Long Story Short?


Kitteh has something I want terribly much, him back doing his thing and 大明王朝1566 DVDrips he is of course so sweet to share IF there is enough of us interested. That is hand’s down the BEST Cdrama ever existed. It was, my dusty memory says, produced by Hunan TV of all places but got such abysmal reception it was cut short or not shown, forever shelved…ANYWAY, I have never seen it in its true glory, just med quality rips but if you are sick of what HunanTV, the most powerful cable network in cn has reduced itself to being a yuma trashbin where horseshit (no offense to shits) Swordsman gets re-syndicated and curious enough of the what IF history was rewritten by one drama, this is the one. Show X some more love, beg him, kiss his behind, vote on his little poll. He said if we gather 100 kind souls in a Kitteh petition wanting to see Quality in the highest order in C historical form, he’ll share.  Make him come back, the blogging world misses him grumpily, no?!

3 thoughts on “Long Story Short?

  1. Weeeeeeell if you’re expecting HD rips I’ll disappoint you. But they’re fairly impressive x264 rips from the Japanese DVD and with 10bit Audio (which is awwwwwwwesome. Like all that kiddie anime stuff out there), despite being only 350-400 MB each. Sadly they left the black bars with Chinese subs but that’s better than subs IN the frame. If I’m arsed I could even cut the bars and upload a decent MP4 version. No logos, no subs in the picture, great audio, video is a 6.5/7 for you watching Chinese stuff in 1080p out there. 8 for those used to the shitty .rmvb rips of the show.

    And yeah, let’s tell folks that is not a Liu Shi-Shi “oh geez we’re all so kewt and kissy kissy and flying about doing wacky stuff” vehicle. This be serious shit, folks.

    1. I happily settle for 720p regularly, watched 戰長沙 in gosh 240p first run… so whatever worthy of your time 6+/7 blows what I have in my drive.

      Oh! ! ! Shakespearean subs?!?!?!! ….courtesy of…X?!?! O____O

      Anyway, the petition should just be purr a line somewhere whatever we minions should watch instead of profDuhhhhhLMHomfg.

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