Friday Pretty Post: Trips Down Memory Lane

Have you fangirled an actress along with your bias?!  I just did. XDDDD

In this 20 min interview,  YH chats quite in depth, the most serious I have seen him, about his take on ShenAn and HuaXuYin the drama, and gushes about how after 2 scenes, two exactly he has fallen in mad admiration and respect of JX’s talent.

  • He repeated a few times his shock how beyond amazing unimaginable she is, even when he knew prior to working with her how talented she is highly regarded, of course.  However, witnessing face to face, esp from his actor’s observation, she is as mindblowing as it gets,  he is clueless how she does her magic, calling her the best ever amongst the actors his age bracket he has ever worked with.  He is tagging her as the rarest breed of being born with IT, no amount of perfect technique mastered can buy, having that mesmerizing gift to lead him into his character, the scene with just a nuance, the prowess he has witnessed up till then possessed by the true thespians , top notch veterans working for decades, again after the two scenes, first day, very early into the filming.  Basically he is telling the world he spent their first two scenes gobsmacked fanboying JX’s acting.
  • He admitted (and I believe him) she is the major factor he signed on just hearing she is in it, it was quite fresh after BBJX then, he was so desperate to ween from his idolperiod typecast, and the script, crew, she is on is enough not even sure as a couple because clearly he hinted on she could be terrific in many of the colorful heroines here.  Like minds.  My hinge from knowing him all these years, I think he probably thought JX is perfect to be ladykiller YingGe, as he said he is a bit shocked, mighty intrigued just contemplating how HuaFei could be SongNing, quite ying and yang opposite.
  • *FYI: HF used her facade of pride, and her domineering feminine charms to hide the fragile insecure puppet doll within, who wanted earnestly to just be a normal woman, in love.  SN takes true pride in herself being the most awesome ladygeneral, no general period, not afraid to express her feminine sensibilities, her love for the guy she deemed worthy, but she is her own strong entity, individual and has no desire to lean on any shoulder, male as anchor for her life.   Her pride runs deep and true from not ever deviating from honor, and in SA, she saw an honorable general an equal good enough for her, never once did she see a need to alter any part of her identity to better suit a suitor.   If she committed a sin, against her will, towards this one and only man she sets her hearts on, she would repay debts in multitude folds, with her life, her soul, her love, her all.  She earns every notch of her pride and should rightfully flaunts every bit by how she carries herself.  Why shouldn’t she be the proudest lady walking the land?! No one is more deserving.  I digress.  I love her so. *
  • So does ShenAn, YH recalls a scene most memorable for him, they create themselves not in script when he has to spend time in SN’s empty room with her armor.  He was never as overwhelmed in a scene he has to walk out of the room as soon as PD yells cut.  He can not spend one more moment in it, as a very healthy guy, he has never been aware physically of his heart, doing its thing but during that scene, he felt this unspeakable physical pain in his heart, the dyspnea, it took him forever even to breathe,  to get himself out of scene, out of character.  And it was not easy getting out of character this time.
  • Chang Ge Xing/Singing All Along , his Han shoujo-period with Ruby should be out late this year early 2016.  Same as Princess JiaYou with his RL gf.  真相 /Zhen Xiang (Truth) , a modern mystery, again with his RL gf will be out as soon as Sept.
  • YH says out loud he will not hesitate to work with JX again.  He is so not saying it just to be cordial, he is not dumb nor out of his mind.   SO MAKE IT HAPPEN!  Forget your stupid public display of affection with gf and vacaying to no end, WORK ON IT.

Because where is my 许我向你看/ Let Me Look at You adapt the only C romance novel I care?!?!!??!?!?!?!????????????????????  Argh I am seeing hundreds of shrilly more testing the censors trashy novels being in the works for drama adapts but Y NO 许我向你看!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Esp now I want MORE angstiest love pain fr JX and YH.

^This sudden silliness is due to a fanvid of 无心法师/WuXin the Monster Killer  to the song 许我向你看:

Drama is my utter shoujo fix, my cameraman p)rn.  Gorgeously lit, taste level exquisite (in a Cdrama).  This is too unbelievably, effortlessly ROMANTIC.   She has the special ‘gift’ attracting demons, he fights them off with his blood.   How is this not O!T!P!  It does not take the easily 10, 20 eps of drag for the OTP to get it, when hero gets his heart is set on heroine, he is not shy showing right away.  Who needs G rated goodnight pecks on the cheeks when your monsters killer hero bf will dote his superpower blood vending off demons on your forehead for sweetdreams?!!??!  TR production, when I have counted you out, where do you find sucha gem of a naturally charismatic new star in Han Dongjun meeting my aesthetics!?   Having a good looking to me young thing as a hero in a shoujo is a given for me to be remotely interested, but the heroine’s construct is the most lovely I have seen.  She is kind without stupidly so.  She will take in a seemingly poor teenage girl even when she has very little, being a runaway from an arranged marriage, but she won’t hesitate kicking her ass out when she starts hitting on her guy.  So much wisdom without making character unreal.  Stupid and drama are two words she never knows.  Sensibility is in her blood and she treasures hers dearly, puts it to use constantly to my delight.

Heroine:  Don’t!  Do not bite yourself.

Hero: Either I go with you to investigate the hot spring, naked, or I bite myself.  Your choice.

Realistically JX and YH in a super angsty modern trendy romance is not gonna happen.  But I am pleading my case Miss writer 辛夷坞/ Xin YiWu, I hope you google your name obsessively and read this: you are the only young C romance novel writer I enjoyed thoroughly, your command of the language, respectable.  You did well honing your pen.   I have read half your work now and not one book any waste of my time, not a line I felt like picking up my imaginary red pen correcting a lousy usage insulting our written language you know, even as unqualified as I am, fact is the field is swarmed with folks who can’t even read, write Chinese and its history properly BEFORE trampling on it.  You are better than them imho, and I perfectly understand the business side the need to sellout to a ZhaoWei so she can royally crap on your work but shooting novel, your name up to the broad audience, to the public’s chatter no amount of ad $$$ can do, let alone the running to the bank with billions of rmb I hope you get a fraction of a percent of.  It is all RL, all good with the unsavory we have to suck it.  Once.  But now that you have your trustfund set up for your baby, selling out again is greed.  Trust me, you can make a life long career just with writing, unlike the rest of them swindling cuckoobirds.  So fast money, you need not.   I nod to you to do whatever necessary and I can tear out To Our Youth and its characters from my heart in the TV drama adapt rumored in the works too IF you can please stick staunchly by 许我向你看, your lesser known/loved baby.  PLEASE.  I am begging.  More beautiful modern C angst not insulting to mentality is nowhere else written but by you, and these characters are so breathtakingly beautifully awful at times but so affecting and irreversably flawed and perfectly constructed I cared so much and cried my lungs out.  YH can do it, JX can SOOOOO kill a Jue Lian.  And be a lipsyncing comedian if she chooses to:

I hope you were not drinking tea.  Ohwells it is now all on your keyboard anyway.  MUAHAHAHA

Ma TianYu by YuanHong

Ray Ma can be the pretty melancholy ‘lil monk’.   Sth YH said really made me so happy I have not been obsessed with an undeserving young actor.  When asked what he looks for in future roles, ‘the harder, the more challenging the better!’   He does not always nail everything he has tried last three years, his ShenAn suffers from editing and imo a bit too much internalizing, overthinking on his part.  But the thought process is there, he just needs practice to execute to his very best now he is attempting out of his comfort zone.  The trio deserve meatier lead roles and this book is my sentimental favorite of yours and scarcely anyone else cares this ridiculously much (perhaps you lol) in the mountain of your more popular hits.  Take care of this baby will you?!!?!?!

lol the only set back is I am not as confident JX would be interested in working with YH again. XD  She said she had a great time,  She has romanced a Chen BaoGuo in the meantime, you know.  SN is the only character after HF that has moved her so immensely, a character she has so much satisfaction bringing to life, JX said.  YH is good in HXY (he claims, confident he did the character justice in the interview) but even he would admit he is not JX’s caliber I am sure.  She upped his game, he is just tagging along trying to keep up.

He also is grumbling bluntly drama is massively edited to get by censors, and he has to treat what they acted and what’s aired as separate entity.  I want the HXY uncut SO BAD.  It is very apparent his character suffers from the massive editing.  I need help so in love with HXY.   STOP MAKING BEAUTIFUL MVs, I watched and I cried. This is my fav of the SongNingShenAn story.

And lesigh, KC really is sucha miscast in HXY I have to therapy myself .  I do not think HuGe is a better actor, nor a Crystal Liu but I can not help it at times to just key their faces in.  But to KC’s credit, he has never picked an unworthy script ever, all his dramas were not insulting, nor embarrassing on resumes and HXY is definitely the best script in its genre as a standalone entity I have seen last decade.  Can’t fault him if he is offered the lead role in sth this promising in a script, so rare these days.   But still, this is a role he can’t possibly do.  What a pity he is not 10, 20 years younger when this comes along?!  For my self therapy I stare at while watching HXY shaking my head:

wpid-img-48120e763d5c25b8056e9d9b29bb0fd6.jpg wpid-img-26416a4434d0cbc6562381171c046843.jpg

So Much Better in his upcoming drama about a Tai Chi Master:

 photo 0069Hx3mgw1eujh9o9lu9j30go0p0q63.jpg
 photo 0069Hx3mgw1eujh9ndo7ij30p00go0wh.jpg
 photo 0069Hx3mgw1eujh9mboecj30p00gon0p.jpg
 photo 0069Hx3mgw1eujh9kub86j30p00fn41c.jpg

Have an 8×13 MV.   There is a specific line in HXY where KC’s MuYan uttered, ‘Lets be brothers in our next lifetime.’  They surely did.

Because I care and am rewatching, I see the flaws too apparent, the storytelling is not fluent, but the potential was there before chunks were thrown out, as YH commented plainly in the interview.  This has been shelved for 3 years, as long as it can be aired it is a blessing.  He is frankly quite proud of his job well done here himself for what he known of the version he did.  The version shown on TV is sth he has to accept and understand.    The worst offense being 13 Moons ending which the production succumbed and leaked out the ending drama has left entirely out of the CP in that vignette.

If I can’t have JX, or she is not interested, can I have HONGSHI PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Yeah, IFFF this adaptation happened 10, 15 years ago, wont a ChenKun/AngelDong be fantastic?!

Come on, people with eyes, how is this not the highschool tennis star center of attention handsome rich prefect boy then competent best young lawyer bachelor in town with a darker edge a very regrettable unmentionable past HS!?!?

*I know I am taking picspamming to new ‘heights’.  The stopping will happen when I figure out why my Loverboy is suddenly a model as well and I can spare the time to feel the muscle for droolzing and do sth. *

I have not seen YH and LSS in ANYTHING together since I can rem, even though this is just a fashion blog.  I did not know how much I missed them till this hits me hard.  They are both so chic and much more confident, grown, from the thousand+ days since they have chitchatted, made a drama, an appearance, whatever it is together in public.  Lesigh. I miss ShiShi, I do, when she is pleasant and tolerably quite good brimming with potential and grounds for improvements on my screen.  She has not been when she somehow parted ways, on screen, with one particular dude YH.   Call it whatever, if she can’t replicate it with hubby Nicky in BBJQ, when she and YH DID in the even more lame a script Clothing the World, there is just a thing called the intangible screen chemistry.  YH, frankly not the best working 30ish C actor (I said it) has that je ne sais quoi bringing the best out of LSS.  I could be wrong because lets see how she fares in 黎明决战  The Battle At Dawn, her first manguo/turn of century period drama working with a solid production team.  This will safely be her best C drama since BBJX, or perhaps her best drama she has ever worked on, she is the only weak link I must say, and please do not repeat Brotherhood of Blades when you underperformed so tragically amongst good actors sticking out even worse. :/

She looks delicately gorgeous for a manguo beauty, but…she comes across blind in the very first seconds supposed to be so charged gushing to a lover she is not happy in her marriage in the trailer.  :/  But yeah, SS, even if you put me to sleep in this (and I pray they hire a good voice actress for you), I still have faith in you being a good Jue Nian IFFFFFFF YH is your HanShu. Or just do a manguo fluff.

*ETA:  YH has signed on as the leading man in a new contemporary romance 咱们相爱吧 with PD 刘江 (same PD as ShiShi’s Battle At Dawn above) his leading lady is Jiang JingChu, Guy2 is MingDao, his rl gf Zhang XinYi  again will be in it as gf of heroine, along with Qin Lan as a trio of gfs.  A solid team.  This PD and writer’s works are not exactly my thing, but always well made.  PD has uttered he has eyes on YH for a while.  He was the original PD signed on for Ordinary World but is not satisfied with the scriptwriting (OH ME TOO! ARGH  The rewriting, on SUCH a seminal masterpiece to shift the narration from the younger bro ShaoPing to ShaoAn just because a bigger name they like is attached and thus must be made into leads = disgusting) and  PD Liu dropped out.  Princess JieYou’s PD Mr Lu Yang also worked with ShiShi then YH back to back… please Mr. PDs just give me a collab of the two.  ANYTHING. *

If I do not get HongShi in this.  I need to just put it out there I want a manguo sth with this guy just to droolz:

 photo 70ad0660jw1eum6lpin6bj20p00y4n6m.jpg
 photo 70ad0660jw1eum6louesxj20p00y44ae.jpg
 photo 70ad0660jw1eum6loegu6j20p00ha7a2.jpg
 photo 70ad0660jw1eum6lnply5j20p00y446l.jpg
 photo 70ad0660jw1eum6lmkmp9j20p00y448x.jpg
 photo 70ad0660jw1eum6llfaafj20p00y4qfo.jpg
 photo 70ad0660jw1eum6lkgjwmj20p00y4qh7.jpg
 photo 70ad0660jw1eum6ljv2imj20p00hb125.jpg

 When is ShiShi and Nicky’s wedding wedding?!  Wouldn’t it be amazing if they invite the BuBu gang as groomsmen?!  The brotherhood in SUITS, ahhhhhh!  So much meta a 1 million times better BBJQ RIGHT?!?!??!

^On a very greedy day like today prompted by YH on own 30 min one man talkshow, which he should be rambling about nothing but himself, he starts with a few minutes on ShiShi.  Well I can read into him nudging in she is his NianChi before RX, being sooo pure and innocent  (even waxing poetic on her…she is like the water of the clearest ocean one can see the bottom of) when he and the boys (ie HG) made all the dirty jokes she would blush so red and started playing children string games with other girls.   Yo, you enjoy your dirty jokes with the boys you meanie, why you bother with noticing all these SS this and that?!?! Not anymore, she would now pinch and hit him and hurt him physically he looks quite afraid (and missing it fondly) still.  Of course double triple time on HuGe, saying he will TRY to rebuke bromantic rumors swirling on the webby like they wore the same clothes, gaze at stars together….to which he admit it’s ALL TRUE. Just not the undies.  ‘I didn’t refute shiz did I?!  More like I am making a love confession.’ <– his own BL words.  Yeah, and they would watch a movie at 2am and another one and next thing he knew was it is 6am in the morning when the breath prior he claimed he never spent much time with HG during that year he was recovering.  He is the lousiest cutest liar ever.   The world need a manguo angsty spy love triangle of you three, preferably HG and YH endgame dying in each others embrace.

HG’s Pretender trailer looks good as expected:

BUT nothing too surprisingly awesome about it.  This looks a bit shabbier Battle of ChangSha wannabe…but less pretty.   I wished I love 王凯/Wang Kai.  He is quite good, he is not as sticking out like sore thumb as…Liu Ye in All Quiet in Peking, just I had yet to be engaged, immersed enough by his brilliance to not nitpick his plastic surgery, it would peeve me more in a nuanced period like Lang Ya Bang.  I am serious, not gonna lie, his bone structure is very similar to YH but YH can ignite special twinkle in his eyes when HG is around and vice versa.   We will have angsty bromance GALORE in LYB right?!?!?!  It hurts me quite a bit because WK is under the dreamiest management of ShanYing (the BEST production company in perhaps Asia), I do not see how a similar aura/capabilities (just prettier) YH will be cast in any SY production in near future.  SAD.

I can lick my screen the entirety of LYB for the cinematography alone, that I know.  I hope it is as good if not more as everyone is anticipating PLEASE!  What is slightly unnerving me is HG, while always solid, is never explosively terrifying terrific in any scene I have seen him in, in great production or lesser ones.  This is as good an opportunity he has to wow me over.  But flip side of the coin, if you are surrounded by nothing but the best, a weak link is a weak link.  WH is a weaklink in BoC, just the drama is not solely on his shoulder and he is a perfect casting for his GuChingMing being so shoujo pretty. HG is also a great fit here I assume, BUT he has a much heftier role carrying drama.  I do not see him having chemistry with LiuTao either, she has always been matronly, that’s her wholesomeness peeps love her about.   It does not matter how tangential the romance arc would be,  the lesser the screen time, the more they need palpable sparks…this is ShanYing and everything will be as close to perfect, one bolt missing would be even more noticeable.  And WHY is every actor singing the OST.  I prefer professional singers after being pampered by HXY’s OST.   It is one set of skills to emote with facial features, another set by vocal cord.

I am nitpicking, but I do need this to be perfect!

I can not go any further with Hua Qian Gu.  I stopped in the early teens, LilGu is too toxic/stupid for Sifu and doesn’t have a clue she is…lacking a massive sensitivity chip, on top of not enough romantic chemistry with ZLY and WH.  I have read somewhere JX was initially asked to do a cameo for a few days, but she is too good PD/writer just keeps adding scenes to hang onto her longer.  I do agree acting wise, even when she is working on crappy writing, and not performing to par, she is more amazing than anyone else.  BUT how could that possibly make a properly written drama now?!!  ZLY can not delve deeper into the angstier scene just as I feared beforehand.  But most damning the writing is not there, gosh there were so many lines with deplorable grammar, simple sentence structure it too much a waste of my time.

Well, to my rescue, some crazy genius fan made a ChangQing x BaiZeHua fanvid.  Yes CQ can be a better LilGu per me and we love a blood spitting injured WH the most.  We are sick.

More nostalgic trips:

A Miyazaki tribute by dono:

Find a way to play this: and hopefully it won’t be censored too soon. I have given up embedding, it works only on chrome on pc only for me.  But do.  I spent a day with it,  This entire day of all spare waking seconds looping 12 mins of fanvid, it distilled ~30 years of my shameless existence of lusting after bromance HK edition.  Every man you have fangirled in HK cinema is here, and at his most bromantic.  It will take me another 1000 words to gush on the who’s who I’d rather loop another 10 times.

2 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: Trips Down Memory Lane

  1. Totally agree with Yuan Hong’s comments about Jiang Xin! OMG! I’ve always liked Jiang Xin but after watching her as Song Ning I’m epically crushing on her amazing, amazing talent! She is beautiful and she can ACT! What I love is that she gets so into her character that I can see the character and not the actor behind the character. I hope I’m making sense, but my personal criteria in judging someone as a good actor is if when I see the character onscreen, I only see the character I forget who is portraying the role. Actors who make me see this are people like Tony Leung. YH is definitely better when acting opposite JX and I really would love to see these 2 collaborate again!

    Kevin is a decent actor but too bad he doesn’t have the look for period dramas and he’s a bit too old for Mo Yan’s character in HXY. That said, at least he’s not plastic so he’s at least decent I guess. Mo Yan would’ve been better if played by a younger actor, and there are young actors these days who can act, but I guess since it’s a lead role the production company probably wanted someone with more 名氣?

    1. I expected JX to be perfect, she is the only actress her age bracket who can handle this role in spades, I bet that’s what YH and most of the world is expecting but STILL she exceeds my expectation tremendously. Obviously YH’s too because that shock and awe in his eyes, don’t lie. I have been rewatching her scenes and even flailing more. I need therapy. Serious.

      imo, truly unbiasedly, YH has always been convincing in whatever role he plays, it is his technique that needs polishing, the emoting may not be absolutely spot on in every single scene that begs more honing, that takes practice esp he has been typecast in idolperiods for so long. SA is arguably the most challenging role he has ever done, what I am nitpicking on is from Tang7’s interpretation and YH’s own proclamation we should get a SA more sympathetic, less douchy…instead we get a dashing young general who was perhaps too dumb to even be a real douche; was responsible for the only tiny dent in JX’s SN, a bit too saintly here, falling for a guy quite superficially and diminished slightly the swoon of their love. I am faulting YH because I had a lot of respect for the rewriting, it was effective filling out the characters, and thought he underplayed quite many scenes, if he was capable to express a bit more of the conflict and turmoil eating SA inside, not necessarily with plain emoting everything in plain view but with internalizing the inner workings as his SA would wanna hide from showing true feelings he is ashamed of, his SA should be more amazing a foil to JX’s perfection. That said, this is a role not just only me but the consensus being only YH can handle and I have not heard of any complaint at all of his job well done despite so many wanna murder his SA along with 677, the nitpicker may only be…haha me!

      Yeah, this is the loaded production company’s first venture into an ‘idolperiod’ and have a much more lenient budget obviously than HQG in all seriousness, got themselves a solid/experienced team of the 90s, just the aesthetics was dated for the tween crowd, misfiring at the demography they should be targeting. KC has been a leading man for decade+ and he was my vote for best job in BBJX actually, so picking him riding on his back to back terrific leading jobs in Ghetto Justice then BBJX was making business sense, esp when they need to insert a relatively unknown actress in the idolperiod genre ( LinYuan started out on a very high note as young Xu JingLei in 一个陌生女人的来信 and has been working on solid C contemporaries since), and Mr PD is a HKer. The ‘leading’ role here in HXY is quite btn a rock and a hard place as well with the side story playing heavy loads and MuYan is not as definitive a hero as other idolperiods. HuGe is still my top choice all things considered (and Crystal Liu as Princess), but he has his hands tied with TR obligations and his own dilemma of changing up his typecast.

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