Friday Pretty Post

LOL it quite makes my day when the top searched hotword at weibo when I clicked in was ‘Panda’熊猫, that national treasure animal, cutest aholes.  Who would not prefer watching a panda ahole rather a human one any time any day.  TGIF to a good one!


That (and hey I did not know it has sthsth to do with some EXO boything but I always welcome an excuse to search for panda gifs, or Mr White voicing kungfu panda) and marriage equality 🌈 plus I made a damn good fried rice from leftover peking duck!

(yes there is a thing called leftover peking duck, not the carcass but SKIN, CRISPY SINFUL SLICE OF HEAVEN AND DEATH when you eat with a bunch of idiotic childhood gfs in Toronto and be the fatso at 100lbs amongst them, being the ONLY one not on some fking diet, esp not when a dish of nothing but those evil crispy skins of donald duck is inches in front of you) Anyway, the ‘recipe’ lol (y would someone so talentless a cook be so thick skinned you ask?!  If I can cook it, betcha your pet fish can) is to render the fat and crisp up those scissored up (no washing fatty slimy chopping board is worth a fried rice) skins even more in a cast iron,  stir the egg in a bowl of microwaveable ready2eat rice with a dash of soy, fish sauce, galbi marinade, sriracha (will learn to spell it without google…some day), dig in your freezer for frozen veg bits and thrown in that egg rice mixture, pour everything in skillet, turn off heat.  Best fried rice I promise, or take my YuanHong and HuoHuo XDDD

The Pretty happening on my screen twice a week is currently Wallace H.   The Cute is ZLY, who is now promoted to a mango mochi butter cake status in my glutton speak, ie HOW ON EARTH DID I FINISH AN ENTIRE CAKE WITH A STICK OF BUTTER IN IT BEFORE EVEN CUTTING IT!…watch ZLY eats, or generally saying very cheesy lines in eyerollingly stupid scenes, being a silly child of a character, yet look out for her throwing in some knowing winkwink nuances in golden snarky moments like:  OH, after some serious brainstorming, of this gorgeous most breathtakingly beautiful island filled to the brim with exotic flowers and grasses and flora, why not name it…hmm…drumroll…the tragic definitely stepped on all makeup person toes 24/7 tragic looking  tranny ‘most beautiful living thing of all the realms ROFL’ failed to think up a name himself all this while lying most seductively and prettily on his side on all the flowers, squishing them to death…not unlike what LilGu did with her ‘special powers’ OH HOW VERY OTP!…oh so what is that ingenious name we should all get very excited anticipating?! Fingerbiting some more…  HOW ABOUT FLOWER ISLAND.  Oh why not.

Is it quite insulting to watch HQG?!  Yes, frankly.  Can’t mince words.  Where is the Wu and the Xia?!?  Don’t joke with me with that silly CGI, if you are fighting the masters of thousands of yrs and all there is to it is a second of crappy shit.  It is nothing but a second of crappy shit.  I should be thankful it is just a poop of it I guess, nothing lingering much stench wise. Wallace H has been a visual of pure (dull) pretty in CP3, he has been more alluringly handsome in most of BoC, here, most of the time I feel like the camera people is trying to get the worst angles, it turns out oddly shaped on top of the makeup department malpractice of the doodling on his entire face.  WTF r those eyebrows peeps?!  How dare you put rectangular fur fungi above JiangXin’s gorgeous most emotive eyes doing her things I am most interested in watching in this entire drama more than nikkid WallaceH now?!?!?!?!  There are moments when WH in full glory, drop dead gorgeousness, less than I desire…  then we are promised this. 

You would get a guiness record I am sure if you can pry me away from screen looping.

So if I treat this as typical teenage fluffy supermarysue shoujo, it is watchable.  Of course I am not that delusional, my watchable is NOT inclusive to quality nor truly watchable per human standard.  Drama, a wuxia drama, a xianxia (fantasy wuxia) drama.  Nope, not here.  And I can overlook it if ZLY and WallaceH has (mykinda)mindcombusting chemistry…but sadly they do not.  It is reasonable, I can acknowledge, that their characters should not be burning the screen atvm of story, but I don’t foresee it happening when things should heat way up down the journey.  There are the tried and true (and tired) skinship contrivances, I am not against it, but I didn’t skip a heartbeat over it.

Yes if I trapped WH in the house,  and if he is out of my sight for a moment, I would be screaming on top of my lungs whatever pet names, sifu, master, precious, beautiful MYHUOHUO!  But knowing your sifu’s temperament, that is beyond silly.




Did you lol?!  Lying liar if you said you didnt.

So cute!  Why is she not on food commercials?!  I would buy that poorly CG bun, I do not even like buns.

Just because I miss his ChangXing.

There is something so odd about the camera angles making HuoHuo’s face bottom heavy when in other more capable hands he hasn’t grown larger a jaw.  Here he is in a snippet of the trailer of  He Comes, Close Your Eyes.

More crappy lol wuxia.  MUAHAHAHA


 Yeah, I have pondered why the wuxia masters have never just summoned the damsels with their super power to Come! and Kneel at my feet!

JiangXin though…bringing her usual first class quality self more than pitch perfect with every quaver and note, what she can do with a tremble of an eyelash to emote all the longing/lusting/unrequited love but wishing him the best towards Wallace’s BZH…that is something as improved as WH is through the years…can never achieve and she alone insert to scene all the story that needs to be told, reducing WH, ZLY to pretty props just being there as her character is given more time to flourish and she uses every second of those hard earned moments to the max.  What floored me here is she is not given the agency of a script nor the top players like a Legend of Zhen Huan here.   What she was asked to do or say in many scenes are quite embarrassing for a serious actress like she could be in a proper drama like her last one Old Farmer…but she made an otherwise cringeworthy scene only worth being made into embarrassing gifs for our lols quite a gorgeous homage to the pretty (even if very shallow) wuxia of yore when wuxia heroines were larger than life sino screen sirens Brigitte Lin, Gong Li,  Sharla Cheung, Maggie Cheung,  et al.  I am still very bumped I can not find a gif I can steal of JX dancing!)

I can’t stand delusional egomaniac perhaps except myself MUAHAHAHA esp not when they are not my type of pretty.  This is not. Only Ray Ma TianYu ‘s face can handle this makeup and the lines seriously and not make me vomit these days.

Lil thing, tell me, why am I soooo gorgeous?!

Oh yes why, Sis.  Why are you soooo gorgeous?!

LY is usu sooo perfectly subtly cute without any hint of trying…lol not here.  Yes, it could be all I am reading into, whatever I wanna.  So be it.  And a smart lil cookie, you know, when you do not know how to answer a rhetorical question without lying nor puking, throw the ball back to his court.

What kind of flower is prettier than me in this world huh?!

Instead of loving the flowers, I’d rather be in love with myself.

Lil Gu:  *Oh let me be smart again and look at myself to distract instead of puking at you my DearSis.*

Nothing against the actor, just on the WTF writing and WTFFFFFFF makeup and costumes (his fine fine taste dictates has a few pink roses as his belt buckle, why not has a few of your own heads attached instead, Prettiest of All?!)

By now the world knows a Kr BBJX with PD Kim KyuTae is happening.  That is the thing swarming my weibo. Hey go for it, it is not like Cdramaland has not been crapping all over remakes of Kdramas hits. It is only fair.  And if you have paid some dough for adapting this, why not make it so over the top maybe it can topple a Lee YoungAae in saguek hype?!?!  And this is not the most unfortunate PD attached, he can do stuff, like CLOSE UPS with BLARING LOOPING MUSIC, which think about it, a JISPrincewhatever staring in his pristine gorgeousness longingly (constipatingly as MrX coined it struggling o’ noble little shit), at the lens at assumingly the heroine, a RuoXi can so be cut into a slashy MV with any other Prince by choice with no extra work AT ALL.   There is half a league of Kdrama PDs worse, just happens his stuff gets on my every nerve in screaming pretentiousness all the fking time.  But if I can realign/reattach my sillyhead, watch this as a drinking game especially when my most unintentionally hilarious (but good *seriousface*) and trying so darn hard it’s adorable always JIS is attached.  I truly love JIS for all the joy and legitimate drunkenness he brings dependably to my household, but my hubs loves him more for the visceral throat soring laughs watching JIS and only JIS OTTing wholeheartedly.  And he is a very highly regarded actor,  *very honest face* and should attract his matching caliber of actors working in this and this could be watchable**. **again my kind of watchable

I can easily hear the shippers chanting HA!JI!WAN!!!! JOO!JIN!MOOOOOO!!! And ‘SUPPPP with rapping genius thing SO!JI!SUPPPP!  The only thing that will get me banshee namecalling it ‘how dare you deviate from BBJX!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!’ is if they do not provide me with at least 5 hot princes.  Yes, historically there were 9 in this war of the roses/princes but gimme 5 hot ones out of 9, like BBJX, then it’s as authentic lol, so easy to please I am.

IFFF they really snatch a JIS as Prince4 (I dunno why I can’t stop lol in pure twitching CANT!WAIT joy already LOL) I kinda want a HJW, I want to be back to not be allergic to her, which I am now, sadly.   BUT if you truly ask me.  I want Jung YuMi, that harmless facade is crucial to the inner vixen femme vitale (iow conniving manipulator unbeknownst even to herself) which a RX is about leaving all the guys she touched (some literally cough) in ruins bleeding bloody tears forever.  Oh why would I want my precious to be attached to crap, you say?!  Because she could make it non-crap watchable, I say.

OF course I doubt she would be interested.  Song HyeKyo would be PERFECT by all calculations now that she has bloomed into quite an actress, but yeah, I would rather work with Song JoongKi than 5 other hotties in her shoes.  BUT what if SJK is the Prince 14?!?!?!   And that makes me want a YuMi more desperately because a pipedream is pairing her with SJK, dang, now I jinxed it did I?! Argh… AND

BECAUSE my perfect 13 would be Mr. EricMOON.  GIMME

JIS is not a great choice for 4 if you have Joo Jin Mo in the house.  He can regurgitate Frozen Flower (esp the hot scenes you know w JIS as he pleases) and sleepwalk through the entire godzillion eps of a ‘fantasy saguek’ be very fine by me. JIS is as leaping off book perfect as Prince8 in all of SK actors.  But of course the higher billing leading man will always be leading man getting girl (sorta).  I want Jung KyungHo as 9.  Insert an idol time for 10 then, how about YooChun?!??!  Hey and if you get DaddyEmperor’KangXi’ be played by BAMF!ChoiMinSoo, I can go down to any 3 fr 5 of these younglings.

This is not BAMF!CMS but I just made the connection they are facetwins and that must be why I have a hopeless thing for Tadanobu Asano

Let me throw a curveball out there, IF TangWei is interested in breaking into Kdramaland, IF, assuming she has picked up some Korean or they wanna be ‘creative’ and make RX be a modern Chinese girl time-jetting back to Joseon, she could work, because I like to see her doing coy.

Fans of #三生三世十里桃花# gained back your speaking voice after all the squealing?!?!?  They have nailed Crystal Liu, ie this is physically as perfect as it goes in a period fantasy casting if she has the words ‘most beautiful’ ‘fairylike’ in description. This is like the nailing a LYA in a saguek isn’t it?! I have not read the novel (should I?!) but the heated game is now guess the male costar.  HuGe is obvious, but EVERYONE gets a mention.  I have heard in my circle (lots are HG fans) he is not the best cast for role, YH is. Hmmmm interesting.  If he is cast I would memorize the novel by heart lol.  I do not mind reading another Tang7 at all, now that I am refreshing Hua XuYin because…

IT IS AIRING.   in DAYS.    I have forgotten the wait, it has been  3 LONGGGG years.  This is wrong, Cdramaland.  This is from the same production company of HQG, which has put all its marbles, ad resources in that golden goose, understandably, but I liked HXY the book much more. I finished it for one, it was a page turner warts and all.  That and my love and respect for JiangXin can only grow.  She is given much more to do with her SongNing, esp the fury of glorious Angst so effectively delivered by Tang7 alongside her ShenAn, which could be a controversial hated to love character only a YH could do.    I am shallow, but my gut is telling me if the story is told decent enough, it has enough to keep me going, overlooking all the fug, especially this is again an all around team of capable actors assembled.  More optimistic than I ever was, oddly, as I am still pinching self this is happening, perhaps because HQG, rushed halfassed ridiculous meh, is still watchable.  Even if I have to watch it as the JiangXin rolling eyes way:

Yuan Hong, disowned as my Loverboy (for now), should be off to Milan for the fashion week with magazine spreads surrounding the worktrip there so I can droolz at him in some fine clothes as a palate cleaner before the FUG I can’t look away that is HXY.  That did not happen.  He was busy playing tourist with his gf and being snapped by the ‘paparazzi’ with escalating headlines all about his gf (the real life soap is now on the chapter she could be preggie) more than his entire career combined.  *shrug*

That is y the hashtag of YHGettheF!Back2Work is born.

2 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post

  1. This adaptation will fail because of the casting… RuoXi will be too old and 4th will be too young and will probably be an idol to boot.

    1. Oh you have heard of solid casting?! This will be so loosely based we can’t even call them 4,8,9,10,13,14 no more (nor do I frankly expect more than half to appear at all). I dun think the age is of utmost importance anyway if nothing stays remotely authentic.

      I doubt a JIS will be attached, but an idol boy (who can’t act assuming) in the titular reticent ‘prince4’ role even in an idolsaguek?! Lol no one could be that mental ba…

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