Eric and Yumi

I’m…backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, World!

I had a DoL finale (too) wordy post written with gifs galore and it was lost somewhere in cyberspace, that did not diminish my love for the drama.  Yes Ep16 can be written more brilliantly I supposed, but again, I do not love it any less, now that I recall the lovely ride after a few weeks passed.

Even the profession of YeoReom, the tactile, creative woodwork that is her passion is a marvelous juxtapose to her genteel, soft, girly surface (and to an extent Sol) yet her work reflects the dichotomy that might be what has taken a lot of viewers by too much a diversion of the typical heroine to be accustomed to: her personality with am unapologetic ‘male’, steely core of brute tenacity, a formidable strength to be reckon with, requiring cherishing to prosper, like her dream, her goals and only TH truly knows that most inner facet of her and perhaps love that raw toughness of her within, makes it his goal to nourish and aid her in bringing out the best in her no one else can.

…Something the Mr Perfect Dr NHJ is not even curious about.   NHJ is in no way a bad guy/bad boyfriend/bad partner in life, but he has not progressed to where YR and TH are at in discovering about love, romance and more significantly his own self and identity.  We can project in a parallel world YR met HJ NOW, after his growth from a breakup as significant as one with YR, they would make a great match…

…but I for one never doubt YR and TH are the match made for each other, no matter how wrong the time, the circumstances, they just know each other and have never stopped being on the same page, even if the page is written in tears and blood and angst and heartbreak.

It could very well be I still have this gif safely saved in phone and drooled at aplenty even in very remote crazily pretty corners of earth.

Nice progress KTH.

So I will just chill and do the crazy silly thing I want.  Put my feet up, enjoy all the lard-laden pastries du jour I just got (Wife Cake it is), and get drunk with tea, the obscene amount of dragon well I bought that would go rancid in weeks and do a RL shipper compilation of Eric and Yumi.  Why not.

Actor Mun, thank you thank you thank you.  What a revelation.  I have loved you raw and green and imperfect before, now I have no choice but to love you more.  Head over Heels more.

YuMi,  *bows*.  The anchor of the drama, without you elevating everyone’s game this won’t be half as perfect.

Cutiepie SungJoon, I had harsh words about you and your characters but it was all out of love, I care therefore I rant.  You will improve and grow, that we all know and I can’t wait to be swooned off my feet by you when time is ripe.

Miss ARM is not my fav character but Yoon JinYi still manages to move me and not annoy me 24/7 just with her too much plastic alone, that can only be explained by there is talent within, but what a pity the young actress has resorted to mutating her appearance beyond my tolerance.

I love you Yoon HyunMin, back to back great supporting jobs worth a place in my heart.

Everyone’s crush.  EVERYONE.

I really really love how natural and real the girls are as bffs, it can’t be easy in a drama so heavily weighted on romance.

ALL precious.

Miss them.

Miss THEM.



 Yumi bts

I do not understand why we have an onslaught of the most scrumptious interviews of Eric AFTER the drama ends, why not spread it out during and let us die earlier of our shipper hearts bursting out of our chest huh?!

In one, based on the translation by IIDONTKNOW (tytyty!) he said they are much more at ease having fun with each other when 7 years ago they were like babies playing pranks like Yumi drawing a monkey for him in his van and left without being able to look at him.  He also said something along the line his heart would break after hurting her in an angsty scene because he could hope for other ladies they would find a way to feel better afterwards with booze or whatnots but with Yumi she seems like the type who would internalize the emotions and cry when alone at home *THEN GO COMFORT HER!!! YEAH AT HER HOME SO SHE WONT BE ALONE!!!!*

Last but not least, POOR!Paksa/Jung KyungHo (ILubU) haha while promoting his new movie with Yumi, he asks if she ‘loves’ him more than Eric and…she said yes…but SHE LIED!   That is after he said she is his favorite, without lying.  LOLZ

8 thoughts on “Eric and Yumi

  1. Thanks for the pic spam. Yu Mi is SO pretty and Eric… did you have to post all of those long legged photos? I’m too old to be crushing on Mr Mun. ;P

    I think the ending was quite satisfying, even if the last epi WAS a bit too neat, with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. It was still in line with the story as a whole. These days it’s so hard to find gems like DoL. I was just thinking today how almost every damned kdrama I try these days ends up being more of the same old crapola. So it’s almost a shock when something turns out to be genuinely good.

    I miss them too. All of them but especially 우리 OTP. That was a special kind of relationship, lovingly painted for our pleasure. The good, the bad and the ugly, all of it. Sigh. I was glad to have YNS to fall back on but even that’s ending in 2 weeks, sniffle. If Misaeng hadn’t come along I’d soon be out of good dramas completely.

    1. How have you been Chingu?!
      Those legs, eyes, smiles…never get old and neither do WE!! XDDD

      It is too neat, but I’d rather have neat and still making enough sense with sprinkles of brilliance (I thought the assistant writer nim wrapup with the interview format is super wonderful) and just enough OTP goodness is lovely. I can not really ask for more. YES, I got a bit bored with even Sol and JH being saccharine and the NHJ and ARM arc can use some editing (ie I just do not care enough for them) but I so can deal with them taking the necessary time.

      So Misaeng it is, nothing but rabid raves. I also must see for myself Choi MinSoo in specs in P and P. DARN. My sanity is down the drains with that one.

      1. Doing fine and about to get busy with a brand new job come Monday (OMG! I’m so not ready. No wonder Misaeng resonates with me, ha).

        Ok, I’ll take your word for it – never too old to crush on that fine specimen of maleness. XD I still don’t get how he doesn’t seem to age but just gets more corgeous as time goes by. Come to think of it, the same can be said of JYM.^^

        Oh, Misaeng was such a nice surprise. Another great slice-of-life drama with great to good acting, how novel is that? Did you watch P&P already? It’s certainly better than several others I’ve tried recently but doesn’t really stick. I forget it pretty much as soon as I’m done with an epi. May still end up watching at least a few more episodes to see where it’s going. I’m also watching Bad Guys and that one fills my crime quota just fine. Kim Sang Joong is in a particularly fine form. 🙂

        1. How exciting! Best of everything in your new venture/adventure!

          I did check out an ep of P&P, frankly I am generally unamused for the entire ep. It is not horrible, but does not seems to be inspired. It also felt like a Kdrama trying at a dorama procedural but not quite making the cut for some reason I can’t wrap around, perhaps it’s the cheesy nonstop music. Just not my thing as a drama, but I could easily mindlessly watch it for fangirling C!M!S! purpose.

  2. Mookieeeeeee just want to say I’m really, really, really glad I found your blog when I was intoxicated with love for DoR and DB thread drove me mad. Thank you for being a most comfortable and insightful refuge ❤ Thank you so much, for sure, for alllll the write-ups and introspective thoughts you shared on each episode, cos sooo many times you had me do double, triple takes on many scenes in each episode 🙂 And all those Wong Kar Wai references! I will definitely try to watch his movies during my winter break!

    To be honest I didn't like episode 16 like I thought I would (until now I'm like in denial and haven't gone back for a rewatch haha cos my first impression of that last episode was SIGH not great) and the fact they were the end game (at the last five mins! What blasphemy when we had 16 episodes to milk the cute of this reunion!!!!) butttttt take the good, forget any bad and keep the wonderful memories and hehe, that's the plan here 😀 So I'll end with another thank you ❤ ❤ I'm soon glad I found your space and camped here throughout the show's duration!! ^___^

    1. HUGS! I am much more thankful and lucky for having you and other dramapals hanging out here with me! ^^
      I am still shocked the drama itself did not frustrate/annoy me at all. The characters can do imperfect things, acting out on a frustration , a temper burst, but it was quite duly explained…it was exactly the vitriol from the usual very lenient and all-loving dramabase except for a few very thoughtful commentors (we all love Zoe! don’t we! :D) at DB that took me by the greatest surprise.

      I actually watched 16 on a long flight and mulled over it, totally with you on the stance it could have been better…but HOW?! and concluded it was as it should, I could get more silly excited, and squealed out loud and be a public nuisance if we got another 5, 10 min of OTP loveliness, or well, ngl, a romping in the sheet to echo back to the sizzling hotness fr ep1. But how toned down and lack of dramatics it was, did hammer in they truly are past that unresolved angsty stage in their lives and are now mellower adults leading typical lives, able to stalk and go after an ex just because she wants to and is secure and well equipped enough with experience to be a functioning individual on two feet, alone, if this does not work out. To be still hopeful in love, yet realistically assured and practical, yet still brave enough, allowing yourself the fall in passion, that is the truly what they discovered, in love. And I quite like ending on this normal, almost nondescript (BUT THEY R STILL KISSING LIKE REAL DEALS XD!) note.

  3. A little late, but reading this post, it totally makes my day 🙂

    How did you find that Yumi’s monkey doodle back in Que Sera Sera day? That’s so awesome. Eric did say in interview that “She used to sneak into my car to draw monkeys on it as a joke but now she jokes openly”. We just need to see the 2014 version 🙂

    1. 😀 Is there a 2014 version?! I am just praying Yumi will come across sth that interest her enough and Eric WILL sign on it no script/question asked winkwink and I dun care about pushing back ShinHwa activities forever :X

      This monkey doodle popped up on my weibolist when his overload of interviews came out. He mentioned it himself about Yumi right!? She seems even more quirky and eccentric in person ( bff w YAI is a big clue) while Eric is much more withdrawn huh?! At the very least they have a very special one of a kind place for each other at heart! 💞💞💞💞💞

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