Friday Pretty: Jiang Xin, Lu Yi, Yuan Hong, Ray Ma and Hyun Bin

Jiang Xin can sing!  Sorry I did not know that Hua Fei Langlang! *cough will do anything for your most gorgeous stinkeye cough*

I can not be the only one begging for Han Hong (who is The reigning C aria maestro) to shut up.  It is the latest ep of 天天向上 a segment where HanHong brings her bffs on the show.

What makes an awesome bff?  When you will wear flats for your gfs.

What a sweetheart.  Rumor is she will get hitched this year with her long time love cutiepie Prince 10 Ye ZuXin.  Both of you, do something worthy of your looks and talent.  I miss you on my screen!

I am addicted to Grow Up, specifically Lu Yi’s Dr 周西施/’Fascist’ Zhou Ming for his nommy  毒舌鸡汤/ chicken soup from his snippy tongue (haha, this sounds a bit scandalous, more than intended I SWEAR).  It is sucha dream for someone like me, who is annoying myself being so anal retentive and stickler to nitpick everything nonessential, that every jab I wanna burst out, our very believable smartest bulb of brilliant IQ and good enough EQ attending MD will get to it, easing it in a quip casually further down the line without fanfare, shutting me up.  Take, the ducklings wearing outrageously saturated scary red lipsticks at work as interns?!  He puts in a snarky nudge to keep it under tap so the blood bank won’t think they drank some while on duty. lol.

I love quite a number of things in this decent contemporary medical drama with a heavy idol bend (ie it is NOT slice of life realistic).  Many of the characters stay logical and believable within their construct up till where I am at (ep21! without much need of a ranty post HOW ODD!), almost all of them have bright brains convincing as residents of a fictional top notch hospital in SH except some lapses moving the plot along, but to the drama’s credit it is deftly handled with a sprinkle of sensible wit, usually from another smarty pants character providing valid, swift, if too convenient resolutions.  Leading lady Bai BaiHe is a Godsend, such a natural, even when her character could be too brash (imo rude) with too fast a tongue towards her superior they nicked fascist but in reality more a non-pacifying very pretty teddy bear at heart, caustic tongue at first glance, with a head of lush hair for a middle aged uncle in a very stressful job/personal life at the brink of a nervous breakdown and constant insomnia who wears scrubs fab and fine in suits, or cutely lazing horizontal on his bed, so sweet with glee just because of a lil hug of a hello from his phone.

I had more tsks with the younglings snapping back at their mentor constantly every time they open their mouths, judged him ridiculously when he has been no nonsense, and even cutting them slacks…can you imagine any of the darlings talking back at Manager in Misaeng!??!  I would have bitten heads off in Dr. Zhou’s shoes myself, daily… but he never gets off his baseline being the very competent surgeon and mentor first and let them slide, constantly bearing priority being they learn their lessons, while I roll my eyes with the corners glued to his fine fine face.  It is too refreshing to have a handsome guy1 in something fluffy who is NOT a cold bastard of a jerk and forcing us to tolerate on the pretty alone.

Go and grow me a brain!

Brain grown would be a puddle of droolz but WHY YES SIR!

It juggles all the elements quite beautifully, the characters well for a drama that is heavy on the coming of age, character growth of its ensemble, with the medical setting as a dressing.  There is some romance cutely, subtly done to my swelling heart.  So, nothing is terrible accurate, YET, it does attempt heartily to essay the reality of practicing medicine in CN.  I have no hands on reference other than the news and some hearsay but many of the conflicts and conundrum dealing with code of ethics, doctor patient tension, interactions between the fields are quite spot on, with some suspension of disbelief.  Bottomline is, it is extremely hard to come by a C modern drama that is not an insult to the audience’s intelligence and dealing with a very challenging genre of a medical prodecural, it usually screams disaster, not here.  Yes, this mimicks Grey’s Anatomy much, but it does bring its own flavorings. It is not brilliant, but the sum of everything doing its decent part, with a very competent leading actress AND actor, and chemistry between them, I count myself a very lucky audience. This is worthwhile watching for every line cleverly written for DrZhou I have been nodding to, every one if them.

A case of drama better than the trailer:

I love the OP:

longer demo:

Yuan Hong with red roses.  How pretty the sight?!?!!?!

He is embarrassed, I guess, preemptively ladies, that we will get sick of his face (NOT!)

You all have to know in 13 days, a zombie auntie would walk this earth with absolutely no sleep and that usually makes her super cranky especially when even that, she can’t possibly lap up EVERYTHING her Loverboy will be serving. He has two dramas airing a few days apart, each would be throwing 2 eps at me daily.  The only way he can pay back his fangirls from the imminent miasma of crazily spazzy but foul mood in RL, unable to enjoy every minute of him on tele timely for one, and the suffering of everyone around their vicinity is for him to do this:

Can you marry me?

I am having no sleep as is because I am just halfway, 1000+ pp to finish reading 平凡的世界/ Ordinary World the epic novel, before its airing on Feb 26th.. There is also 转身说爱你 with SiWon and Wang LouDan as leads, both are good enough actors in something this fluffy and silly (and crappy lol) .

…in case you forgot how cute he is stubble-less.

The OTP, endgame, would inarguably be SiWon and WLD who is the heroine, a middle aged housewife 20 years fr now, traveled back in time to her younger days and had to make the HARD choice of picking which one of the hotties (more than 2) all over again.  But we can always ship the boys:

‘ Hello Handsome!’

‘Ooohh!  Hi yourself Gorgeous!’

I love this following promo for Ordinary World, documenting ordinary people from all walks of life, earning a living, more so striving towards their dreams, however trivial, in Beijing, harder this time of the year missing dear ones more terribly when auspicious festivals hit like the lunar new year.  All these ordinary folks, leading their ordinary lives extraordinarily, to loosely quote Mr. Lu Yao.

This is how dreamy he can look whining about how he wishes to lead a life like his friends back home, surrounded by dear ones, doing whatever mundane, when he spent most of last year away from his parents, whom he saw only about 10 days, and he stayed at his own place in Beijing for about as rarely, 10 days.  But he will be home for the holidays this year, he would try his best to every year.

The official trailer:

I have no doubt this would be harrowing and epic yet leaving us so hopeful with all the warm fuzzies about the human condition even at its direst and seriously good a drama…whether it stays authentic to the novel, which is a glorious perfection and so well beloved by all, a must read, most seminal piece of literature of youth growing up in China every generation since…that’s a much harder feat.  I…am not too optimistic on the latter, because it has its ugly production shenanigans and word is there would be many liberties of adding scenes to buffer up the leading man status of Wang Lei (the big bro to YH’s XiaoPing) fluffing up an angsty romance of the older Sun brother, which would rub me wrong because this is an epic tale of this swath of scorned yellow earth and its citizens, never to be shortsighted by just a romance in 70s rural China, 路遥‘s motherland.

A wonderful documentary of writer 路遥:

No rue, no roar, I would not wail.

Fallen leaves of gold filled my heart,

my heart…no longer belongs to the blooming youth.


He is not done messing with my sanity, 天使的城/City of Angels, another C modern is definitely out March 26th this time, right when Ordinary World would wrap up its broadcast.  So he is popping up everywhere promoting I can not keep up the what when where.

Makeup lady, are you OK staring at those sparkling globes?!?!?!  Coz I am not.

I doubt anyone here is half as crazy a YH stan than me and will watch it all pronto, coz I missed him soooooo horribly, but if you do casually miss some YH, and would like to pick one, this is my ranking:

Quality:  Ordinary World > City of Angel >>>>>>>>>>>>> Fall in Love with You Again

Silly Fun: Fall in Love with You Again > City of Angel >>>>>>>>>>>>> Ordinary World

which makes City of Angels a sensible lighter choice if you could not be too emotionally invested, yet not want to flip desk at stupidity.  The ladyPD has worked with YH in my favorite work of his to date TianDiMinXin, so I have expectations.  I have gushed about it in a post earlier on, I am posting the trailer again because it truly looks watchable.

Well, Happy Valentine’s Day!  Roses and pretty pretty Ma TianYu, YH’s sweetest bff can never hurt:

Because don’t cry and flip your hair sooo fine it makes us feel so inadequate as real girls not able to do it in 10 lifetimes with practice…that the super lame Young Sherlock (argh)/ Detective Dee somehow made it to a Korean broadcast before it got past SARFT, lol.  It has so many of my prettehs, including a very pudgy YH, but I can’t watch such crap. ><


All I have seen are some very gorgeous MVs, mostly slashy of Bosco and Ray, have a BG one:

This is all I can take for Loverboy and Ruby *headdesk*

Last but never least, myHBinnie.  Do whatever you like, pout, be the dream groom holding lilies, sit and read super lousy scripts and still stay very attractive, or just slack, slouch, give yourself a break; smile all cute, dorky and dimply at work, or be hot and brooding even in a down jacket; have an umbrella ready to hold the downpour of rain/negativity because nothing is gonna touch your gorgeousness.  Come Rain, Come Shine, love.

Have a roaring, tumbling weekend dearies!

7 thoughts on “Friday Pretty: Jiang Xin, Lu Yi, Yuan Hong, Ray Ma and Hyun Bin

    1. I will cry if not! I can’t help but nitpick though, this should be nothing less than glorious with even Xi dada to please, he was exactly living on the earth, the village they film this, one of these hardworking young folks LuYao wax poetry.

  1. I miss Jiang Xin sooo bad I rewatched some of her scenes in Tian Long Babu. Instead of to waste binch of roles on the likes of Tang Yan (never got her appeal) they should have given them to her.

    Seriously sometimes Ma Tian Y looks prettier than a lot of chinese actresses when dressed like a woman.

    Poor Hyun Bin a picked a bad project 😦

    Anyway Happy to see you again Mookie Gege 😀

    1. It’s a 2 way street almost though… TY’s resume are entirely full of crap, I do not know if I want JX wasting her time in any.

      MTY definitely looks prettier than ALL working C actresses in idolperiods period. lol

      I am watching/not really HJM still and imho he is actually in fine form nailing every and all scene as it should be interpreted, not self-servicingly snatching every opportunity to be showy and fan-stoking… elevating this wtf writing. But you can dress up, doll up crap and it is still crap.

      Happy happy to chat with you too Sirey! Muahhh!!!

  2. Hi Mookie. Happy Chinese New Year! YH seems to have gained some pounds. Didn’t he? He looks even more yummy. The lady he was with Siwon, is she the empress in The Virtous Queen of Han? (Sigh…) I wish the C-dramas are subbed as fast as the K-dramas. I’ve been waiting for YH’s Mulan to be completely subbed. But I am very thankful for the subbers for all the time they give to sub.

    Thank you for your posts. I always enjoy reading them. ( a tight to you).

      1. 😀 You are too cute Mye! Muakkk! Auspicious well wishes to you too! Thank you!

        It depends on when you are comparing…he was his chubbiest cameoing in Young Sherlock (argh! I need to throw up a little mentioning that), and Mulan days, but he basically starved himself for the role in Ordinary World, he literally fainted for a scene that requires his character to pass out. He is back to healthier wt now, plus his new obsession is bulking up, he looks hulk-y when his shirt is off…kinda scary! muahaha

        Yes, that’s Miss Wang LuoDan, she is actually a decent actress in suitable genre, but historical damsels in distress she can never be. She should be ok acting wise here along w SiWon and YH, the script (and directing…art direction looks atrocious too!) will drag everything down. But no one is going to take it seriously anyway, it will be hot boys summery breezy fun (no angst I hope!)

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