Friday Pretty Post: Amused and Bemused

This has become a crickets-chirping weed-invested place, it is unnerving… hmm weed.  I am unsure I am missing my rabid habits of drama/hotties spazzing much (sayings suchas passage of time, getting old, I know them kthxbye ).  However, I think I miss my drama pals here wherever you are, whatever you are up to, hope all is well!  Hey even if things are rockier, as things always do, I am paddling a similar boat. 🙂


Things I am watching and enjoying for various odd reasons:

Misaeng. I love it because at the end of an effective scene, another sating episode, my mind is buzzing with fuzzies,  nodding to time well spend, and always I can remove myself and rationally wow in this is a little drama too hard to come by nowadays.  It is strangely not rabid though, I did not miss sleep marathoning (snail speed at e6 and in no hurry) I know too well (and those of you who has picked up the blaring hint I am into cute ahjusshis)  I will be head over heels over LSM’s Manager Oh, but this swelling much, more by every moment?!  It is not rationally 10/10, but its flawlessness lies in being completely wart-less.  If you drink, a vice I know, it is like having the perfect amount of soju/whiskey in your system, not a drop more, nor less, sated, aware of what lovely things it is doing to your system, buzz and ahhhh~ and all the disentanglement of knots without overdoing it , no bitter aftertaste of a hangover looming.  If I have a quip, I do find the plot ordinary, as it should, so in a way it works in a layer of realism.  I spent an hour with these normal folks braving the corporate world along, like we all do, commiserate and craving the camaraderie, sometimes not, living life through their trials and tribulations as ourselves, waking up quite a few mornings first thing brainstorming the impossible feat from point A) crawling out of bed to B) presentable a professional at work before we even start clocking earning a living.  How do we do it day in day out!?  We just all do.

I have way more than I can gobble number of jdoramas I wanna watch but can’t. I do not know if I am being a masochist only enjoying the pain of the can’t haves.  I find Yutaka’s Sen Taxi worming me in after 2 eps,  the story, what it opens up on second chances, regrets piqued my interest even when not everything is clicking.

Women are….scary.

Kenga Kora is my jdorama bias of his age bracket,  平成猿蟹合戦図 is 行定勋 collaborating with 吉田修一 the writer.  The guy has the alluring mix of convincingly harmless, boyishly charming, passing just enough as an ordinary guy with one crooked seam of possibly a schizo murderer contained alright.  Here he plays a mousy scared little bartend, the most ‘wallflower’ of the bunch of eccentric characters,  freshly threatened to be dumped in Tokyo Bay by the peeps he met if not doing as she says:

Oh what is this,  I can’t see right *head tilting 15 degrees right*…

Kyon2/Kyoko Kyozumi’s Fighting Woman is staring at me in my drive.

Ayase’s Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu is giving me all the right Shoujo kicks.  After Chiaki senpai, I haz rekindled hots for TH.

SPoilers: so predictable like smelling hearing feeling the pages turn of EVERY lovely shoujo manga: Faking as married to get what he wants, to her dismay, leading to Mr hot rich bastardy CEO (erhmm) seizing the day, charming our knees crumbling with THE smile at her (but to US).  Then they watch SUNSET TOGETHER, of course, after which he lost his keys when she has to hurry back to town!!!!  How perfectly shoujo rl dramatized can it be more?!

Watching Shinya Shokudo 3 religiously in batches too late at night, to torture myself with the squeeworthy human temperature and weird food p0rn.

Pickled ginger tempura 

WTH is this. Never in a million years would concoct the need to have this,  but suddenly swelling up with ogle and craving.

I wish I can watch Sorry Youth! too just to pat myself I have Free!Time! to nostalgically fangirl Ryo.   And it looks so up my squeeing lungs’ alley.

Oddly I have lost the urge to even check out Itakiss2. If it is awesome, I do not have the time to go rabidly cuckoo loving it (or the other end I am so frightened of, dissing it and stabbing my heart).  From what little I’ve seen in gifs it is harmless and nuanced-ly cute enough, but enough might not be worthwhile. I will watch it some time, when I can risk my sanity.

I stuck with an entire ep of Valid Love because I can not stop myself from getting an UTW drama fix when available, my very adoring soft spot for the ahjusshi.  It is written by MNIKSS’ writer Kim making this a must-try.  I did not love it, this echoes back too much of Me 2 Flowers not hooking me instantaneously, not enough pinging back to MNIKSS and WUF.  I trust writernim has an outline in mind but fail to clearly laying it out in the first episode to draw the audience in immediately, distracted by flourishes to paint the character too heavyhanded impatiently.   I am allergic, shallowly, to the above my threshold plastic on LSY’s face which I can’t help but interpret it as trying too hard being too aware of the ‘effort’ by her (or her surgeons).  She is decently talented, better than the usual suspects of opting ‘career advancements’ with surgeries. As with too much PS, face looks like painted, stretched skin on a cyborg, ageless but waxy…not selling me the naivete of true highschool kid.  I can wade through her ‘work’ conjuring her character as being a quirky alien a la perfect for an unaware young Faye Wong circa ChungKing Express or closer to home a Lim JuEun in Hon pops in my head replacing the face of LSY, as is a young Nam SangMi in She’s on Duty, or hey Kim OkBin retrieving some of her Dasepo Naughty Girl spunk.   Right now, I am holding on by Uhmforce’s narration, dripping honey to my ears, a nice cat’s meoowwww…and I am nosy enough to want to find out how the OTP work out…then not, then back tog?!

How do you ‘validate’ infidelity against this wholesomeness?!

With this?!

I need LOTS more convincing.

情定三生:  The writing is CRAP the art direction is Cdrama gaudy fluorescent diarrhea and I can’t take my eyes off because there is this very fetching new unknown guy2.  Yang Rong is the heroine leading a drama for once instead of playing sideb*tches in a yuma. Her character construct has me spitting blood nonetheless but she is soooo sweetly pretty like straight off those dogblood cn novellas and talented enough I can’t hate, a great job even in crap!  Anything other than yuma.

This is NOT A REC.  This is fried snickers kind of guilty pleasure for staring at some pretty ppl with half an eye, angsting for the sake of silliest Angst!,  just so happens I am in the mood for.  To its merit, in the gene pool of junk Cdrama, this has a fast moving pace, the cliched stupid arcs were breezed over without repeated insults.  The original chicklit is 天知恋 (nothing is telling me it’s not a complete waste of time reading), blatantly taking a character each of the OTP sticking it with 恋/LOVE at the end but the drama has an entirely different bias 30 out of the 40 eps, no one watching cares about the Guy1, absent often.

I know nothing about 朱一龙 the actor prior, but I see the sparkles of a young Tony Leung if in a CN trashy chicklit manguo romance way more than the widely regarded TL facetwin ZaiZai, it’s how effectively this young hottie uses his eyes to burn up the screen with emotions:

He’ll be popping up in things you will take notice soon: 新萧十一郎 and Sun Li’s very hyped 芈月传.  I think he is a timely substitute for Chen Xiao in my heart,  with similar fire and flair.

Have an MV of 朱一龙 :

He is not yet a bias, one swoony character is not enough. I don’t find him as good looking and commanding leading man material outside of the manguo turn of last century aesthetics.

Speaking of SunLi,  I hate what I saw of the Mi Yue Zhuan stills, :/  PD Zheng is now overrated imo after I dropped the disappointing Red Sorghum.  It still amazes me gorg fanart of HuanHuan is meticulously done by illustrator @陈柏言:

You’ve got to take a look at 新萧十一郎/New Legend Xiao Shi Yi Lang

Yan (Yi )Kuan back to top shape too handsome even for a demanding fictional wuxia wetdream.  Usually I cringe and try not to have a mouthful to spit out before checking out who’s the misfit casting yet again ruining another precious wuxia, even the novellas/characters I do not truly love r still too holy for you moronic drama trolls to touch so WHERE is this miracle coming from?!  Hallelujah!!!! I feel sooo beyond blessed just with a few stills I have been droolzing at last few days, and to push my luck: yumadiahfplzzz.

Nowadays, there can not be a Gu Long adapt without questionable man-perms, like Samson and his mane of strength we have GL wuxia hero and his bottled up trauma/ANGST, I do not know why, I did not catch whiff of GuLong having a fetish on big curls, big boo…ze yes, but crowning it on someone with soo much pretty going on facewise…..what hair where?!  PD 鞠觉亮 is at it yet again stinking up when I was sure he had enough flops, the last straw being the most terrible ‘DGSD’ to cancel any worth with the moneybackers, alas, I am wrong.  This is safe bet dung but too gorgeous to look away on YYK alone,  the exact visual of the womanizing perv with a wuxia heart typical GL alpha male prototype GL can cheer to in his grave, bonus: guy 2 is my new fancy 朱一龙



…from his Boston travelogue with Ye ZuXin I have watched a few times already:

*😍*   He can converse fluently in english! It is clear now I can make him accept my love confession, a million words of it, all laid out in my head for last 5, 6 years better than my mando.

A ball of fun, typical Loverboy, nailing his job promoting Boston, cracking a dirty joke at cutiepie Prince10 Ye ZX for dropping his pants first before his top in the changing room (he peeked) trying out the 3D body scanning for their dapper tailored suits when Ye jokes back he gets excited taking clothes off (lol) immediately YH smirks he himself gets excited only when he takes somebody else’s clothes off.  Tsktsktsk. 

But Bro10 cuts him back a slashy stab when picking out lobsters later on.  YH keeps picking male lobsters ‘oh he likes boys only!’ quips 10.  muahahaha

I haven’t seen his CN Running Man ep last night, but anyone betting against me he was awesome and handsome and bromantic with all the boys in it?!  ANYONE?!?! kekeke

More commendable material, I am watching 英雄曹操 veryyyy slowly,  fine serious C period.  PD胡玫( the lady I am eternally grateful for 雍正王朝,喬家大宅, myfavs) at the helm, stubbornly picking the less crowd popular 赵立新 than going with 陳建斌 reprising CaoCao and I am licking my screen fangirling and in utter gratitude as a result of her backbone:

Have its theme song MV:

Have a 3 kingdom fancast MV that is perfection, JohnWoo, shame on you:

I am also tediously watching 49 Days 49日.祭 .  It is not as sharp as I hoped writing wise,  the characters are thinned down palatable for SARFT standards methinks, making them less powerful in the storytelling.  Still,  it is devastatingly gut wrenching, terrifically acting by SongJia and Zhang JiaYi, horrible to stomach at end of day.  Today marks the 77 anniversary of Nanking Massacre. RIP Dear Souls

No one is seriously watching Condorhobos and meat buns for freak sakes righttttt?! Good.

All the other ladies are much more pleasing to eyes as we expected and more importantly carrying themselves convincingly in their wuxia dance, thanks to the darlings taking one for the team, gifting us these gifs of the better scenes already.  Above is Huang Rong in her usual disguise flirting and stripping Li Mochou when they first met.  At least it is within the confines of characters constructed by Louis Cha.  The verdict seems to be anything NOT YG and XLN related, and adhering to canon, passable.  Everything else, all from the farting arse of yuma…blood spitting brainhurt worst than Swordsman of the highest order.  We have an apropos gif capturing the gist:

Thus we need this:

I have not even properly watched RoCH95 because my opinion of Louis Koo and Carmen Li are not impressive enough in acting chops to carry the roles, but of course everything smells like freshest roses now.   I am tempted.

From the early scenes of CX I regretably saw in the spamming gifs,  he is as horribly off as Yang Guo,  as our fear was, he is channeling so much sleaze and cunning of a young WXB stabbed less because MC is worse in motion as the sickest joke of a wuxia heroine actress EVER.  She will go down drama history book for this role.  We know her stills all along are airbrushed, but it still hits me hard it was by this much:

Even if one can turn a blind eye at the face vicinity, her whole mannerism, physique is abominably wrong for acting in a period.  Period.  To make matters worse, she puts it out there snerking y can’t a XLN be like a bigsis next door cute…well,  it is not everyone who’s living next door to the Ancient Tomb of ‘living dead’,  ma’am.  Think of the ominous feng shui for one.  Bless her heart.  I am not sure if she thinks it is cute roasting herself, but she started the topic: #绝色女子陈妍希# /Drop Dead Gorgeous Lady MC.

What the fork is this, should I insert one in her face or head or my eyes?!

Miss Chen, even as physically perfect for the role as LYF, who is still dissed to this day not capable of the emotional heft of a XLN, she did put in hard work, clearly taking joy in mastering the physical moves at least:

I also need this gif for past goodwill on CX, who WAS, used to be, my choice for a suitable YG.  Why was I so terribly silly having ANY faith whatsoever with peeps willingly happily signing under yuma’s management.  Lesigh.

Thing is, why cant we have authentically pretty for the period when amateurs randomly popping up cosplaying at weibo can nail it with I am sure peanuts in the scope of a drama’s budget?!

Wouldn’t this be lovely and tasteful on Huang Rong even though this is more Ming homage,  so very flashy still for showing off the color saturation of fancy TVs?!

I need a LYF fanvid break for my eyes:

TongHua’s DMY finished its run without fanfare, other than diehards for the actors involved, no one gave a bother.  TH is asking for more shaming,  this time trying her hands at making up her own idol C fantasy ‘manguo’ marysue crudely inserting tiresome slash not even amusing Bosco nor me.  Good luck getting by SARFT.

But Bosco is looking finnnneeee still in cheap looking fug.

This is passable primary color splashes in mangas and animes only and all the embellishments look so tacky.   What a waste of his face, made for all those naughty ebil rich bastards in idol fare?!

Zheng Shuang too is looking prettier face-wise after her disastrous plastic surgery.  I do love this outfit on her.  Joe Chen, though young for her age, is just never cut out to be idol-pretty the reigning marysue a whole military academy of hotties fighting over for, sorry and her costumes look like flight attendant garb sold at dollar halloween store so…yeah, I used up all my quota of mehhhh on MC alone.   Shoujo manga is also sacred to me so for anyone making a half assed cheap spoof of it is dead. I’d rather read a good comic book.

There is a Detective Bao ManHwa in French out there that is kickass.

Phew, can I post some more YH?!   YES I CAN.  He’s snapped by his costar Miss Zhang, saying out loud what’s on the mind of a lot of fangirls he has a resemblance to Chow YunFat.  I see a little in this side pic for the first time.

He has coined a new nick for himself, Prince of Third Ring lol, boasting he has finally moved up the ranks now working within the third ring road of Beijing.  You do not even get this kind of precise navigation on googlemaps.

He is working on the set of his Nth new role YET TO BE SEEN (COME ON NOW SARFT!!!) as a mysterious janitor of a hospital.  He has deliberately leaked out his location, almost begging for fans to visit him and make him smile and be gorgeous.  He has also shamelessly weibo’d his dream the other night of his wedding day but crying and whining to the world waking up just when he was about to consummate the marriage.  lol somebody, anybody do something about the poor desperate single guy.


PS:  I swear I will get back on my BoC spazz next weekend.  Sorry for keeping those of you waiting and losing hope someone will finish the sub-less gem.

In the mean time enjoy the weekend!

57 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: Amused and Bemused

  1. Been stopping by your blog occasionally for a while now, but this is my first post here, so hello! Love that you put a Nodame Cantabile gif at the top, and hot damn, Tamaki Hiroshi is the sexiest thing in Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu (but I’m biased like that, heh). I love that segment too where she pretended to be his wife, one of the best scenes in the drama.

    Heard Yutaka’s Taxi drama is getting good, I should really get round to it.

    LOL at the 2014 Condor Heroes travesty, it’s a wonder yuma isn’t banned from making dramas.

    1. Hello~!

      That was one of my flailing moment in NC: Chiaki cant help smiling, so loving spoiling his Nodame… up there in my fav OTP hugs! I do not love NC as a drama as much as the world but this pairing = Magical!

      My hook w KwKY up to e4 was actually because i see both guys being equally viable suitors which makes the shoujo fantasy convincing. Of coz after 5, TH puts on his A charming game and no one can think straight fr then on!

      Taxi has a slow e1, i almost dropped it, but it grows on me. Jdorama is my go-to comfort, less investment time-wise, less expectation… and even when it is underwhelming it rarely gets into mindboggling frustrating territory.

      I sincerely hope QY Auntie can win her lawsuit… but even not, there was still the wind of bribing SARFT workers to get his eyesores out and given the ironfist on issue, that should do it!

      1. Heh, agree the Tamaki-Ueno pairing is magical! I still can’t get enough of NC, one of my go-to dramas for a Tamaki fix, heh. Was hooked on hot CEO from episode 1, but sadly Kaisha doesn’t know how to make use of hot CEO – it’s criminal how limited his screentime is (again, I may be biased, but Fukushi is really not doing it for me).

        Agree about J-dramas being less mind-boggling, I like the shorter format, allows for some succinct storytelling.

        Not sure if QY is fighting a lost cause, since yuma just seems to get away with all this crap!

        1. I was actually a naysayer coz i thot i would love Ayase rekindling her pairing w Buchou~ /Fujiki Naohito much more than anything else and the play on similar yet diff characters and dynamics would be so much fun to play on the nostalgia and new sparks and i always more the shipper of whomever heroine wants and Sota is fine as the too gd to be true young meat…but TH did me in good! I dropped loveshuffle when it was airing but now i might find time to bask in more TH love, worthy huh ?!

          1. Yes, would totally recommend Love Shuffle! Tamaki was too thin then, but the drama is such good fun! Admittedly, it took me the second attempt to fall in love with it, but I can’t recommend it enough now, the chemistry and camaraderie between the actors/characters were fantastic. I ended up quite liking Matsuda Shota and went to watch him in Liar Game, where he was fantastic.

            I liked Ayase and Fujiki together, but preferably in a new project (aka, no more Hotaru). But Ayase and Tamaki have proven chemistry, they’ve collaborated in a few dramas/films, most recently Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi (which I totally recommend!) before Kaisha, so I knew I’d ship them for Kaisha although Yu and Hanae won’t be end game in there.

            1. Oh ShotaShotaShota, i watched so much blergh for him solely. He actually is too posing one note in everything for my taste acting wise, but i just can watch him. I had a lovehate whirlwind w LiarGame, frentically rabid till e5/6 then it fizzled to utter boredom, finale put me to sleep, twice.

              DeerMan did not grab me by e1, so i see nth of Ayase+TH b4 KwKY, but now of coz i should watch it too huh?! i just thot i would give LoveShuffle another chance, it did not bug me, lol tbvh TH is too gaunt to get my hormones out of control, i fell for his pretty in WaterBoys, u know….hahaha.

              1. I think Shota’s best role (for me, that is) is Akiyama in Liar Game, although he was good in Love Shuffle too. I sat through the entire Liar Game franchise cuz I liked the Akiyama-Nao tandem a lot. Haven’t particularly liked him in anything else, sadly.

                Haha, I thought Tamaki was really hot in Nodame Cantabile, all those white shirts! (*fans self*) . He was a total sweetheart in Kekkon Shinai and now the hot, smexy CEO, wahhh. I do hope you give Love Shuffle another chance and enjoy it!

                Shikaotoko is slow in the first couple of eps, but if you do persevere, it’s a great drama. I thought everything tied in brilliantly, and it had a wonderful mix of history, mythology, folkore and modern-day events that hit all my sweet spots. Tamaki was, of course, brilliant (hehe), and I much preferred Ayase in Shikaotoko than in Kaisha.

                1. I find his preening ‘I’m too smexy for my role’ least interfering Don Quixote, silly lil drama I know.

                  I was swearing like a rebel against shoujo rule NOT to fall so easily for smexy CEO, alas, why fight with being at the wading pool for droolz where I belong?!?!

                  1. Yes, join the CEO droolz pool XD Tamaki is irresistible as Yu.

                    Was Don Quixote good? I haven’t felt like watching any of Shota’s stuff after Liar Game.

  2. AaaaaaAaaaaaaaaAaaah Mookie gege I am sosososososOoooo happy to see. You again ! Dima ? Where were you ? How are you doing ? I guess I getting old also because absolutely no drama “namelykdrama” does it for me now. I want my Yuanni darling and Jiang xin drama now even though theshow is filled with flying monkey 😦 . So nowaday. I am watching the cdrama wrong bridal sedan and right groom drama with the ever underrated Nie Yuan andthe adorable HuanYi before she went all plastic. I love this drama so muchand find cute

    1. Hugs Dearrrrr! Argh i want to see HXY sooooo bad! It has all the workings of great storytelling if they stick close enough to Tang7’s imaginative prose! Flying monkeys fugly costumes or even faces r so beside the point if the writing is present. I can bend sooooo much for my biases

      That was a lovely oldie i saw a few eps of too! I dun agree NY is underrated though, he landed himself a leading role in a LC then the adonis of knight on white horse 趙云 in 3 Kingdom… opportunities , he had them and i would frankly say he did not make the most out of. It is a harsh, competitive biz, i think he is at the spot he is rightfully atvm.

      For rekindling oldies i am watching an ep of 少年天子 here and there just on ALL the very pleasant natural faces on the ladies and nothing scorching my eyes harmonious beauty in art direction alone. I blame it on diahfyuma popularizing clashing of every fluorescent only alright for highlighters on each and every outfit/screen, so v wtf!

  3. Miss you too *hug*
    It’s wonderful to see you again with lots of loverboy pictures. He looks fine and there is a lot of sparkles in his eyes. Maybe he’s in love? :)))
    Lately i have seen some comments about him being gay like Ray Ma since there’s no evidence that he had had a girlfriend for years.

    1. xoxo!
      Seriously if i can wish for one thing fr Santa plzplzplz let loverboy find the One! I doubt he has time though. He has been working nonstop.

      Lol he is notty and never filters out his dirty pranks w words and loves hanging out with his bros, and so simple casual fans spin things out of proportions based on a few words for fun here and there. He has always been shamelessly bromantic w all his guy friends since day1 in his blog before weibo, if he’s gay, he has always been then, the fact he hasnt openly had a gf is such a joke of logic!fail… when has he openly dated anyone?! HuGe?! Muahaha. I love his sweetest closest friendship w Ray atvm, if they really have eyes for each other, I’ll weep in so much happy! 😀

      1. Yay Finally a new entry!! Apart from Ray Ma, recently YH has been flirting shamelessly with Eddie Peng too! They could make a cute couple but I wouldn’t bet on them though since EP was previosly linked with a number of girls romantically…so go Ray! :))) jokes aside, hope YH will find his special someone real soon!

        1. Nothing new lol he went to Kenting to visit Eddie long ago. And how come i just read fresh in tabloids EP hasnt had much dating rumors w the ladies ever coz he’s ‘afraid’ oor whatever XD

          1. YH was so cute when he called EP ‘my Yan Yan’ in a recent weibo entry…and he even went to the cinema to see EP’s new movie…how sweet was that?!! I thought the tabloid said EP dated a Taiwanese actress before?…anyway who cares, I adore my sunshine boy EP but I wouldn’t mind if he finds happiness with Hong Hong :))))

  4. Like you I feel that YH and HG are not as close as before. Have you checked some epi of Da mo yao and nazo no tenkousei ?
    maybe I should try misaeng

    1. Nah never in a million yrs willi watch DMY, i am for banning it actually. HG never got me head o heels w his acting even in his better dramas (like 49days for one)

      Try Misaeng! It is not exactly addictive but i dare u to find a rant! 😉

  5. Hey, where did you disappear to? Busy? I’ve missed your spazzy posts. 🙂

    As dramas go, I seem to be getting grumpier and harder to please each year. Couple of weeks back I took a look at what I’d actually managed to watch this year and it wasn’t much of a surprise how short that list was. Sigh. On the positive side, some of those I DID watch ended up being top notch and with Misaeng the year looks like ending on a pleasant note.

    Skimmed through the first two episodes of Valid Love and…. no, just no. Still waiting for a new UTW drama to watch and love. 😦

    I’ve been on the lookout for a jdrama to grab my interest but so far haven’t lucked out. People seem to like Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu but unfortunaltely shoujo just ain’t my thing. I’m really craving for a good slice-of-life but Japan doesn’t seem to make those any more and even when there is one, it usually won’t get subbed.

    Loverboy is looking good. He has SUCH pretty eyes. XD

    1. Chingu! Long story short i should relocate but i do not want to leave my job and start afresh, long distance is :/.

      I hate it when say some physical attributes (plastic surgeries) and lesser lapses in writing/directing become more and more THE deciding factor i can not stand a drama, i have so many little rants w Valid Love when i can rationally see the merits in the writing seiving through and bottomline just wanna enjoy UTW smiles and cutely in love! Imo the writer demands too much from her leading actresses handling her brash heroines and in my honest opinion no one had the spot on tapping into the potential in the writing and taking her script so very literally face value is not the way, even Kim SunAh,GHJ were overkilling their characters when my visions, stripped down, should be handled with all internalized nuances instead of playing up the physical comedy, let alone much lesser v plastic actresses in LJA and now LSY. Real oddballs r never so desperate pronouncing out their eccentricities, if they r as aware, they r not genuinely weird. LSY also is leaning too much on the cutesy to portray the verve/charm of heroine which is actually making her character more coquettish than i suspect is the intention making her falling for the men off in being organic, which really make or break the deal. It is never sitting well when i have to desperately find means myself to tolerate, thinking up alterna-casting. Not to be too biased an obsessed fan of Yumi, but she can contribute much more in this role.

      1. Bummer. Relocating can be a pain, especially if you are happy where you are.

        I didn’t particularly care for MNIKSS but at least I finished it. I haven’t been able to get through any other of this writer-nims works I tried, so I did not have big expectations about Valid Love either. There’s something about her characters that just rub me the wrong way.

        Quirky/oddball is hard to do well and there aren’t that many who can pull it of as effortlessly as Yumi. She’s a gem.

        1. I loved MNIKSS more for that hotchpotch of all the right chemistry of everything involved, it was a pioneer and in hindsight I loved the PD more than anything else. There are elements the writer I absolutely adore, but it was never the characterization tbh. It was exactly how a scene DoL pay homage to the scene that was my hook first thing in MNIKSS, that of the OTP met again in DoL versus how the first meeting of the MNIKSS OTP, not KSA’s Samsoon, never HB’s Samshik… of course I am shallow and ‘warm up’ to the pretty that is HB, but I admit to it shamelssly LOL

          What rubs me wrong when technically sound actors handle characters that give them ‘lots’ to play with like these out there oddballs are they get so showy with it, when it is doing the character a disservice, almost like they are judging the oddness of the character intrinsically, emphasizing the anomalous is so against the grain if these characters should heck care, I feel like.

      1. Hmmm… forgot all about that. Maybe I should take a peek and see what I make of it. I haven’t watched the first 2 seasons either. Should I? Provided I can still get hold of ’em.

  6. watched 情定三生…. so much OTP…….SOOO MUCH
    the costumes were crap
    the storyline was crap
    but hey i have to admit it was fast paced
    and sooo much OTP……that kept me interested for a while lol, i ship 迟夏,夏雪,and the secondary female character and her “cousin”……..kinda amazing how just simply good acting can provide so much OTP
    the male lead was just…..let’s not even go there….his most attractive moment in the drama was probably when he coupled up with ZYL in the final couple of eps

    1. oh and i watched RM for 袁弘, the first part of the ep was funnnyyyy, but the second part (name-tag-ripping part) wasn’t really that interesting mostly because the team YH was in was wayy too weak…and also he got eliminated early on….so in the end they ended up having to give YH’s team more chances to win lol…which kinda made the game a bit boring and predictive

      1. This is the first full ep i sat through sooooo tedious even w my imaginary hubby, CN RM is so v meh. The fun is in being convinced even too aware of the scripting and things r ‘genuine’ in the original, not here, not even trying. They have a decent bunch of affable funny derps in the mix but not gelling. I hate to blame it on AB but i dun buy whatever charisma she is trying to sell too hard. DC is also underwhelming. That said Loverboy still is a joy on varieties… i cant imagine how tedious this show is w lesser guests.

    2. Gosh hi5! Soooooo I wasnt completely delusional huh!? Admittedly i watched this as bkgd noise but i was so confused w the whole ‘OTP’ situation, scratching head did I miss chunks of eps? i always ship whomever the heroine wants IF i even stick by canon (and canon should still be Guy1 w 知夏rt?) i am sure all of us wanna shake YangRong lotsa sense every scene she shares w 朱一龍 or just have her borrow my eyeballs! It is so ‘interesting’ to see no attempt in the script whatsoever to give us some sentiments on guy1, aside fr he is not the same league of pretty imo (iz v shallow u know) he must be rocking some boats the type for some, so for his character to be so shortended episodes on end without a scene?! last i saw was Clothing the World and what TR did to Loverboy’s guy1.

      I am so impressed with the acting really, i like YR always but i underestimated how persuasive she can be, her character, in less capable hands of say the still pretty Ruby would be unbearable. YR inserted humanity to anoften mental and other times lobotomised marysue cutout. I have a turn around w 張萌. Ive actually seen her in many things since a lil HK slapstick movie 神经俠侣, last saw her in a WH detective thingy and all i rem was i can see the tweaks on face (lesigh yyy) and she is not talented enough for me to tolerate the plastic, so for her to overcome my prejudice, bravo!

      Thus i am rewatching 少年天子, compared to what we have suffered the decade since… sooooo freaken good! Just on the so young so effortless pretty faces on 郝蕾,霍思燕,and of course YangRong and all of them can act! And fit their roles! ! ! And costumes, lines, everything so pleasant not one insult to sensibilities, even when deviating fr history records, the historical figures stayed true to form enough ie Impossible a feat nowadays. What a surprising treat.

      1. tbh i liked 张萌 in the drama the most
        first of all i liked her character, her character is very straightforward and doesn’t mess with multiple guy’s feelings when she doesn’t love them unlike most female characters in dramas do. and second of all she knows what’s going on in her husband’s business and all that, and she might try to screw the other concubine over but she knows when to stop and protect the entire family.
        and then her acting in the last couple of episodes was great…really great….there was a scene when she was actually yelling at 知夏 abt her mary-sue and lol it was kind of interesting to watch. if u haven’t watched the last 5 eps i don’t wanna spoil it for u, but her acting was really great there.
        lol the ships
        the canons (imo based off onscreen chemistry) should have been: 迟瑞x知夏,凌雪x表哥,摩达x卓尔,向天x他义父 lololololollolol

        1. Lol but isnt canon what’s black and white intention in writing?! It is like the script has a crude one line of 夏 stockholm syndrome ons w 天,THEN sets mind on being the virtuous Marysue… then 朱一龍 charmed the socks off all the writers and pds to just let him adlib his thing and SWOON! Imma not sure about 雪x表哥,really?!?! Lol and what happens to the obvious 向天x摩达?

          1. lol OTPs everywhere. every character has at least like 2 OTPs
            yep 雪x表哥 was interesting to watch tho lol, their scenes are kind of scattered everywhere but they pulled it off with good acting
            the pds didn’t give 天x夏 good lines, i think they were the only canon that didn’t really have good OTP-strength. or mostly because 向天 became shitty in the end.
            lol nah i prefer 向天x义父 b/c 相爱相杀 lolololololololol

            1. lol but 表哥 is a facetwin of Jordan Chan not my cuppa, I only find my Obviously Evil Perv entertaining when they r PRETTy XDDD I mean I have watched the CX’s Shitty Hunter cut and the 表哥actor, to his merit he is good, did less than CX can do in same old trashy cn romance tropes in minutes, e5 mark no?! kekeke


              向天 the character had an uphill battle being the token Knight in sour armor and you can’t be a murderer and do shady things just because u have the hero halo/shield. but again my wading pool super shallow bottomline is when pitched against sucha perfect clear stream in the crap Guy2, just be prettier, but we weren’t served that even. C’est la vie in a trashy cn soap!!

              If 义父 looks like say pretty uncle 謝君豪, YES plz!!! As is, he is too much squalor landlord fr StephenChow’s KungFu.

              1. lol yea he face twins with jordan chan lol but i just simply like 凌雪 too much that i start to appreciate their interactions too
                向天 ruined it in like the 3rd ep where he robbed 知夏’s dad…like who in their right and heroic mind would rob an innocent doctor???
                i also enjoyed the dynamic changes that occurred in the characters, despite the fact that 向天 is annoying as eff, it was interesting to see him transition into this selfish character while 迟瑞 does the opposite. 表哥 also changed during the course of the drama too.
                the 2 female characters however i think haven’t changed that much. 知夏 was true to her mary-sue-ness all the way and 凌雪 loved 迟瑞 and protected him the whole time too

                1. That’s why I don’t get why the heroine love the bandit. I get it if he’s like robin hood, rob from the rich and give to the poor. But his clan was robbing and killing innocent people!! Like you say, the doctor supplies, and again robbing the train and blowing it up scene. The character was a hypocrite to begin with.

                  Yang Rong being a mary-sue was true, however, she’s a spunky mary-sue. Sure she’s a damsel, but dang, get her mad and she’ll choke you and stab you…LOL. For instance, she choked, stabbed, and slapped him how many times? Also, didn’t she threaten the antagonist after her father died?

                  1. lol im not saying that staying true to mary-sue was a bad thing, if it wasn’t for the fact that she was mary-sue, 凌雪 would have died like after 10 eps lol. and would have probably never recovered from her opium addiction
                    DOES ANYONE SHARE MY LOVE FOR 凌雪 and their lesbian-esque ship??? no??? no one??? dang everyone is blinded by ZYL’s beauty lol

                    1. Erm I am not there yet but drug addictn and medicine marysue woman TLC healing bff is so my thing.

                      Hey i ♥ 夏x雪, she pushed marysue fr the brothel firepit and STAYED for her, bff didn’t just be a b8tch coz of her, she was (can’t put it delicately) willing to be a whore in marysue’s place. As a very virtuous simpleton myself trololo when had i said a kind word on the turn dark bffb8tches!? But of coz She did some selfish mustdo gal2 duties too.

                      And Summer the marysue is already the lesser buggy kind, she had functional IQ all along, didnt ‘innocently’ lead shiz on be it the usual hordes of misunderstanding angst nor misplaced affections and stuff. At least JordanC jr didnt fall for her too, nor did baddieDaddyDearest. But thing is she is oblivious to her halo, Grandmama is supposed to be the cipher making boulders fall on OTP (lol but it’s the guy2ship lol) yet i find her VERY understanding and lenient already given the sticky situations. Even tho our marysue didnt whine and go all woe is me the writing did try to paint her more saintly because she persevere…what exactly?! Her own audacity giving birth to a bastard under that roof!? There r easy way out like coo 迟 to let her give birth safely in care of her adoptedDad… etcetcetc.

                      Lol y r we discussing details of oh impt plots v v impt plot in such a thing?!

                      But yeah just wanna inject 張萌 gave the typical bffturnsb8tchy flesh and blood w such verve poured into it, all the char really, i think key being the material was perhaps less silly than what they/we r used too already and they had a gd read believing in their thots and actions w/o snarky judgment.

  7. Mookie,
    LOL. I remembered you saying you didn’t like these kind of psychotic angst in a series and that you’ve read about this series but decided to stay about from it. What made you change your mind to give it a try? Just out of curiousity… 😀

    1. 情定三生 right?! LOL, u dun know me??!??!?! *sadface*

      I always go craycray watching stupid things, shamelessly admitting it, Perfect Couple anyone?!?!

      The only mookie’s law is the ratio of PRETTY>>>>>>stench. Yeah, if you have 40 eps of YH and WH and HG and and Ray Ma and Bosco and CX wrestling nikkid in a pile of dung, no script whatsoever I WILL WATCH and learn to properly make gifs.

      to 情定三生’s defense though this is not outlandishly psychotic in its genre, it does slid over the more headdesky plots already and there are plenty good acting to nod to, honest. Only actor failing to impress me is Purba Rgyal as the titular hero, yes he is not dealt a fair stack of cards but really everyone else elevated this crap except him.

      1. Hehehe…I could have guess you saw Zhu Yilong somehow, so he drawn you to the drama. Did you see him in the trailer or the mv?

        I’ve read that many Purba’s scenes were cut, so yes it was unfair. But I agreed that he’s not really good for the role, or a good of an actor in general (imo).

        1. Draw wasnt Zhu Yilong at all, i wanna see Yang Rong as leading lady in a trashy romance lol i think her petite sweet beauty is made for such heroines.

          Rationally, he has a bit of resemblance to CX and a prettier Moses Chan… his built is too scrawny though to have leading man presence

          1. OMG….please NOO….a prettier Moses Chan? Just No…LOL. I don’t know why I can’t get into CX. He is somewhat cute, but not fulfilling (gosh, don’t know if you get my drift). His acting to me is mediocre. His Yang Guo is terrible, sorry to say 😦

            1. Lol omgnoo on ZYL or MosesC?!

              i thought they share v similar face/bone structure, just ZYL has prettier eyes and a less disproportionate extended jawline

              CX cant do everything but playing the boyish baddie w brooding crazy fire in eyes?! he is the best out there. Yes gosh he is horrible as YG no hint of making of any heroism at all in his aura but his Lin PingZi was perfection more than char deserved ever, the only worthy thing fr yuma last 5 yrs.

              1. JUST NOOOOOOOOO….stop ruining it for me mookie!!! I REFUSED to accept ZYL looking even the slight to MC…ew..ew…ew!!! LMAO.

                Okay, that’s it for me.
                Good night mookie.

        1. Nah. JoeChen is not remotely my kinda pretty enough for idoldrama marysues as ive said. Bosco alone is not enough for me to ignore the fugly costumes, insulting to history premise and my allergy to TH. I used to like 賈乃亮 in one thing, 生死橋,i find him lacking the chic screen presence to be any charismatic irresistable idoldrama hero, he is a decent actor, but his rl rube is always present.

  8. the other comment thread got too long i couldn’t reply to it so i’ll just start another thread here
    looooollll mookie u gotta watch the last like 4 eps sooooooooo much action going onnnnnnnn hurry hurr hurr
    and also 雪xher cousin probably had the most explicit scene out of the entire drama (not very explicit imo) and i LOLed so hard because i can’t believe that the most explicit scene is with….this OTP…..
    kay lets be fair here, 知夏’s mary-sue isn’t that marysue compared to PLENTY of other dramas, it’s just that especially when she’s compared to other very realistic characters such as 凌雪 and 蔷薇, she seems to have a halo…
    hm i don’t wanna spoil it for u but the lesbian relationship for 夏雪 is the true OTP in this drama hurr durr bite me ZYLxYR fans hurr durr

  9. LOL…you girls are so funny. Half of the time I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Just had to analyze your choice of cryptic choice of words…LOL.

    Anywho, speaking of ZYL’s beauty. Check this out. He just finished filming the new Xiaoshililang.

    Not bad eh?? Kekekee….

    1. I liked him more without bangs, basically I only like his looks in 情定三生, this reminds me too much of CX in Condorhobos…and that’s never a good thing atvm…lesigh.

      BUT his voice is very very very nommy, line reading is swoonworthy adding tonnes of marks. Anything from the young thing worthy of a look?!

      1. LOL….I think he looks tonsssss better than CX’s Yang Guo. I know he doesn’t look as good in ancient garb, but still adorb in my eyes 😀

        He is NO Moses alright?!?! Can’t comprehend the comparison. Just Ewwwwwww….lahlalalaha. I’m not listening…lalalala. LOL.

  10. The only thing I watched recently was 5 eps of Cantabile Tomorrow. The main character is OTT but less so than in the manga/anime/jdrama form what I heard and I find her quite charming. Joo Won is not making me hormonal like he usually does but he’s serviceable and OTP has chemistry so all’s well in that department. The first episode hit me so hard, I was amazed because it’s been a long time I’ve liked a kdrama. But the whole thing of finding passion/love in what you’re doing and straying off the beaten path in doing so (and the way all of that connects to love) really hit me hard so I was hooked. However, as the episodes wore on, I found myself growing slightly bored. The understated charm of first ep has been replaced with orchestra shenanigans and I cannot bring myself to like any of the side characters. I feel like that’s the one thing I might have enjoyed more in jdrama/anime version — the side characters would truly be quirky and charming instead of whatever pretty face idol/kactor they brought on who demands screen time to do his product placement like in the kdrama version. I might still stick with it because I love the OTP too much but yeah…

    I heard good things about Misaeng but as soon as I found it’s an office/corporate drama I lost interest. I’m super allergic to work place drama/romance/politics.

    If you are not going to flail about ItaKiss 2 and lure me into watching, who will then?!

    1. I do not think NC is magical in any reiteration, it’s good with typical tropes but overrated imo. Checked out the jdrama back then because I thought Nodame was almost impossible to not go banshee annoying in live action but Ueto did a surprisingly fantastic job with it, perfect chem w Chiaki too, not too piling on the romance is spot on. I mean I have read my shonen mangas pumping up my heart with magic of teamwork in different settings, I do not need it be an orchestra, Slamdunk did a better job selling me some hotblood w bball which with my hands of shorties I can’t even hold, let alone dunk.

      Never gonna touch CT, I am allergic to JW, very. *hide* and seems like my hunch with kdrama adapt always too keen in the romance dept is somewhat true but not sth I care for in this story.

      Yeah, I am not big on serious office drama dynamics myself, but as with how kdrama tends to tackle genre/procedural, it is not egregiously overwhelming adhering to fleshing every detail of the corporate world still, it is just that there are no blatant warts while they do their thing….which is at the core intense sentimental love affair of the audience with these little people. I have the hots for the ahjusshi, lol, that was my draw but drama is truly good. This can be a baseball drama (bottom of things I bat a lash for) and I think I’ll still enjoy what is precious about it.

      I was waiting for you and everyone else to lure me in with Itakiss2!!! just so not in the mood for saccharine fluff.

  11. Isn’t Mr. Loverboy something else!? I had high hopes for him…. but he was out sooooo early in the games (sigh).

    The show had me LOL even though I didn’t understand what they were saying. Looks like he gain some weight? He doesn’t look as thin as before.

    Si Yu’us Maase for this post.

    1. I can’t stick watching the entire ep of the CN Running Man, just no time and it did not grab me being too scripted esp with that last leg of tearing name tags. Watched his clips only.

      He is still very skinny (gosh his legs r too often thinner than the lady actresses) but he added some muscles on his bode. He and his team were super bright and smart with the charades, guessing from the gestures things about Wuhan and movies.

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