Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom

Alive and breathing…

…purging/lingering, packing/unpacking, rinse, wash and repeat…moving my shit from inanimate casing of walls we call house/home with boxes of my junk/my life in a sad, messy visual display.  I found somewhere I can land my feet, or put them up,  in what seems like eternity, perhaps call home, accumulating new junk, with him…and I am still a few days ahead of myself. XD  And typical me would so procrastinate some more and do mindless lazy things and take a breather before its time.  Oh, like blogging.

THIS is so foreign to me.   It is like I have always been numb online and learning my ABCs all over again, simple building blocks of gushing my inner voice of pure nonsense…which I LOVE TO DO so terribly much and have not truly converse nothing but dry convos with ppl I had to have dealings with, mostly me paying for their service in a perfect world they should excel in with no fuss my part (ha! Y never the case.  Y!?!?!?$%^&&)

I want drama recs, good old escapades, my kindred spirits!  I have been watching nothing but CN varieties, not even that, too much of a time commitment.  I should watch YangZi with Ray Ma in their fluffy bickering show.  SiWon seems to find his calling as the perfect flirty filthy rich fake(not!) prince charming bursting pink hearts with supermodel LiuWen in the CN WGM/We are in love or sth too.

WANT! NEED! CRAVE!  PLEASE.  I am open for anything, I have forgotten what are my trusted quirks and kinks lol but if u enticed me enough and got me out slurping your precious favs and…I don’t like it?!  Just disown me when I show my rantmonster self though.  I had not publicly ranted one stinky breath for months, there are a few the size of godzillas in me. XD

Spring is here (for a while) and as I could not contain myself and have gushed in some unrelated post mostly dumping it on @Sirey…YuanMyLBHong, aka Lil Red Flower is in love! PUBLICLY!!   With a woman!  That is, he is not gay (some yays and many Y not HuGE?! kekeke)  I will put it bluntly I do not like the lady, not because I am sourgraping she is the luckiest bb, I just do not like her person.  And I am bumped my perfect darling is possibly a third wheel homewrecker. >< But no worries on my part as I am not dating her (nor YH), am I?!  And I have mentally practiced my karate side kicks to bump any ‘YH gfs(or bfs)’ off to the gutters, sticking firmly to my vocation of never sharing my darn bed if YH is (ever) in it, JUST SAYIN

Pray still this will frenzy over nothing but his love life *yawnz* will die down soon as YH does have a day job.  I have checked out his latest dramas: Ordinary World is quite good, just not up to my expectation in aspects totally unrelated to Loverboy.   Angels in the City is meh drama wise but he is very yummy and watchable in it.  He is in an army reality show called Takes A Real Man (the CN version of the K variety) which is his best show in sooo long.  I had such enjoyable time watching, no ifs or buts. I missed him in something truly worthy of his time and mine.   It is basically a very well done PLA recruiting ad, but not a thing is buggy, it has adrenaline rush, it has heartwarming awwws, shrilly reality show forced tricks are kept at minimal and ALL the true soldiers on the show are cuter than these showbiz dandies.


The team leader is lauded as a ChrisWu lookalike (nah he is mucher cuter than a Chriswho :X).  He is this ray of pure manboy goodness, made a lot of slashy fangirls so delighted when YH has to shave without a mirror, telling the newbie, ‘I am your mirror, I will point out to you where you missed a spot’…and went on to touch that little patch on YH’s gorg chin he missed, with a cute shy grin.  Slash aside, he is beyond gorgeous because he is not trying one bit, just a good down to earth composed considerate 22 yo growing into a fine man, a perfect soldier with his mind set on nothing but serving his country.


Y. So. Gorg. (And Blind with poor taste in ladies). Y.

Pipedreams are meant to be said out loud, willing it to blossom:  I will give 3 limbs if one cast YH, WallaceH, WallaceC, HuGe, Ma TianYu and Bosco Wong in some CN band of bros where they will either be in uniform or nothing.   I just need to keep one hand on wiping off the droolz.

I have only seen one ep, but from what I heard, YH is off to have bromances with ALL the instructors.  ALL.

LOLZ whyyyy is he still allowed to dance in public ever?!  (Rem Princess TaiPing where he danced with two fox tails danging from his ears and so craptastic?!?!)

Who can pry me away from YH being the caring bigbro to a fellow Wuhanite young soldier urging the youngster to read more books…with his bare torso peeking out saying hihi to me.

BTW I am quite happy with Wallace H as the lead in the upcoming drama 《他来了,请闭眼》/He is here. Please close your eyes  by 山影 (the mastermind behind Battle of ChangSha!) as Dr.薄靳言.  Physically HuGe is perfect, but he had never ever slayed me to a mumbling idiot in anything, not even in 49 Days (which he is getting quite a ‘prestigious’ nomination out of…more later)

WallaceH on the set of 他来了,请闭眼

WH can play a hot possibly baddie cold hentai pervie doc ANY DAY, yummmmm!   So the book can get a bit racy, I heard, ie HuoHuo will be in suits or some form of undress while being bothered and messed up somewhat.  FINE by me.

I have lost interest in the book/too much a wuss (it is scary… imo), but I can watch a drama with WH in it esp by this production company, impossible to ever produce anything remotely stinky.  Writer is the novelist 海宴 of LangYaBong’s fame (most anticipated period Cdrama of hordes this year, rumored to be out in Sept, overlapping with ANOTHER promising HuGe drama by again ShanYing production co, The Disguiser) , who is widely regarded as a better popular writer on that work alone.  They did cast a Hu Ge lookalike though, the lead from Red, who earned himself quite a cult following.

Hu Ge in The Disguiser

September is a long wait for any HG fans I guess, but I get my dose of WallaceH in Hua Qian Gu June 9.  I like WH, I also like Zhao LiYing (ShanShan is too cute!) but of course JiangXin is my main boo.  That will tide me over when Hua!Xu!Yin! is supposed to be out in July 10th!!!!!!!!!!

I have no idea what to expect quality-wise with HXY, to calm my nerves till it is out, I am planning on watching this following drama.  No idea what it is about, but with these insanely grand ahjusshis and BigSis in Battle of ChangSha, must watch.

Which got me prying the list of nominations of this year’s Magnolia Awards, it is awarded at the ShangHai TV Festival in June each year, said to be one of the four more reputable drama awards in CN.  I pay a notice because last year marked one I watched and liked passionately many more Cdramas than I can recall.  It was a good year.

I am too lazy to list all categories, here is the link from the official site.  Going through the noms, All Quiet in Peking *nod*, Obstetrician (perhaps I should check it out), Hey Daddy! (on my list, it has my girlcrush SongJia!), Red Sorghum (understandable), The Chinese Farmers (safe bet), Deng Xiaoping at History’s Crossroads (of course, who dares not to), Ordinary World (certainly), Divorce Lawyers and A Servant of Two Masters (well done contemporaries)

Acting categories, has the masterful Ni Da Hong ( ahjusshi crush on the left on poster above) who should just get ALL the awards if there is any fairness to true quality craftsmanship.  I made note to myself even though I did not enjoy All Quiet In Peking,- to finish it for his fine perfect heart stirring job alone.

Jiang Xin is also nominated for a supporting actress for Old Farmer!  YAY!  And of course sentimentally I want Yan Ni to win best actress for her Tong in A Servant of Two Masters, a most enjoyable fav strong smart female character.  I can deal with not giving a nod to ahjusshi Zhang for his YangShu, he won twice already…



MY XIANGXIANG! AT LEAST!!  MY BRO IN LAW MY REN CHINGWEI and you nom the popstar William Chan WeiTing for his trololo job in the WTFFFF Swords of Legends!!!!!!!!  (And humor me how did HuGe honestly outdo
any of the supporting cast of who’s who all glorious, in All Quiet in Peking now) WHAT the F!LOAD IS WRONG WITH YOU SILLYTOADSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Lets just pretend my bursting rage and headache is as pretty as Liu YF’s.  ARGH.

[Credit on pics/gifs.  Thanks to the OP!  I stole all from weibo XD]

27 thoughts on “Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom

  1. Mookie you’re alive! And well! It will take you awhile to readjust yourself, I’m sure, but so happy to see a new post from you hehe and just as spazzy like usual! 😀 I hope RL is treating you… kinder these days, and Asian ent gives you a reprieve from the insanity. I can’t recommend anything unfortunately (unless it’s a particular couple in WGM hahaha!) cos my drama-watching has been super inconsistent, but K-ent looks to be particularly busy this time of year and so I hope you’ll pick out something from the currently airing options ^_^

    1. Alive, yes, Sweetie…well… hmm well, I am still kicking! Good enough for now.

      How about the IU drama? Did u have a taste? I have sucha soft spot for her as an actress actress!

      1. I didn’t! But Em did/is watching the show (maybe I will give it a try after all the hoo haa of school and traveling) and she said IU is really not very good in there haha but opinions about the show seem to be on the up and up trajectory so I think it’s worth tuning in when we have the time 🙂

    1. 大家咁話呀,Sweetie! I know life must be terribly exciting yet a bit scary… LOL and it will always be we just get used to it… or as we call it getting older/’wiser’.

      Have fun w it! I can’t think of a better time in life just to have all the fun!

  2. Welcome back, hun!! It was about time, I was beginning to thing the earth had swallowed you. 🙂

    Don’t think I have anything to rec, sadly. Unless you are into teen angst and vampires but that one is the most decent offering of late. Couldn’t muster up interest in any of the other kdramas just started. Grapevine is still grand but it’s 2 epis short of the finish line. *sniffle* Been watching uncommonly many jdramas in instead. ^^

    1. Dear Chingu! At times I wished earth can truly go ahead and be done w me/myshiz

      Sooooo is Grapevine glorious till end?! I tried not too look coz fear of spoilers but if it stayed gd throughout, definitely will jump bk on, can’t wait! !

      What darling lil jdoramas are catching ur fancy?! I still have a few eps of Date ( w Ann … fr last season LOL) to finish but totally forgot… and that’s my last recollection.

      1. Since my last reply that particular teen vamp drama has tanked spectacularly, ha. A pity as the first 2 epis were quite lovely. Watching Mask atm… the first ep was hilarious, probably unintentionally. *g* No guarntees I’ll ever finish it though.

        Yes! Grapevine was pretty awesome all the way through. Not as good as AWC perhaps but near enough. Go ahead and jump! 🙂

        I’ve watched quite a few jdramas over the past few months. Some older, some current. Let’s see… So far I’ve seen Liquid (which I just loved), Dakara Koya (another one I really liked), Kageri Yuku Natsu, Neko Zamurai S1, Take Five, Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi and Priceless. Currently watching I’m Home, Neko Zamurai S2 and Shinya Shokudo S2. So yeah, there’s been a few, ha.

        1. *furiously jolting everything down*

          Gosh ShinyaShokudo has been rewatched often lately , watched it on phone even just for a bit of cool zen sanity. Even just to droolz on that scar is yummm!

      1. Unfortunately I feel like the jdoroma world has gone downhill. When peeps like Okada have lost it, there really isn’t much hope left. The fact that there aren’t any charismatic actors left either ain’t helping the situation.

        I’m glad you have heaps to look forward to though! I think I won’t be able to experience that feeling in a LONG while lol

        1. Ohnoooo! Is Fuben absolutely unwatchable?! I put drama as the urgent one fr this(or last) on my When I have time (HAHAHA! ! !) list as I have a thing for odd ojisans eg Endo-san too! :/

          And my gut is saying Dr Rintaro will bug me if only me before it airs butbutbut Masato and Mr director of Mother/Woman/Mosaic! Can’t be thatttt horrible, no?!

          1. Haha! well I meant Okada Yoshikuzu the screenwriter but I heard Fuben isn’t that great either…(Still check it out though!) But it’s funny how you like Endo-san cos I love his presence in dramas as well!!

            Well yeah, he will bug. He has this unique charm (was a fan) but I lost it with him in Legal high. And I started to realise his eye squinting isn’t really him acting but a result sustained from the wind cementing it that way. And it was sad when I noticed that because I just loved him…I just found him unique and he had that whole likeable aura and everything. Anyhow I am just unlikely to be finding joy in the drama world lately so it’s probably best if I leave my disappointment here and I don’t know…wait for you to discover something great for me! haha I need another PoH.

            You have no idea how you changed my world with that!… and my opinion of Taiwanese fluff – or in this case, a pretty realistic life drama. Just wish I had her legs!

            Anywayyyyy glad that you’re back to save the day!

            1. Darnnn that makes me sooo sad. Although I do not love Yoshikuzu everything, I was thinking again it would be nothing but watchable for me w Tomoko and Naohito. I think I can still brave it just to droolz at them but it is depressing they can’t come up w sth better, right?!

  3. Hi Mookie! Long time no talk! Hope all is well 🙂

    YH is so hot in uniform OMG ❤

    H, WallaceH, WallaceC, HuGe, Ma TianYu and Bosco Wong in some CN band of bros where they will either be in uniform or nothing
    If that happened I’d need more than a hand – I’d need a bucket to keep all my drool contained!

    As for drama recs, well, you’ve already named the ones I’ll be watching, like Hua Qiangu, Langyabang (my most anticipated one!), Huaxuyin … although I’m quite eager to see The Lost Tomb (it’s like a Chinese version of Tomb Raider + Indiana Jones … sounds interesting) as well when it airs in June 🙂

    1. Wave~Dear! How r u? How’s school!?

      I am curiously optimistic w HQG, perhaps coz I am way more shallow than I know myself and WallaceH, even not at his best would make a fine sickly sifu vampire thing! I also like Zhao quite much, v solid actress of her gen…and JIANGXIN!

      I am a bit :/ w Lost Tomb though, none of the leads can really carry show plus all the CGIs that needs to be quite perfect/modern… just everything can go v wrong.

      1. *WAVES BACK* Hello! School has been very busy and I’m currently preparing for my final exams, so I won’t be able to watch any dramas till after they finish which is about July. I hope you are doing well 🙂

        Hehe well you know me – I love the original HQG novel so I’m bound to give the drama a go regardless. I can’t comment on Zhao Liying because I’ve never seen her act, but I love Wallace and I really like Jiang Xin too – she can act, she’s beautiful (her face and figure is the type of beauty I really like to see – none of that pointy face/overly skinny type), and such a fierce lady onscreen! Have you seen the new trailer(s) for Huaxuyin? I’m looking forward to seeing her and Yuan Hong 🙂 Oh, and this picture of Jiang Xin at a HQG conference is beautiful. What a great outfit and looks amazing on her!

        As for The Lost Tomb, I mostly want to see it because I’ve read the first novel (so far) and the story is very interesting. You’re right – it will be heavy on CGI and I’m not sure how that will look … of course, being a Cdrama I won’t compare it to the caliber of big budget Hollywood blockbusters, but it’s a pretty short series (only 12 eps for S1) so I’m gonna give it a shot and hope for the best 🙂

        I’m VERY eager to see Hu Ge’s Langyabang and also Chang Ge Xing (when will it air?). I guess I’m always more fond of period dramas and well, Langyabang and Chang Ge Xing have good stories, good characters, good cast, good costume/make-up … basically what I want to see in a good-quality drama 🙂


  4. Now I am watching Who are You school 2015 only for Yook Sungjae character and KSH sultry cute beauty -at such a young age- and acting

  5. Hi Mookie…. Whaaa! YH is now dating! I can’t express how I feel although I’ve been wanting him to be in a relationship. Who’s the lucky one? Yay, sigh….

    1. Hugs Mye!

      She is his costar for 2 of his upcomings. Serial homewrecker in the past. She just divorced her hubs of a yr last Dec, YH started dating her in Jan. Well, he’s probably a homewrecker too.

      I can’t watch her work to begin with. She is not the worst actress but the typical visible plastic face a dime a dozen nowadays

  6. Oh my! I hope she and the hubs already had issues before she met YH and that YH didn’t add fuel into the fire. I’m now having more “sighs” than “yays”.

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