Discovery of Love 10

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He takes one hand off the box… the other, lingering.

Sometimes, love means letting go when you want to hold on tighter (fr Wicked Lovely)

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Sometimes love is that residual will from the rush of palpitations, flutterings, the most pleasurable madness we quantify as ‘in love’…when you are willing to compromise, willing to let things slide, taking a blow of hurt swirling within time and time again.    I am not on the same page as HJ YR is fooling him.  It is perfectly logical she is in TH’s company when working, unlike claiming you are at a seminar, yet at a mall instead with ARM.  But I can commiserate the bitterness just seeing her with that other guy.  HJ frustrates me most is not he is cheating, I actually am more inclined he really has no romantic intention towards ARM, but we really have to examine ourselves closer before we judge and accuse the other party.  YR did not cross the line ever not keeping things professional, unwavering to TH’s advances.  He has crossed the line to YR’s protests time and time again in the name of love, be it protecting YR from his secret he promised his mom, to be the filial son.

YR also is aware how an extra blow to TH’s feelings she is causing, deliberately shoving his grip off and leaning into HJ.  Her self-serving move to rid HJ from misunderstanding, is hitting her with guilt.
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But all that is occupying TH’s head is worrying about her.   Sol the Awesome is regretting taking up the project with his company, YR has been so nervous working with TH.   It is lovely TH is taking the blame squarely he is the source of YR’s stress , he is also taking in Sol warning him only Hyung should deal with YR from now on. Because she is Awesome, she must have noticed how TH is so concerned he can not help gazing at their house, she urges TH to drive home safely as well.

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It is such immense sensitivity and consideration for YR he is so cautious guarding and protecting her secret of why she passed out, even from Sol.

I am not telling the world I have started misting up this following scene.   Worried sick for her, wandering around her front door, losing his marbles. TH is just willing, praying for a word, a text from her she is ok.  He must also be wishing, hopelessly he knows, he can see HJ leaving her house, part is that will be his cue she is ok enough NHJ is comfortable leaving her resting…but there must be a whole lot of him being so jealous it hurts NHJ is the one by her side this very moment when TH just wants to hold her tighter in his protection, to be there for her when he had missed the chances 5 years ago.

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I did not see this coming from YR (was held captive by Eric in the hospital scene last ep).  She saw his breakdown, she was shocked seeing him at his most vulnerable, his most emotional expression of how sorry he is, repenting, mourning her Father’s passing… how much he genuinely loves her.  She has taken it all in, still shaken, staring at her couple ring drenched with his dried tears.  She knows KTH is writhing, overwhelmed by emotions,  how devastatingly he must be worrying about her.   It also overwhelms her realizing TH has finally figured out on his own what hurt he has caused her and swoonworthily manned up to it.
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Unable to hold it in, she has to call him in the middle of the night.
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She sincerely thanks him, but more urgently she asks him if anything transpired at the hospital she should know of.  In her semi-consciousness she must not be trusting what she has heard.  She is giving him a chance to pour his feelings to her when she is now too awake.  TH denies it, he does not want to stress her prompting anything about her dad perhaps, all he cares is if she is ok.  It is eating him alive how worried sick he is and it is breaking my heart (and I love it!)

I can’t sleep…Are you ok? photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH02-23-30_zps6faa88cd.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH02-23-35_zps9291cac4.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH02-23-44_zps87051024.jpg

Nothing.  Nothing happened.

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What rubs me wrong with HJ is he has a patronizing, controlling streak when unpleasant thoughts are taking over him.   Last time when YR crashed into their breakfast ‘date’, she asked for his phone but decided to trust him without checking.  Here HJ is grabbing her phone, cutting their conversation off.

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HJ properly says thank you to TH but refuses to hand back the phone to YR, hanging up the call as TH is pissed off.  Weary is all over YR’s face, both physically with her meltdown and emotionally faced with a very suspicious of cheating HJ who is not giving her a breather to sort out her muddled feelings.  She is going along, too worn out to deal with it, fight with him, they have a lot to talk about tomorrow, as he says.  If there is a moment I think YR is choosing between the men, and leaning towards TH, perchance a temporary madness she would not admit to calling it, it must be this instant.

TH asks hyung (what a dreamboat of a bff hyung!!!) to hit his sorrows away.
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In KTH’s opinion of himself this very moment, which is even harsher than many of his critics by now I am sure, the type of guy he is, is a selfish, insensitive, pathetic, deplorable a jerk…everything as she accused him of, he is exactly guilty as charged, he just realized, too late.   The other guy is better for her, even he will admit defeat.  He should have let go, wished her happiness…’tis love too.
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But still he can not give her away to him, not a guy who is better, never a guy worse than him KTH…he can not give her away to any other guy, the very last thing he will ever want to do.  He is disgusted with himself but that is his honest desire, even after a hundred reincarnations he would be as pathetic, he says.  He is the person hating KTH the most right now.  And Eric’s manpain continues to break my heart SO GOOD.

Hyung is still a dream the next morning, bringing him soup for the hangover.  TH wants to join him for a meeting with Summer and Pine……even when YR is not attending, especially when YR is not present.  TH wants to talk to Sol.
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YR wakes up to her sweet ‘perfect’ bf kissing her, just like any other day as if nothing much happened yesterday to HJ.
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Sneaking out of the house while HJ is busy making breakfast, YR is doing her investigation in his car, gathering evidence supporting her case:  He is cheating on her with ARM.   HJ lies, even if he went to the seminar, he did not go alone.  He made a stop at the mall she saw ARM at…and his GPS is showing he was nowhere near any seminar…ihe was at  an orphanage, which is most absurd for a tryst….haha not to Sol, she quips cheaters can make do in a ramen box if they have to.

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As the male dumping target of Sol’s wrath and Team HJ, JH is not let off car easy…I bet until he is coerced into being a HJ traitor, no choice but supporting the ladies.
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 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-09-23_zpsfffb5064.jpg

YR confront’s HJ’s lie of attending a seminar.  He is honest about where he went and with whom. Sol is again, always dependable saying the wittiest truest quotables, if they are going to lie to each other, they should never get caught.  I disagree with JH they are doing the same thing, it is one thing blatantly fabricating a lie and the other not telling the whole obvious truth.   HJ also caught all of them using informal speech with TH, clearly they are very close from what he saw last night, but still they are feigning innocence, Sol and JH not too successfully at it.  When probed,  HJ is honest he gives a ride to ARM to pick up the boy from the orphanage in GunSan for the surgery because it would pain him putting the little orphan through the hassle and stress traveling the long way with transfers to get free surgery.

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 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-10-38_zps7b5d4471.jpg
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HJ is genuinely a nice guy… making YR always the baddie next to him, the gf such a nice guy never knows how to be sensitive to.

This is the bookend of the bar scene TH meeting HJ the first time, where scary, veiled niceties are exchanged between the ahjummas instead of direct sizing up of the boys.  YR’s Mom invites herself to join PD ahjusshi for lunch as she is close by, not knowing he is in the company of HJ’s mom.   I wonder: don’t parents of a couple seriously dating with the intention of marry meet each other before any wedding plans are hatched?!
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-13-52_zpsf7ff5d75.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-14-17_zpsaf8f8bd7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-14-21_zps0aa17326.jpg

YR’s Mom vehemently denies she has any feelings for PD ahjusshi who says out loud he thought HJ’s mom has feelings for him.   She denies, HJ’s Mom is smilingly suggesting: Mom and PDahjusshi should move in together!   And they tensely laugh everything off.

A big improvement HJ, in being forthright.  He tells YR he would talk to his Mother first, he is very concerned about her feelings before he can tell her about his nightmares and AR but he promises it would be very soon.  YR is also honest with him she does not believe he is cheating because she knows and trusts he is not that type of person, but the misunderstandings, leading to the fights could break them up, she is scared.   And with that and a squeeze of her face, they make up over spilled juice and cute footsies washing the soiled blanket.  It actually gets me hopeful for their ship, not that I am boarding it, they could make it work for a very long time.  It is hard to be mad at him, or at her if in their shoes.   And they both have an easy temper that are very willing to forgive and forget even when they hit a very rough patch, cherishing the sweetness of their comfortable relationship when things have quickly calmed down.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-17-47_zps236d09ee.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-19-38_zps2f7c637e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-20-06_zps0043484a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-22-48_zps0b0211f0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-23-09_zps113d87df.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-23-14_zps4a554fc6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-23-19_zps74f0bb3d.jpg
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 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-24-20_zps7f8d3b10.jpg

HJ is late for the lunch he promised the boy, who urges AR to call and remind the Doc.   As usual I do not have to like it.  I think the boy being so insistent is also too much a plot device to ease the burden of AR being aggressive and insufferable every time.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-24-44_zps19a6c8b2.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-26-23_zps75df4bfa.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-27-02_zps8ffdf94a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-27-30_zps1bfac013.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-27-40_zps12862a39.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-27-50_zps517b0bf9.jpg

I’m not doing well.  My bf went to Gunsan without telling me.  Hence he is not able to come to lunch.  Understand?!  kthxbye,

Since AR is showing the proper etiquette, respect for the gf talking on the phone in HJ’s place, I’ll cut her some slack.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-28-11_zpsc5505aa7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-28-17_zps79553020.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-29-01_zpsc71a5479.jpg

I kinda want to hit SJ/HJ upside of his head enjoying YR being domineering, controlling, jealous over him showing him how much she cares.  Goodness gracious, YR is actually a much better gf than you are giving her credit for.  At least imo HYR the gf>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NHJ as a bf,

Well, my good will towards barfbie lasted a few minutes too long.  She tells the nosy cute boy Dr Nam has to be with his gf…and when pokes further she has the galls to snerk his gf is not pretty and not a nice person she has no idea why Dr Nam is dating her. BARFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!  Who ask you now?!?! Ok the boy asks you, but can’t you be genuinely nice and sweet as your cliched character construct begs ?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know sweet Candy is cliche, but Candy should never crossover a badmouthing MeanGirl. Urgh.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-30-12_zps6b98b08e.jpg

There is a little rainbow framing Sol’s forehead.  She must be a unicorn with an invisible horn that will only poke and mess with JH.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-30-52_zps6a6bfea4.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-30-56_zps5bd6e2e5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-31-59_zpsc5294b35.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-32-11_zps4962a6a8.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-32-27_zps09314be6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-32-38_zpsdf21626a.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-33-00_zpsd5bcf4fa.jpg

Why are you looking at me all pervie, eyes half closed?!    And with My Girl playing in your head?!?!

Sleepy?! Go buy me some coffee(and the moon) for me!!

-I will buy you anything.

TH was going to talk to Sol, but JH will do conveniently.  Hyung is not missing a beat throwing TH the keys to drive away with JH while he can spend time alone with Sol for ‘work’, a cute pine tree in hand he brings as a gift for…little Pine/Sol.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-34-08_zpsd63f04ef.jpg

JH asks TH what exactly happened to YR, and if TH has anything to do with it.  TH tells him not to be too worried it was a transient panic attack.  TH asks JH where YR’s father’s grave is, that is why he needs to talk to either him or Sol.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-34-55_zps22449ca4.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-35-56_zpsb7ca8c26.jpg

JH tells TH it is a very sensitive subject.  YR never visits Dad’s grave, only her Mom visits it every month.  Not even on the anniversary, she is always out of sorts when that day approaches, wandering alone, last year she passed out drunk…they skirt around it, even her Mom never forces her to go.  TH asks JH again where is Dad’s grave.

Hyung is proposing a new joint interior design venture Sol is very excited about, can not wait to discuss it with YR.  JH is back just when Hyung is making his love confession.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-38-39_zps2d608b3a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-39-20_zpsc7d665b2.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-39-23_zpsff38b0c1.jpg

Sol, I trust the chest… not chest, what’s inside the chest.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-39-34_zpsca4abfb6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-40-45_zpseb028e3b.jpg

What do you think of me?  As a date… or as life partner?

…and JH intrudes, shoving cold drink into Hyung’s hand telling him to cool off.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-42-09_zpsb168d31a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-42-39_zps2343bd87.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-43-01_zps86d8be4d.jpg

*slaps* Calm down!

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-43-41_zpsa994c0db.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-44-02_zps31ec8016.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-44-14_zps96d6687b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-44-34_zps44d964c5.jpg

A lovely wordless scene I have the sniffles watching.

JH is warning his youngsis to decline the new venture, reminding YR she should have no dealings with TH after the wine bar…and also Sol should not work on it too for reasons (like director Yoon/hyung)
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-45-33_zpsb33449b0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-45-54_zps5a70690c.jpg

Speaking of KTH, humanzippershi almost forgets to tell YR he met with him earlier, asking where YR’s dad’s grave is at and he told him.  YR is immediately howling at him agitated, her demeanor is day and …night.  Sol tries to comfort her, KTH just wants to pay his respect, he was close to YR’s father.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-48-15_zpsde82819f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-48-29_zps195ac9be.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-48-50_zps4848b738.jpg

Remembering what he said about never visiting the fishing hole, TH must have pieced the puzzle together as she overheard in her semi-consciousness and now she is on pins and needles.  TH knows her most traumatic secret she has kept hidden.

HJ asks his Mom to visit him bright early…he asks her permission to tell YR.   He thanks Mom for everything, if not for her love and care, his life would be like AR, and he wants to return a fraction what he has received from Mom to AR.  In order to not get YR suspicious, he must tell her.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-50-53_zpsc9d59bd6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-51-09_zps3e6c48bf.jpg

Mom asks if YR is willing to marry him, hitting HJ where it hurts.  The stigma of being an orphan, not being proper suitor material is at play, making HJ hesitant when Mom urges they should give it some more thought.

HOT ERIC ALERT!  President Kang instructs his hyung to proceed with their new collaboration with Summer and Pine, asking YR to take herself out of the project and only signing the contract with Sol.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-53-07_zpsae0ef938.jpg

I wonder if TH is waiting for her, in yet again another OTP outfit…and their OTP ESP picking out CP mugs, just to ask if she is doing ok.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-54-01_zps9c3d4ff5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-54-13_zps9b5868d3.jpg

I hope you won’t tell….

He did not, not even before you are asking him to now, his mind so preoccupied by your every irk he knows you have been keeping Dad’s suicide a secret even to Sol, JH …and HJ.  She does not want them to be  concerned over nothing.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-54-53_zpsb891d452.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-55-00_zps346c4454.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-55-44_zps18c5db2d.jpg

…concern over nothing?  They should know you more than anyone else…why you are hurting, why you have those episodes…

– I am fine with people not knowing everything about me. 

There was a person who knew her so well, she must have thought.    A guy who should know everything about her, why she was hurting, why she was crying, but he ended up not caring to know when she was in her worst unmentionable pain in her life.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-55-52_zps845644cd.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-56-14_zpse93d58b0.jpg

Give them a chance…

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-56-29_zpsdb751ce8.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-57-12_zpse65c8bb0.jpg

the person who like you.  Think about it.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-57-33_zps2c3df773.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-58-21_zps71278e80.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-58-24_zpsba025f76.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-58-40_zpsad937b5b.jpg

It is good news (they will continue their collaboration in a bigger project)..then unexpectedly harsh news hyung has to break.  YR is out of the project, the company is solely working with Sol from now on.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-58-53_zps7a53146c.jpg

TH is not picking up her desperate calls.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-59-12_zpsc627a94b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-59-18_zpsc296e666.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH03-59-46_zps3e56070c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-00-06_zps36e87acc.jpg

Is it something that happened between you that day?! Sol is asking.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-01-23_zpsa7dafaee.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-02-02_zps11493de0.jpg

The surgery was a success, in recovery, the young boy cries, missing his Mom, that makes the three of them.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-02-07_zps94ecdad7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-02-34_zps0de3c547.jpg

AR must be repeating similar words he had said to her, words he must have replayed in his head:

You have me.

I am going to pray for you

I will stay with you.

I have told you, when it is time for you to leave, you can stay with me.

Do well in school….come to Seoul and stay with me.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-02-47_zpsd7616e10.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-04-32_zpsbc794d33.jpg

Mark this point 52:00, thank me later when hit replay.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-05-47_zps7ce4b75c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-06-03_zpsbc249538.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-06-09_zps0654604d.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-06-18_zps9358a1d0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-06-22_zps476359fc.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-06-40_zpsc95dde30.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-07-53_zpsf4f4b67d.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-08-49_zpsd3f4b57b.jpg

‘I will never be late again….’

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-09-01_zps6ea26c56.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-09-07_zpsef6ae04c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-09-42_zps50328886.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-09-52_zpsbd5b7b74.jpg

He remembers, the handwritten letter he promised her each month he had forgotten.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-10-00_zps712d5272.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-10-11_zps336d98b3.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-10-19_zpsce3c4e31.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-10-21_zpsf8a8682d.jpg

 YR and Sol are still in the dark of the absurd arrangement, TH has not answered YR’s call the entire day…he is showing up at their workshop just as they are leaving.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-11-25_zpsee9b5ea0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-11-34_zps6957d546.jpg^ Hello fangirls, lets meet Mr Tres Handsome.

YR asks him what he meant asking her to drop out of the townhouse project.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-13-23_zps0ef118e7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-13-32_zps947350b6.jpg

You are uncomfortable with me.

YR reminds him he was the one saying they will only be business partners.  Work is work.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-13-51_zps8f3ba0a9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-14-24_zps0aa6f95d.jpg

I…do not want to see you. 

He has put the wine bar project in Hyung’s charge today, handing off to her photos of sources to research gathered by his staff.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-14-32_zpsccfdac03.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-15-03_zps879c0247.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-15-37_zps24570ed0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-15-48_zps5e98d5d0.jpg

In the pile, there are pictures of a grave of Han JaeSik, her Father.  The grave she is seeing for the first time.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-15-55_zps2648d778.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-16-06_zps719704d9.jpg

JYM should be part of a textbook tutorial how to cry real genuine tears that will make EVERYONE watching her cry, cry exactly like her.  T__________________T  All she des is looking up and the most perfect tear flees her emotive eyes that are not really doing much…just emoting all the most complicated heartbreaking feels her HYR is hit by.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-16-15_zpsebf3f76f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-16-29_zps15d4df0b.jpg

Your dad is doing well, HYR.

(Do not blame yourself anymore.  He is doing well, better than you.  I went there to say sorry to him.)

He repeats his apology to her Father as Father was actually saying his death wish.  It might as well be the most sincere apology he is finally ready, have the right to say to her consciously, after visiting his grave:

I am sorry I did not keep my promise I would protect you.

I am sorry because if I had stayed with you the day your Father passed away,  you would have told me,

the truth about your father’s death. 

And it would not torment you as debilitatingly for so long.

I am sorry,..for changing you…this way.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-16-37_zps3214ed2b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-17-01_zps8538aa67.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-17-32_zps43bdb993.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-18-01_zps624e6716.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-18-18_zps0551b4df.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-18-31_zps67a0aee5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-18-50_zps3905f1f4.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-19-09_zpsde01bcb9.jpg

Car accident. YR lied.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-19-14_zps59c24474.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-19-26_zpsb58f3eb6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-19-38_zps6a4a72b3.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-19-42_zps8947dff4.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-19-59_zps95374ba5.jpg

I thought you would find out about everything.   We have dated for so long.

I don’t know, I just…you have found out about everything at the hospital because…

you are Kang Tae Ha.

He did, that is why he went to Dad’s grave for his own closure and in your place, took the photographs for you so you can have a peace of mind of his beautiful resting place still too traumatizing for you to visit no matter how much you want to, guilt-ridden.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-20-01_zpse57f6e08.jpg

I am sorry.

I found out too late.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-20-41_zps293494ba.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-20-46_zps2c63120c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-21-07_zps59263873.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-21-27_zpsb38bde2e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-21-43_zpsa6293a81.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-21-51_zps922850a8.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-22-10_zpsf67fe223.jpg

His warmth, his tears, his genuine feelings…make me feel at ease.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-22-14_zpsa414d297.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-22-39_zpsc41c0f26.jpg

I was wandering…and found a place (in his embrace) a place to stretch out my legs and…rest.

As if he is telling me:

It’s ok to sleep, with a peace of mind,

‘It is not your fault.’
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-23-27_zpsa69098a3.jpg

I do not understand why…he left…without leaving a word behind. 

YR relives that day with TH.  It was like any morning, her parent were not talking to each other, as usual, and she was nervously stuck in the middle

It was not different than any other day.

Dad planned it ahead, TH knows, from what Dad said to him the day they went fishing.  His last words to TH, TH is remembering too vividly these days:

Do not fight with YR

If we got married, let YR have her way no matter what.

Consider YR my very last woman in my life.


 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-24-25_zpse7da6344.jpg

I did not keep any of the promises.

We had our problems, but we could have overcome them all.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-24-40_zps47f896aa.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-24-46_zps7d755b1f.jpg

It is all my fault.  You were right, Han YeoReum. 

(Dad, I am doing as I promised you.)

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-25-00_zps6899daf9.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-25-19_zpsfb35fb41.jpg

I should have told you the truth…but I could not.  I was so scared of saying it out loud.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-25-38_zps3da54e8b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-25-42_zps2138c96e.jpg

Shouldn’t you give the chance that I missed to Nam Ha Jin at least?

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-26-08_zpsaf7f3269.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-26-25_zpsce15c47e.jpg

He is the one with you now.

I.  CANT.  Y U TOO PERFECT!!??I doubt YR has one aota of thought of NHJ last hour and counting!!!  T______T

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-26-27_zps31d2b7ed.jpg

No.  This is not a face that is agreeing to what you said.  And she is not willing.  He is not KTH.

Because you are KTH.  She said.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-26-31_zpse680e035.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-26-47_zps0c0436b4.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-26-49_zps28daedd1.jpg

Let’s break up.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-26-55_zps4d2cda2a.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-27-00_zps441c337e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-27-04_zpsb0f61146.jpg

Let’s break up properly.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-27-06_zpsf6264de0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-27-25_zpsdc7fd83d.jpg

I did not know why we break up, so I could not break up with you.

You hated me this whole time. 

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-27-32_zps648e9b16.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-27-41_zps19db4a12.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-28-01_zpsf5124e6b.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-28-05_zps20b16505.jpg

While you were hating me, it wasn’t over yet.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-28-09_zpsf6109188.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-28-11_zpsf993abd9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-28-22_zps8c4cbbd7.jpg

Han YeoReum, be well, be happy.

I am glad …I mean what I just said from the bottom of my heart.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-28-30_zps7b5daa52.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-29-10_zpsf84d1499.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-29-42_zpsfb9f2126.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-29-47_zpscd2fea11.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-29-50_zpsd27902c4.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-29-53_zps74efa1b4.jpg

He left the box of memories behind, after fondly reliving every bit of happiness they had, before letting go.   Every drop of bliss they had together he has been selfishly safeguarding, stubbornly holding on, owning, but it was never his to have and to hold onto, he was not worthy.  He must have assumed every time he opens the box, taking in a snapshot of them as the happy couple, he is replenishing the love even though they are no longer in love.   He is letting go, saying a proper farewell, to their memories, to her.  He is giving her back the box, 5 years of her life he has tarnished, but the memento of her happy in love were vividly captured, time-capsuled in every picture, every letter.  He had meant every word he had written, meant everything he had said to her.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE10140916HDTVH264720p-WITH04-10-33_zpse0eba181.jpg

“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.”  ―Anaïs Nin

Love lives on…by letting go.  YR is falling, in his arms is her peace of mind, her resting place she can kick back and relax no matter how many years in between, how many hurt he caused.   He is KTH, the guy who knows everything about her, the only guy she is comfortable with knowing everything about her.

I have never seen a breakup this beautiful, this lovely ever.  I have never seen a breaking up, a falling in love, seamlessly entwined like the trees YR told TH about, even a bigger one he has seen, he said will take her to see some day…this day.

Acoustic Collabo/어쿠스틱 콜라보 – 연애의 발견

Remember in philosophy class dissecting what love is, there are several epistemological Greek terms for love:  storge, philia, eros and agape.  We started off the drama with TH in the eros stage of love, an insatiable yearning, a longing, a desire he has to fulfill for himself.  In 8, his love for YR has transcended to philia when he can step into the shoes of others, of YR (even HJ), considering her wants and needs.   This episode he has reached agape…where he can let go, his love for her is self-sacrificing, truly wishing for her happiness, her well-being above his own.  Give me hope, and lets see if we will get them happily married and have the most literal form of storge/familial love as well!

14 thoughts on “Discovery of Love 10

  1. Yes, we are here now folks!!! The Kdrama formula, ep 10 is a turning point of whatever opinion you might have from the first episode… This is it… Look forward for new hair style next episode!

    But Mookie, I don’t get Ha Jin’s tear (right before the 52:00 moment)….. was that his turning point too? Didn’t seem that he start seeing the LookAtMeImSoNice&PitifulSOPickMe thing, in a romantic way… There’s no flashback of what would he be thinking at that moment… Was he touched with AR speech to the boy or just guilt feeling?
    Where’s the documentary styleee interview again when I need them???????

    1. Now you reminded me, Ep 10 of QSS was all sorts of messy hot awesome too, huh?!
      AWW we have to part with Lloyd Christmas Eric?!?!? XDDD

      SJ is good, but as I watch the scene I can see it is the typical PD directing him to sit there and cry a tear. I thought that scene and the scene prior esp was running predictable and a bit too manipulative and contrived. I feel for them, but it was more I SHOULD feel for them instead of uncontrollable knots and tears immersed with what Yoomi and Eric can do to me.

  2. Ok, I cried, sat there like the biggest sap with tears streaming down my cheeks. That WAS such a beautiful fairwell, it hurt.

    I did not expect to be this much drawn in with the story but JYM and Eric just won me over when I wasn’t looking. ^^ At some point while watchig ep 9 I realised that I actually care for these characters, I’m not just a bystander anymore. Sigh. Eric breaks down so beautifully. He’s always been pretty good at emotionally charged moments, when the mask is off and all you see is what is raw and real but here he’s somehow gone several notches further. I’d say that is what few years more in the meter will do. Experience, life lived. That is also why he overshadows SJ, who is still pretty wet behind the ears.

    1. OH YOU TOO?!?!?! I know I am hopelessly gullible with any kdrama scenes on Father/Daughter love, and I had my tissue box ready, but gosh my eyes are still swollen ( me the masochist rewatching the ending many times now…so obsessed)

      Eric always breaks down so beautifully as you said. It is the dichotomy of him physically being this imposing alpha male being and breaking down to this heedless vulnerability. This is also imo the best written character he has ever worked on, and catering for him, it must be a joy as an actor and it shows.

      Also talking about the elusive screen chemistry, Eric and JYM should bottle it. She is technically awesome of course, but she truly brings out the very best of both of them when sharing the screen.

      1. Dang it! I just watched the ending and got all choaked up again. Eric and JYM together are a darned potent combination, it’s hard to see anything else besides them. I didn’t even notice he brough the memento suitcase to her the first time I watched ep 10!

        Yup, it’s the surprising vulnerability under all that alpha maleness that makes Eric such catnip. Besides those gorgeous doe eyes of his. Talk about drowning… XD This really may be the best written character he’s done so far but I also think he now has the maturity needed to play one too. He wasn’t quite there yet during QSS imho.

        Needless to say I love JYM here. I wasn’t sure what to make of YR to begin with as she resembled a bit too much the character JYM played in INR2 and I could not stand that one. Like at all. I’m glad the writer-nim has found it in her not to ruin yet another of her female chars. YR is not instantly likeable or even easily understood but I believe I now get her, warts and all. 🙂 Which is more than I can say about any of the writer’s other leading ladies.

        Interesting to see what trajectory the story will take now.

        1. I am totally with you he is not quite there yet with QSS, compounded by his TaeJoo was much less sympathetic and much more immature and full of himself. I do not think TH was ever too egoistic, the blame was on being young and being too comfortable receiving love than giving. Then circumstances, fate intruded. I can not blame him for being ignorant, I would not shy from calling TJ a jerk though, but I had a hard time all along calling TH that here.

          I am quite sure I would bawl my eyes out again with JYM as her YR healing, memento box in hand, reliving some of the bittersweet times with KTH, properly mourn her Father and move on.

  3. …and I thought ep 9 was good…well this ep has just blown that one out the window!!!!!

    I saw the same thing as you. I appreciate that HJ and YR do try to make things work, both able to forgive and move on, and it’s a relationship that you can see go to the end so that we as an audience believe YR as a character that’s working at things for her happiness and its not a case of any bf will do. They do have a pretty solid relationship regardless of ARM amongst other things.

    Gotta say, I have not been so taken aback for a while. That kitchen mug scene said a lot about the amount of genuine care that TH has towards YR. It’s not even just about her future with HJ anymore, but TH cares about her relationship with her closest friends, concerned over how she cannot even be honest with them is a bigger realization of just how scarred she is from the death of her father and the time he wasn’t there for her. He is so concerned that he urges her to give those people a chance, because he so badly wants her to trust and whole-heartedly live again without being shackled by this horrid past on her own anymore. It’s one thing to hope that your ex is happy with their new partner because you couldn’t provide them with that happiness, and another to hope that that same person is also surrounded by friends she can trust and rely on. Gosh I was already OVERWHELMED at that point-philia——–>

    And then we have the final scene. I replayed that scene as well! How could one not. AGAPE it is!!!?!?!?! Loved how you used the greek philosophical words here because it is so appropriate and I think it actually sums up all thats all happened in these recent eps so exquisitely! I’m not eloquent so now all i will say is TH= AGAPE! lol

    Ditto! Such a heartfelt scene. If breaking up could reveal this much about the care my ex has for me, then geez so be it!!! I don’t even know what they’re going to have prepared for us in the next ep! Each ep has just been surprising more than the previous!! I will happily wait for Storge!!;)

    1. Chingu, I just rewatched the ending scene. I need to stop. :~~~~~)

      I did not get such a good grasp as you with the kitchenette scene, but of course in hindsight the whole episode is laying brick by brick of TH meticulously letting go, he will not allow any misstep when YR is concern now. Last episode he just realized the truth about Dad’s death but from JH he is finally able to grasp how debilitating it still is for YR, she has not healed in the 5 years transpired and he is an intrinsic part causing her trauma, the person who she entrusted to know her the best, the only person she can confide everything with was not there pulling her through. For someone as a perfectionist as TH he will cover all grounds to be absolutely sure YR will be taken care of, with the best chance at her deserving happiness with him out of her life.

      TH does not have a glowing opinion on HJ as he said to hyung, nor is he truly standing by what HJ told him about how YR is the ONE. He told YR because he knows that is the only thing that will put YR at ease. He does not trust HJ to be able to love YR the best he can, and even the best NHJ is able to is not up to the standard of KTH, but HJ is the guy YR loves and he has to make sure YR has the support system if the guy hurts her again to pull it through. Because HJ is the guy she loves, in his last words before letting go, he urges her to confide in HJ, hoping that would open up a chance for them to build a better foundation for their relationship he is aware is lacking.

      What YR has with HJ though, is no longer the best she deserves. Trust needs to be built and nurtured instead of fueled by blind faith which HJ is demanding from YR, yet his insecurities is hindering him from trusting YR unconditionally. HJ never sees the need to really know her, he is contented with the ease of never getting under the masks she puts on because he is doing the same. He is oblivious to how much YR has been working very hard towards their relationship and her silent sacrifices, even how she was manipulative in the very beginning of the drama is her way to sustain their romance. He is too confident in his judgment and lacking the consideration and sensitivity, imposing what he deems the best in how he loves her. He is no longer the guy YR can feel the most at ease with, it has never crossed YR’s mind to disclose her frailties to him because they do not have that deepest connection she has with KTH, which is fine for a steady companionship, but it is not the love she had with KTH. She would realize it next episode when she goes through the memento box and fingercrossed we will have an exposition of YR’s pov!

  4. Yes I agree with everything you said chingu lol! That’s what makes him even more special! The fact that he knows even if HJ is not up to the standard that YR needs for someone to support her (as he was not given a chance and trusted by YR completely) but still hopes that she is able to rely on and confide in HJ. I really respect TH these last few episodes and feel for the poor guy too!

    Gosh to be honest I did not think these two would create such final scene in this ep that would make me cry so much I admit I did not have my tissue box ready so I was just wetting my face thinking wth is this drama doing I was not expecting to feel so much emotion the way the writer is driving me to as the poster has Eric in a pink shirt goddamnit! Sunny days with a bit of melodrama…not this realistic mature break up between 2 people who did love each other but got lost showing it.

    It’s a relief that I meant those words just then. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The best! Even if the drama goes downhill from here, I have received MORE than enough from this drama already!!

    1. I was sooo firmly not seeing any hope for our OTP, even when Eric and YooMi are ridiculously burning up the screen together all along, at ~e6 I have struggled with my TH-YR fiend heart it is impossible for me to see YR ever getting back together with TH, no amount of heart fluttering and uncontrollable physical attraction can overcome her associating him with the death of her Father. Nope. It is not even that she blames him, she is past that, but that also took out his chance of apologizing and making up for it because nothing will bring Dad back. But with ONE scene end of 10, it’s yet another 180. They are fated to be together. The breakup is fated, everything. I have been dragged along with the character every step of the way, feeling what they exactly feel abandoning my own opinion on their situation. That’s what a drama should do to me.

      Arghhhh no this can not go downhill!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLease I am so ready to sneak this in on my fav list.

  5. Haha I love a good comeback! And this was certainly one BIG one! Can’t wait to see how things will develop now.

    Hopefully you will be able to put this on ur fav list! It’s great to have something like this to experience as I honestly thought I wouldn’t enjoy watching anything after TPoH.

    This has been a wonderful surprise~

    1. I know I will enjoy this anyhow, the only kdrama I was planning to watch no matter. I seldom want a rematch of a screen CP especially in similar roles, but I somehow can not get enough with Eric and Yumi. There is no other Kdrama couple I ship so bad and I do not mind keep working together forever!

      What took me by surprise is the writing exceeding my expectation so sooo much, I have heard of the so-so opinion on the writer and the director for Big is not terribly exciting on a resume either.

  6. Yes the writing has been awesome. I actually watched I need romance 3 and there were times the writer was able to come up with some very real talk! The part where most of us couldn’t accept was when SJ had to tell the protagonist what she was feeling. That sort of patronising dialogue is probably what everyone else is remembering. But then again, the premise of IN3 was unrealistic to begin with anyway~

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