Mountains and Rivers

Imagine the scene of a David against ‘three’ Goliaths.  A lowly court official having a speech of criticism for the Holy emperor, his son(the heir apparent) and his grandson, sitting regally on throne like the character for mountain “山”.  The rivers run through, even when it is insurmountable a most powerful monument dictating the trajectory every drop of water passes, but passes it will.  江山, the land the trio rules and will rule has its people, its river, soldiering on.  David 1, Goliaths 0?!  To Kill, or not to Kill.  Far from it.

First scene, first ep, JiaJing is the emperor who prayed 14 days in recluse, the culprit as the Son of Heaven because the sky has not snowed.  A loyalist was beaten to death speaking his mind on why the snow did not fall on the new year, and the days since, a court so corrupted does not deserve the purity.  Snow starts falling the night, on his corpse, and many night’s since.

Have a fanvid of rapturous 大明王朝1566 line p0rn:

I did not need much prompting,  All Quiet in Beijing/北平无战事 was…disappointing and I need writer Liu’s best work to watch away the funk.  A plagiarism off screen ugly drama was sprouting out of it that was hushed without fanfare, so disheartening, of an unknown scriptwriter weeping his accusation at weibo he was discarded never mentioned again after doing months of research of his idea of a drama, his material was used word for word for the first few eps, ousted from the team from then on, with maestro Liu HePing taking sole credit for everything.  As with all David and Goliath tale, I side with the little ppl.  北平无战事 felt so off for me from the get go.  Who knows PD 孔笙 can do ANY wrong this year in the same breath of 战长沙 (hell no not me.)  The first few eps feel showy of dialogues, LiuYe was palpitating my heart more for the poor thing overthinking, doubting himself, overshadowed by every better actor on the screen.  I was more immersed in willing the guy to just loosen up, take a breathe, a step back.  It is still quality, but it leaves me with one word: overhaul.  Too much calculated good, not content with just doing its part in the grander picture, and leaving me with one thought: rewatch 大明王朝1566.

Still have a gorgeous fanvid:

49 Days/四十九日·祭 is absolutely the most devastating drama experience.  I am so depressed I only can muster the energy to sob silently watching, often, I can’t watch, I can’t listen.  I go in the episode with so much fear of my well being, no joke and it takes me the night to numb myself back to functioning.  There is a duty I feel, myself, to watch, so aware this is so clinically controlled, so censored, so pacified for the family audience by PD张黎…they can not show what truly went on, never.  Those with the stories to tell, were dead.  What is suffering sitting through this compared?!  Nothing.  Yet I can’t help but wonder what can PD do IFFF he can be as badass, no trappings, no strings fr SARFT attached?!

You can not dream such…even in your nightmares.

Rebirth, we wish… (In another lifetime…)  lets all go home,


…when our mountains and rivers are sparkling and clear, bathing in the warm spring glow.

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