Pretty Post: Yuan Hong ( Hu Ge), Liu YiFei, YamaPi, Satomichan, Jin Dong and All CN hot uncles you should know.


YH and Hu Ge filmed a clip each selling a girly magazine cn cosmo, both paying a homage of what else but a cosmic balancing act in my fangirl world: seriously auditioning for a WKW.

 photo 8284720fjw1ey6h4gw1lkj21gw0quafd.jpg

Watch it back to back with Hu Ge’s out a week ago:



Do you know,

before I met you…

My imagination ran loose on my future better half…

But you?!

You are always late on dates!

You stare at your phone longer than looking at me!

Klutzy forgetful and dazed…

Always whining you need to lose weight…

yet yanking me off for late night supper all the time.

However, I still want to tell you today:

Swipe my credit cards whenever you like…

swipe it when you are happy, when you are down.

But you need to feed my cats…

and also feed me.  :)))

…. we can travel the world, see the mountains and oceans together.

Or we can laze around at home, snacking on junk food and marathon (our) soap dramas.

You will never have to change.

Because I can better myself.


can you allow me to love you?



There is a cooked meal in the kitchen.


I have bought a few cups.

I know they will shatter in a short while after use,

that is why I have hid one.

When that day comes, and you need to use that cup…

call me.

Of course, I would not give you the chance to leave me.

I know you are too harsh towards yourself,

often coming home too late.

I just wish you would remember to eat dinner.

Even if you have forgotten how to love yourself,

I would take care of you, till forever.

When you had enough, too beaten down, just remember…

I will provide for you!

If I must make a choice choosing between a knockout or a headcase,

I will say,

I choose you.


A cup 一杯子 = a life time together 一辈子 Geez where is my Prince13 drinking tea in a jade cup insanely gorgeous smiling (at me) gif?!?!?!

Hugz fellow HG/YH shipper writing that script, you have successfully snuffed me out fr the wood work.


Since nothing is sacrilege esp in CN showbiz, and WKW is allowing an awhateverbaby to be the leading actress of a production with his name attached romancing a Takeshi + Tony Leung I might just as well have to tear it along with tears, blood flesh bones from my grey matter my heart it had never existed ever…I could watch a YH + HG revamping Happy Together in 2016.   He got a supporting actor award for his work in Ordinary World lately, and he was asked what else but the resurfacing bromance between HG and WallaceH in which he replied: 三天不打,上房揭瓦 or My notty child needs some disciplining/beating every 3 days or else he would mess around the tiles on the roof patpatpat…just like a real wife would I guess.  Of course they would ask him if the rumors of him already proposed and getting married to his gf of not yet a year, he denied it, but he also denied they were dating until caught.  <_<  He has been out and about looking grown ass hot and fine, I just do not have the time to bother to droolz.

October 1oth 十月十日 was 萌节 a new thing just coz date writen in chinese makes up the character 萌/cutesy and YH made a clip of himself selling us some pouting he has to hold the camera himself hence the closeup because no one will tape it for him.  Well hello from the other side, volunteer here I would drop everything and fly over to freaking Peking if I can have some dips in fangirl benefits. 

He has been showing face all over the place still while the C drama world continues its obsession over Wang Kai (and HuGe but mostly the bursting all over the scene WKK)

I have lost my mind keeping track the what when where, many are appearances for fashion parties, some are endorsement deals, a few are concerning Lets Fall in Love/ 咱们相爱吧,the modern drama he is currently working on…will just play along with my perpetual drool:

 photo 91bda059gw1exhsk6ke63j21kw2dc7kh.jpg
 photo 98bb9dddgw1ey5hadmyt3j20aj0bqmye.jpg
 photo de67a66agw1exhxcvitnoj20bu0hsgmh.jpg
 photo bd5d72ffgw1exzm6ij9y0j20in0c975w.jpg
 photo e7a9510dgw1exnjnlf35aj20ii0rsac8.jpg
 photo a21a502djw1exkv32kz1wj20p018g0yc.jpg
 photo 907e5aa0jw1exkiqnrwwlj218g0tmagd.jpg
 photo 62611491jw1ey73fa550gj20hs0vkwvj.jpg
 photo 62611491jw1ex7mcu39zrj20zk0jun0s.jpg
 photo 852aea80jw1exceh2jbqkj21w019d4qs.jpg
 photo 907e5aa0jw1exjx24jxqjj218g0tm43s.jpg
 photo a0c4347fjw1exycgmfa9rj20ku0v9q74.jpg
 photo a0c4347fjw1exycglroq1j20ku0v943q.jpg
 photo a0c4347fjw1exycgm38alj20wb0ku10k.jpg
 photo 7149788bjw1exzmcqlrjyj20dc0hsgns.jpg
 photo e3f78e41gw1ey1pk4ixdcj21o0140x6q.jpg
 photo e3f78e41gw1ey1piacqxdj20z51gre82.jpg
 photo e7a9510dgw1ewtk2anj98j20j60ozn0l.jpg
 photo e7a9510dgw1ewtk8jdo9hj21kw22daxb.jpg
 photo e7a9510dgw1ey7uxn0hr3j20xc18gqcx.jpg
 photo img-9cd1e644a761e1305f2617d2de4f031b_zpsmqmqyxcm.jpg


5 to 9 continues to deliver harmless shoujo sweetness I can not look away.  C webtizens are lovingly calling it 50 shades of incense.   I do not disagree.   Fangirls  are often shallow and YamaPi has truly hit a role he is masterful in with his face alone, emoting optional but very precious.
 photo 652be1c5gw1ey32bj3746g208s050wu9.jpg.gif
 photo 652be1c5gw1ey32yhnki5g20800504qq.jpg.gif
 photo 652be1c5gw1ey339x39sag2080050npf.jpg.gif
 photo 652be1c5gw1ey33evqmttg205k0704q7.jpg.gif
 photo 652be1c5gw1ey33p6pdp8g209k050b2f.jpg.gif
 photo 652be1c5gw1ey34c1bmdpg209g050u11.jpg.gif
 photo 652be1c5gw1ey34ohbg02g207w050x6q.jpg.gif
 photo 652be1c5gw1ey34yin5dmj20gk0dkq3y.jpg
 photo 652be1c5gw1ey34z9dlf6j20er0dgq41.jpg
 photo 6687c4cbgw1exocj6elqag209g05cqv5.jpg.gif

i have not seen the new episode, nor anything much.   Free time has unfriended me.

Crystal Liu, can you PLEASE do a Jane Blond movie pirating that spy franchise and kickass most beautifully?!
 photo 6687c4cbgw1ey0tqa74ggg209g09g1kz.jpg.gif
 photo 6687c4cbgw1ey0tmic8j9g209g09gnpd.jpg.gif
 photo 6687c4cbgw1ey0tlnyz3lg209g09g4qq.jpg.gif
 photo 6687c4cbgw1ey0tle3k62g209g09gnpd.jpg.gif

 photo 3f4d676bgw1ey0ztp2mffj21jk11377j.jpg
 photo 0064a3okjw1exwpj6ffy9j32bc1jknau.jpg
 photo 6341ce20jw1ey78ctgf28j20dc0hsdi3.jpg
 photo 6341ce20jw1ey78dbe8xbj20hs0c1wgl.jpg
 photo 87029f0fgw1eya9lehnsuj20rs15o7ln.jpg
 photo 5ed752a6gw1ewzdk8sx4dj20990dw755.jpg

I am still hopelessly obsessed with Jin Dong.  I stared at these pictures and gifs and time flew by like I am in a WKW for realz, happily dreaming. Oh just so you know, my fangirl world has exploded to many supernovas as Jin! Dong! and Jiang!Xin! is working tog, possibly having a fling in Ode to Joy which I must let it out ShanYing production Co is atvm having a despicable existence to me. Ode to Joy the novel is annoyingly worthless, WHYYYY waste almost everything precious to me in this shiteous fruitcake?! I see no hope whatsoever just flipping through a few chapters in disgust and despair. Can you properly READ, smuggy Producer HHL?! My blood is boiling, will be sailormouthland here comes airing time and I can’t look away, passionately loving 6, 7 leads of this guaranteed sparkly crap. DAMNIT.

 photo ad9f29efjw1ewcodgxd6hg20by06pb2g.jpg.gif
 photo 6717a522jw1exrn8tomgxg209q06ee84.jpg.gif
 photo 67d6aa46gw1exrkmdrrtug209q05ix6q.jpg.gif
 photo 67d6aa46gw1extdxsrmgsg207j04qdy4.jpg.gif
 photo 67d6aa46gw1extdxtnmjpg206m04p4qp.jpg.gif

So there goes my time or lack there of it drowning in his past work, none that watchable, frustrating, which I resort to staring at gifs like the above endlessly. Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Ad nauseam.

And I, like all new admirers of JinDong, or if Wang Kai is more your thing, should salute to their alma mater Central Academy of Arts properly, by properly, per me, is stealing while blowing kisses and hugs forever at the original poster of such FINE fanvids which I am pasting to YT just coz hey,  as fine as HG is, the depth of just ONE drama school alone is too much talent and hotness  the world should know all their names (lemme cross out ZhangHan, just let me, coz he does not deserve to be in this company sorry not sorry).  When I have more time on my hand I would list the who’s who and recommend a fine work of each and every one of them.

2 thoughts on “Pretty Post: Yuan Hong ( Hu Ge), Liu YiFei, YamaPi, Satomichan, Jin Dong and All CN hot uncles you should know.


    My browser can’t click this post’s LIKE button for some reason (WordPress has been really playing up on me lately) but if I could I would click LIKE 10000000000 times!

    TOTALLY agree with you about Shanying! Why waste such a talented cast on source material that is so thin and lacking in substance (Ode to Joy)??! They should make an epic historical/period drama with this cast!!!

    OMG I have this HUGE crush on Wang Kai and Jin Dong. I know JD’s married and all but Goddamn he is just SO DAMN ATTRACTIVE OMG HE OOZES CHARISMA AND SEXINESS WITH EVERY GESTURE ♥~(*_*)~♥ and he’s such an amazing, amazing actor. *swoon*

    Wang Kai reminds me of Yuan Hong (whose gorgeousness slays both period and modern garb OMG). 🙂 They’re both really pretty (hehe), although YH is better looking but WK is the better actor (his face is very expressive), and has more screen charisma (and I love his eyes and voice … my only criticism is that his chin is too sharp, but I can’t tell if that’s cuz of PS or his face is just like that … I saw some photos of really young WK and his chin is also pretty sharp, so I can’t tell…) I really wanna see WK and YH play brothers in a drama LOL…

    It’s great of Cosmo to get both Hu Ge and Yuan Hong to do a shoot, cuz they’re both great looking guys with loads of charm! 🙂

    Thanks for all the lovely gifs! They’re awesome! I really like the photos with Jiang Xin and Jin Dong having fun on set. I have an epic girl crush on Jiang Xin and I want to see her play more badass female roles and in ancient dramas. Actually I wanna see the cast of Ode to Joy in an epic period drama but alas Shanying decides to waste their talent with Ode to Joy *sigh*.

    Have you been watching Love Me If You Dare? Good Lord, the only thing worth watching on that show is the side/supporting characters (they’re pretty good) and the lovely turtle. The female lead is AWFUL, like AWFUL BEYOND AWFUL. How the hell did she score a lead role in a Shanying production??! She must have connections in high places. She can’t even read lines properly! She sounds like she hasn’t eaten in weeks or something! And her facial expressions are so stiff/fake I have to fast forward most scenes she’s in. I dunno who this girl is but Goddamn she needs to get some acting lessons. Wallace isn’t much better. He’s handsome and suave and all but Goddamn, I never noticed what a different voice dubbing makes until I watched his performance here using his actual voice. His acting is very superficial and lacks heart/feeling, which is very much reflected in his voice/line delivery. He’s slightly better here and in Hua Qiangu (his performance in that series successfully turned me from long-time 粉 to 路人 OMG I never thought it’d happen but there it is).

    The plot in Love Me If You Dare is very choppy as well. It doesn’t flow like a mystery/police procedural should and it feels like one minute they’re doing this and the next minute they’re doing something totally different. I mean, between Nirvana in Fire (which is AWESOME!!!) and Disguiser (AWESOME again!!!), and then the massive difference in Love Me If You Dare (very much NOT awesome), I feel like asking Shanying “What happened here???”

    Oh well, at least I can look forward to seeing Zhang Luyi torture Wang Kai in the upcoming episodes LOL

    Oh and thanks for posting that really nice video at the end of the post with all the awesome actors from Central Drama. They’ve all got the “SERIOUS ACTOR” vibe going on in the clips (even though I don’t know all of them). LOL I agree with you about Zhang Han – nothing against him personally – he’s a likeable guy but I feel like his acting is more idol drama style than the serious actor style…

    1. HUGS! JINDONG deserves ALL the love. ALLLLLL!!!!!! I actually stuck by and can fish some fondness of Disguiser despite its flaws and HG being awful in it mostly because of his AWESOME. somehow still have not fallen under the spell of WK. I can understand the hoopla just shallowly he is not pretty enough when I have YH, and he is quite impressively good but not to a degree of sweeping me off feet. A case of neither here nor there. Of course I like him, would keep an eye when he truly landed a leading role he could wow me wholeheartedly.

      lol I seriously loathed NiF the most in all your mentions, yes more than Love Me If You Dare (not that I could continue, those lines they are bizarrely unediting, making WH speak is beyond cringeworthy I do not blame him not up to his par)…considering the aspiration gap. The writing of NiF is worthlessly silly, only suitable for yumeh and the likes which is exactly the show now cementing my falling out of love with ShanYing, which LMiYD is not helping, and I had an ugly rant on other drama SY attached its name to and was certifiable crappy wasting TWO of my most precious young actresses I adore. At least NiF still allowed some very solid acting to shine through the crap that is the script. So much Blasphemy SY!!!!

      NO need to be too nice here sweetie, Zhang Han is very far from Likeablelikeable though right?! The fans find him beyond hot and that is totally whatever rocks the hormones which I perfectly could stand behind by principle. He is not even hiding his SMUG: I am too PERFECTTTT for all womankind falling like dirt under my feet air of entitlement of Le Prince he is regarding himself always. XDDD He was only watchable in ShanShan playing a less irritating version of himself, otherwise, he is worthless to me. I should shut it HAHAHA

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