Discovery of Love 13

*I am on bloggie hiatus.  I AM!*/Can I gush about an DoL ep in 10 min <1000 words and tonnes of OTP swoony pics??!?!?!?

I can (ha! no freaken way) in one sentence:  OTP is giving me TonyLeung and MaggieCheung in In the Mood for Love bottled up, with voiceovers, in Kdrama form.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-29-46_zps8899c2f4.jpg

Acting like Drunk…should I just kiss her?

These characters are so honestly expressing their hearts, romancing each other bottling up every superficial hint of true feelings, acting SO good as nothing is going on.  Nothing.  And EVERYTHING is known.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-20-05_zps753b37a1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-20-16_zps9a22074e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-20-32_zpse584f192.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-22-18_zps2d0bd6a0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-25-52_zpsf23ced7a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-26-37_zps42fc732b.jpg

She is aware she can comfort him, his real name is Ahn JinSoo, because of…him: KTH.  Comforting HJ gives her a new contentment.

Alfred of Batman Hyung is urging TH home for breakfast, and that is after he has cleaned up all his empty beer can, nagging this will kill his darling princeling soon.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-30-32_zps5b54ee4c.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-33-55_zps71d6e5ae.jpg

Can I have one Hyung/Butler/Maid/Cook/Nanny/BFF/SocialWorker/Shrink too?!

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-31-24_zps9d839538.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-32-32_zpsa5d781b8.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-32-41_zps38216491.jpg

The engaged couple is having a nice breakfast the morning after the roller coaster night HJ must’ve popped a few veins, with the topic on…AR whom YR confesses she was mean to the crying girl, breaking HJ’s composure a little.  He reassures YR she needs not bother about changing her tempestuous ways, she just needs to stay herself and let him handle AR,  HJ still has to work on her agreeing to study aboard.

As much, as hard as he is trying, time is only making the pain worse, TH does not see a way out.  What she did and said, what he tried to brush off and hide, haunts him with hopes she has feelings for him, not as a passing thought, but lingering, he hopes forever…he does not want to let her go, torturing himself wondering the obvious whether she accepted the proposal last night.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-34-30_zps8ad3732f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-34-43_zps3b87bdd7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-36-12_zpsba693f7f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-36-36_zps2d0a4507.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-37-00_zps9bc9e46b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-38-33_zps33f1b777.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-39-47_zpsb4d9c31f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-42-19_zpsc6fe7640.jpg

Live life a bit longer, you will know how scary time is (making things go away.)

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-42-28_zpsdb7ea70a.jpg

Were you in love without me knowing (hence the romance guru talk)?!  I did not remember giving you time to date.

*erm… and you sure this is not a scene fr We Are Dating/Married BromanceEdition?!  확실해/Sure?!’

You need to eat up to keep up being in pain -Hyung Yoon.  No truer words.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-42-44_zpse9b40b51.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-44-29_zps75e5fd02.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-46-08_zps70519d99.jpg

JH barters for a love proclaiming speech fr assistant writer-nim… for the girl he has a tirades of dissing, but she has nice boobs, yet she is still not his type but he is still doing this and he needs it super romantic because….he can not help loving her, and along the lines of ….

‘Do you smell sth burning?! (THAT IS MY HEART!)’

I swear I will memorize that line in Korean and IF I EVER MET ERIC I will say it to his face and touches his chest and sprout some droolzing gibberish about him being burning hot.

He gets the deal perking her interest only with the exchange of botox.  JH is a horrible, ok bizarreeee gift giver.  Come on fruity pound cakes?!?!?!

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-46-15_zps14752fae.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-46-25_zps246ea8d8.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-50-43_zps829ad058.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-50-50_zps13a046ee.jpg

Watercooler chitchat of Our lovely Bffs:  Sol squealing louder than YR over YR’s finger with The Ring and Sol is having a very busy social life on the romantic front, with guys right and left asking her about lunch.  We know of 2 clear suitors, the dependable sweetest ahjusshi and the smart boy she grows up admiring, teaching her all the practical tips on being a financially responsible adult…and now showing interest in her yet strangely she has someone else weighing in.   She is feeling something weird…for DJH, who is all sorts of acting weird lately…starting with those hideous shorts that want to kill itself off by tripping, I swear.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-56-37_zpsddd0b419.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-57-16_zpsfd7f3af3.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-57-27_zpsd8b7b350.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-57-53_zps857ae509.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-58-21_zpsc636c340.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-58-43_zpsb790e0bf.jpg

lol.  What is the rationale of getting pretty flowers as cliched token of love that will STILL WILT even if the flower word is forever unchanged love or whatever?!  JH’s gut must be telling him a nahh for him to pose like a ridiculous mermaid just to hide the bouquet. But Sol finds it amusing, that’s all that matters.  Sol only has 2 criteria for men…treating her like a woman, and treating her like a human being instead of a woman, but WHY did he gift her a toilet?!…DJH can not even pass #1.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-59-11_zps92ee519c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH13-59-40_zpsa797d3dc.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-00-30_zpsf63d6218.jpg

YR reminds Sol love…just happens.  No warning, no reasons.   It just did….does. Even when you have just realized you like him…it can suddenly hit you, ‘this is love’, swelling from the heart, back to your mind, your consciousness.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-00-44_zps747c06a6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-00-57_zps8630e35f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-01-06_zpsb37fad85.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-01-34_zps9276a979.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-01-53_zps9e7e3ded.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-04-16_zps1afa26f5.jpg

Sol immediately hollers and halts YR, reading her mind, HYR has KTH in her mind, the guy Sol screams out she hates because he is the person who makes YR cries without reason too, still, let alone all the years since their breakup.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-03-48_zps29f73d37.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-04-34_zpsfe883638.jpg

Guilt and hurt, hits YR.  Standing up for herself, for her genuine thus guileless feelings she is not proud of, she fesses up to Sol.

Yes, I have feelings for KTH.  I have feelings for him. 


OH YOU DID IT YR! THAT AND MAKING ME WEEP.  Yeah, I know.   How can anyone not have fluttering for KTH/Eric.

* No one, or talk to my foot, you do not exist to me!*

So proud of you my darling, babysteps in honesty opening up to your dear ones, to Sol who cares so much about you, is so ready to understand and give you hugs and pats (duh spoilers).  This is just beautiful. :~)

I am swaying….I said I am swayed.. YES, I am swayed..

She keeps repeating the line, her feelings for KTH, over and over again, perhaps at the frequency it hits her, uncontrollably, firmly on her stance how impossible it is for her to control her emotions being stirred by him?!  He… is KTH, who still knows her better than even Sol and JH her friends of 30 years…whom should be there holding her, not judging, nor accusing her… more damning yet, never the one putting salt on her wound reminding her how much he has made her cry and still she has undeniable feelings for him she has to confide in her bff.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-29-31_zps9f2a3b40.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-29-34_zps5686ce44.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-30-32_zpsdad2abbe.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-30-38_zps35e347f2.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-31-59_zpsd2688614.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-32-10_zps5d56dcb9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-33-19_zps8262c503.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-33-21_zps56635269.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-33-40_zpsf21bf633.jpg

And JYM breaks my heart.  So terrific is her YR alternating between a collected, well thought out calm on her face, and bursts of emotions brimming, uncontrollable as her wants, feelings, desires, thoughts…are overwhelmed by one man.

I can’t help but wait for him…even though I know I should never…
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-33-50_zps90471670.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-34-01_zpsf7926142.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-53-12_zps84b11daf.jpg

Afterall, she stays.  This brave young lady is fighting her own battle, still staying in the relationship with HJ she should, what she wants too, even though it is getting trying.  She is staying true to herself, what she wants in life versus her feelings, she is aware she should not be shaken by KTH but how is that possible?!  This is a young lady who is not shying from admitting her heart, opening up to her BFF, doing the right thing for her own good, exercising all her will, reeling inside amidst wanting KTH and her bff is still yelling at her…for being human.  She did nothing wrong, being human with feelings irrational is not wrong.   When can we control our heart and tell it what to do?!   YR is battling with herself, tiptoeing on a tightrope to be honest to her uncontrollable feelings she is not going to give in acting upon, yet anxiously hiding it from KTH, from HJ, and now she has to hide it from Sol too?!

JYM….is so wonderful rendering me speechless.  YR is hurt by Sol yet there is this rapturous jolt of fluttering taking over her, an explosive firework/geyser constantly bursting inside her unpredictable, emotions she has to and is containing with gritted teeth and sheer determination…while talking straight with sense.  It still bubbles up to the surface, on her face sporadically rendering her vulnerably helpless…around when she sternly utters, ‘I am shaken by him‘, as YR should, losing her control.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-53-48_zps06a3c969.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-54-00_zps1089119f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-54-12_zpsc1a428f6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-56-04_zpsd9f49529.jpg

You should know too well, Sol, when your heart is no longer yours to control yet you are beating yourself hardest trying to rein it in and never too successful.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-56-30_zpse430d800.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-57-37_zpsbb463472.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-57-41_zps2d52d505.jpg

KTH is confessing to Hyung how much HYR is the apple of his eyes over work, so proud of his fine taste loving his so talented, because she is HYR, HYR.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-59-24_zpsa9f52174.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH14-59-34_zpsdb9c4e14.jpg

YR knows she is stupid, childish being in love, we all are, and expects stones hurling at her…just not from Sol.  She likes HJ now, he is a guy the more she understands, the more she likes him, the guy she can not bear breaking up with and can see herself living happily with.  This is what her head wants, and it is saying out loud to Sol and her own heart.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-02-14_zps41a78020.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-02-20_zps955c63e0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-02-26_zpsc418b85d.jpg

HJ still can not reach AR, who is woefully looking at the information of studying overseas he has compiled for her. *yawns*
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-02-52_zps25476893.jpg

I had such a giggling fit watching JH rehearsing versions of biggest speech of his life provided by his bargain with assistant writer-nim, even the classical music is cracking me up.  To know someone as slick with words a human zipper as him will be as fidgeting and hopelessly horrible,  too adorable.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-04-27_zps9e4a4f22.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-05-30_zps89e0a7b3.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-06-33_zps22124cc2.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-06-44_zps244fe5b8.jpg

Of course it is overheard by Sol who is not ready to break that bff wall, shrugging it off as he is in love with yet another of his crazy woman and laments on his poor taste.  The almost ‘rejection’ is what prompts JH to have this genuinely longing face at the woman he wants, Sol it is, owning his heart, no rehearsing, acting required.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-10-40_zps258c32f8.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-10-43_zpscb04b4db.jpg


DAyum, this is just a normal nicely cut shirt, right, it is, huh?!  Not my eyes/brain/heart doing crazy things… how come it makes this perfect human specimen EVEN hotter than he is nikkid.  OK gimme another several scene of him strutting around topless and I will diligently investigate.  *veryserioustake1forDaTeamEricface*
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-12-04_zpseea27829.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-21-46_zps1507720a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-22-26_zpsbbe707c4.jpg

Oh the venom is backkkk!!!

^MY FACE.  You fanboy YOU!

Hyung is SOOOO adorable taking in the bout of TH’s vitriol harping at him absolutely no trees are allowed to be planted blocking sunlight to the master-bed 10 years down the road per his president Kang’s order.

They are lives too.  Trees, staying put, unwavering, the passion of HYR.

Off TH goes on strictly business, after reassuring Hyung he is getting better, checking out the new townhouse models with YR….like newlyweds.  The newlyweds they…would’ve should’ve could’ve been.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-22-57_zps4433c066.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-23-23_zpse4079700.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-23-42_zpsb9217c68.jpg

Can always trust the fine taste of this young woman ogling at the HOT!KTH’s backside…reminiscing yet another lovely sweet memory they had, sharing a moment lazing and dreaming up dreams: The dreamhouse he would build (for them), he jokingly denies she has anything to do with it, he has not proposed yetand who knows if there are better ladies his way yet he listens to her choice of tree in the middle of the house, the courtyard.  A tree with the flower word meaning…a yearning, longing for home.  For YR, she is drawing the dreamchair that will speak volumes of her unique voice as an artist, establishing herself in the industry, the signature of Miss HYR.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-24-35_zps1d3216dc.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-24-51_zps8275eb77.jpg

^ lol at YR’s ‘signature’ piece.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-24-55_zps41992de8.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-25-07_zpsaa644066.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-25-42_zps201b72e1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-25-55_zps0680c9e9.jpg

How freaking romantic is this?!?!????????? Two beautiful lovebirds sunbathing on the grass, drawing out dreams of their own together, working towards a dream of a future with each other…. two aspiring artists honing their crafts, as a couple.  So effortlessly, so naturally, everything comes in place with KTH, without a ring, a proposal and she was sure she would marry him and never doubted she would not live her life with him, YR is thinking.  He is just that guy, The guy.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-26-20_zps95a49c67.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-27-09_zps992f7722.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-27-24_zps9c5c56e3.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-27-42_zps1a4cdee9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-28-11_zps06e274c9.jpg

With just a longing fleeting glance they shared and relived the memory, his smiles, her smiles, so easy like breathing air then.

As both of them said, work is work, unconsciously, organically, inspecting the place like it is the home inspection for their new home they never had, his loft for reading, then playroom for a boy and a girl she wants.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-28-20_zpsbf14d873.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-30-05_zps095b7236.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-30-15_zps3600eecf.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-30-58_zpsc40bb7f7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-31-02_zpsca0eb8e4.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-31-57_zps28e9ac15.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-32-27_zps4163408d.jpg

You are my everything~!

AHHHH OTPstopit. You are feet, rooms apart just staring more emotions than humanly possible into each other and I forgot to breathe.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-32-33_zps6a2a426e.jpg

For work they should be brainstorming how to furnish the place…but they already had, French modern is the professional term, KTH+HYR style is layman’s we ALL understand.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-32-54_zpsbf567875.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-33-12_zpsaff959c6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-33-43_zpsec2fee63.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-33-51_zps8f7752e9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-33-55_zpsdc80761a.jpg

ERIC, I wonder how many cameras you have melted into a puddle this scene. AHHHHHHHHH my old trusty shoujo heart.

Over coffee, discussing the design concept after the field work, she can’t say it out loud, she does not want him to know she remembers that memory.   He misses nothing, it is futile, HYR, as you keep saying, because he is KTH.  Moreover, he is beaming to you he is exactly reliving that lovely memory atvm.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-34-23_zps1188f21e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-34-26_zps33b8a71c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-35-32_zpsfe49ce52.jpg

Do I….make you uncomfortable?


He confronts her fretting to speak up, afraid he is aware she remembers.  Need not, he is too aware. He puts a sheen of brittleness on his face as his armor, he is going to ease her unease, if he is going to be in her life, he is going to be a non-factor, no matter how much it slays him a million wounds inside, he forces out every word.  With that in mind, he admits he has said he liked her but he is moving on; he is twisting his action, like visiting her workshop as she confronts him, as a way out, the proof he is moving on.  Tying with her passing thought of waiting for him, like her, it is transient.  He has not visited her since, he emphasizes, taking a weighted look at her ring, he adds he should not.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-35-40_zps09c13e19.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-35-44_zps430e6ff5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-35-48_zpse9832107.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-35-57_zps44a273fb.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-36-10_zpsaf36145c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-36-14_zpsdf5fe770.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-36-35_zps3f3fdb5a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-36-40_zps58b5c16f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-37-18_zps550da075.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-37-21_zps16b4df8f.jpg

There will not be two souls so in tune playing this perfect game of veiled honesty.  Nothing said is not some truths, nothing truthful is left unsaid in between the lines.  They both are fishing for, waiting out if the other player will make an unforced, uncontrollable ‘error’ and let true honest unwanted emotions spill out in words instead of their intoxicating smother of lurid longing,  If the world ever needs an explanation of Higgs field by the way of love, where feelings are zipping through visibly empty air space of cosmic molasses of love, gathering mass and weight, the world around them slows down and heightening them, the feelings, like a Wong Kar Wai movie, when emotions is the content of every scene they share, a love lost, unrequited, doomed, remembered but inaccessible.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-38-03_zpsca72439e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-38-08_zpsa479c93d.jpg

In this delicious veiled yet free-spirited honesty, their proclamation of feelings for each other, YR goes along with TH’s insistence she will be comfortable with him to even trumping him, speaking freely of ‘the KTH+HYR style‘ like they discussed in the old days…of a future together, absolutely married, with kids.  YR says it is too embarrassed to mention because it is too childish…like she said being in love is childish.   In this new level of their game in love, the more ‘honest’ they are, the more ‘comfortable’ they are with each other, the more ‘apparent’ they have ‘moved on’ from the ‘transient’.   So many quotation marks, so many veils protecting the other from feeling what they already know too well but still want to hide from letting out the knowing.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-38-36_zps7b0057f6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-38-52_zpsf38efdaa.jpg

A rare thumbs-up on her work on the wine bar, YR calls their meeting adjourned when TH throws out too casually if she wants to have dinner together and she is buying.  As unromantic, as we are well and DONE as it goes, he wants to have grilled pig intestines at their old regular place (I am assuming) YR does not even know it is still there.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-40-22_zps297d02c0.jpg

HJ calls after he still can’t reach AR (argh).  YR is again honest she just finished work with TH and will have dinner with him.  Good that they are on the phone, HJ’s face is NOT!amused.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-40-56_zpse45b1ec6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-41-04_zpsa982653e.jpg

Nor is YR when HJ tells her his plan of of the night is visiting AR.   Both of them are chirping cheerfully on the phone to talk later when home.   Even when trying, they can never be fully honest with each other.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-41-20_zpseba2c7ba.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-42-50_zps3edb468f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-42-55_zps8c10abf9.jpg

They are dissing each other on what petty things they used to fight over, like how many orders of intestines, why they stayed together for so long even when it got so tiresome and annoying for both of them…because the obvious unspoken correct answer is they are meant to be.

TH also says the obvious he is not ordering any alcohol so they will not end up in some sticky stupid situation again.  YR trying hard to prove herself, blames TH as the one who is a horrible drunk with his drunktext and goes ahead ordering soju and lots of beer.

With how much a tolerance he has built up lately, I bet TH is quite sure he would be safe from inebriated, but he is not sure about YR.  He is not speaking up like her though on what he last witnessed her drunk, what happened that fateful night, on his bed, still gushing out she hates him, the guy who is still in her mind.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-43-23_zpse0d790a5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-43-28_zpsa42b1091.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-43-32_zps16fe7a7f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-43-35_zps2a04ce19.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-43-37_zps06dd6362.jpg

Hm, not wanna read too much into your happy TH, but my guess is you do not mind her drunk in your arms spilling out how much you are still on her mind.

In other filler plot, this is happening.  *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* I just have no care.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-43-50_zpse5befa9b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-45-52_zps94846fef.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-45-58_zps5eb5b1e7.jpg

They are moving on from revisiting arguments to how they have changed each other in little habits, taste, food, you changed half my taste in everything… and the changes stay curiously unchanged.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-46-46_zpsc5dc956b.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-47-45_zpsf501c9d8.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-47-49_zps1bf57345.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-47-58_zpsceaeba2f.jpg

She is going to show him a very interesting chair she saw,  her dream is to make her own dreamchair she can sit in dying, gazing at the sunset.  Not even asking if he remembers, she knows.  ^This face knows.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-48-18_zpscbc0d44a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-48-21_zpse9307cfb.jpg

You are so childish.

I think this is an episode where every time the word ‘childish’ is spoken in any relation with these two, it means ‘I love you~~!’

YR does her end of the bargain splendidly, she is comfortable around TH.  This is too comfortable, too enjoyable, too natural KTH needs some more soju in his system to slow down this feeling we called love.

*Yup, still do not care. Sorry. *  I enjoy the ridiculously perfect scenes of YR and TH too much to care about the necessary but draggy plot of woe is AR who is being sent away by her ENGAGED Oppa she is pining after and their boring veiled coming clean of me so guilty and not romantically interested even if leading you on, still, vs it’s ok it’s LOVE/I LUB U fauxcestuous Oppah!   They are just not JYM and Eric, no fault to them,
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-48-36_zps30c20a82.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH15-50-22_zps80b299dd.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH16-51-59_zps24127946.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH16-54-11_zpsf69f6d81.jpg

I admit I get more cranky with HJ/AR scenes because it’s taking up space for THIS following one (yes I know I stuck a TongLeung MaggieCheung cap fr ItMfL).   I can not pick a favorite OTP scene this episode.  Is their inspection eyesmexing any LESS swoony?!  That easy sweet unforced never overdone never getting old cuteness over pig intestines where we got how they simply click and are fun together…as exes with so much feelings for each other, so much, I can’t.  But then this scene is giving me In the Mood for Love vibes, chills, goosebumps.  I am an obsessive freak of WKW, esp ItMfL.  I do not know I can even shower this biggest compliment on anything, a Kdrama OTP of all things by saying they remind me of Mr. Chau and Mrs. Chan in those alleys IF only WKW does a Kdrama, loves them chatty and they have voiceovers.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH16-54-33_zps28562442.jpg

She asks about his parents, who are traveling the world.  YR is saying prickly TH is lucky to be brought up so loved by parents in love.  Nothing is ever ‘lost’ he is transferring every bit of love bestowed upon him on you.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH16-55-44_zpsfee1dd6c.jpg photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH16-57-14_zpsf802481c.jpg

Are you cold?  

– We are not in a relationship to give sweaters.

Never said I wanted to.

Yeah right, not that she called you a prick and you will do as she says.

It’s true, that was a restaurant they often went to, avoiding this walk by the palace of the breakup curse diligently yet they still broke up.  Obviously it was YR’s idea to walk this route and TH was against the idea, kept it to himself  (because he would never want that curse on them now) but still can not help nudging her a reminder.  Now they do not need a detour, perhaps if they do this right, as in they stay this amicably bickering and at ease, they could be friends, says YR…without the ‘detour’ of falling in love and breaking up?!?!?!  Do you truly believe in that YR?!?! He is KTH, the guy you fell in love with that instant the sun caught his face on that train and he smiled.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH16-57-53_zps3db9c0fa.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH16-58-25_zps77ff2076.jpg

This is a NoFkingWay face.  He would rather have Sol as a friend.  They could also never see each other again after losing touch this time, living separate lives as is not knowing anything about the other anymore, not an address, nothing.   That was how they used to live before bumping into each other at the hotel, YR stresses.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH16-58-37_zps8ea057b2.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH16-58-57_zps1cbfe1b4.jpg

Another lie.   She has to check to see if it was him whenever she saw a similar face, that was how she used to live, not hearing nor knowing a thing about him, thinking, one day, some day, with time, she will forget about him.   He wrote the drunken letter, sent the drunk sms…yeah with the thought of he could forget her some day, as IF that could ever happen…he knows he was fooling himself.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH16-59-04_zpsef412112.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH16-59-15_zpsaf6e0975.jpg

They walk in sync, their thoughts, their wants are meshing, not aware, but not hard to guess, because they are KTH and HYR.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH16-59-28_zpse62deafc.jpg

I want to hold his hand so badly.  -Should I pretend to be drunk and hold her?

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH16-59-35_zpsc0dbbaa1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH16-59-44_zps612db8a7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH16-59-49_zps60945ead.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH17-00-39_zpsd17a6da0.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH17-00-51_zps7e0703cc.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH23-52-26_zpsf333f2da.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH23-53-30_zpsd907d200.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH23-53-35_zps2f93b0e5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH23-54-03_zps17518fe5.jpg

Should I act drunk and kiss her?  – Like that day, acting drunk…I touched his face.

Acting drunk so that my heart is not on my sleeves.

The first thing TH commented to himself, on YR, at the hotel, was how unchanged HYR was, her feelings were still on her sleeves, in plain view for him to observe, and she knows it, only apparent to him.

I am underrating you are a fine fine FINE actress HYR, that was one brilliant job in ep1 fooling everybody!

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH23-51-25_zps86db44c3.jpg

It is not wrong, right?! …(it is…)I should not tell him I am wavering, (or should I?) 

But she desperately wants to, on a streak of being honest,  it was not a fleeting moment KTH, she, HYR, has been harboring unrequited feelings she should never have for you, all along.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH23-51-32_zpsebde3460.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH23-51-49_zpsdd79e4c1.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH23-52-04_zpsd32d7d19.jpg

His eyes might as well be dead, as much as he wants to touch her, kiss her, if he tells her he still loves her, it would shove her into a hard place, again.

And thanks to her heels, and so immersed in her thoughts and wants, fighting against the girl madly in love with KTH following the free-spirit of her heart, she is tripping, falling when he catches her in his arms.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH23-59-04_zpsf4852438.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH23-59-21_zps3f0d0b7e.jpg

 There was not even an accidental peck, and my heart is having loveliest fireworks and symphonies of swoon.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH23-59-30_zpsf85ba05c.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH23-59-37_zpsf878ba76.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH23-59-46_zpse7976f1f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH23-59-53_zps638c2db4.jpg

Are you alright?

I am left alone on this road where we used to walk side by side.

Are you YR?!?!??!!  Coz I am so not.  Even an actress of Yoomi’s caliber can NOT look at these emotive, slaying, knee weakening globes ALL THE TIME.   *Yoomi you checking out that flesh. his neck huh?!…*

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-00-58_zps26f67be4.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-01-21_zps53fe5391.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-02-03_zps01c944d7.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-02-07_zpsd8210bb3.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-02-38_zps8eca9522.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-04-11_zpsade0c016.jpg

He yells at her wearing heels so high, he forgets they are playing the charade of not caring, not even friends.   He has all the logical reasons to be touching her feet, all concerned, she has none of them but irrationally, not knowing exactly why… tears are falling from her eyes.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-04-24_zpsf4726ece.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-04-47_zps3e46cf65.jpg

He is stunned.  A simple gesture, anyone would have shown her the same care in his shoes, yet…she is moved to tears, having feelings for him she is losing her resolve, can’t help but showing, or is she in so much pain?!   Both of these options are tremendously bothering him.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-05-06_zps286fa02d.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-05-28_zpsf2624c7c.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-16-45_zpsaa26ac1a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-17-46_zpsd04ae6ef.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-18-31_zps9dfd7325.jpg

HJ can not reach YR in the morning.  He calls HJ, who can not find her in her bed.  JH deduces YR must be at the workshop, which could not be true from a groggy Sol, who immediately jolts up to her obvious premonition:  YR spent the night with TH!  And worse yet, HJ must be jumping to that conclusion calling them frantically, more troubling if he can not find YR at the workshop, or worst, he finds her there with KTH?!?!

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-24-43_zps49ab6a8b.jpg

Sol warns JH not to say a word to HJ about her projections.  JH refuses to oblige if YR has not put TH in the past.  He has to tell his bro YR is cheating if she is! Sol hollers YR is their friend whether she slept with TH or not, which the smitten JH thinks Sol just said the coolest thing and is the coolest thing.  That she did and is.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-29-33_zpsb61ba7d4.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-29-43_zpsc11a162d.jpg

Sol calls Hyung to ask for TH’s whereabouts…who snaps out of his grinning mad face from getting a call from Sol on a saturday when he heard himself saying TH was on site with YR yesterday.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-31-56_zpscd40ada9.jpg

Hyung sneaking into TH’s place gingerly (SO CUTE) in case he is intruding, asking where is YR, is she in the shower?!  Nope, be a pushing 40 adult, if she is, KTH has to be there too, not innocently, drinking OJ as if he is the hottest smoldering thing. *JUST LET ME*

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-32-54_zps06cace2e.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-33-30_zpsb4fd7114.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-34-34_zps0173ed20.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-34-53_zpsfea6da45.jpg

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-35-20_zpsf6987c83.jpg

YR is waken up per order of Mom to tonnes of missed calls.  Mom the Kdrama scriptwriter extraordinaire is not missing the drama developing, that’s why.  Over at TH’s, hyung is still sniffing around for YR.  What kind of guy do you all think I am?!  TH grumbles, frustrating him much more, what kind of woman do they all think his precious YR is.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-36-27_zpsc18546c3.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-39-35_zps797a6e4b.jpg

…She has a boyfriend.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-39-59_zps630a5a11.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-40-16_zps3240313a.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-40-20_zps1009be4e.jpg

TH asked YR why she was crying last night, she had no idea, they just keep falling, her tears, her heart.

Do not cry in front of me…it hurts.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-41-04_zpsb215f5f9.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-41-20_zpsb8bf0561.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-41-30_zps5195760f.jpg

^The hot blur pines after her with longing longing eyes.  GAH

TH was offering to take her home but she wanted to stay the night at her Mom’s instead.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-41-48_zpsf944e00b.jpg

What did they do?!  They never crossed the line.  She is not that type of girl!  <-That is what is pissing him off.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-42-09_zpse11e63f6.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-42-36_zps08e30628.jpg

I am trying to sort my feelings out.  And all you shippers are not helping.

Sweetheart Yoon hyung calls Sol to tell her YR is safe and sound at her Mom’s.   They all fussed over nothing.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-42-48_zpsd1112a58.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-42-52_zps4e3b265f.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-43-31_zps9417e37b.jpg

HJ looks at a coming back home YR like the cute loyal pup he can be, with very controlling jealous streaks we just witnessed.  JH wants to strangle her (must be in his bff HJ’s place) for making them worried.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-44-10_zpscd416193.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-44-34_zpsdd098272.jpg

This is why I  have lost all my care for HJ, he was jealous and accusatory over his fiancee when he said he always let her slide and chooses to trust her every time.  Oh really?!  All I have seen him all along was never trusting her no matter, and patronizing, the way he orders her into the room almost, not things I can stand.  And all he is fussing over in his mind is still ME:  YR has no idea I was so nervous, insecure about her, not the relief she is safe.   He is more worried if YR is still in his possession rather than she is unharmed as an individual he should care more than his own irks.
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-45-39_zpsce383f89.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-46-20_zps3e57973d.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-46-54_zps14fa9b73.jpg

While she freshens up, this happens.  Ok, we all can guess this is gonna happen as soon as he steps into her room, but still this is devastating for HJ, just as he can take a breather, this dumps on him.  Well, some karma I must say, if you have never been able to trust her all along, some shit will hit your fan.

 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-47-33_zps5ef536f5.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-49-13_zps11741100.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-49-30_zpscd39980d.jpg
 photo C5F0C560C758BC1CACACE13140929HDTVH264720p-WITH00-49-43_zpsf1e0991c.jpg

This episode is easily one that is most predictable for me in plot development every step of the way. I am going YES! Well paced, every shoe I want to be dropped, dropped:  YR admitting her feelings for TH, YR and TH basically going on utterly romantic lovey dovey dates under the not fooling each other disguise they had handled some wavering for each other and moved on, the sexual tension is ‘moot’.  HJ finds out about the box and is fraying batshxtcrazy.  Sol and JH cute moments got cuter.  YR needing Mom, Mom loving YR knowing her inside out, without even a word just like Moms and Daughters.  Even what I find tedious, the AR arc, very necessary.   What took me by surprise is the ASDFDFKJ:LJHGJHFDGHJ:JKLKHJGHFDF”:LJKHGDA~!!! explosive romantic chemistry of Eric and Yoomi.  The whole planet knows they can burn up a screen in intense angsty scenes, but their TH and YR are ridiculously terrifically faking it at just being friendly exes and a trip, an almost and even not quite there hug and my heart is no longer a solid organ but a shipper gooey lump now in my throat.

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  1. Blogging hiatus? I’m just on a book reading spree the like I haven’t seen in ages. I’m behind with most of my dramas as a result.

    I should be in bed but here I am, reading and nodding in agreement. And the epi cut off just where I knew it would cut. Open up a pandora’s box and nothing good will come out. Didn’t he know that curiousity tends to kill the cats…?

    Did you watch 14? These two episodes moved even me to comment on me blog. Been resisting, that.

    1. We are related somehow! I will be traveling, zenning out, planning on trimming my reading list somehow, in land where flushing toilets won’t be found…in a month I would divorce then marry anyone gifting me an autoflusher on the spot, I swear. XD

      *Hopping over to your place!*

  2. Professional lurker here. I was pulled out of hiding by your amazing thoughts on this amazing dramas. It’s been receiving a lot of flack for apparently Yeo Reum being a bitch or Tae Ha for coming in between a supposedly “fine” relationship. I LOVE this drama for confronting a relationship that could be yours or one you could see happening to someone and we don’t have and right to judge if we have never been in a similar situation. Yeo Reum to me is in a relationship where she can see herself heading long term not necessarily love centric but secure and stable. Those words being the kryptonite to most women including me. But we all know the heart is made of much softer stuff not much logic and a lot of yes when it should be no. You can’t blame a person for having a heart and you can’t blame a person who tried to fight a losing fight. I am not telling people to accept it as it I because to each his own but if you want to take a walk in the gray areas of life then we can be friends. (* Discovery of romance friends that is*) 🙂 🙂

    1. Great comment, exactly my thoughts really. This drama on its own in more demanding… as in you need to dig deeper in yourself understanding what is actually the human condition of being in love to the character, to yourself, not just as a secular topic scrutinizing under the harshest nitpicking light without regarding them, yes even drama characters, as human beings first when the writer cares to construct them unapologetically because what i find ringing so true with all the characters are (even those i care less) I can see them behaving as humans, especially flaws and all, sometimes rational, often succumbing to human weaknesses all too understandable instead of being the easier to devour cookie cutter kdrama fantasy heroes and heroines.

      I can not be the only Asian, with my share of overbearing protective Aunties giving me advices when i was of their standard of ‘marrying age’ and it was hard for a 20ish me to accept the often heard adage marry a good guy who loves you more than you love him, and can provide a stability and security, crucial for a family unit to brave through the turbulence of life. But as one grows older, heartbroken a few times too many, life gets more hectic or you have other priorities higher you want to dedicate your energies on, romantic love is not too much more than an abtract notion.

      I am always a sucker for greys, the color of real peeps! 😀

      1. no you’re not the only Asian here who thinks the same way. all the automatic YR haters are likely not Asian or X-generation Asians who grew up in a very Westernized part of the world because I think the majority of us more “traditional” ones must understand and probably at some point in time have to fight for our right to love/choose our partners freely.

        unfortunately as we age practical issues often gets in the way of love. yes, there might be the hot steaming passion that kick starts a relationship but that doesn’t last as long for a new relationship in the 30s, often the rationale part of the brain takes over quickly. is he marriage potential? will he make a good husband? can i depend my life on him? is he reliable enough? are we going to be financially stable? what’s his chance of cheating on me for a younger, sexier and cuter girl? is he going to be a good daddy? can he be my best friend, even after the passion dies? and the saying goes, the person you marry might not be the person you love the most.

        i’m sorry, maybe i’m too realistic. i’ve seen too many failed “love based” relationship. of course i root for TH (! burning passion lasting into their 30’s? me want!), but practically speaking HJ is a very safe choice – they love each other and he is very dependable as a life partner. first there’s the responsibility issue. HJ/YR have already gone so far and were on the verge of engagement/marriage and “invested” so much in their love, is it really so easy to give the stability up for TH whom she had a failed/disastrous crash and burn relationship with?

        and i rant. i don’t want to write this on DB, i’ll get bashed. haha.

        1. Very Very very valid and seriously this is the starred page of the game book in romance of ALL the levelheaded practical Asian ladies.

          I never really felt like NHJ is as safe and dependable a choice though, and 14 proves my irk. The thing with stress and adversities in life is we have to handle them, but HJ’s MO has always been shoving it under the rug. Try doing it with just dust/pet hair, it’ll turn into an ugly fuzzball in the middle of the room in no time, so I have never found NHJ remotely attractive even rationally. He is trying very hard to project, to fit into the role of the perfect mature man, but he is still that traumatized 12 year old orphan, unsure, ashamed of his place in this world he never felt he rightfully belonged. It is almost like I can see, whenever HJ is sharing a scene with the imo very entitled AR, if they really did not switch at adoption, they will have a much easier time adjusting to life with HJ being truly a baggage-less cheerful boy working his way through college and odd jobs and has a peace of mind whereas AR can be the slightly spoiled and sheltered surgeon with a more aggressive drive in life without HJ’s overcompensating, fixated on being the ‘good guy’ of the judgmental social norms.

          1. All in all I think Teo Reum is stronger than we give her credit for because Eric is…. I very honestly would have cut my losses and gone with the repercussions no matter how much of a bad idea that would be because what the hey you only feel like this a couple of times in your life like she said herself on the train when the light was hitting Eric all tingly and smiley like “This is it.” And in that face of such reality I would like to be able to just jump and it’s okay if it doesn’t workout because I made a decision that made me insanely happy and for that I don’t think someone had toe ever apologize. Yeo Reum is sticking out despite the glaring signs and everyone is saying how much she shouldn’t be with someone who she doesn’t love but is not like she isn’t aware but she sticks/stuck it out because she is afraid of the repercussions. She doesn’t want to labeled the bad guy, she doesn’t want to hurt this nice guy and we see her not wanting to get hurt herself again. ****Though she does make this exact decision in 14 😛😛 (I know you are on hiatus) and we see what she wanted to avoid (if there is a way of naturally drifting apart) but she cut her losses and whether or no she will soldier on is what is making me so anxious for Monday.

  3. Hot damn Mookie you really nailed it with all the swoonworthy moments and the homage to In the Mood for Love??! DIED. *ahem* seriously speaking though, I really loved this episode – one of development and progress I thought, and even though my heart did break for Ha Jin (good one Sung Joon) when he opened the Pandora’s box, I am so glad the truth is finally out. I especially loved YR’s monologues because finally! Honest feelings and thoughts from her. I also love it that Tae Ha reads her like an open book and yet can’t figure out (…yet) the perplexity behind those tears and what he noted as “a fleeting moment” when she said those words last week. And that not-a-hug when she turned her ankle – guhhhhh.
    Okay I think I sound crazy as usual hahahah so I’m gonna stop now. I can’t waittttt to discuss ep 12 with you though! That is now my new favorite. They are both slaying my heart so bad!

    1. Chingu, i have a physical emotional reaction with each and every episode, i think since 5 or 6 this drama has been full steam serving us a full plate of heightened feelings to enjoy/ suffer at our own free will. I have never had any problem with the pace, every piece dropped a previous ep will be extrapolated soon enough.

      I have pondered how the OTP will proceed forward from 12, where YR is now a contented engaged woman, which by definition her relationship w HJ is on another level of security and set of more stringent responsibilities. How TH is progressing with his broken shattered heart, almost one step forward, 2 steps back BUT that is exactly so real.

      Imo TH can always read YR instantaneously, he can read her tears better than YR has the clarity and the rational to process even that moment but his hopes were even more in the dumps seeing her engagement ring there should be no chance now, no matter what his read was/is. YR still harbors feelings this strong, as strong as his she is crying in desperation of the fail of containing her emotions the whole wonderful easy night is unbelievable beyond his wildest dream to him. YR, engaged, set her mind never as sternly to move on, still can’t fight the losing fight like him. This was the moment, that physical proximity prior, a strongest onslaught of her act of calmness, nonchalance that she crumbled and taken over by her emotions… ‘worse’ yet it was over not much, everything TH said nursing her twisted foot was ‘per friendly protocol’ yet perhaps with the mention of hospital, that hospital stay where TH broke down and she caught glimpses of, was the precipitation point for popping her contained feelings for him.

      It was like best players in a match of veiled, guarded feelings, deepest secrets they can’t disclose so as not to hurt the other, the person they are loving, and at matchpoint, both of them fought with all their might back and forth and she lost the floodgates with one unforced ‘error’/weakening. Now TH has to process this new mapping of her emotions with this enormous clue and he is flabbergasted.

      1. Mookie, your observations and depth. I… *humbly bows* 😮 spot on (and beautifully put, too) about them as best players in a match of veiled, guarded feelings. Damn you always describe them so eloquently. I’m soooo looking forward to your episode 12 recap(!!!) especially that scene where he said “stay with me tonight” -> OMG I DIED.

        1. okay look at that, my typo – seriously my head is not in its right place with this drama haha – I meant episode 14. BUT I also did note you’re gonna be on blog hiatus; I just found your blog and I am gonna miss you already! But have fun with the hiatus …whenever that starts 🙂

        2. i’m when Eric said “stay with MEEEEEE tonight” Mookie and the rest of us drooling fangirls went YES SIR YES.
          (let me forget temporarily that i have a husband at home waiting for me).

        3. I LUB that scene, needless to say XD butttt I am having a hard time gathering my thoughts on it yet thinking it’s perfect…but can’t wrap my words around. hmph.

          I am just going to take a long(er) vacay and chill in a few days…and I would like to wane myself from gadgets. I am sure I’ll still need to squeal and flail (or vent…lets hope not coz it’d be vvvv ugly) come next Mon/Tue

          1. fai D come back la, before Mon/Tues la.
            I need a break too, and iTunes not working for me so i’m uber annoyed now. GAH

  4. OMG this is like the best post yet! I wanted to quote you so many times here and comment but then it would’ve just ended up being ur entire post minus the gifs lol. I have never agreed with sooooo many points that you have made, so well expressed, and its as if it even helps to project this episode in so many ways!!!

    The OTP was beyond insane here the calibre of their acting…I mean are they even acting anymore??? Cos I feel like I’m witnessing a real couple, the glaring of Erics back as he enters the house, just walking around the home reminiscing what seriously was supposed to be, marriage a given, without a ring/proposal (<–this line really shook my poor heart), revelation that she was thinking/ did not ever forget about him as we have a little surprise of her taking that chance to touch his face…(the man she is supposed to hate so much and vowing to never want to see again in the interview), and here I'll stick this in bc I'm just like wowed how perfectly awesome this is:

    "In this new level of their game in love, the more ‘honest’ they are, the more ‘comfortable’ they are with each other, the more ‘apparent’ they have ‘moved on’ from the ‘transient’."

    Too many things to say about what u have addressed and noted about this ep which has ignited everyone's passion for the drama even when we don't get a 10/11 doesn't even matter anymore because we're all able to indulge in your sound and seriously perceptive ramblings. I reckon lol U need to win an award for this beautiful piece of work!

    Also loved what everyone else had to say about this ep too. It wasn't ep 10 or 11 but we were able to reap so much from it! I think we are all on the same page now!

    The OTP is so intense here and I think we could all feel it because of the fighting inside. So relatable. Gah. Gotta check out ep 14 soon!

    1. I am scratching my head…this is too much a compliment Chingu! I am so sooooo ssoooooooooooo not worthy.

      OTP is insane. Spot on insane. Exactly my thought coming to my mind questioning are they acting anymore?!?! I am sure they are just being so flawlessly good but it is still too good to be true. I will keep saying this even if it will bore everyone else in this world but a few of us (MEMEMMEMEMEWANTTT!), but Eric should work on anything Yumi is signing on and is available to him from now on till forever.

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