And Suddenly Stuff Happened (!)

*pout* Gimme!

Not 25, 12 years ago and 13 years old.
25 -12 = 13
Flipping desks, wanting things, 13 ~ 31
100 – 31 = 69 ,
a favorite number so much more interesting than a set of OO for many.

I last check the cutiepies who like to visit my cray corner, *I do feel horrible wasting ur time lately if not since forever* let me be an arse one more time. Gimme.  OR my hotties, yeah MyYuanHong if you bump into here searching your name, and so many of the rest of you, vote here, tease Kitteh a hello and thank you for he is going to do the unthinkable of translating Chinese Shakespeare in dialogue in the best Cperiod ever.  Or else I’ll start posting nothing but slashy fanfics of Iriekun, ERICMoon!, WallaceHuoHuo, MyLoverboyYuanHong, or I take anon request if you are anti of some profDuh, LMHohoho, JawnWon, in any pairing, three, four fivesome with a Mr X.


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