Kidnap an Emperor To Modern Time

Bigsis will take you out for some fun later on.

If you have 3 minutes, click either one and come back here after all your WHAT!??!@#$#%^%&^!? They are trailers for a C period webdrama, safe for work, not for sanity.  Even if you do not know Chinese, this is hilarious to guess what crazy overload :

So, there is a complete ban on broadcasting time-traveling C periods primetime, but when the biggies are telling you nonono and slapping naughty hands, there will be new ways to fork them, skipping the old school telecast entirely, straight to web and have the balls inserting all the taboo elements in it, time travel, no?!  *SPOILERISH* Lets have it 3, 4 times, heroine traveling back in time to Tang like she is using uber, when in a temple…droolz, kisses and makes out with Tang monk, THEN brings emperor back to 2014 for payback, selling him into escorting service, bumps into lover monk now reincarnated as facetwin handsome doc, probably some half brother my guess, and while making out some more go back to Qin this time and meet some terracotta warriors why not, and they are undeads!!! FINALLY back to 2014 squarely into a rich family typical feud for inheritance, birthright, rich boys etcetcetc.  All the plot I got in that 3 min trailer.  In other words, every trope you have ever read in a C time traveling novella, this has it but never seriously.  This thing is done on the cheap for all eyes to see, with actors I know nothing much of way better than many popular leads these days.   This is a silly webdrama not taking itself seriously at all, the actors are giving off natural performances without trying too hard.   None of them are truly super pretty, but I find the leading actress growing on me as what a pleasing the eye normal heroine should be leaping off those romance pages, and the hottie playing the monk/doc, his name is 郭家豪, has a very nice face.

Such a handsome boy, why would he choose to be a monk?

Boys this handsome back in modern day are either gay or taken…

What a waste of ‘resources’.

JiaYe ( his name, Lit. Buddhist Leaf), turn back to being a mere mortal,

let me ‘pluck you off’

季晨 is the emperor, he’s not gorgeous enough for my taste, resembling a much uglier Yan Yi Kang and some say Wallace HuoHuo but how many true emperors are super good looking to begin with, his some Tang emperor is very adorable in 2014, bringing me the fun I had in one of my TVB favs The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow

And I am easy to please, be good, be very very good, and I’ll find you more and more gorgeous.  We’ll next see the guy in Lang!Ya!Bang!!!

As far as time traveling C heroine goes, 袁中方 is nailing it the best I have seen even in something this laughably craptastic.  Her heroine juggles her modern snarkiness and easing into this spoofy Tang milieu quite well, she fits in as a concubine looking her part, her act is good enough, but we never miss the memo this is a modern woman forced to fit into a role knowing too well she has time-traveled from all the trashy romances she knows of and not wanting any of it.

Huh,  what is this!?!

Men in black (quite good looking ones too)

I do not have charms for you, but I have a life if you daare!

I know ALL kung fus!

…then she shows off her imitation of Ip Man with leaves in hand as prop, first of her many ‘kungfu’ moves.

She is the first to poke fun at herself and the drama never stop teasing how ridiculous and goofy it is itself, haha cracks me up every episode, and it is short, 20 min an ep, no time for drag nor veering off too deep into cuckooland.  I’ve breezed through 10 eps in one seating, thoroughly having too much fun.  Of course this is not for anyone seriously looking for quality, but if you want mindless entertainment, or have read your quota of C period trashy romance and curious to see how they can adapt it to drama form without just chopping off all the juicy bits, this is it.   This is actually the biggest viral hit now that everyone has abandon the WZTboobieless ship.

Also they have deeper very apropos discussions catered for its viewers worked in seamlessly, like modern day lovermonk/doc is an expert comparative research on psychosis and daydreaming/fangirling.  Hm

It’s too fun to not to give it a shout-out.  If you need some major de-stressing, or if you are a loon and/or fangirl too much this could be your thing!




11 thoughts on “Kidnap an Emperor To Modern Time

    1. I think that’s the design, they are the OTP! BUT I am nosy and scanned the orig novel, the emperor in there is much more scummy, and there is a bro-in-law prince that heroine (her ancient self) was set to marry but the emperor took her, that prince was supposed to be more handsome and harboring a love/hate w heroine…so my thing too!

        1. lol I have not decided on the ship, I fear this would be BE even though it’s sooo hilarious and silly and fun atvm as emperor is fish out of water in 2014. He is so not as bastardy as the novel and loves heroine’s ancient face twin from the get go, he’s a sad puppy now and I always root for underdog…but otoh Guy2 is nice, successful, professor of psych…rich and heroine is in love with him…I hope they do not turn him evil just to set sail the OTP ship, I like heroine having very valid viable choices in hotties!

  1. Indeed he looks like Wallace but in a more lively aura. It sounds nice also. Is ther subtitle for this drama ?
    I miss the boobs in WZT. I Think SARFT did that on purpose because of they the rating success of the show otherwise why fiving permission to broadcasf knowing about rhw boobs beforehand ?

    1. He does to you too?! There is v lil to my eyes, coz i dun see it in their eyes. This is hilarious at times, good job within its confines as a lil web drama w unknowns, i’d be surprised anyone outside of cn is watching it, let alone subbing… i thought it was a joke that title! Lol but yeah it has heart it is well acted, it is moving along speedily, entertaining stuff!

      MaryWu actually bored me after a few eps, it is soooooooooo extremely draggy. There is so much ground to cover even just to touch on the Empress’ key life events and we got nth but boring marysueing.

      I think what happened was, it passed censoring w quite a bit of elbowing but since it aired some wifeys of some middling officials at SARFT, at CCTV (w a slew of quality ‘serious’ dramas for older gens fighting for ratings on) and their minions wanna brownnose and order their even lower ranking minions to do the crude laughable edits. Voila! It could so happen in prc

  2. Too bad 😦 I can’t speak chinese !!
    I heard yumehmeh stuff is a flop ratingwise also 😀 . Hope he will learn his lesson and seriously who wants to watch miscast chen ?

    1. Let’s hope someone at Viki finds this fun enough…

      Oh yumehmeh lol who cares about him anymore!? I dun. He was pwn’d by HunanTV though, sticking it in a late slot past primetime and trying out the twice weekly format, horrible for ratings in sucha safe bet as even a shiteous yuma fanfic of RoCH

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