Hua Xu Yin Appreciation Post

I miss those days when I can watch a drama a blank slate.  Not veiled by my own fog of conditioned bias.  Everything was eye candy, I was a kid in a drama candy store.

Fact is, there were better wuxia scripts penned by true fans of the genre, growing up reading the daily column of Louis Cha as their favorite new pastime in the 60s not unlike our invention of less nutritious time wasting attached to our gadgets.  There were young dreamers being in a industry not yet obscured by profit margins, there wasn’t much money to go around, but an enthusiastic sparkle in a newbie actor’s eyes no matter how green, when Stephen Chow, TonyLeung were young boys just happened to find acting something, the only vocation they can be decent at, with rambunctiousnesd.  Somehow the world of wuxia/period drama gave my parents the buffer, based on well regarded literature from Mr Louis Cha, a veil to be oblivious there were limbs being cut, people hurt each other so thoroughly in that fantasy heightened dreamscape, where honor and many human attributes were preached in dramatized exaggeration, spitting fake blood and slaying an amusement for a child like me, growing up back where when.

{I stole all gifs from weibo, big hugs and thanks to the original posters!}

The biggest chatter about HXY is still how FUG everything is, how much alteration it is in the writing it is unwatchable for diehards, its targeted fanbase, from actor’s faces, costumes, art direction, makeup, rewriting, the jabbing has evolved into a popular pastime.  It must be genuine sentiments for many, just never mine.  I held the book where it deserves, a fine taste in collecting quite ingenious short stories plagiarized crudely by a shameless lowlife Tang7, the raw fodder for reinvention in some finest acting I could get from underrated C actors i adore.  I appreciated the rewriting, there were too much blanks left to our assumption in book, that it would be gapping plot holes, snippets and hints of a character but failing to be a viable whole in a drama adaptation.  I have never thought this is the most horrible set of costumes, faces, miscast I have ever set eyes on (that honor will forever be ANY ymmehhhh), none of these actors are ugly imo, otoh I did not hear much stabbing to death of the insultingly new low in CretinGIs for say Legend of Sword, the hit last summer, nor dealbreaking for the rushed and lazy HQG, the talk of town this summer…of course it is obvious it has trendy idolboys or a WH meeting the standard of pretty the babies have the hots for and everything else will be through rosy adulterated lens that always includes the draggiest horrible scriptwriting and halfhearted cruising along acting or what should be properly coined posing pretty for wallies all around.

I can safely say, after finishing 50 odd eps over 2 wks, IF HXY was made 10 years ago, this would be a seminal flawed classic in rerun every summer, something we have not seen before, nor after, like a Princess Pearl, a Chinese Paladin, or a Legend of Zhen Huan.  I still have no urge to sit through an ep of PP, but it was a cultural pastime so glorious and yes I lived under a rock a hardworking bookworm that summer. ZhaoWei is still riding on the love for her Lil Swallow this very day, less so Ruby for her ZiWei.  By sheer best luck on QiongYao not yet losing her eye for charisma, a ZW met a role she can excel in with her youthful pretty looks alone at the perfect timing. A role she can no longer revive, as the gen growing up watching PP firstrun could never grumble/enjoy lazy summers of boredom as school children again.  CP is crude and far from good, in typical TangRen fashion, plot in limbo meaningless drag, but it was the first idolperiod adaptation of a popular commodity of the interweb, not unlike the fervor of internet novel adaptations atvm, it has the freshest pretty faces of unknowns, a HuGe and Crystal Liu frozen in time in their first major hit tailored for them, it was not skillful performances we savored collectively, but a time capsule of their youthful exuberance as idols and its target audience’s youth.  ZhenHuan has its warts but seeing an entire collection of good actresses not just not wasted, but never unjustly nitpicked for age/appearance but allowed to each play a befitting role, shine and flourish at their best, elevating each others game in an actress-centric drama, when henceforth we are capsized by drama heroines composed of the overexposed few popular faces getting leading roles because of their ratings draw, never a character suitable anymore.  I hate TangYan less than most, but her miscast and mundane performance in 何以笙箫默/My Sunshine is the last straw on camel’s back I have to swear off her stuff.  I have never cared for Joe Chen’s dramas, but she is a better TW idoldrama actress, why she entraps herself into the deadend of doing ignorant bimbos in crappiest fastfood HunanTV ‘trendy’ in her mid 30s now, asking her to flex only her doe-eye muscle to convey nothing but fake teenager cutesy or cluelessness nauseating for her age is beyond me.  All contributes to why ZHZ is more precious a gem if we have a care for the proliferation of C actresses, more than its quite good quality deserves.  How does HXY fits when it does not have any markers of being a hit, be it critical acclaim, nor ratings airing on tiniest cable channels, or exploited by online streaming site dumping 50 eps all out for its paid subscriber, damning its rating further into not making the top 10,< 0.5 ratings, terrible for a first run idol period adaptation of a hit novel with massive fanbase?!  It is the same rare beast, putting heart in writing an adaptation, not losing sight on just appeasing purist, but focusing on recreating complete flawed characters instead, never sacrificing beats and pace in drama progression, plot holes are kept minimum.  It tried at casting suitable actors for role instead of aligning by star power, and the gamble pays off in every role except the leads, characters intriguing me the least in original anyway.  Cruel a dramaaddict I am I’d rather push a character or two  off the cliff if I can exchange for a cohesive fuller story for the rest I cared more any day.  It also has precious qualities not yet offered in C idolperiods at its infancy 10+ years ago: the budget and the more advanced craftsmanship, seasoned actors whose best works had been in nothing but this genre, freshly offered roles they are tailored for, not just along their strength/typecast but as if their career has been honing them for this role, like a second chance unheard of in this industry, resulting in new heights of best performances to date.  It offers me, audience who savors it for its merits, what won’t be seen in this genre may be ever again being a profit disaster. It is perhaps partly to blame why HQG is not watchable, you can’t cut corners so much churning out an idol period drama with upwards of 40, 50 eps in a few months and not be embarrassingly lacking parts like… change of clothes, a working script, an edible bun prop, a simple cartoon worm…

HXY has decent imagery. A mystical clump of fire looks its part. A much more intricate furry tiger pet than a lil bug is commendably decent as well. It was following the aesthetics in vogue then which rooted from the localized but manically popular HK manhua artistry in the 80s, and not without nice thoughtful touches.  I remembered there were a good few years I was shaking my head period heroes all have wavy locks, like those shoujo manga princesses, serving the purpose to be visually striking (not a compliment) just with a wind machine to convey the wuxia manna hero processed.   If you also hold the opinion HXY is the most challengingly ugly with unsuitable casting/ sorry acting C drama you have come across, psst there is LiveAction Storm Riders with PeterHo forever taking that cake and a whole early 2000s worth of infantile C idolwuxias.  Back then we could get lucky and the gaudy became non-factor when actors can act were still offered roles with proper handsome facial features instead of hair (sorry for my eyes PeterHo is not one of them), and then there is always the HXMs, when acting can be so abysmal a famously handsome face could come across most unattractive.  Here we won a massive drama lottery when almost ALL of them overcome shortcomings in age/looks with good old acting.

And KC did not get stuck with sorry hair and makeup and clothes ALL THE TIME.  This looks more than fine by me as some prince charming.

To me, HXY is one of the most attentive to thoughtful touches C period fantasy ‘idol’ drama. Not since Legend of Zhen Huan did a production put weight into the wardrobe, set pieces as part of world building. I halfjokingly made a post out of fangirling its music saying this is worthy of the best C period fluff alone because I expected everything else to crap on me,  The magnificent extensive soundtrack was extremely succinctly used, the themesong for SongNingShenAn’s vignette did not have lyrics once till adding to the most climatic moment, making the biggest bang perfectly slaying us, serving the scene most effectively, squeezing every tear we tried darn hard holding back.  I did not expect I could appreciate so many components of the drama in all seriousness…I will pick sth as trivial as eye makeup.  What Jiang Xin can do with her eyes alone, should be continuous ed studied by TangYanYangMietc before they sign on yet another PoC. For once I am not staring at circle lens of C actresses because I am a masochist and want nightmares of aliens with black cancers as globes. I do not have to be peeved by moving plastic parts on faces and take everything as a horror medical malpractice freak show.  If I am not so lazy, I could gif EVERY moment of JX and all r textbook quality how to convey complex multitude of emotions, aligning with the personality of her character with how she would express such an emotion, not JX, with just iris.   And hey remember iris, the body part once a tool for acting?!!  Irises are Emoting with contraction and extension on ALL the actressses!  But more surprise lies in the eye makeup complimenting the emotional state of character in scene, just on Jiang Xin alone, her beautiful globes were tastefully, boldly kohl’d as a general with complimenting bright red lipstick in combat, but when she shed her armor, being a normal girl having a first fluttering for a guy, it was hint of blushing neutral pink, but never overshadowing her glorious emoting.  In her direst despair and hopelessness, it was a withering brownish hue.   I love the touches on her costumes conveying a fantasy take on Southern state of yore with twists on ethnic groups in modern day Yunnan very pronounced in her wedding dress which was breathtakingly gorgeous. Yet nothing compares to her face and all the most dazzling glowing timid smiles she lit her eyes up with, spelling out the nerves, brimming with innocent dreamy anticipation of the happiest moment in her life yet to come, sharing the marital bed, her life, the life she has given up as the most formidable general for him, the only guy she pridefully deemed worthy to give her all. I have not seen a prettier blushing bride.  What even a SunLi missed the mark on being a shade too eager and rehearsed playing a girl in puppylove as a young ZhenHuan, for SN, not much physical cutesy was at play, but a 30+ JX did the unthinkable, not looking like a teenage girl, yet capturing the spontaneity of the unknown, as simple as he is smiling back at her, the lumps in throat, the jitters and jolts, the fright, and butterflies of the unfamiliar losing of control, of falling in love hitting her for the first time.

JX as Hua Fei, JX as JiXun in HQG are oozing feminine sex appeal.  But here in the cordial first meeting, it is all cool diplomatic etiquette.  She is general first, gender is not at play. Nor the leisure of falling in love at first sight crossing her mind.

I see the bright steadfastness of a young lady, hopeful, twinkle in her eyes to serve her country, to meet on the battlefield the dashing general worthy a respectful fight, determined to perhaps brave a love against the odds.  All in a passing moment of girltalk, before she is sent to the frontline.

When the other woman wanna make a scene with the carriage, she does not want anything to do with the petty drama, she can ride her own horse with a confident smile, dazzling that silly guy she has fallen for.

I thought that sparkle of brightness, of positivity, of pride, of hope would never leave those globes, but she snuffed it explosively with a glare and a stab to his heart, eyes wide open like his. Her heart and mine felt the exact blow.

Is this in any way a bad makeup job?!  I don’t mind it on my lids any day… but of course I can do without all the pain, the harrowing hopelessness in those heartbreaking eyes.

A sight of serenity of a beauty freed of all entanglements.  This lady of upstanding strength, stubborn guardian of so many virtuous qualities of a soldier, of a general, of a man, of a lady, finds her peace her way.

If I do not stop myself this could be longer than HXY the novel proper of shameless praises of Jiang Xin alone.  She is the voice actress of her own SongNing, unheard of, and she is FLAWLESS, my vote for the best dubbing in drama.  Some are harder to get used to but grew on me, Tse Kwan Ho’s dubbing was an octave lower nasal than normal speaking voice, too Darth Vader imo, but it does not matter, he is that great a stage thespian he will loop you in, being the most scene stealing.

The weak links for HXY are, yes you guess it all along, the leads.  Kevin Cheng, Lin Yuan and Gao Huo are lesser actors in the capable ensemble, a disservice to their roles what’s described on paper,  but they are in no way unwatchable. They can do natural expressions, we took for granted but not anymore with plastic faces not even able to move lips nor saying lines like you and I can.

This scene still does things to me despite blue hairpiece fail:

Still haunted by the story of SongNing and ShenAn, a love story of a prideful, competent warrior who should not let love eats up her heart and a dashing general she can’t help falling for (who can, he has YH’s face and eyes u know), a general who worships loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, patriotism, all great attributes in any man in his station, fogging up his judgments on love… yet he fell for her, against every fiber of his principle and willpower, but being the guy he is, he can not let love conquers everything he stands for, love is fragile and devastating, a constant painful lump in his heart, love is what’s not meant to be.  But what is love if we can quit even if we take the jump eyes wide open to the abyss, to the inevitable crash and burn?

The first thing impressing us, like ShenAn to SongNing, (and I would say SongNing to ShenAn), like how I was so gratefully spoiled by the tightly scripted wuxia adapts of the 80s HKdrama, things I had taken for granted, caught my eye… held captive my compass of aesthetics and judgment, my heart,  irreversibly.  After last years of the plague of ymm, the C audience for idolperiods just cease to appreciate acting chops all together. Why bother?!  Why dream on?! Wouldn’t we be better off never tasting decent acting?! Never falling in love?! Instead they nitpick on the new standard of beauty, anything not photoshopped to a manga-esque degree, actresses (and now actors) not wearing soulless circle lens to hide from the inadequacy of acting through the window of their souls, nor using same shade of fluorescent pink/corpse purple lipstick, and the what are chins anyway huh given by their parents still intact, and not a paperthin matchstick = FUG.

I do not want to belong to that aesthetics tyvm.  I much rather proclaim Guo Zhenni is the face of a femme fatale most striking killer of the land any day.  What this collection of mostly great actors can morph their faces with skillful marvel to exactly what the role calls for, is above and beyond my expectation.  She has to play twins, and they were not written as drastically night and day as say LSS was convenienced in BBJQ.  There were silent passing scenes when both the twins are keyed on the screen and you can tell from just her eyes who’s who not a hair overdone. She is giving me goosebumps how AMAZING she is I have a hard time if I can only kiss one of their foot, would it be JX’s or Zhenni’s.  Can you imagine how impossible it is to flail stubborn me right after I am floored and minced up my heart to sacrifice to JX and GZN’s YingGe/the older killer twinsis is my favorite character in novel and her vignette the best story Tang7 has plagiarized?!?!?!

You do not need one redundant word from me, these are two ladies, in the exact same outfit, played by one kicking all asses actress.


I am practicing my best control not to be too silly fangirling the gorgeous knee weakening uncles in a serious post I am trying.  I am.

Uncle 保剑锋/ Bao JianFeng is almost my type, being a Naohito Fujiki + Damian Lau facetwin with a dash of Roy Qiu. Almost, if he was in dramas not crappy and he did not look greasy.  There are cheesy scenes, cheesy lines he salvaged so romantic and swoonworthy he gets all my love for the best actor in HXY, surpassing my loverboy by long long shot.  Part is ShenAn is toned down to a more normal guy with the mundane ho hum dilemma of how to be righteous and lame, loving 2 women the same time, even one is out of repaying gratitude, honoring a promise, the other he can’t love while keeping his dignity and self respect intact.   I can’t fault a man trying his damnest to live according to qualities he deemed respectable in a man, I can’t hate one who hurts everyone he cares, who loves him, out of selfishly prioritizing being a stickler to honor and rules of society.  So we have a guy not hopelessly a romantic, who is selfish and selfless in having higher aspiration in life aside from love. It is heady and I can’t simply lump SA as a scumbag.  SA has these desirable upright qualities of a prince charming on paper but in daily grind, he is a horrible lover/husband lacking the emotional quotient to compromise and problem solving.  I am having a headache just reminded of how dumb and slow he could be. I’d rather just droolz.

Uncle Bao’s Lord RongYuan is the opposite, dreamy because he has a genius level of IQ and EQ.  He is so capable of balancing all his acts surreptitiously he could have the luxury of falling madly in love with a woman he is aware is out to assassinate him.  But that doesn’t give him the immunity escaping fate.  What is so satisfying though watching this vignette is how convincing he is a mastermind of his own fate even if he can not alter its wrath, he would go above and beyond to meticiously secure what’s precious to him, her life.  Nothing escape his calculation, and he accepts unfairness in life with a regal composure. It would be a character demerit for a shrewd lord to sacrifice for love but he manages to strive the best for everything he is responsible as a lord to his citizens, as a man to his woman, as an uncle to his menacing nephew.

Gan TingTing is holding her own, what an underrated beautiful face she is making good use of.  Sorry for dragging TangYan through clod again, but the voice actress of GTT’s Murong An is the same as TY’s MoSheng in My Sunshine, and by comparison GTT is award worthy.  That and TangTang was the most popular fancast for the demigoddess drop dead gorgeous mermaid spirit role with Wallace HuoHuo getting more votes than Qiao ZhenYu as her OTP, of course.  TT would be ok physically, less so WH, but they won’t be half as captivating. WH’s aura would be too meek to play the harder edges of the ruthless ambitious young warlord while being manipulative, hopelessly in love.  He would be able to play up moments of every characteristics truncated but subliming them into a contradicting alluring human with the commanding presence QZY conveys passably?! I don’t have faith in WH, as much as I think he has improved.   GTT is what I thought TY could be IF she diligently worked on her potential since what we were promised in Chinese Paladin 3.  I have only seen her in Water Margin as the resident fox Pan JinLian, and lumped her into the pretty vase, FBB lookalike bracket.    But think a FBB lookalike, with softer features, more gentle to eyes as period authentic, not visibly plastic, and can act wholesome even as a demoness…just a lesser household name.  They hit a jackpot with her casting I am least expecting.

I have no time cringing at her very silly butterfly costume below the neck, I love the minimal nude makeup/hair, completing this visual as a mystical faerie when they first met.

She is much ornate as lady in court.  Touches her nonconforming character must have insisted like the pearls and scaly embroidery, paying homage to her roots, it was louder and perhaps a bit less refined than his other ladies of the court but why should a wild spirit be well versed in what’s in vogue for humans?! Not for a demigod never losing her head, her spirit, her soul, even when giving her all in love.

HXY is far from perfect, the writing is not excellent but there is visible hardwork in the rewriting.  It hits all the crucial marks.  It is memorable in all the colorful characters in the vignettes stayed true to essence, to canon, with some understandable rounding of edges and filling in.  The unsavory alterations to the hero and heroine are necessary evils stringing the backbone politicking of the 50 eps epic in the background, it offers a deeper view of the fantasy macrocosm more impressive than Tang7.

Have some MVs:

The themesong for the story of SongNing and ShenAn/ the Denouement of a Floating Life is the best written C themesong I have heard.  I am beyond addicted to the OST, the best Cdrama music EVER.  You can try you luck dl here. pw i3fk

注定到不了你的边 Destined to never reach your shore/岸(An)
霜雪成最初的缠绵 Frost and snow fossilized/凝(Ning) the very first lingering.

This is my fav guilty pleasure C drama themesong (fr Too Late to Say I Love You) and you put it to my YH and my JX?!  I can’t love you more! :

Another of my litmus this thing is madly loved by my kin is a 痴情司 MV pops up:

♪圓(緣)盡也是圓 一點的深遠 Our fate ends at a full circle, a full stop…the deep end of eternity

^I LOVE this song.  Ivana Wong is the only cantopop singer I nodz to these days. Talented rabid fans making nothing but gorgeous slaying MVs is one hint of good stuff.

^To the song of Growth Ring fr HQG ost.  This song suits SNSA more, imo.

This is my fav of all HXY’s MVs:   The story of 13 Moons to JayChow’s homage to NaYing’s Silence/默 the absolutely only worthy thing out of 何以笙箫默’s movie.

I was sentenced to a life of solitude by love.  I won’t fight back.  I won’t let go.

The circle I can’t complete…  The fate missing in my heart…

The frown I can’t disentangle…  The curse of my life…

…is YOU.

In again an unexpected surprise, the first scene that hits me to tears is one of JX mourning her bff/babysista Princess, so compelling the babies have started cutting AU shipping the girllove.  It is in serial, up to Ch3.  I love it so much, but it’s not to everyone’s liking:

Time very well spent my end.

9 thoughts on “Hua Xu Yin Appreciation Post

  1. omg~~~ thank you so much for totally voicing everything I love about HXY. I am so saddened it has not gotten more praise for its amazing execution, surpassing at least any expectations I usually have for cdramas. I’m totally in the same boat, disappointedly shaking my head at how so many people aren’t appreciating this gem of a cdrama with an array of actors with amazing acting chops. HXY will probably be my favorite cdrama for this decade and I’m only through the first 10 eps.

    1. Ahhh! So hard to come by another like minds loving this! I love it more and more the more MVS I can’t pull myself away from, but tempted as I am, I am a bit too hollowed out emotionally to brave rewatching.
      Oh you ar at 10 and already loving it?! It took me a while longer till 13Moon arc to be quite sure this is truly good. Most of the acting is soook exquisite! Worthy for that alone.

  2. Thank you for such an excellent analysis and commentary of the Huaxuyin drama! I couldn’t agree with you more! 😀

    I watched the Song Ning story and some other bits and I must say that I’m so very impressed with Jiang Xin’s brilliant acting! Wow! What an incredibly talented and versatile actress! She can be a strong and fierce badass one moment and then a vulnerable genteel lady the next. Furthermore, she has a classic Chinese beauty that I really love to see. I don’t like the pointy face / plastic / Caucasian wannabe look that’s all the rage these days. I’d rather watch actors who are natural and can emote well with their subtle facial expressions, rather than stiff plastic 花瓶 that can’t emote.

    Even Yuan Hong’s acting has matured (judging by this series). I really liked his scenes with Jiang Xin and I felt that they played off each other very well (in terms of acting out their characters). Jiang Xin really brought Song Ning to life and I felt so awful for what her character had to suffer through. Shen An was such a 渣男 in this story and I’m not quite used to Yuan Hong playing a character that I wanted to punch so much so it took some time getting used to, but he still acted quite well and his character sort of redeems himself a tiny bit at the end…

    Kevin doesn’t have the period look but he’s still a pretty good actor. Qiao Zhenyu maintains his quality acting and looks great in period costumes. I rather watch Gan Tingting than Tang Yan because GTT is a much better actress – I loved Tang Yan in Chinese Paladin 3 but unfortunately none of her subsequent works have impressed me. Her acting hasn’t improved one bit and she’s so damn stiff in all the other dramas I’ve seen her in. GTT is incredibly beautiful but she can also act. I saw her as Pan Jinlian in 水滸傳 and she is seriously the most sympathetic Pan Jinlian ever (I actually felt sorry for her character). She was great here as the immortal with the tragic love story with Qiao Zhenyu’s character.

    The actress who played the twins (where one is an assassin) is great! She may not be the most beautiful (but she still looks pretty good) but she’s one hell of an actress! Again, it’s the subtle expressions and emoting that I most love to see in actors that made her portrayal of the twins so successful.

    I read a lot of commentary that dissed Huaxuyin for low 顏值, etc., but I honestly think the cast of Huaxuyin are a decent looking bunch with some being quite good-looking! C’mon, as if anyone can diss Jiang Xin, Yuan Hong, Qiao Zhenyu, Gan Tinging, Kevin Cheng, etc. for 顏值! The best thing is that these actors, apart from being good-looking, can also ACT. I don’t mind watching more mature actors if their acting is better! I can’t speak for others, but I want to see 演技, not 花瓶!

    1. PS. Sorry to keep spamming you comments, but now I just remembered to say that compared to Huaxuyin, Hua Qiangu is much more sloppy and if it weren’t for the awesome acting by Dongfang and Sha Qianmo’s characters, I wouldn’t even bother watching. Jiang Xin’s talent is COMPLETELY WASTED there in HQG! Her character in the novel is much better written and in the drama they make her this batshit insane harpy who’s obsessed with Bai Zihua. TBH in hindsight, the HQG novel itself has lots of room for improvement (the Mary Sue-ness of the main character and the great big heap of melodrama, for example), but the drama, rather than fixing the bad bits, exacerbates them and makes them even more obvious!

      1. OH SPAM ON!!! XDDD You know I love your comments so much xoxo I have much to learn from your every post, every comment, sweetie, even knowing you could almost be half my age lol being so eloquent and with sensible line of thought, embracing discussions, open to unsavory, alienating povs like mine.

        HQG actually exceeds some of my expectations, it was like yesterday we heard of it in production. A few short months literally transpired and we have 30, 40 episodes magically before our eyes. No acting job is turning me off, but then I am not that impressed with anyone either, I know it is massively rewritten, by Fresh herself, but stuff won’t get aired if it does not play by SARFT craycray rules/censorship, that’s all understandable. It is just too much logic/sensitivity fail on so many characters though that I could not comprehend. Lil Gu is one, but Sha is mucho ridiculous I should laughed at him but can’t coz it’s more I cringe for the actor more than finding anything fun/funny in it. I actually find JX’s Purple the most cohesive of the lot. I much doubt I would love the character Sha in the novel, I could not make sense of him and his obsession over LilGu so I am not weighing much expectation either way. Ma Ke is decent but not good enough for me to be convincing in such a commanding role. I skipped to a few scenes of him after where I stopped and it was quite too much OTTness. He is just not my aesthetics of passably gorgeous, no way he (or any guy for that matter) is able to carry those blue circle lens and gaudiest cakey ‘warpaint’ and I will not frown. And those embarrassing if he’s joking it’s not funny lines his Sha is made to say… Lord have mercy.

        My gripe with Dongfeng is, from what lil I skimmed of novel, he shouldn’t come up as obvious as actor is conveying to me as having sthsth probably nefarious from the get go. I would go guarded towards him sensing sth is off. I am dumping it on lilGu being too annoyingly dumb and why she no listen to SiFU EVER!@#!%$^%! shaking my head. I didn’t read far enough so I could be wrong assuming he had bad self serving schemes then suddenly do a 180 because of the obvious falling for LilGu for realz. YAWNS.

    2. Like minds!!

      Yeah what befuddled me the most is reading ppl lumping the entire cast of HXY as the most cringeworthy they have seen. I could not be on the same page/chapter/book/language as them. Even though to my fangirl eyes I have seen YH prettier in period and yes the outfits are not doing him much favor his face is way better looking, esp what his expressive eyes can and are allowed to do than…a similar bone structure Ma Ke as ShaQM which he is sucha hot pretty thing to many new fans atvm.

      And the thing really really peeving me is the 花瓶s/’vases’ are no fking way better looking than this bunch AT ALL aesthetically. I am not even talking about preferences, but is a Yuan ShanShan, our latest Ren YingYing in a Smiling Proud Wanderer, strikingly beautiful in novel for freak’s sake half as good looking as any normal human being I know of, let alone ANY ONE here!?!?!?!? No way. I cant.

      So that leaves 演技/acting chops, sth we cant even find a lick of in the most popular rating hits. Not even a revered thespian Zhang Fengyi is allowed to show me anything worthy in the highest rated Cdrama to date that insult to everything possible MaryWu. FBB is now absolutely an allergy I would not be near 100 ft of anything she is in. Talk about the nausea when she is signed on a Yumehmeh’s 东宫 and some fans of novel uttered their fancast of YH as 李承鄞. Even if it is guaranteed anything attached to a FBB = tonnes of publicity, I rather him not, never, nor a ymm. I have seen WH, ZLY being much more impressive than in HQG, but that is what they would be best known for on their resumes for a good while, a rating hit is a rating hit, even if the drama itself is not entirely worthy. I digress.

      HXY serves me great portion of both, when in this climate I am lucky if I get one. AND on top of looks and solid to GREAT acting all around, in all honesty, this is a very decently written script all things considered. I am still pinching self this is as surprisingly doing so much for me as it is, flaws and all.

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