Friday Pretty Post: My Cdramaland Ladies

They just get too gorgeous not to post!

Liu YiFei has been off my radar for quite some years since her breathtakingly perfect looking turns in DGSD and RoCH.  She is always very beautiful to look at in pictures but she lost every twinkle of her sparkle and beauty on the big screen and ceasing to hold my eyes on her when in character while her DNA is pure drop dead gorgeousness.  What a pity!   After the few chances I gave her I stopped to care and by my ‘luck’ she comes around to WOW me like literally bursting out of some cocoon and my eyes can not look away from her.  Every gif, every inch of her is screaming I Own this turf, commanding the camera.  She has finally found the fire and drive in her eyes I have been longing for. Pleaseeeee pick something worthy for your gorgeousness alone, as the best example goes, Maggie Cheung was a vase for a decade+ before she got it, and even closer your gen, there is Song Hye Kyo.  Why aren’t your pretty in The Crossing for one?!  Even though it is never going to be truly awesome, but as far as the most beautiful collection of stars for a popcorn epic goes, that is where you belong, and as much as I love Masami, you would totally be on the same wavelength of boundless pretty, limited acting chops with Takeshi.

Her new movie with Rain is panned by all, but all the blame is squarely on PD GXX (plz Crystal, it is one thing to be loyal, another to work with a director that has such questionable taste in leading men and… a fluke…) and Rain is just no longer a face in vogue with the CN audience.  It is squarely at my expectation, so I am satisfied with just checking out the trailer and LYF’s GORGEOUS gifs I have made a post of.   Her next meh looking romance B movie with SSH has zero chance to be anything worthwhile again,  SSH is still the most gorgeous greasy thing ever, one I am super allergic to I would put him on the moon to keep la luna pretty and far far some vacuum of interstellar space away from me.

But she has tonnes of chemistry with TangTang it is shockingly cute and lovely.  Please hardcore fangirls of LYF, send her some super good fluffy not too hardcore femflash fanfics, she is so channeling the exact allure of those irresistible handsome rich bastards of the cliched cheesy romance novels making Huang XiaoMing seething with envy of the effortless and my heart skip too many beats as a straight daima.

Tang Yan is looking FINER and fiercer too.

My heart still belongs to YangZi, she is always on my mind.  I swear I will continue my spazzing of BoC but it will break me too much…


AHHHH my DARLING XiangXiang, you just HAVE to remind me of BoC some more posting a weibo urself?!?!

10 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: My Cdramaland Ladies

  1. Ahhh LYF please finally live up to your gorgeousness so it is not wasted in this world!
    Every squee you make for Yang zi I have your back xD she is sooooo petite and cute and sweet ahhhh

    1. Exactly as you said, LYF is in the club of gorgeousness I feel silly to critique any lesser attributes because what she has face-wise, no one else working is even close.

      Yang Zi is the one I want to desperately wish she will overexpose and be everywhere and acting with everyone because she will just elevate and make the scene better, look at WH! I’ve seen peeps saying her weakness is her face is not period pretty but I keep thinking all the period idol roles Ariel, ShiShi et all has grown out of doing, YZ can ace them all. As they are remaking a LoCH soon *smh*, and lets pray yuma would be a ‘yumawho?!’ by then, I can only see YZ as a suitable Huang Rong.

  2. These are some of my fav c-actresses too.

    I wasn’t a fan of Tang Yan at first glance, but the more I see her the more beautiful she gets. I like that she tries to diversify her roles. She’s got so many different looks and has play in many different time periods, it’s crazy.

    I am certainly keeping an eye on these ladies.

    1. I actually think TangTang is underrated, she is typecast in roles most unsuitable for her which she has now mastered decently in Perfect Couple but she should fill the niche of the vavavoom kickass domineering diva like no one else can. And she can do angst very well, and much more mature roles than the idol periods can offer her even in CP3.

      But seems like her career and role choices are on an upswing, her upcoming roles are all in very decent much talked about productions.

  3. I have started to see Liu potential in the trilogy “the Four”. For the first time beauty was aloof, emotionless without being lifeless and she has chemistry with Deng Chao. The trilogy is not the greatest but I like how some characters are written grey and conflicted. Movies sure hone your craft. Liu indeed does have this mysterious beauty aura that she can pass as an ancient breathtaking lady effortlessly and on some picture she reminds me Brigitte Lin. Besides on a shallow note I see girl has got some curves (pics with white dress) !!

    1. I have not seen a min of The Four. I just can’t. I have grown to love the novel and GuLong’s talent will forever be too precious to be pooped over super tragically lousy scripting and directing.

      Funny she reminds me of Brigitte Lin mixing with a touch of Gong Li in the face with some of GongLi’s very alluring stubbornness in the eyes… but still very girlish with some untainted innocence in the mixwhich she should not take as a hindrance, gosh we have a lifetime to grow old and time never ever turns back.
      What’s new is she has grown to own bits of comehither yet ignorant of the full grasp of her ridiculous beauty (I have a feeling she knows she is gorgeous but unaware of how much more gorgeous she is to the world esp when compared to her peers) is also adding up to a lethal concoction. I would say she might be at the peak of her attractiveness lately and that’s why she should even be more keen on picking stuff worthwhile for her time (and OURS!)

  4. LYF is really really gorgeous. I used to look for her in YouTube but haven’t done it for some time.

    Another gorgeous lady for me is the actress playing Lu Zhen in the Female Prime Minister. I do not know he name yet, but i will search for it eventually.

    Thanks for your posts Mookie…

    Take care…

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