Happy 2015 and beyond!  There is no way but up from here…lol…so befitting I am proud of self of what I am about to do beyond the cut…not really.  It would help if my laptop has a rational wise ahjusshi voice, preferably the passionate screechy one from Lee SungMin or bee’s knees Kim GabSoo, or I will do everything you say in his smexiest bamfhmmmmChoi MinSoo, saying, ‘No, mookie…no!’

Until I have one of those.

DO NOT READ if you are a proper young lady or gentleman.  There is nothing risque, everyone stayed clothed, but if you do not know already this is pure silly YY, will hurt brain cells, offend sensitive nerves ,then you should not be here in the first place.   I can offend strictly Eric fans, YuMi fans, any shipper fans (including yourself and Eric and/or YuMi) and people against wasting time.   If you are hesitating at this point, my warning is, just don’t. lol

HAppy New YEAR!

2007, seven years since, seven awards large or small later, she,  Jung YuMi an established 30sth respectable actress is giggling like a 17 year old nervous, as if she is at arm’s reach crushing…an Oppah.

[CR: http://discoveryofromance.tumblr.com/%5D

Thanks Eric Oppah~ *giggles*.  Funny because that is what he allowed, not jagiya, definitely sternly NEVER! yobo *giggling some more* just with the thought of his ‘NEVER!!!’…the ridiculously swoonworthy squarepants in an entire suit of whatnot2wearexceptyouareEric!Moon! contorted paisley velvet, to distract the world from a face of unsurpassed standard of classy boyband idol gorgeousness they do not make them as lethally manly hot no more.   She is in a yin to his yang, simply draped bold red dress, color-coordinated to the exact shade with SeulGieeee, no frills, effortlessly perfect along with her red lipsticks no one minds it smudged by him in any of the collage of smoldering kisses now showing on the big screen.  She has never glowed more strikingly through the camera lens, perhaps illuminated within by blushes, arresting smiles escaping her uncontrollably all caught on the TV camera.  Spontaneously she lets herself loss in train of thought in her acceptance speech earlier, she said she forgot what to say. Thanks Eric Oppah *gggg*

….I Love you.

He is so eager to get on the stage he almost forgot to hold her hand in the usual ‘CP act’ they are being awarded for.  She is as eager, almost not noticing his hold-out hand, nah…we don’t need it…his palm is a bit let-down as he tightened it into a fist.

She is walking close by his side, he can’t stop glancing at her heels, concerned.   Like the most natural thing, she slips her hand into his arm almost to put him at ease and his elbow makes way not a moment less.

 What a truly cute couple!

…And he keeps staring wearily at her heels, concern in his eyes.

No, we are not getting married.  YuMi could be saying.

Oh, you are not?!  Hyungsik is almost asking, shocked. lol

But we could.  My bouquet is ready and my ring finger is empty.

Oppahhh: It has been 7 years huh?!.. we are back together as a couple..

*wink* *So happy is our YuMi*

…on screen.

(For Discovery.  Of Romance. )

Did we get a CP award last time?

*pout* Nope.

See that hint of 죽을래? (jugulle?/ U wanna die!?) ActorMoon is beaming at the Massive BullCrap?!

 No worries MBC, All’s well the next second:

We got the award the second time we collaborated,  I am very happy.

(See my very happy sparking gorgeous eyes, that could also have somethingsomething to do with this lady just being by my side, I am giving the honor to…for the award.)

This cap is here because SwoonyEric is smexy and YuMi is looking at him like THAT! for a lingering second before she is back to blushing, lowering her head, too shy too look at him but hey ActorMoon, play fair, you do not look at a young lady in full on weapon grade love in eyes.

And for some reason both of them are shy and looking down at something.

That gets nosy Hyungsik taking a peek.  Oh nothing out of sorts, they could be just exchanging rings.

Sorry fangirls, we got married, you just don’t see everything on tv, I am not showing you the ring.  Just look at Oppah’s face, that is how you’ve imagined he would look next to you on your wedding portrait, even the crooked bowtie, coz no one in the right mind would bother fixing it between every smooch.

La la na na, la la la la la na na na na na

Poor JoonHo wanting some SwoonyMoon too obviously, stop singing that song with your face YuMi (Do not ask me why that song pops up, my brain is made of pure wormholes)

Hello, I am Jung YuMi *coughMrsILuBYouMoonandBackcough*


…Oppah…( she might as well be saying…yo..bo…)


I am so happy to be back together…acting…with Eric Oppah after soo long.

Thanks for making me feel so comfy/secure/(happily married), I am also very grateful.

Thank you for all your support for KTH and HYR! *G* *Yo..Oppah and ME*

Don’t laugh.

YuMi:  Round it up.

Eric should say:  Marry me Yumi.  (What a cheesily great title for a fanfic! Someone, Write me ONE!)

Hyungski, want my m(ER)ic!?

The usually nosy Hyungski according to my silly caps does not notice a thing, I am guessing boy is smart.

Eric: I want YoUr MIc.

kekeke I am indirectly holding Erm mic…Oppahhh and I am not letting go.

Nope.  Still holding erm mic.

I am holding YoUr Mic. Iz Happy.

Lets look at the pairing of Eric and YuMi

Eric +Yumi faces:  ohnoes are they going to leak out ALL THE KISSY BTS and MOREE , stay Klassy KBS.

mookie’s mo: will cap and post EVERY smooch with hot boys.

YuMi is…worried.  The side by side is not going to sit well with Oppah, she can pretend she is intently reliving the hot kisses with hotties, but no acting is convincing me her eyes missed the side profile of ActorMoon a feet from her. And what do you make out of that face, YuMi?  Too immersed reliving all the lovely bothering kisses with you?!

Don’t be mad Oppahhh*g* please.

Lesigh, nose is suddenly itchy, how is pokerface done again helpme?!?!

This?!    YuMi:  Cringing.  Try harder Oppahhh*g*

MC: There are a lot of (kissing hot smooching making out get a room) scenes.

Eric: Really?!  I can do more.

Dont be mad Oppahh*g*  See my pretty bouquet…just under my gorgeously perfect red lips?!  HYR never put on this shade, it’s called strawberry, tastes wonderful…

*pout*  Here, take back YoUr MIc!

Her fingers lay on top of his, soothing him.

(FAct:The above line is in EVERY trashy smutty fanfic with a different body part, or so I’ve heard.)

Question of the night from MC!  Who is the better kisser YuMi, ERIC …or SJ?!

OK KBS shipper producer of show, yes I know you do not like SJ much perhaps for not showing up (hey he has TWO FINE BINNIES to work with, bite him), but you did freeze screens, collage of FOUR Eric hot smooches versus one fat slap on SJ’s face and two make up smooches like ones to the puppy you just hit and do a side by side of THAT FINAL YUMMYSWOONYTOTHEMOONANDBACK KISS.  Try not to be too craycray wearing your shipper heart on sleeves.  Try. lol

Oh and lets enjoy the nervous fidgeting hands not knowing what to do with self ShinHwa Leadernim who has been in wayyy more antsy situation in any minute of the ricsyung ship alone.   All of a sudden his pinky is spastic, the sleeve of his suit need some awkward fixing with an imaginary peck of dust when he can hide a wombat in the swirls of paisley.   Or he has to hold down his arm which is next to YuMi to whom he has pivoted his hip towards because of body language and because there is this urge to grab her into an embrace and holler, Oh SHUT IT!  Best kissing she has felt, LEMME SHOW YALL.  *SMOOOCCCHHH*

Yes, insert united we squee: AASDFGHJKHGFDASDFGHJKLLLL!!!@#$%^&*^&%$#

WWYD?  What Will YuMi Do?

  1. Kiss Eric
  2. Kiss Oppahhh*g*
  3.  Yo-Oppahh-bobo
  4. *g* and knowingly Eric will kiss her.
  5. *g* Eric will kiss her when they get a room.
  6. *g* counting how many times Eric has kissed her by every giggle, reliving every one of them including that sweater she has in show ‘Fly me to the Moon’ in which it calls for a special kiss of her flying into his atvm very funny awkward arm and kiss the Moon and gloating in all the many times he will still keep kissing her *G*
  7.  Try to keep show PG and predictable, say Eric OPPAHHH, it used to be OPW (OppaPoutWiggle!?) which Our YuMi has improved upon to OppahhGiggle….Muakkkk so close to OMG you know.  Because what is stopping the MC, let alone the shipper Producer AND the peeps in fancy gowns sitting down there and in front of tele to holler, kisskisskisskisskisskiss!!!

Alas, YuMi is cunning and righteous, you can not beat a missing puppy SJ, for one.  She said she can’t answer.  And I mean, ^Look 7 choices+ which one is appropriate for a family show on NYE?!  You Don’t say all of the above.

Anyway, sometimes award show is for giving actors awards to show they can not act.  How to cover up an I AM NOT HAPPY/NOT HAPPY BECAUSE NO GET YUMI SMOOCHES face on a professional actor civil nonchalant non-soreloser who has not even lost…pokerface?!  Do not follow ActorMoon’s example.  Pouting and trying to smile while biting the urge to kiss the brains out of her is…lol. SWOON!@@D$%^%%*&%@ Seriously how nosy is HyungSki following the biting of lips as if teasing the hyung?!?

Both of them are good kissers.  BOTH she said, and that includes you, but still, not happy.  Yeah YuMi-sshi you know you are in some trouble and perhaps there will be spanking and nope even as brilliant an actor as you can’t act like you do not like the thought of it.   Yeah, keep the giggling.   I am counting.  *g*

NOW you are curious about MY feelings, huh?!  I assume  we are still playing with the question is still who feel better showering kisses on, certain someone…or SJ?!

The second time around working with her (kissing).

It’s terrific.

Very Good.

Very awesome.

IOW, and obviously what YuMi hears, kissing w YuMi feels soooo goood.

Feels soooo goood!  His words.

Ok YuMi, enough of the you are the luckiest woman ever faces.

And so he *wink* giggles

SG: I have told them to behave…lesigh…it is not hard to figure out your code of *g* = *smooch*  Gosh YuMi Unni, WE  ALL KNOW!

Alas, it’s not just YuMi being obvious whenever Oppah or herself is giggling they ‘relive’ a smooch that can always be replayed somewhere anywhere.  It is also her being sensitive to everything Oppah is saying, like when a girl is in love we get overtly sensitive to EVERYTHING about the crush. The second time around feels soo good does not mean the first time…is less awesome.  And yup, like a good boyfriend/hubs, he said it all out loud to smooth out that little pout on her.

The first time is awesome too.  But the second time is more at ease.  The third time we will make a baby. It is a very delightful work experience.


They giggle on, in perfect CP unison.  GO GET A ROOM.

We are fooling around during filming and even when taking breaks.

(YuMi:  shhhh TMI Oppah*g*)

Very Happy.

Yes.  Very Happy.

Thank you.  And They are pouting, in unison.  Hmmm.

Bowing in unison.

And ActorMoon is still pouting/biting his lips as they are most eager to turn their back on us, hurriedly off the stage together, the first couple to make it…

To Go Get A Room.  (Hey!  Another fantastic title I want a fanfic of, gimme!)

12 thoughts on “YumiSwoonyMoon

  1. XD XD XD OMG! That was…. OMG, I’m still giggling like a loonatic!! Thanks for brightening my day considerably.

    Can’t deny it, he is gorgeous, she is gorgeous, THEY are gorgeous and omg!socute! together.

    Oh, and Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

    1. Happy New Year Chingu-ya!!!!

      In my perfect world, all kdrama romcoms should be done by these two,even if they are about high school kids because think of how hilariously it will poke fun on itself. Yes, ALL. ALL.

  2. Omona….If Eric really get married with Yoo Mi in real life, I think you’ll be so happy…XD I can’t stop smiling while reading this writing….kkkk

    1. lol No. Not really, that was just a very silly outburst of supersilly delulu YY Eric and Yumi made me do it, what else should I interpret OTHERWISE XDDD. 99% of time I swear I am an ahjumma with a cruel head just being jealous of gorgeous peeps in general and wish them faring worst than me none of which is marrying other even more gorg human beings and making even MORE gorg babies ruling the world. ( I AM KIDDING… not really, but I AM! )

  3. HAHAHAHAHA I really don’t even know where to start!!!!!!!!!!!
    They’re just so darn cute & 4D whenever they’re on stage or bts.

    Could I ask for a favor could you do you do a transcript of all the things they said during the Best Couple Award? I read some but there seems to me more to it from what I see from this post… please *puppy face* XDD

    I’m going to be evil add more fuel to the fire lol >>> http://forums.soompi.com/en/discussion/comment/28099323/#Comment_28099323

    1. Hihi Phi! ^^ OH WHAT DID U DO TO ME!!!! FYI give crippled by craycray peeps a hug, some meds, NOT feeding them more delulucandy.

      Transcript?! I do not mind to do a rough word for word fr Csub of the clip I had if that’s gd enough for you…gimme a bit of time, k?

    1. TBVVVVVVH I do not mind either one of them marrying me. XDDD The M word is a bit greedy and delusional of us, even asking them to Moon us RIGHT?!?! XDDD dun mind me, I would love to get all my silly out in one post… I just need them on my screen doing whatever, yeah, even just giggle all they want!!!

  4. Just finished watching this series. I know I’m so late. Love them both and love your recaps too. Eric and Yumi are so different but compliment each other so well. One of my favorite couples all the time on screen (of course I’m happy if they become real couple though^^) beside Gong Yoo-Yoon Eun Hye and Ha Ji Won-Hyun Bin. Do you know that Eric get offer in TvN series called Oh Hye Young? How I wish the female lead is Jung Yu Mi just mainly reason it’s TvN where we can get solid storyline plus juicy kisses as bonus.

    1. They are my fav too, obviously! Yes, so different but they fit.

      I still rewatch this and Que Sera Sera just because their chemistry, what they brought to the characters, too precious!

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