Friday Pretty: So Close yet So Far

I was in quite a few places in CN the weeks before, I am going to head to upstate NY for work next week, yup all JUST missing Loverboy, we do not have ‘yuan fen’ as the saying goes, he should’ve married me (MUAHAHAHA) but I am what I am, a Yuan fan! XD  He is freshly jetlagging, my old bones, specifically my tummy still refuses to be back in my current time zone and it gives me twisted pleasure we are suffering the same nuisance.   He manages to look ridiculously fine, I could recruit myself in AHS: Freak Show, Walking Dead (so much yucky gore and the lack of satisfaction in good storytelling to offset my poor queasy stomach watching.)  Anyway to calm my nerves with pretty I will droolz on.

He went to Boston with Prince 10 for a travel show, they looked so cute together having so much fun!  They did not miss saying happy birthday to their Bro4 but did not get a wave back from Mr WQL, Loverboy did urge on if Bro4 will get him a SiL this year, feeding in the heated rumor either the BBJX reel to real cp had signed the papers or are planning to get hitched soon.

He spent Halloween at Fenway Park

lol and got himself the pity of the balloon uncle gifting him a balloon gf.

Of course they pay homage to the Celtics, they love Bball in China so much and Loverboy is a diehard.  I am actually not sure if he has a favorite NBA team, somehow in my mind it is the Lakers.

There was also a segment they cooked lobster with Ming Tsai, I watch his show on public television, no idea if it is current, but I am on ALERT!

He hopped over to NYC for a photoshoot looking so very Ting Lik fr The Bund (I have always insisted he is a facetwin of young Ray Lui the most…)

Totally this scene *sobz*, watched this movie soooo many times as a youngster and it is so not PG, but I LOVED it without reservation of its bigotry.

but this is too much likeness!

If he was the Ding Li in the HXM/SunLi vehicle, I could’ve watched that dud for Loverboy alone.

He was snatched by redbeans over there in bts.

He was at SH HongQiao airport, argh I was there too!!!!

Busy Busy Busy, he also did CN Running Man WuHan edition, he is a dream on varieties.

Bonus he has been very chubby with his bigbro from his alma mater SH Drama Academy, Mr. Boss on LongMen Express.   As expected they are hilarious and shamelessly bromantic when together always.  Are they up for some collaboration in the works?!?!

He also made a repeat appearance with Miss Yao, CN Top Model, whom he is truly in the age bracket of uncle for some style awards…

And he won’t waste any chance catching up with his bff gfs like new mama YangMi and her bff TangTang.  AHHHH can you three (and ALL your bffs adjacent like HG, WallaceH, Liu YiFei…etcetcetc) get together in something?!  How about those silly farcical American Pie low brow comedy of some college reunion movie with all the hijinks?!?!!  I bet YH and HG can just ad lib and it would still be funnier than 99% of the Cmovie comedies out there.

I screen-ship him with Lu Yi, PLEASE can someone make it happen??!?!?!?!!

This is a very questionable grandpa suit, but I will forgive you as I always do because you are even spotting the up-sweep hair of MyYutaka you are also facetwinning.  Bonus points.  Lotsa.

Princess JieYou has officially wrapped up and they had a press con for the wrapup, and new fancy posters, very high brow.  We are definitely going to see this in 2015, along with Ordinary World for sure, I bet Chang Ge Xin and Hua Xu Yin…and even with that, he still has easily half a dozen done dramas sitting on the shelf.  I know I keep saying the exact shiet just to get across my point: I AM NOT HAPPY SARFT.  DO STH.

Out of nowhere his Youngsis Princess MinMin fr BBJX waved a hello at weibo at the serenditpity of them sharing a makeup artist.  lol the fangirls of course won’t stop it joking they thought it was YH in makeup as a pretty girl with their face so much alike.

Another talkshow he did with LongMen BigBoss Guo and having sucha lovely time at it making me smile!

With all the swarms of copycat variety shows, how about inventing one like ‘Manny’ where all you need is Loverboy being the manly nanny of the cutiepie lil tots celebrities visiting him on set?!  They have the prettiest script-less awe-inducing hair braiding contest instantaneously I can watch an entire season of.

Ahhhh soooo gorgeous…

Out and about as himself in Beijing.  It is making  a more enjoyable noise than All Quiet in Beijing for me ( I AM VERY BUMPED by how unamused I am by drama I am not going to be well for a while :/)

Again, while I let him roam around safe from my cyberstalking, he has signed up for another drama.  I am freshly bumped by my most anticipated impossible to fail CdramaSSSS (both Red Sorghum and All Quiet in Peking failed to impress me…LESIGHWHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY) even though this is arguably the best team Loverboy has ever been attached to, I will keep my excitement low, and afterall WHEN are we going to even see it, huh?!?!

The new upcoming drama is 真相, having its own baidu and douban pages already even though official word is not yet out is always a good sign this is solidly a go.

What is eye catching is the synopsis reading truly intriguing.  It is a family mystery drama with many of the main characters being doctors. The Princess JieYou trio are reunited right away, why other than they worked together too splendidly?!  I am not sure, it is just very rare with back to back collabs of three costars.  Miss Zhang will play YongYong, the daughter of the chief medical officer who is proposed by her promising doctor boyfriend (played by cousin MingHan of BoC) , proud apprentice of the best friend/coworker of Dad, another high ranking ladydoctor at the hospital at Dad’s 60th birthday.  Her Mom suffers from mental illness and is allowed a leave back home for the happy occasion.  Tragedy strikes when the son of ladydoctor played by Yuan WenKang fell off a cliff while hiking and is missing…his mother can not get over the tragedy and keeps calling his cell phone everyday even though she has buried it in her son’s grave…just to have it answered by a stranger (played by YH) one day.  YongYong investigates and what’s coming out of this stranger’s mouth opens up more mysteries, cans of worms about their families in the last decades than answering questions.

The PD 沈严first ever drama directed was 中国式离婚/Chinese Style Divorce, still one of my favs.  I am containing myself.  Trying… AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!   The team of writers are unfamiliar names to me other than 王红卫, who has worked with PD 沈严  in 中国式离婚, he is a professor in scriptwriting and another work he has been attached is 疯狂的石头/ Crazy Stone ie CRAZY GOOD.   The redbeans have done their investigations and one of them is none other than one of the wittiest funniest weibo celeb 衣锦夜行的燕公  AHHHHH! I <333333333333333 HER!!!

I will set up shrine and do my daily praying and cute fluffy stuffed animal offerings for this to be decent, I am not even asking y’all to come up with anything close to perfect, just please I can not take another heartbreaking disappointment for things I care, M’KAY!?!?!

24 thoughts on “Friday Pretty: So Close yet So Far

  1. Awwwww….finally! Been waiting for quite some time for a Loverboy update. Thanks for making my Friday mookie!

    The new drama..hmm..not excited yet. Miss Zhang again? Hmmm…what is the chance of them getting together in REAL life? She is divorced now….mayyybe?

    1. Wave~!

      I dun really care enough for Miss Zhang as an actress and as a person but it’s his life. I dun think he is into mixing work and RL though… I mean where did all the years of blatantly flirting back and forth w LSS mean?! Nth much really, right?! 😉

      1. LOL….but it appears it’s only Loverboy that’s doing most of the shameless flirting with her. She’s always been just “duhhhh” IMO, seems kinda a boring person if you ask me (seeing her in interviews). YH needs somebody with some spunk to match with his 😀

        1. Nah she’s the most active participant out of all her well loved screen cps, haven’t watched much of their promo appearances and read none of my silly posts huh?! Just bbjx alone on happy camp is shameless enough (she grabs him on stage to hold her hand while singing when her drama/RL otp Nicky is present.

          1. Hahaha…sorry, I must’ve not discovered your blog yet while you were writing those silly posts 😀 Didn’t care much for her as an actress or her “acting”. She bores me.

            1. She was only surprisingly natural on screen w copious amount of chemistry w YH. Fact. She is trying but worse at it every outting, it is getting to the point she is unbearably horrible. I saw her last in the movie w Chang Chen l goshhh she was like a blind zombie in it when she should be some most alluring charismatic escort, so bizarrely out of sorts eyes like sinkholes of attractiveness even when I expected little from her

  2. By the way….I am sooooooooooooooo jealousy of your trip!! All the FOOD and BEAUTIFUL sceneries! Absolutely breath-taking. Only in my dreams would I be able to see such a gorgeous sight.

    1. Tbvh, it is a toss on the breathtaking vista vs the discomfort of the journey, if all things considered and u live in or close to US, IMHO Yellowstone is as magical without the nightmarish crowd…still the horror when I rem this trip. It is hard to immerse in the beauty when u are constantly shoved, slipping, pushed and body misaligned out of your free will, none of the pics were that easy point and shoot when whenever ur elbow is exposed that is bound to be tippled and fear take over that ur camera or you will fall to death…LOL. not really jokinh though. ok end rant.

  3. WQL did get back to both YZX’s and YH’s HB posts, if I recalled correctly. WQL commented that YH ‘s gotten too skinny and would need to find someone to help fatten him up. Just a quick introduction, I am one of your silent readers and I do follow the BBQX clan occasionally as they seem to be a fun and genuinely close group.

    1. Both huh?! I only saw him replying hollering at them eloping. They were fun bunch, but WQL’s weibo is used for promotion purposes without much substance nor fun and I dun think he shows much closeness to anyone not currently working with/for him.

  4. Yes, both. I saw some Weibo screenshots on baidu on WQL’s bday. Agree that both WQL’s and SS’s weibos are more for promotional purposes after their RL relationship became public, and perhaps the BBQX clan might not be as close as before, maybe out of sight, out of mind, but I do believe they genuinely adore each other, still, based on their occasional interaction. Welli guess that’s life and people are busy with their respective life/partner 🙂

    1. LSS has stopped even a courteous happy birthday on YH’s bday and has stopped any basic interaction with him which I considered quite rude considering he at the very least was her 師兄 at TR looking above and beyond after her the 7 out of 10 years she has now been in the industry. I consider that very unfilial. Well, I’ve stopped following her weibo and WQL’s and he didn’t make a proper ty to the cute younger bros so… again it would’ve taken seconds to greet a HB at YH’s bday when YH still diligently does so I dun see them caring much for him which frankly rubbed me v wrong.

      1. Not to defend SS, however she doesn’t really greet anyone HB on weibo in general, HG & WQL included :)) And yes she said HG is like her big bro. Give her the benefit of a doubt, maybe they do greet each other HB privately, as some people prefer to call, text or meet in person, over Weibo/FB. In addition, some celebreties can be quite sensitive and careful posting on social network, so as to not create any possible gossips. As we know, they are armies of hongshi and geshi shippers out there and there are so much hatred out there for longshi, even now. I think in a recent interview, she said she thinks its better not to have any close contact with any male costars now. Again, I could be wrong cos I just saw the header and didn’t read the content. As for WQL, I don’t really follow his weibo so no comments. However, he n YH might keep in contact privately? In a YH’s interview this year, he mentioned he talked to WQL?

        1. I could give her the benefit of the doubt but I choose not to because there werent doubts from my observations. I have followed the trio most of their career now, I have followed them at weibo since day1, she was particularly close to, playful w YH, less so w HG, I was never truly a RL shipper but there was just too much cute shamelessly going on btn the two Shishi this LaoYuan that i could not look away even up till BB filming. There was no care of less gossip it has always been TR’s tactic to encourage shipping as promo shenanigans, it was harmless and everyone has fun but after YH left TR it was clearly a 180 fr LSS and less so but palpable fr HG the nonchalance towards YH when 小師妹 like Princess Minmin even Prince 10 still will drop a Hihi or two.

          It is not me being harsh but I do have eyes and a clear memory and I keep careful notes in head, this is all years of observations and change of tides.

          That is the thing and proves my point sadly YH is the one saying he keeps contact, when in all fairness is his work schedule any less hectic?! Did u hear it from WQL or LSS?! When YH will still diligently promo their every work, he is nonexistent to them in weibosphere never a humph when he needs any friendly encouragement. When he was of use he was blatantly grabbed on stage to hold hands like a silly fanboy and now he won’t deserve even a public friendly greeting on his bday, or whenever his new work is out?! It was plain too cold for me to stomach, not that he uses his weibo as a promo tool like most.

          Imo GeShi shippers r the most delusional bunch, they had never worked tog as CP when the shipping was frenetic, they have sibling chem at best and never any flirty interactions to even YY anything, that CP shipping spunned on pure fanwant fairy dusts.

          I hope this is the last of my rants, sorry if it bothers you sweetie and my goodwill on actors and actresses can easily be earned back by one job well done on screen, one. I really care little of their RL and how they choose to lead it.

          I have strong opinions always but they were never unfounded, and my opinions are always formed only when I can rule out all doubts.

          1. No worries there were some points I totally agree with you. I also realised SS is less friendly towards YH & HG ever since she got a bf but I assume some girls simply live in their own happy world, at least for the initial honeymoon period, once they become attached (thatsme :))). That being said, I do feel a bit disappointed that we don’t see their happy chatter anymore. Amongst the BB clan, YZX and YH are the absolute sweethearts who seems to always be genuinely supportive of their friends’ works. I adore the 2 even though I don’t really follow their careers that much. In all honesty, I don’t really follow anyone’s career post BBJX as there isn’t any of their work really worth watching after BBJX imho 😉 Apologise if I offend you or anyone.

            Speaking of YH, I adore him for being good natured, well read, down to earth, witty, funny (but childlike/dirty minded at times :p), but admittedly sometime I wish he could tone down on his weibo posts and his overfriendliness so as to not attract negative rumors that could possibly overshadow his professional works. But well it’s just him being himself and those are what we like about him 🙂

          2. KUDOS mookie! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

            Hi Vic,
            Honestly, no, LSS didn’t need to ignore YH and HG like she did after she have a bf. Especially when her bf knows them and should understand that they were the two that was protecting her through her years in the company. To me, she was rude and ungrateful.

            1. I have to agree to disagree since you girls have followed the trio from the beginning whereas I’m a late starter 🙂 anyway all in all I just thought SS seems to be a good natured girl based on what other people commented about her, incl HG & YH so she must have some good reasons for doing what she’s chosen to do, plus what we see is what they let us see. It’s sad that they ain’t that close anymore but things change, people change and drift apart.

              woo initially I just wanted to correct that WQL did get back to YH’s bday greet and I’ve gone this far 🙂 have a great weekend girl!

              1. Hugs Vic! Have a great wkend yourself! And I love we can all agree to disagree and sometimes agree to agree too! XD

                I am the one who have been quite obsessively following them since LoCH08 days before the days of weibo, when they would blogblog. I do not think Mingly has a care for SS at all lol. We can never know them know them, so we can only trust our sources, may it be comments by others or forming our own from however little we can peek into. I have observed HG treating SS almost the same all the years, YH treating SS diligently caringly, less flirtatiously nowadays but still I see his arms always wide open friendly just repeatedly cold snubbed by SS. However little the care to lead her RL publicly, in the year since she has openly dated WQL, her weibo is now either promoting her stuff or WQL/romance rumor related when they said they wanted privacy. C’est la vie. There are perks being a public persona, and of course there are inconveniences and responsibilities and being head over heels in love does not mean one can ignore being grateful and forget someone like YH who has saved her ass every appearance every outing taichi-ng w the press they had together all the years, with SS never eloquent, up till even BB days but many years prior. HG and YH are very good with words, insanely so. SS will never crossed them to the point they have to comment otherwise, she is not a horrible person… horrible actress, sure, she will get my vote atvm.

                SS, and anyone with an identity associated with any of the Asian confucius societies for the discussion, are subjected to its confinements whether we like it, or realize it. TMI and just a recent experience/reality check myself, even though I do not live in Asia, and I do not speak Chinese other than to my fam and the group of my childhood friends, I was given a good scolding by having a critical disagreement of an Unni/JeiJei/’older’ sista’s public opinion in cyberspace. I was cut to size I am not supposed to ‘cross the line’ of being harshly against an opinion of someone my senior I should be filial to, again in the free cyberworld, and quite having a reputation of having a caustic unapologetic tongue a daima/大媽 myself. That did shock me from my unaware I am not allowed to have an opinion and air it IF it is not aligning with a senior I should always only respect and be complaisant.

                BUT this is my space and I am airing it because that is not how I want to operate! ^^ so please do stop by, correct my misforgiving, like missing Nicky did wave back to the younger bros. AND I am still keeping my eye open for some day I can see the BB gang all in worthy projects and acing them!

  5. MOokie gege 😀 welcome back !! Did you have a nice holiday ? 🙂
    Nice Yuanni cheri post. It’s been loong ! Missed you! Have you checked Da mo yao ? 😀 if yes How is it ?

  6. yea all quiet in beijing was a bit….a bore. i thought there wud be more rom fluffy scenes since this is the 2nd time 刘烨X沈佳妮 worked together to play a couple…but yea there’s not really much. also the triangle with 廖凡 is just awkward in a very strange way
    i think it is nonetheless an interesting show, it’s just that i really haven’t gotten the time to sit down and watch every detail of it, and ponder over every line the characters say
    unlike the legend of dance and music, this isn’t action packed and haven’t gotten much of a beautiful scenery even though the camera cinematography is splendid.
    i think i will watch The Red when i got time, im not gonna bother with Red Sorghum because apparently it had really cray cray characters personality (aka lack of morality)

    sigh there’s just not much dramas that interests me….let’s wait for the end of the year period drama overload. i just wanna see fluff lol

    1. oh yea pocahontas was a flop lol. as i predicted
      eddie peng just isn’t idol material, not that attractive imo #sorrynotsorry
      outdated lighting and camera cinematography doesn’t do the drama any good either

      1. On the contrary I have heard nothing but praises on Eddie in DMY, at least in the circles I nosily peeked in, he was the only one truly acting effectively for his role and a great fit at it, not that I would ever watch a wink of, of course. He has never been unattractive to me, OTOH he has a very sunshine disposition from his face from the years I have enjoyed him in TW idol-er fare, grown some sharpness and angles and layers and shadows and honed some chops wayyyyy enough for a PoS like DMY, sparkling pleasant globes always a plus and his nose, mouth, nothing really off-putting and I would not count out a cutiepie trying and decently, steadily doing his job quite well in acting, just because of a chin a bit disproportional…because what is the standard of ‘idol material’ now me being quite of loop on the current aesthetics?!?!?! lol I bet I would hate it and thought it was fug or super plastic… take HXM, veryveryvery pretty on glossy pages, sucha turn off on screen without the awareness of his lacking talent and resolving to a lot of posing and a lot of chin-acting no?!?! muahahaha!

    2. Lack of morality is not the death sentence for me in a character, but lack of AWARE! is, the characters have never been goody2shoes on paper, it was harsh raw rural survivalistic CN in 30s, morality is overrated and a luxury few can afford, BUT to portray a female as if she is a pioneer, the beacon and proud of it being immoral…gross and not even the inhumanly mesmerizing Zhou!Xun! whom I am still kissing her feet for what a feat in giving this horribly written character her undeserved verve for a job so well only a Z!X! can well done.

      You actually was expecting rom fluff from AQiPK?!?!?! O___O I just thought LiuYe is OTTing and my gut is telling me he would be the weaklink when all the veterans are eating him alive after e1 plus verye groggy writing that you have to think over what is the point it is trying to convey, the story it is trying to tell and reach the conclusion yourself, but scene is so not effectively doing it so, drowning in too much meandering showy but not impressive dialogue. All after ep1 I am afraid. Very afraid.

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