      The trailer for S2 is already all kinds of loveliness. I did not expect this to be so good, now my expectation for S2 is off the roof!

      1. Sorry I didn’t watch any other version except the Korean ones xixixix….
        I checked out the TW drama trailer…. vomit blood when I watch the JP trailer. Don’t waste your time hahahahaa

        November hayaku kuru ne…. come come quicklyyyy our S2 !!!

  3. Hello mookie! First time to comment but following ur itakiss posts since day 1. Haha. I loved your recap which is not actually a recap but more of a diary of thousands of itakiss lovers finally having their first dose of Kotoko-Naoki. 🙂 And about the contest, I’ll try to win 2nd place. 😀

    P.S. The bed scene here is the best among all other versions because it’s sooooooo close to the manga and consistent with Naoki’s character (I dont expect him to be so hot and passionate all of a sudden, it’s also his first time. so perv lol)

    1. hi Kim~~!

      I am so taken by surprise by the bed scene, it is SO TRUE to manga in everything, as you put it wonderfully. It was tender and loving and intimate but very classy and spot on. These are still the Kotoko and Irie we met in ItakissLiT but transitioned to the newlywed stage. I am so delighted the characters are still more of the same convincing,

  4. Thanks for that wonderful review… can’t wait for Season 2… Keep on posting about Yuki Furukawa and Honoka Miki..

    1. I will admit I was not the biggest fan of the manga when it was out, but somehow it grew on me with endearing adaptations and the back story of the tragic accidental death of Mangaka Kaoru Tada and her husband’s love for her all the years, it grows on me so much…then this adaptation is a dream, has its warts but nothing can beat having a perfectly cast Kotoko AND Irie and the actors have the perfectly cute and appropriate chemistry, nothing more, nothing less, just right!

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