First Taste of Fall In Love With You Again/转身说爱你

This is unexpected.

I liked it.  Genuinely, not fangirl-biasedly.

The icing on the cake is MY LOVERBOY, being sooo cute in it.  I thought he would be the only reason I could watch on, perhaps not even, but to my surprise I am quite invested in these characters jolted in the ridiculous premise already 2 episodes in.   The premise reads very LOL and already there are some dissing this is parroting Mirae’s Choice too much, but they got it backwards in this being a drama that had been shelved 2, 3 years and if it is cutely paying homage… MC is too inferior a dud, this is as some of us older drama fiends have been suspecting, more along the thought of 回到未嫁時/Cherished Moments, but when it is done spiffy, eloquently, who minds a little fantasy what-if/wth?!  Our heroine MingYu starts the day discontent, venting of RL woes suffocating her as the drama starts, and being hit by a car later on in her foul mood triggers her verve sustaining serious injuries, not having lived her life to the fullest, sending her mind off to a hyper consciousness dreamstate… where she is jolt back 16 years to 2012, swearing with the second chance in life, she would make sure not to fall in love with the same husband she has deemed unworthy, being nice is not going to pay the bills, support her and their child, and be charitable on top to leeching friends and family.

Still reads as boring and eyerolling, but it is presented deftly, I am charmed by the cute CGIs of the 2028 world right away.  In a Cdrama! ! ! So shocking! I am still pinching self.  WLD is a capable actress especially when playing her typecast of the ordinary folk in a slice of life, and her acting being tonally very down to earth unembellished, and a great fit casting her as the character, is surprisingly elevating this a few notches.   Just to prove my belief it can never be worse being out of the box using a skillful ‘over-qualified’ actor ignorinf the idolpretty factor in something seemingly super idol-silly.   There are actresses like Ariel, which is technically capable, but will always do a good job within the confines, when she is doing an idoldrama, she will pull out all her idoldrama habits in her efficient bag of tricks…here Miss Wang is playing her typical idoldrama non-descript heroine running on all the cylinders of a character study.  She has ‘creatively’ (probably unintentionally) toned ALL the kitsch down as if this is a contemporary commentary about a mid-life crisis ahjumma in very absurd situation.  Even when the scene at times are dumb as rock, her lines can get cringeworthy, she delivers it with such vocation she is without a doubt living in the shoes of her MingYu and this is what exactly MY would act and say as one normal typical Auntie/Dama trapped in her younger self’s lithe body.   There is very little dumbing down, it may not be realistic how her MY assimilates to the time traveling without much frowning.  Somehow there is a logic hypnotizing me if it is making sense to MY, it is fine by me making enough sense. I have faith this actually sets its mind on sincerely discussing second chances instead of using it as a soulless plot device.

Back to Loverboy,  the cherry on the cake, I thought he would be playing a brainless rich himbo that needs all his fingers and toes to do simple math on how many ladies he had pretended to hit on but actually a cherry boy and will have temper tantrum like a whining pooping very adorable but annoying baby.   But his character here is a very mellow, soft, warmest version of the rich bastard, well, only his Rich(Makjang)Daddy called him that, he is quite well adjusted if too naive and cute can’t resist I want to pinch his cherubly cheeks more than anything and I am fine when his only tense outburst is limited to directing at his Dad, who as the law of makjang 101 goes wronged Mom and his son is blaming her death on Daddy. He has not been douchy to heroine at all, painfully opposite of that. What’s icing on the cake is whenever he stabs at his Daddy, he is actually the one making more sense. I welcome that, at least one set of functional brains inside the pretty (lol and his habit of bobbling is still here) head.

HOW FKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like Siwon enough too, he is more than serviceable in an idoldrama, especially when the role is quite written to his forte being a charming good guy/cabana boy as he is fondly nicked in some cool circle but a bit of challenge in him playing against type, not being a rich dandy dreamboat here.  He reminds me of the duo of GORGEOUSNESS in Beach Boys,  the romantic carefree idealistic friendly boy as his name 宋晨曦 (Song ChenXi, ‘sunshine at dawn’) I lost my capacity figuring out exactly what his job description is other than wet+shirtless+whenever.  He seems to be working at a surf shop, as a coach, a mascot, asking me the specifics is being cruel to my attention span better employed staring at his torso, you know that.  His character is pleasant but even with his SJ fine looks, shirtless and wet, he manages to come across as harmless and without the smexy boybander edge to make more out of his life being too laid back a regular joe.   We start the episode in the future, when he is the same old nice dude cruising along in life with his wife nagging and worrying about the mundane and him shrugging it all with a charming smile on face not amounting to anything but an unambitious nice guy.


HEY COME BACK AND READ WORDS DEARIES! Words, or warts, it has some:

LOL I mean it can never be good to be on the same hotweibo mention along with BBJQ and Goong2345.  It is very crappy a CGI sequence, but let me promise you, other than some fugly hair and a few outfits that can do better, this is the most horrible moment 2 episodes long have served me.  STill pinching myself what gives?!?!

I just need to gush how pleasantly surprising this is watchable.  This is still idoldrama through and through but there is control practiced in not going overboard with the silly, there is decent acting and I would give credit to Miss Wang the most for leading the pack, afterall this is SiWon’s first real Cidoldrama and in a foreign language, one could not expect him to be this at ease.  This is also Loverboy’s extremely few outings in a C modern, he has certainly loosen up with the help of Miss Wang I assume and performing more up to his talented self here.   I am singing praises of this is better than my expectation, but no way this is literally fantastic, not even Miss Wang because there is just so much they can venture out of the idoldrama formula.  There is a sweet younger sister to the heroine, YET there haz to be a full of it older sis and a ewww-looking BiL with asstwat written in his every cell.   There is also an older big gun woman at the tiny ad agency our rich boy Loverboy Guy2 is running, as rebelling against the life RichDaddy is forcing him into.  She is supposed to be a professional wiser older sista but coming across everything but. She is pushing all my buttons in misogyny and agism and badhairpeeve.  But again, sum of enough decent parts, we have a pleasant, surprisingly non-cringeworthy breezy ride.

Last but not least, I like the fact the heroine is not trying too hard to be winning, she comes off ordinary but never losing levelheadedness, kudos to WLD, who has been prejudiced against on her looks being not leading lady pretty at all, a facetwin of character thespian Ge Yao to poke fun at herself.   She even coolly apologizes to Mr Ge for using him in a joke in this silly, charming but not trying too hard drama.  I can see it putting effort in voicing a more female-centric view point of what make us happy… with all the pretty male things dancing around as accessories.  Cdramas have been better at this than many of the other dramalands I care about to watch, and now even in a pure fantasy fluff!

 [I stole all gifs and caps from weibo.  I love you and thank you OP!]

8 thoughts on “First Taste of Fall In Love With You Again/转身说爱你

    1. Hugs! Glad u like it (granted I didn’t have time for more than this initial impression much)! Gosh there is no engsub?! HELLO ELVES this has SIWONNNN harmlessly ok acting wise and harmfully sinfully topless!

    1. Truly thank you! My honor! So horribly sorry I just am back to some form of normalcy, not much and time/WiFi r super scarce and precious… LOL but don’t be put off ahjumma me suddenly babble on and on at your post attached some day, you’ve been warned! XD

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