Itazura na Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo Druthers


Itakiss purist, rest assured, this is lifting scenes straight from the pages of the manga authentic and add on the cuter treatment of Yuki’s Irie, I am sure I am guaranteed a grand time come Nov!!!  I had never expected this to still serve us so many hot kisses a la They Kissed Again yet sticking so close to the innocent shoujo vibe spot on with Itakiss.  This is shaping up to be an Itakiss2 I’d rather have more than anything else instead of just a few gifs more KotokoIrie

And the deleted scenes from the Okinara SP is included in the DVD with a very desperate Irie asking for help from his fam to look for Kotoko.  Y cut this?!  This could be a swift frantic and awesome scene!

more cut scenes (and the dearest OP added on the wedding scene from Itakiss!):

IF they had a beach wedding:

fr the BTS of SP:

Yukikun gets himself a best seat and can’t take his eyes off Miki! XD

The way he’s tutoring Kotoko now…the way he can’t help smiling at her, looking at her….ahhhhhhh!

8 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo Druthers

  1. OMG Mookieeeeeee where are all the gifs from ?? I’ve never seen those scenes before, those kisses??! Could you direct me to the links?? I THINK I JUST DIED AT THE CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

        1. haha exactly how I sounded XD …I thought the gifs r from those 2 trailers I posted on top of post, no?!?! I can’t watch yt clips atvm…but I’ll recheck to see if I made some booboos posting I dunno what.

          1. OMG so silly of me! I read this using my reader so the video links didn’t show up (or I was too busy going crazy over the gifs…) off to watch them now and Mookie I can’t wait for your write-ups on eps 13 and 14 of DoR. SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT.

  2. I melted, just simply melted into a puddle of goo. Gaahh thanks for the sweet GIF and pic galore. I can’t wait to watch this. I will be there to squeal with you for each episode.

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