Sunshine through the Mountain Fog

A Jane Eyre moment/snap from my phone hiking yesterday.  This is a trail I have trodden, but I have never seen this HUGE English holly which can not be missed unless I was blind but now I see when i am grasping for a break, body failing me.   If we all have wands, if I only have one good old fashion pen to express my every thought, I need a holly one, protective, works most happily with someone who needs to overcome tendency to anger and be impetuous, (hahahahaha from wandlore.)

Rules rules rules of Sunshine Awards:

I heck rules when I can, so sorry Heisui, thank you so much for the nomination!  ^^   I am not going to nominate lovely bloggers again because my scatterbrain has not been diligently reading, just lurking here and there and I am more than delighted to get to know some lovely beings from their posts I do not feel comfy asking for more.  It sounds rather rude but I keep a wp because I need a garbage shoot to interwebbie outerspace of my rants and silly thoughts on everything, mostly dramas because I get so passionate and judgmental about them still, in unhealthy, obsessive, life ruining ways.

Heisui’s Questions:

1. How do you cheer yourself up if you’re not in a good mood?

I distract myself by two extremes, either I indulge, drown myself in jazzy blues, food, drinks, or melodramas, whatever matches exactly my mood, as if the sensory stimulation is commiserating me.  Lately it is hopping on a Haruki Murakami playlist and let it do stuff to me.  I go on hikes, I used to be a (lousy) crosscountry runner in highschool, the drill of training over lunch, disciplining ourselves with the starving austerity tuned the mind to a clarity of focus.  I find the punishing exertion of ridding myself from all the addictive sensory comforts to be very purging when I have nothing but trees and bugs, my heartrate, sweats, and pain as company.

2. If you could sum up your blog in one sentence, what would it be?

“…one flies east, one flies west, and one flies over the cuckoo’s nest…”

I want my unhinged thoughts and opinions, bits of my crazy fly off somewhere as a mindless record, a free spirited snippet of me that particular point in time, free of rules, inhibition, but yet imprisoned, stifled by my lack in expression with words, pressed in posts.

3. How would you like to be remembered in the blogosphere?

The most brutally honest answer is if everyone reading my blog collectively show this face (muahaha and amuse me), there’s hope to our world.  This is a very self-serving place for mememememe I am kinda scared if I impose any effect on anyone actually.

4. What is it about dramas and drama blogging that makes you happy?

I love to be bursting out of my seams with strongest feelings good or bad, bombarded by a million of superbly silly words to split out uncensored, unedited with such urgency and the only thing stopping me is to sleep or eat.  That is, when a drama owns me and I can not think of anything else to do but be a word spitting zombie.   There is an adrenaline rush, a high from freeing that heightened emotions I am a junkie for.   That also makes me too spontaneous a quitter which i do not mind, when that rush subsides to even call myself a drama blogger.  I swear I would finish gushing about every episode of Battle of Changsha, but I do not see it happening on the last depressing stretch for one.

5.  What is one of your favorite words or phrases?  Give the definition/meaning & explain why you like it.  (The word does not have to be in English.)

嵐:  fog of mountains, mist looming, drenching the woods, tempestuous a storm. Haku, the river spirit in Spirited Away is 嵐.  It is my given name and yes, I love my name insanely much.  I have asked my Dad, who paints landscape as a hobby why he insisted on this character for me, the character is easy enough to write, ‘mountain’ and ‘wind’, but it is homophone to ‘boy’ in my mother tongue complicated by me looking bery boyish plus for some reason when I was a baby it was a rare character for a name.  When you have kindergarten teachers calling you ‘wind’ and all the kids keep calling you by the wrong name, it got on nerves you know.  But it denotes my folk’s blessing for me in wisdom and beauty.    洁白孤高生不同,岚气肃兮岩翠冥, they wished sun shining on mountain fog will illuminate it in its own glorious glow. 

[ A poem dedicated to the photograph of Huang Shan in the fog. ]

Instead of nominating, I will share a few sites I have lurked quite often last weeks:

drama-otaku I love to bake.  The blogger writes simply about baking and doramas, my fav things.

 白先勇 文學表現與歷史情境 ─ 紅樓夢導讀   I have been spending whatever time I can sitting down on this National Taiwan U online course on a lovely deconstruction of Dream of the Red Chamber.

○春深花绕读书庐○ I go here to lurk after this lively group of readers and for fluffy c book recs.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine through the Mountain Fog

  1. Hm I think my favorite part about this was reading about your name! Very interesting. I think it’s a pretty name hehe. And #3, omg, I could not stop laughing. HEHEHE. Thanks for writing up the answers Mookie! :3

  2. I only just realized I never really knew what lan meant. You have a beautiful name.
    P.S. I do hope you get round to finishing BoC hehehehe I feel incomplete not finishing with your recaps.

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