Happy Birthday Binnie!

Dearest Binnie,

Happy birthday, I know you are happy and very well playing snooker while selling suits.

Also as fine a dream of white as the mascot and flag bearer and flashing your killer dimpled smiles, you should swarm Naver searches, and get a gold medal every time.

Play your baseball, golf…exercise is good.

Yes, drink and be merry, party on.

Play with puppies and let all our ovaries explode in the cuteness:

But we miss you rocking shocking pink lace overlaid ahjumma tracksuits

I promise, we won’t bite nor want a piece of your chest, leg, yes hands in the air off! (ha)

You know you can still play your sports WHILE acting in a superb drama, YOU KNOW?!?!  Look at Eric and Sung Joon.

It is Autumn and it is getting Late:

Do you know how much you are taking away from our lives not appearing in dramaz we can droolz at our screens even if we are aware this is your face looking at the same thing?!!

Do you know we need to replenish new kissing gifs?!

and yeah,  new nikkid wet screensavers too:

Do you know there is always a DS in us if we sat long enough in front of our screens biting nails and pushed over the edge to wanna kill puppies with frozen fishies if we have to, just to pray there is a new drama (and I am gonna take ANYTHING shit and dung  as long as there will be screengrabs)

Not a threat, just think about bringing a camera along with you while you are golfing, playing baseball, cuddling with JDG, I DO NOT CARE, just be on a screen more than 30s at a time for some CFs.  I am not even going to be greedy hoping this will somehow get to you with <100 days left in 2014, but 2015 ok?!  10 years since MNIKSS OKAY!?!?!  AND WE LOVE YOU IN A ROMANCE ANGSTING CRYING KISSING ANYTHING.  Ktxbye.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Binnie!

    1. I know it’s his bday but I am pissed off by him! I dont see how there is a lack of scripts sent his way and how do you explain an early 30sth actor NOT working years on end if he is serious about his craft!??! Craft needs honing!!!

        1. Give him a break?! He is 33, he still needs work on his craft. The dumbos r already using his name for rumored cast then dissing him when he denied, as too old. I dun care for lazy butts esp when i have not seen it! XD

  1. Hey you forgot the pic of his VERY RIPPED back. Yumz.
    Let me teach him some golf~~~ I might just faint on course looking at him lining up his putt.

      1. does your hubby know/approve of your er… “fascination” (aka obsession) with our dear Binnie?

        I introduced Binnie yesterday to mine (actually, he knows that I LOVEEEEE Hyun Bin, he just doesn’t know of the nickname) and he gave me a totally BLEH WTF look.

        me thinks he is [—–] close from sending me to a Castle Peak Hospital.

        1. haha coz he knowsss XD Always a fangirl for this and that and trust me my HBinnie obsession is sooo chill! I mean I have stalked Brigitte Lin for blocks in TST basically squealing in school uniform. Shame is overrated. He’s shocked it’s just to the level I’ll go check out his movies if it’s showing 10 miles from me.

          And I have a plan @ Castle Peak. I trust you and I can MAKE our buddies working there arrange masseuse and manipadi. we giggle at the pretty IOIL and get them MORE worried, too far from help and discharge.

    1. That asswhat production company spreading the rumors just to rile up fans and interest TALKS poop about binnie after he declined his rep has to post a statement in the media because peeps just do not factcheck and will spread these rumors. lesigh I hope that gives him a fair warning to WORK or else the scums will just use his name and stick it on any crap. That synopsis looks so crap and feh to begin w it’s neurotic of them to think ALL those actors would be remotely interested.

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