Grow Up/ 長大

This has been sitting in my draft pile that is forever growing and I have decided to hit ‘post’.  This drama is worth a shoutout, reliving a snippet that totally melt my heart, still swooning… however crappy my end this is!  XD

This is a passing scene where we have already known the heroine is fully aware of her affections but decided of not acting upon it, contented with crushing him from afar, happy to just be a fangirl, when practicality is dictating anything closer, greedier on her part would be messy and meddling.   We have little hints he is aware of her feelings, he has some stirrings as well,  acting upon it, with much at stake, is never what a Dr ZhouMing would do.

She finds him,  finally, dozing off at a perfectly lit shoujo manga corner (a load of cheese, a know, just let me have it while you are throwing things at me) after his long day at work at the operating table.  She finds out he had done another thing nice for her, without saying a word,  it could no longer be just because he is the perfect mentor of an intern.   She squats and takes in his fine glowing form,  lingering a little split second glance at his perfect hands, the hands she adores, for being the best surgeon she admires professionally, or for throwing her a drink from the vending machine…and she can’t stop a smile spreading over her entire face to her sparkling eyes when looking at him.   She savors this moment he does not have to know, and gingerly inches back before pulling herself up, so as not to invade his space further, little silent steps become hair swinging galloping further down the corridor when she is further away, safer and safer a distance from him, the blurry backside of the happiest girl just because she could stare a few seconds at his face…

And he was pretending to be deep in a nap.  He does not want to intrude in her moment as well, to prompt her into admitting her feelings for him when she is not ready, he is not ready.  How swell he feels, feeling her love for him just on those few seconds she could not take her eyes off him, he is reminiscing, warms him up to a face of pure swoon he has to close his eyes again, reliving, savoring.  It was not without wistfulness,  THAT was a perfect crystallized moment of falling in love.

27 thoughts on “Grow Up/ 長大

    1. I see it as necessary evil though, the pauper can’t be a realistic match for the rich princess and there’s no other more efficient way to end it ‘neatly’. I dun like it, of coz, but writer’s hands tied, if they pushed the hammered social norm, this might not get aired.

      And after letting it sit, I still think of drama very dearly, preciousness outweighs the lotsa booboos

        1. Did you? Dun read on if u seriously like it.

          Lol I almost peed myself LOL, tears in eye watching it on and off. HXM is hammiest but perfectly so for sth this outrageously dumb but call me a whatever, no woman can play a teenage girl in late 30s, nobody. JoeChen looks fine and younger than her age and she can decently act but I need lots of booze and joking she is convincing as a naive bimbo marysue. Her wide eyed aegyo comes across as a severely mentally retarded auntie.

  1. Yes, I think it was an evil end for one pairing but the cliffhanger-like ending kinda suited it. It’s like no matter what happens, they are now all grown up enough to handle it. I like this drama too although it was too hard to understand medical terms in Chinese.

    1. I vaguely rem some flaws and dragginess but I have a very fond spot for it still, or more as time passes. I didn’t see this natural perfect chemistry btn the leads for one. That was pleasant surprise enough.

  2. Ok….I have to say I loved this show….but the ending!!!!!!!!!! I cannot take the ending… there going to be a 2nd part to this show to show what happens to Zhou Ming and the other teacher student couple?

    1. I doubt this will be picked up by subbers, it has no idols and subject matter is much more dense plus cdramas have notoriously double triple the length, it is just a very daunting task sadly!

  3. Mookie gege where are you ? 😦 tum kaha hain ?
    Have you got the news Jiang Xin and her boyfriend broke up.? 😮 shocker. I am still waiting for her projects I will take anything no matter she acts as a supporting or a lead I just miss her 😦

    1. Hugs my Dear! ! !

      Gosh long story short I have plucked my life of last ten years and relocated to basically a place so foreign yet I grew up in. It is drastic for me and still shellshocked… and geezzz this heartbreaking news in such bummerrrr!

      Ok let me be v annoying and buggy to even myself but hey can YH and JX now go on just a date and test the waters?!

      1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh so happy to hear from you 😀 . Hopefully you get used to your new place and wish you all ybe best .

        And yeah sad news but she can still hook up with Yuani cheri :p

    1. Hugs, I need hugs!

      Lesigh, I am feeling so torn inside, there is happy he’s finally found the one, a girlfriend openly! A first! Yay… but to wholeheartedly wish them well?! Can’t do. Yes as long as he is happy but it is risky to start life tog with someone who had repeatedly cheated in all her past romps and now my gorgeous perfect thing is probably the ‘lil 3’…she just divorced her hubby of less than a year, months ago. The timeline of her lovers is making me nauseous.

      Her face visually is typical too much ps and her person fake as hell no pun intended but exactly his type though, his last rumored gf was also fr this mould, just not as well known and don’t think he would ever care to air his flings publicly… unlike what his current gf likes to approach her romances.

      I have no prob w him dating even HuGe hahaha and be happy as long as it lasts (LOL horrible of me)

        1. Ahhh Sirey! How r u?!

          It is his costar in both the Princess JiaYou and that new modern thriller he just wrapped up a few months ago where his char is a janitor/mysterious sthsth.

          So yeah typical too much plastic quite well known starlet who can act serviceably but will never wow me w my aversion to strange work done on face and thus hindering expressions and stuff. But again as long as our sweetheart is happy. I truly do not care much… just dun particularly like the track record of the lady being homewrecker/heartbreaker is all. His private life is his to live, just wished it could stay private. Id rather he lied through his teeth till marriage/kids. It is none of our biz but yeah, this got him on hot weibo list (Hu Ge too) rather than any of his real real work.

          He is superduper cute and show is fantastic in his current outing in an army show. You watched!? I have just got time for an ep and it is sooo cute w cuties galore!

          YESSSSSS! HXY in a few weeks it seems goshh that’s my most anticipated angsty thing! Slay me gd plz JX and YH!

          1. Mookie gege I missdd youuuu ! God I keep rewatching HXY namely My darlings part and the acting, intensity and lakornesque scene are sooo grabbing. I will check only their part of the story -can’t stand miscast Kevin- and maybe Guo Zhen hi. On his girlfriend is that the girl who soo much plastic on her facs her mouth looks unbalanced now ? 😮 anyway if he is happy… still can’t believe JX broke up with YZX. They looked soo in love ? Do you know what happened ? 😦

            1. omygee LAKORNESQUE INDEED. So soo apt for what is in store for us in HXY if done barely right (gawd, do not screw this vignette up peeps I am begging… go mess with KevinC, he has a cute very young rich ‘rumored’ new love too and a Miss HK at that he could be papa to)

              And thing with Lakorn, to be very un-PC I never find the actors my cuppa in looks, perhaps due to the crazy load of caked on makeup…just making everything visually very very very kitschy and on top of the outrageous guilty ‘pleasure’ plot, all too much for my taste but bottomline is it does not do a thing for me pretty-wise. Not the case with a YuanHong and sooo never my JiangXin.

              I do not know what happened causing the breakup btn JX and YZX, perhaps their love just ran its natural course, no one knows but them, and I loved neither was airing dirty laundry just to sate our bystander’s inquisitive minds. Their private matters, Keep it private….which LESIGH YH and his new love can’t seem to do.

              This is she…through the years and quite a few surgeries.

              I can be not shallow as to shut it on plasticity and looks and such, but her personality rubbed me wrong all along even before she is the official YH gf. But back then I can choose not to pay a regard to her at all, I was not too happy with her casting as his costar in not one, but two upcoming, seemingly promisingly looking dramas, I have ranted way back. She is typically those ladies who tried to be tomboyish, not sensitive to minutiae of life and living life her own true to herself way regardless of others’ opinions but in actuality the opposite and not too good with her act. Always coming off to me very petty and coy… I mean just a few days after the ‘explosive’ outcry of them dating and mostly peeps not in a charitable mood bestowing blessing/happiness for the couple, a pic from YH’s friend circle, supposed to be private, leaked out of them going on a trip tog to Japan holding hands and she wanna check out a gigilo den, which YH poked fun, he would let her… that triggered another slur of netizen onslaught…kinda like salt on a wound if I may…for fans not too happy about YH’s choice of lover to begin with and dealing with their own achy hearts. YH admitted it plainly and said he would like to keep it private and won’t air the loveydoveys out in public, but that lasted a day or two. In just these few days I have bumped into little tabloids of their romance ‘from close friend of miss ZXY’ talking bs like she was hesitant to accept him, he seems so childish, she was single for too long and still nursing a failed divorce…when come on even as of now, she has not been divorced for an entire year, and not long ago she was very affectionate (some called it flirtatious) towards her exhubby. They should seriously keep a much lower profile, because if the paparazzi dig deeper and caught sth like YH was a homewrecker (which timeline wise, he so could be LESIGH), that is it, he would never get any chance squeezing a place up in the industry…well, not that he had a huge promisingly chance left and right anyway.

              But Miss Zhang was not happy not EVERYONE is in festive mood and has to post a weibo dissing that ‘friend’ calling him/her name of a ‘cilantro devil’ as YH’s cant stand cilantro…for leaking sth private out…well, if peeps have not seen it, or more accurately put wont care to see it, now the world knows and can’t look away. And, even though I am seriously quite calm (as it is truly none of my biz) all along, I still am not too hot for just the fact Loverboy is now kinda forced to reply a loveydovey weibo right away soothing his gf, saying he would eat that ‘cilantro’ for her. Argh. So much so even his long time love HuGe has to reply a rare one reminding him he should eat Xiang regional cuisine instead, which is totally YH’s thing for spicy food and homonym to cilantro in mando. I will interpret it whatever way as I want as HG is nudging his bestie longtime bromance lover he can still go back to his old ways and not compromise shit for sucha handful.

              I mean I can’t truly stand for an up and coming actor I adore which all his newsworthiness from now on will be his romance with a woman, and no one cares about his work no more, including himself.


  4. Mookie gege. Dima ?
    I Know eh about lakorn. But among all those insane sometimes ridiculous guilty pleasure plots I could find some of them with sincerely good heart and even acting.

    OMG if everything you said about YH darling is true I just wonder if our cheri has not acted out of desperation seeing how all of his friends have another half while staying still single. 😦 anyway goodluck to him

    1. Well… I am seriously thinking of writing a how2book, I have gave myself a medal thinking up the ENTIRE title: How to get by life being the most irresponsible adult ever: when life give u lemons, make spiked lemonades (ie always have booze handy, even for first aid purpose on a booboo *seriousface*)

      A chapter can b on how to get bk on big stupid companies screwing lil me…take IKEA missing an hugeass TV thingy, the most impt thing or else how to set up my tele, thus sating my guiltiest drama/hottie habit?! ?! I made/boss around w tonnes of whines the delivery poor dudes to set up my TV as such

      … coz French open can not wait! ! !

      Yeah Loverboy is basically blind and desperate and the right cougar snaps him up at the most opportune time. I mean her annoying promo tactics daily have already caught eyes of the cynical netizen tabloids and being stabbed, deservingly so. Who cares about 2 adults dating/making babies, not daily 24/7 nor as many as she thought…when she is involved. I would go berserk if YH’s real deal dramas (some w her) r out and all in the news is still she posted a weibo of him holding a child… blergh

      1. Now I am really scared for him. I mean if there are chances for him to get his career -even life- for such a woman -I may appear shallow but not even remotely naturally pretty to begin with- really I think he should reconsider and think on the real reasons for him to date her. By reading all of this I feel this woman is using YH for her own publicity -cheap publicity stunts. 😮 Really YH hopefully I am wrong !!

  5. Late reply is very late, but I had this on my “To Watch” list for some time and only just got to watch it because of my cdrama drought…

    I loved this drama way more than I thought I would! I marathoned it straight and just couldn’t stop watching. The story and characters are interesting and the acting from our leads and some of the supporting cast is AWESOME. I LOVE your description to Zhou Ming and Mengmeng’s falling in love btw – you have a way with words and described that beautiful scene so well! 🙂

    I especially love our male and female lead in this. I only saw Lu Yi once before as Zhuge Liang and he already made a great impression on me there. Here he again impresses with his acting and this is the first time I saw the female lead act but she’s an awesome actress! She made me empathize with her from the get-go.

    Our leads had great chemistry and I KNEW they’d somehow end up falling for each other after their first interactions (LOL too much shoujo manga, haha). I TOTALLY didn’t expect that cliffhanger ending though WTF??! At least let us know if Zhou Ming made it or not!!! They should’ve made a sequel that shows Zhou Ming’s recovery and getting back to be the top surgeon and how the interns fare with their beginning careers as licensed doctors! And also how our main girl becomes an awesome doctor and her beautiful romance with Zhou Ming, etc…

    I also think Liu Zhiguang is a great character and his actor portrayed him very well. Absolutely tugs my heartstrings, that character, but OMG WHY DID THEY DO THAT TO HIM AT THE END??! *CRIES*

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi after such a long time and I hope you’re enjoying life. Are you watching Ode to Joy? I dropped it after like 8 episodes because I got so pissed off at how shit the plot (is there even a plot??!) was and how shallow everything is. Some of the tenets the story tries to spout offends me on such a visceral level that I stopped watching (even before Wang Kai showed up … I love the guy but I couldn’t even watch anymore to wait for him to appear). Jiang Xin is COMPLETELY awesome and so charismatic I think she’s the best thing about the show. I love Liu Tao but I think her character is too aloof for me to identify with. I went ahead and looked up novel spoilers and apparently the plot gets even worse and the classist / elitist bullshit pisses me off so much I had to stop watching. Not even my tremendous love for Jiang Xin and her awesome performance can make me sit through another episode.

    I know my opinion is unpopular but I think Shanying really wasted a talented cast and ever since their success with All Quiet in Peking, Nirvana in Fire, and Disguiser, it’s like they got confident and think that as long as they have a good cast, anything they put out people will watch because of the nostalgia and good will garnered from the success of the aforementioned 3 dramas. Also, I think they’re banking on the talent and the very well-liked cast to bring them all the ratings.

    1. Wave Sweetie! 😀 Yes! I have a warm smile on my face whenever this lil gem does sth to a 知音人!

      How r you? I just hopped off flight fr an Asian trip visiting fam etcetc. It is nice to snap back to my drama watching as entertainment routine here w ur hello~! Ur critical and spot on read on ShanYing is exactly mine. I checked out half an ep of Ode to Joy w my parents while packing, it is exactly at my expectations: orig novel was pureshxt so… ShanYing is still at their delulu egoistic crazy dance by a bunch of uncles phase who cant carry a beat at trendy. They r not gonna stop until it stops being lucrative and this is popular #1 net- chatted hot thing. We just have to tolerate it till this passing frenzy ends… take it like a bff madly inlove w a douche u need to practise to not cringe at physically every time u see his/ her face.

      I do like to love the acting of almost everyone, without their capable contributions i bet you cant stick till e8. LT is far fr the best actress of the bunch, i also am worried w her usual lack of consuming chemistry w her guy pairings… i wont ask too much fr her. JiangXin continues to be GLORIOUS! I am still cryin over YangZi crudely PSing her face, her nose is now an eyesore, but she is still v gd, truly talented to distract as her harmless cute and ditzy char as is. I really love Wang ZiWen too, she is sparkling w just enough brash btchiness 4 role, just wished her real voice is not as screechy. I tuned my expectations of SY w this material shrewdly 4 a while so i wont be surprised either way. I saw a vid of her later scene flirting w WK and goshhh i must stick till THAT! XDDD

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