Friday Pretties


Loverboy, you have to stop channeling a very skinny younger Yutaka.  I cant.  And yes eat that whole table of food and a sammich every hour on the hour even though you are on the set of some photo shoot.  EAT!

New Mom YangMi is looking soooo ridiculously good and skinny how is this world fair now?!?!?

Jiang Xin is sooo cool (literally) and chic shooting pretty pictures at Iceland and other fjords.

I think she’s done on the set of Hua Qian Gu (everybody is done or almost) and she has nothing but kind words on how nice and profession WH is and had a blast working together.

We will see her next in Old Farmer, a ShanDong Film and TV Gp production, ie seriously quality stuff (finally!).  This will show in December, all set unless SARFT is pmsing again.

Faye YUNoAge Wong looking ageless in glossy magazine, about MUSIC.  Do you have ANYTHING in the works? ANYTHING?!?!?!  I’ll take ANYTHING.  What’s new?  Not a thing.
ETA: Well well well. Hey I seriously have fangirl voodoo, hours after I post news break she is back with Nic! I have halfjokingly said (no I mean it!) I would be quite delighted to watch their reality show like RL modernday GuGu and YangGuo, it’s only fair when our world has a yuma’s CondorHoboes abomination. Not just they are dating, unconfirmed rumors are swirling they are expecting a child together and Faye is working on new songs. I’m happy as long as those involved are happy, all I truly care is NEW FAYE SONGS! !!!

爱不可及 Love is One Step Away (movie theme song for 触不可及/One Step Away)

Zhou YUNoAge Xun:

I do not know how a ~40 year old woman can sip juice pushing a dainty daisy in her hair pouting, all coy and not look mental.   Well, now I know, you have to be Zhou Xun.

Fellow top C actress fashionista Song Jia showing us she just can rock anything under the sun.

TangWei (I can not rem if I have posted this but this is my fav spread of hers and she has MANY around this time when Golden Era is in theaters Oct 1 in greater CN):

I can not remember last time someone selling down jackets look so out of this world fetching.

If I did not tell you, these snaps at VIFF can be from the magazine pictorials circa 1930s.

6 thoughts on “Friday Pretties

      1. 😮 no he is mine :p
        “I do not know how a ~40 year old woman can sip juice pushing a dainty daisy in her hair pouting, all coy and not look mental.   Well, now I know, you have to be Zhou Xun.
        ” Tell me about this woman is the creep I want her secret.

        Always happy to see Jiang Xin 😀 but where is Hua Xu Yin 😦 ?

        1. HXY is rumored to be out as webdrama in NOVEMBER! I do not know how trustworthy tencent is for blatantly putting it in caps in their newest trailer (the other Fri post) but it got Loverboy agitated enough to frankly ask what is that all about.

          haha ok rem pact is who gets a piece of him has to share a pic to the world for our pervie minds.

  1. I want the shirt of YH. It’s pretty. I agree with you Mookie. He definitely need to put on some weight. Muscles especially. His legs especially. Nonetheless he is still my favorite!

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