Let Me/Them Pick You Up

My brain wants another vacation back from the vacation, as always, yet I am dozing off from the meds on my bed mostly…

…which is fine, because my biases have been kind to me serving me very sweet pretty enjoyable things I love to share.


I have decided not to share him, not even with other HuGesssss (because although I am not the first to conjure up the thought to seriously change my name permanently to HG, I can out-butt all you HGs for that little patch of most heavenly green grass he is patting for HG, ie ME to sit by his side and spend every sunny autumn day from now till forever with and I can scream YES!YESSSSYESSSESSSSSS! to his 约吗?/’lets…huh?’ prompter and LOUDER than y’all. And I will bite, that should scare off all intruders. Back to imaginary cooing:  WHY are you more precious by every turn?!

It must be from the set of his new drama 真相/Truth, filming at some Uni campus.  He is playing a mystery man/janitor in the drama based at a hospital (we are all hoping he has a secret identity of a doc or a cop, anything with a uniform just to change his hot!hobo look up a bit) More snaps:

The patting grass gif is from a vid done by HG’s fanclub commemorating their 10 year anni on 11/11:

I do not know how the students on campus can suppress the urge to not just topple him over and smooch him on the grass being this cute.  I can not hear what he is mumbling, sthsth HG has not changed all the years, we are family….I bet only HG can decipher every word and commenting in the background they are the true 风中奇缘/ ie trueOTP of DMY, same old.  Loverboy is whining he is being blamed for HG not getting married yet being his RL OTP for last decade ‘Aren’t you stressed and in a hurry?!?! I am!!’...and he pouts on isn’t that true in his shoes as well, being not attached because of his bromance with HG?!?!?!  I can only make out at the end he said along the lines, ‘If all things fail, we can only be with each other….lets huh?!’ *patting those luckiest grasses*’   No one does shameless slash as cute as these 2 hot!manchild.

From the faith of superstitious lala voodoos, a perfect CP is when their face can mesh, you can tell the resemblance of both as much and be as equally gorgeous as the originals.

His Interview on a local sinovision channel is out, the editor of the show should be fired, cutting off the marvelous chat right when he is on the tangent of his experience in Ordinary World, the character most challenging to him, he said, and one he had the hardest time parting:

*gorgeous!  Credit: @小铅笔头- *

I watched ニシノユキヒコの恋と冒险/ The Tale of Nishino recently.  Worth it for seeing YUTAKA believably swooning ALL the ladies in 7 romances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is near perfectly cast… camera work, storytelling is blanched, lurid… blahblahblah who cares.

Needless to say I am watching and enjoying 素敵な選TAXI/Sen Taxi.  It is not everyone’s cuppa. His taxi can bring you back that Y junction when you made that fateful choice.  I can’t help but think you might need some regrets in life to delve into, to get a fuller dorama experience, like what this song Happi-er by Stephanie Sun is about:


And no, I do not regret seeing your face way back when:

So many beautiful men are having birthdays on 11/13.

Happy Birthday, KT!!!

I could lie to you some of these pics were taken just a few years, not decades ago and you would believe me.

It’s also Shawn Yue and HXM’s bday!

lol when I search for some Shawn’s hotness on his bday I got lotsa Eddie alongside:

Might as well have some:


Move your eyes down herehere, have an insanely period gorgeous clothed HXM w YH, YangMi, HuGe MV:

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