Friday Pretty Post

I have proper working for the entire day internet FINALLY!   I SEE LIGHT AND BRIGHT STARS AND SUNSHINE AND BEAUTY IN ALL THINGS!

Sunshine is fat lie,  it has been humid muggy thunderstorm like Sauron/Saruman ruling my middle earth (RIP Sir Christopher Lee!)  But it is absolutely true everywhere I look gorgeousness is exploding in every fangirl corner of my being.   It is as if I successfully wrote a very kickass AU of my pretties in a love orgy and it is beyond my imagination good and somehow turning live at speed of my scribbling.  I have no squees left. I did squeed out loud and as I have new downstairs neighbors now, an exuberant Xena, a warrior princess dog/bitch very defensive of her turf and peace and quiet unless she is the one making most of the holler along with that stupid squeeing human nonsense upstairs of her.

So what gives TPTB?!?!?! Why is ALL my biases out and about collaborating, making my wetdreams I do not know exist, fester to reality?!?!?! I am not worthy, not even after I have mastered the skill set of driving through blacken downpours,  and did not, like the whimpy bornbredhere folks, hide underneath underpass ‘braving’ it.  Hey we (will) drive in whiteouts half a year in a few months lest you all forget, why not when it is the color black and aqueous form?!?!  SHRUG.

So Be It.  Torrid nasty rain storms, then the inevitable mosquito swarms, hit me. I even dug out my Wuthering Heights, v carpe diam.

Let me first thank you Dears for the warm hellos last post, so grateful for the drama recs as well…but I just can’t find a thing that absolutely hit that strange itchy spot.  A bit melancholy over that fact my dependable addiction is escaping me… comes along someone posting dl for Suika/Watermelon(2003) !  !  !  It was a harmless sleepy little doozy back then, can not be more aptly titled when watching is like a slice of refreshing watermelon in summer/human drama aptly at the perfect time and place.

Coz lately when I shuteye, a sweet dream is my hoarder mess, with very similar components, just hell and heaven apart obviously, will magically look like that house the ladies in drama live in.  It is an actresscentric drama, I remember seeing 村上淳 in it and thought he was soooo hot then. It is about second chances in life, starting anew, not too preachy, easy breezy watch no trying too hard to please… opportune for my state of mind.

With sadly no dorama fix, I have been devouring Jmovies. To hear from Tony Leung, in his own words, a movie review for the very first outing in his 30+ years in the industry most of it at the epitome. Unheard of. It is on a Cmovie 我是路人甲/I Am Somebody by long time HK moviemaker Derek Yee, won’t be a blockbuster, but can tell it is a sincere work of love for the industry, telling the stories of bit players in the megalomaniac C showbiz at WenDian.

IT IS TRUE and he is a charming writer (gosh plz can u write a memoir plzplzplz), it is like staring into his curiously mesmerizingly charismatic eyes with such infectious honesty even when he is not moving an eyelash and you read into it oceans and waves of stories and human emotions, and be captivated by every aorta rippling in this man. This time tool is his words instead of irises. ahhh….. WHAT A FKING TREAT. So genuine, that whatever he committed himself to, be it any character, or say writing a review, he must get the job done to his best capabilities, never slack just because his namesake on anything movie top ad dollar saved . There is an economical craftiness to his command of Chinese, it is endearing, it has warmth, it has an intimacy, it has an optimal writer/reader distance in between, personal without getting too egoistically self-serving , poignant on delivering an essay with its sole purpose of being a heartfelt review of a movie he simply liked from his heart with v interesting pieces of him alongside.

And in the review, with lots to tell but leaving us wanting way more, he mentioned his bff Stephen Chow. HE is the only person who paints SC in the most normal light of being his best friend, nothing more nor less constantly. I can not remember a personal interview with TC without him mentioning Chow.

This is from his recent appearance with his DW Carina, can’t be more proud seen playing with his Officier (Ordre des Arts et des Lettres) at the French Consulate.

I am in cloud nine just reading and rereading, let alone he throws in he is also watching (and liking enough to mention) lotsa J movies, particularly with Shôta Sometani in it!!!!  (you did SQUEE too right?!) Exact things I have been watching! I swear this golden alluring It boy/newlywed (is he even legal?! Lol) is in EVERY J movie I come across watching somehow last months. And this fact braves me enough to watch Kiseijû (things I do as a jumpy superwimp in the name of fangirling with tonnes of sailornotMoonlike swearing). I will go back and rewatch Wood Job (fav of what I have seen of him…and NO, just because I like it, does not equate it must have sthsth filthy going on at all with that title)

Just hours after I have stable internet and can stream, the Shanghai C drama biggie Magnolia awards is happening, and everything played out as expected… no, Nan Li did not win, she got my best dressed vote with all my limbs raving.

Not that the dress is my thing, but she wears it like a Cate Blanchett in an age appropriate dress yet shaving easily 10, 15 years off.

All Quiet in Beijing won best drama, Treasure of the nation (his literal name, me serious)Chen BaoGuo won the best actor award with no dispute whatsoever, if you want someone else to take it away from him, you r retarded w v poor taste.  Best actress goes to Zhao Xun.  Also wearing a white fierce dress I doubt any other human can wear it out in public and still garnering nothing but comments like fresh and chic.

I was awed by her performance, she is physically such a miscast, but the writing is insipid and undeserving of the cast.  My Jiang Xin also did not win best supporting actress award, which I was hoping and praying the most for a surprise the most.  She seriously needs better management!!!! Now that Hua Qian Gu is out and quite an instant hit, she gets little to no screen time nor mention.  She is insanely sharp and witty in RL too

When the reporters tried to be nasty asking about their romance rumors and exes. ‘What is going on with you two’ ‘US?!’…JX jabbed back, ‘What is ‘us’ huh? You and me?!’  The cheeky reporter gushed, ‘Sure! ‘We’ would be lovely!’ JX cuts him to size, dreams are often too pretty to dream about but will never materialize…like….us.

I checked out HQG out of curiosity (and shallowness). It is quite tailored for me. I had casually read bits of the original novel, Miss writer’s Chinese could use another 10 years of C literature classes if I have my way with things, so I have no quibbles on authenticity to the prose (LOL what prose), that saves me rants as a purist.  Just gimme an easy on my eyes period wuxia to mindlessly droolz tyvm.

imo Wallace H is very easy on the eyes, even though the makeup here is several layers of powder cakey and aging, he is a good enough actor to pull this off, being sucha fan of his looks in CP3 I can watch this as the fanfic epilogue of his poorChangqing ascending to Daoist semiGodhood and droolz…

and I could then ignore the holes; Zhao is welcomed on my screen, always.

I can rely on her on a commendable to surprisingly awesome job even in crap.  But again too much makeup, kohl’d eyes on a 20sth actress however perky as an ingenue 16 years of age in story is just wtf.  The pleasant surprise is everything is acceptable, everyone on the cast is quite alright for each part, no obvious weak link, no too modern fugliness, no absurd gaudy plastic surgery disasters. Even though the storytelling in ep1 is so crazily rushed, I had rather that than dragginess, it is not a story we cant guess the next 5 plot twists any given time. It does bumped me JiangXin’s character lost lotsa scenes in editing room my guess, leaving her character mostly nutso and impossible. It would give me a kick if the bookworm pining after our heroine dude be played by YeZhuXin (JX’s ex) instead, fresher face, more innocuous looking and the meta!

It is not great though, the storytelling and pace, the CGIs r open field for snarkfest but if you are oddly not picky atvm, this is your wuxia fix.

HuoHuo is so getting me flushed more on his upcoming ShanYing(4 the Nth time the can do no wrong masters behind Battle of ChangSha) production. 他來了,請閉眼/ He is here, You Can Close Your Eyes (just my take of the title, I forgot what it officially is).  He is even a better fit for role here leaping off the pages…there is a hint of perviness/normal dude emotions escaping his eyes not completely contained for his Bai in HQG, perfect for the raciness here, however lil left.

The new Princess JieYou long trailer pushed me over to hot and bothered land.  Yuan Hong, you are too fineeee for my sanity and your yummyyyy voice~~~! This is one hot tall dark handsome brooding romantic prince ripping off pages of any gd o’ romance novella.

This is my face those 20 mins :

Other than this above hottie being HOT in it, it is easily the most beautiful C period trailer in art direction I have set eyes on.

HXY will not be this pretty, BUT it still has this pretty:


For some guaranteed C period lady gorgeousness, I depend on Tong LiYa:

I have no idea what this is, other than it is called 爱无痕/Love Without a Trace this is her upcoming period melo she is headlining, nostalgically back to her forte as the reigning C period beauty WITH acting chops.

Speaking of nostalgia.  The biggest loudest squee out of me maybe since forever is because of this duo:

They own my Fri night in my late teen years.

I will settle for CFs, endless of them Binnie x MYYYYAhjusshi Lee Sung Min


Let me be the only person on earth that can watch them goofing in some office no plot, no lines, and fish out the 5 trillion wons somehow as they r sign-ing and hi-5ing.  I would pay you SamSungLife, with 5 lives, I would.

Who has ever dreamed of Bolin Chen and Tony Yang collaborating in a gay movie together?!?!?!?! I want to claim mememememe but I am not that ingenious…but IT IS HAPPENING.

And I am busy giggling watching Loverboy in that army reality show he is in when he is the ‘victim’ in CPR training.  He is super unwilling to open his mouth for a mouth to mouth resuscitation,  the commander threatens him if he is not ‘cooperating’ he would make the entire class practice on him.  My poor poor v straight Loverboy can only reluctantly open his mouth and tighten his fist in not!want. LOL

I could laugh till next Fri with this. MUAHAHAHA!

8 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post

  1. Mookie gege dima ?
    It seems YH gets a lot of lakorn type of scene lately -forcedscene un princess JY too ? Too the actress transformed her mouth. YH looks bestialy hot

    1. Lol with all ur passionate mentions of lakorn, do u have a rec dear?!

      Argh just when I have moved out of the area, Loverboy is there atvm watching the NBA finals. Not happy I can’t harass him!

  2. Woot Mulder and Scully! 😀

    I’m also following HQG and I agree with what you said! I’ve always thought that the makeup (more like warpaint) is WAAAAAY too much and there’s no need for it because the leads are pretty good looking already! Why the over the top warpaint???

    I’m busy with exams but I can’t wait to sit down and watch the series properly once I finish with them. Wallace can grace my screen anytime 🙂 The other actors are pretty good in their roles too, so I’m pretty happy with the drama so far (even with all the deviations from the novel)

    1. You r into Mulder/Scully too?!?! Omgomg I still rewatch eps on my overplayed DVDs… and it is the culprit of my super aversion of circle lens… glad none here in HQG… so much pleasantries on my eyes other than the LOL warpaint! That is awesome a description! XDDD I am done w the 4 eps out, kinda glad it is a 2 eps/ wk show, not overtaxing, pace slowed down drastically w ep3,4 and manageable booboos… if it was a 3 eps a day show, it could wear on me. Good that I liked ZLY quite a lot and she somehow grounds lil Gu w genuineness because I did roll my eyes at her celebrating bday still in light of what happened. Don’t u think it was such poor taste?!

      1. Ooh the Mulder/Scully OTP was everything when I was a kid – like, I didn’t even watch the show regularly but everyone in my class (including my teachers) were into Mulder/Scully so I sorta picked it up as well. We had great times speculating when they would actually get together and when they finally did it was happiness all around LOL 😀

        ZLY is really good as HQG and as much as I love Wallace, the other 2 male leads (Dongfang and Sha Qianmo) are much better actors than he is. I loved their characters in the novel and seeing the drama versions made me love them even more, but with Wallace’s BZH, I actually prefer the novel version to this drama version. The drama version Bai Zihua is so unlikeable…

        OMG that whole birthday scene was SO OUT OF PLACE and they screwed it up by placing it right after her dad’s death! In the novel, after her dad died, there was no Mo Bing (that’s another drastic change that has me wondering how they’re gonna resolve it later on) and she just went on to complete her dad’s last wish, etc. The actual birthday scene happened in Chang Liu just before she was to leave to help fix Maoshan (changed to Shushan here in the drama). She couldn’t do the sword flying thing so Bai Zihua (who is a lot sweeter to her in the book than in the drama) taught her personally and gifted Duannian Sword to her to help protect her and as a birthday gift. In the novel (IIRC) HQG didn’t wanna make a fuss of her birthday but somehow BZH knew and did the teaching/sword gifting thing to be nice. Isn’t that a lot more tasteful and romantic than the whole Mo Bing thing in the drama?

        But seriously, Dongfang and Sha Qianmo needs more screentime cuz they’re awesome and I feel happy everytime I see them onscreen 😀 Wallace is beautiful but I’m not feeling his Bai Zihua for some reason … this could be due to the script and it’s still early in the series so maybe later on I can see the 面冷心熱 Master that the novel depicted so well – I agree that Guo Guo’s Chinese is simple (which is great for people like me who can’t read Chinese very well) but the story is actually quite engaging (which motivated me to keep reading to the end).

        1. Hugs Sweetie, I have…rants.

          I liked they toned down the shoujoness though. The purpose of BZH should never be to be the typical dreamboat hero no?! Not when he supposedly is a godlike creature, haz a human race to guard from evil and living in the Court of No Emotional Dependencies/Afflictions *shrug*. It would have peeved me for someone in his holier than mere mortals station to shower attention to the one and only Lil Gu on sth so froufrou as a bday party (whom is our Bella/AnastasiaSteele…name the ‘plain MarySue who would get all the dudes swirling in madlove with her just because she’s sooo normal yet sooo v v v special and precious obviously other than to herself OF COURSE) I saw tonnes of 面冷心熱 already, too much actually for my taste, all his flickering of emotions when he had truly cramped down, showing no affliction nor warmth towards 紫薰 when it would’ve made much more logical sense just on friendly gratitude as she was his comrade all these godzillion years.

          On top of finding FruitFruit’s prose really juvenile (age is not an excuse, had read beautiful command of the language as a teen flooring me fr eg Sharon Chung 鍾曉陽 when she published her first novel at 18. FruitF’s words was a big turn-off on top of I do not see enough creativity in the storytelling. I did not read enough to critique justly, but I felt like I am reading a poor hack of bits of DragonSabre, Romance of Condor Heroes with Vampire lore thrown in tied with the Mystic. I have skimmed through much talked about bits though, but from first paragraph this must be written by a baby that should’ve spent her time more worthwhile in her CN classes in highschool.

          Anyway, as a romance novel with a ‘xianxia’ bend it still fails for me because the wuxia was quite insulting. YES, how can I be fair measuring with a JinYung/GuLong et al yardstick huh?! I could not. But that was my imprint, what I read since I was 10. I have read sth trillions times better when I was 10, I do not understand half the characters much, but that doesn’t block anyone’s judgment that was masterpiece, this is not. I just cant say anything nice with sth quite inferior on its own at my grand old age.

          I am not a fan of 杀阡陌, shallowness dictates, just not my aesthetics, esp as you so brilliantly coined with the warpaint. The poor actor (which looked fine, quite handsome normally, actually someone said he looks like a cross btn Yuan Hong and his female facetwin uo Xiao Ting / Princess Min Min fr BBJX… but his Sha just looks like a very delusional tranny saying the cheesiest words. Actor is doing a commendable job, but gosh just do not look pretty, nor prettiest, nor any form of female.

          My interest of drama proper has dissipated after initial eps, rants… still has lots XDDD. I’ll spare you just saying this has now turned into a healthy exercise of training up my rolling eyes muscles. I still think Wallace is doing the best job as BZH as any working sino drama idolactors can, and thank the Gods ZJY is bubbling so much charm and she is innately way more talented than lilGu required because I actually find HQG with lots more moments of annoying I need to talk myself into making sense of it as it fits into the construct she is a 16 yo silly girl and the golden rule common sense is not common. No excuse she should know SiFu has tonnes of precious herbs everywhere hundred times older than her and she ANNIHILATE them with her blood at least, duh, lilGu, your name lest you forget everything else.

          1. No no, it’s perfectly fine to compare the Chinese language of novels from different authors because as you said, age is not an excuse. I mean, just like in English literature, some of the most beautiful prose written are by authors who were also quite young (I’m thinking of the Bronte sisters but I may be wrong so don’t quote me on it or anything). With Hua Qiangu, the simple prose worked in my favor because my Chinese isn’t very good and I need to read simple stuff first before I can tackle the harder stuff like Jin Yong, Liang Yusheng, etc.

            TBH out of the wuxia novels I really like Jin Yong’s the best, in terms of story construction, world building, characterizations, etc. Also, his style of writing is really engaging and he rarely leaves loose ends hanging or has gaping plotholes, which is why I like Jin Yong so much. One thing that really pisses me off about novels is when authors leave issue unresolved or open endings, because to me that’s just lazy writing.

            Gu Long and Liang Yusheng are also great but Liang Yusheng is even harder for me to read because his prose is very poetic. It’s very beautiful but very difficult for someone like me (whose Chinese is poor) to read.

            HQG’s story is really more like a shoujo manga written into a fantasy wuxia setting (although there’s not too much wuxia going on LOL). Even Hua Qiangu herself is more like a Mary Sue / shoujo manga heroine than anything. I haven’t watched too much of the drama yet so I can’t fully judge on the acting, etc. Sha Qianmo in the novels is a funny guy so that’s what made me like him. LOL now that you mentioned the Princess Minmin and 13th Prince resemblance I can’t unsee it 😀

            I totally agree with your analysis of the story and language of HQG. I think what made HQG successful is because of the melodrama (煽情?) and the characters. I think it’s a good thing to always think about what we’re watching/reading instead of blindly just accepting everything the authors/filmmakers dish out at us. It’s also a fun to analyze and discuss with other people 🙂

            I’ve just finished exams not long ago and have just finished catching up with 盜墓筆記 and OMG that is to date the WORST drama adaptation of any novel I’ve seen. I’ve been ranting about it ever since I watched it and it’s pissed me off so much because I had high hopes for it, judging from how interesting the novels were. I think you totally dodged a bullet in not watching it because OMG it totally 毀原著,毀神作,毀三觀 and is every bit as bad as all the reviews say it is. The only saving grace in the series was 張起靈 and 鄭佩佩 and they cut almost all of 張起靈’s scenes anyway so *SIGH*

            1. Well said! And muakkkk Summer break! Yay!

              I can read almost anything leisurely, but just so happens wuxia novel is too dear, HQG is super long thousands pp, 130+ chapters for Shoujo ( and we brainmesh, I was just grumbling HQG has too lil wuxia) and it reminds me quite of a juvenile aping of RoCH with gender reversal. Tang7 tried at flowery but her prose comes off all over the place, at times way ostentatious or pretentious, interspersed with way silly/modern speak. She just does not have her own worthy style of writing/文風 so to speak almost all quotables fr her r just a few characters off fr old poems anyway… after knowing she is a disgusting repeated plagiarist lifting off straight chunks of others’ original work then piecing tog with her own shitty Chinese, everything makes so much sense.

              The acting is solid in HQG, same w HXY. I can stand the aesthetics of the costumes in HQG, I actually like the plainness of sifu and LilGu’s outfits, it suits his ascetic way. It is the makeup fugly all the otherwise top notch gorg period faces. V WTF is Sha JieJie’s cheapo fake flower belt buckle and the blue circle lens and the tranny thick mask of Geishafail! makeup. The funny just dun outweigh how I find him too cliched DFBB wannabe. If u can get past the initial nausea w HXY’s costumes, it is obvious there was costly craftsmanship involved commissioNed by a filthy rich 土豪。 What it is pwning HQG is it has dazzling fight scenes. WH can’t wuxia dance, it snaps me out of character whenever he does an action sequence. YH can, JX can and when they wuxia tango to professional choreography… hmmm.

              One thing I will give Tang7 merit is she has good taste in story she plagiarized. HXY’s vignettes r short and v effective in hitting where is hurts most quite logically hence I can suffer through her deplorable Chinese. It is way short in length serving me 5 parallel stories we can pick and choose to offer our hearts. This is JX’s best role to date. I have started my cryfest and her arc has just started. YH should count his blessing, finally he is matched w a costar elevating his game with all the delish chemistry they could bottle and sell

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