Friday Pretty Cdrama Trailers

All Quiet in Peking/北平无战事 is coming to town on Oct 6th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They can not even pack all the names of awesome in the poster, I swear.

To the OST of drama 明月照人来 (月圓花好)  by 周璇 

Miss Zhou Xuan was the iconic songstress, ‘golden voice’ of the era drama is based in, post SinoJapanese Wars, in the heat of the subsequent civil war, right in the middle of the Anti-Rightest Movement.  My motherland has never been lacking in never-ending sorrow.

This can not suck.  Can.  Not.  PD 孔笙/Kong Sheng  ie my atonement with dramagod for ‘gifting’ us yuma.  He is my utmost Cdrama quality guarantee already, let alone he is working with the BEST writer imo Mr 刘和平 fr 大明王朝/DaMingWangChao, still my fav of favs.  It’s smart for the AQiB team to throw out the lure of some of the best lines from 大明王朝 to loop us in, as if we need any.  All anyone needs is PD Kong Sheng to be kissing the ground this drama casts on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hua Xu Yin new(?) trailer:

Because SARFT policies are like the temperamental teenager, we really can not tell which way the wind blows and the only thing sure is it will be bloodspitting unpredictably frustrating.  I can only project when trailers start trickling out in higher frequencies…the air date is near, I guess?!  But then fangirls of Loverboy have been appreciating his craft from nothing but trailers of his dozen+ dramas done gathering dusts in the pipeline last few years we are on our last straw of hope.   I have lost count how many trailers here and there I have seen of HXY, or truth is those are all we are ever gonna see of the drama but this one has Loverboy ranting our rant frankly asking Tencent/QQ, the official weibo posting it WHEN exactly this is airing, because Tencent has this in PRINT it is airing all over the webbie in Nov:

OH REALLY?!?!?!?!

My bet is on we’ll see Princess JieYou (not even in postproduction) out before much of anything else, not that I mind.

It is HuGe’s Bday Sept 20th!  HBHB!   There must be a RedWhite shipper working for Happy Camp, first they are airing Loverboy’s appearance on his bday and now (I think) they are airing HG’s this wkend and is tweeting on weibo WHEN are we lucky to have the Red and White making a HC appearance together?!?!  Well, make it work, because I can guarantee it will be THE show breaking all records down history books.

As we all know DMY is now 风中奇缘/ literally Legend in the Wind/ Sound of the Desert (or Pocahontas whatever lol) airing Oct 1st and everyone must’ve seen the trailer (I haven’t because I am just not interested in the story whatsoever) But lets have a theme song 好好过 sung by HuGe

I have not a care to see a thing about the drama for the longest time but this looks better than the first snippets leaked out way back when.  The art direction is finally watchably good, the CGI is still endearingly fake BUT much better than what TR can crap out.  But I really do not like the song, it is sooo cheesy 80s run of the mill cantopop and weird for a period.  Anyway, do not mind me  Happy Birthday Handsome and many more to come!

10 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Cdrama Trailers

  1. yooooo happy camp tomorrow with HuGe!! after the awesome ep with yuanhong i am looking forward to the episode tomorrow! despite the fact that it is DMY promotions…hey at least there are other hot ppl on the stage and DMY will hopefully only take up a teeny tiny second of the screentime

    also yesss i saw the weibo by the producer of 山影 all quiet in beijing is broadcasting on 4 satellite channels at once holy crap. it better have super high ratings or else i wud lose faith in humanity lol

    1. I know you would be most excited jumping up and down! XD

      I know he mentioned YH on the HC, lesigh while it is sweet for shippers and all i really rather YH won’t be dragged into the DMY diabolical whatsoever. I already am not the most vocal against it i do not mind peeps enjoying it as long as i dun have to see it everywhere, any word of encouragement will attract antis like flies to poop

      1. DMY is too much of a mess by itself
        honestly i think as long as they change the themes of the story it won’t piss me off, i won’t be watching it though, the cinematography isn’t really that great (lol what did i expect it’s been outdated for 2 years) and the storyline doesn’t echo with me
        the thing is that you can’t just let the entire crew’s hard work goes to waste….there gotta be a way to alter DMY such that it can air, or else half a year worth of work by the crew goes literately to waste…

        eh regardless i don’t think DMY will even have that much people watching it anyways and i doubt tangren will be promoting it as heavily as it promoted BBJX. so yea who cares about historical accuracy when no one is watching it……..

        im sooooo looking forward to the new dramas that will be airing soon omg (except for yumama ROCH oh god)

        1. But I saw somewhere K stated this would be ‘so authentic’ 忠於原著, totally brownnosing the DMY hardcore fans while faking it they have altered everything to suit historical sensibilities.

          Really?!! I thought this would get decent amount of very young viewers, afterall it’s the golden week and the babies have it off to fangirl their HG and LSS.

          IF I were a fan of HG or LSS though, I’d rather no one ever sees this. This is equivalent to rewriting Jesus’ crucifixion into he eloped with Mary Magdalene with the author claiming her version is closer to historical truth blablabla.

          1. but isn’t it in the time slot after shiteous sword?? aka wednesday and thursday at 11pm…..and only 2 episode per night aka 4 eps per week….
            even if its golden week, that’s only for a week lol
            shiteous sword’s ratings have fallen below 0.7 already yo. i doubt there will be anyone to watch this especially considering the lack of promotions. i saw happy camp today and “Pocahontas” only appeared for like 5 seconds when they were introducing themselves, the level of promotion was nowhere as hardcore as Xuan yuan sword was.

            lol dmy hardcore fans. lol whatever they say loolllllllllllll

            1. I thought it is at 10pm and shiteous was absolutely shiteous unwatchable on cgi alone fr the getgo, this is T fking H her forte of angsty romance. I dunno, if my mom knows nth about the bk story esp now they (should’ve) changed the names she can watch no prob.

              Of coz rating wise it is in the dumps, i have seen so many ppl on my wlist taunting they will boycott mango, all the peeps w $ invested just want to make a fraction back in hushhush but i cant even stand it getting the rabid mania status like Ancient Sword.

              1. now that the innocent actors have gotten their fame, i WISH that ancient sword makes such minimal profits that it will make mango and HR srsly reconsider their life choices

                also honestly what’s the up with the trend on broadcasting weekly instead of daily?!?!?!? isn’t it an advantage of cdramas that it can broadcast daily such that fans can watch the drama at their own pace on the internet?!?!?!? why are they not milking the advantage?!?!?!?!?! ?!?!?!?!!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? omg mango just made everyone really annoyed of shiteous sword and now the ratings are awkward as hell, if they just broadcasted the entire thing in one go they won’t be in this situation.

                oh well whatever i want dramas like this to flop terribly. like if u have a shitty storyline at least have decent cinematography decent lighting or decent cgi or decent costumes (doesn’t even have to be historically accurate all they need is clothes that looks good quality). but nope HR have decided that none of this is important to them and they NEED to learn their lesson.
                tbh i think they already kinda did. none of the HR dramas made it onto the screen this year except shiteous sword. The Four still haven’t found a channel, young detective dee haven’t gone on satellite yet, and yang mi’s new drama became an internet drama….

                1. I do not have as strong a hate towards the whole issue because there is still yuma kicking and alive. I want him off from anywhere my eyes can see, even the farthest of my peripheral vision.

                  I also do not mind the weekly format IF the drama has PLOT, not shoving a 100 ep of substanceless fluff where there is only one sluggish lame plot development every 4 eps into a weekly bleh.

                  Is HR behind the 盗墓笔记 drama!?

                  1. more like 光线 is, i think HR is only responsible for a small portion of the drama. the filming crew is from 光线. not so sure about the script writer though.

                    1. 光线 is not dependable at all w writing. Im not that interested, LYF is very overrated for me, but i do like 楊洋 (v mixed up who’s in drama/movie) just know it will be another phenom taking over the web of many ‘seasons’ like a hybrid w US shows… but that needs serious constant script work.

                      I am soooo dying for a watchable period fluff, gimme HXY, CGX…in these months. LYB in 2015 is tooooo far away

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