Go Princess Go

The mania owning the C bebes last month, having the excuse this is perhaps some ploy from rivaling countries bankrolling the production company somewhat and have it out at the cusp of finals month, trying to damage the flowers of youth, future of PRC by possessing them to flunk their exams.  All wanting to be a wifey of this young lady.

  Ha. Hahaha.

I caught on the craze as well.  This has too many pretty faces aligning with any aesthetics, an easy shorter watch of 30 some less than half an hour eps, not too much waste of time.   I am defenseless when talented fans as crazy are making fanvids shipping the breakout actress Crystal Zhang TianAi with her facetwin Sharla Cheung, TWO amazing fanvids:

The drama has many things going for it (budget is not one lol): a fresher premise, often written in smutnovella but never adapted to C screen, a playboy Zhang Peng is time-traveled back to some made up dynasty of yore, now the princess Zhang PengPeng, daughter of the General commanding the army a threat, in a political marriage to the crown prince.

A womanizing dude trapped in the shell of  the fairest of the land attractive sexpot.  It stopped dwelling on the cliche how to hop back in time after a hilarious skit, the playboyprincess is proactive, making the best out of his/her situation, feeling all the thighs and boobies of the gorgeous concubines and servant girls, visit brothels in dude disguise fail, while scheming to survive as long as he/she can…if that means earning the affection of the cold prince AND his nemesis Prince9, a very mangaplasticpretty Jo In Sung facetwin (see below) deeply romantic Guy2, AND even Prince9’s bromantic sidekick…so be it.  (S)he even very reluctantly goes as far as making love with Crown Prince in order to bear an heir, and rants hilariously about it postcoital nonstop until…so a st pervie dude falls in love with the Prince, who unknowingly is falling for his Princess but is actually a dude who is having feelings for another guy, prince’s bro.


The aesthetic is wonky but inventive…it is obvious the cinematographer/PD is well versed in fashion, has a very keen eye on what is funky gorgeousness of the 90s HK cinema aesthetics but not attempting at authentic nor historically kosher.   I am sucha fiend used to those days of wind machines and bold minimalism.  This is obviously done on the very cheap side, but I appreciate the look of it, of course they are poor enough to manip the unknowns into draping see through meshes on as skirts and often the actors do not wear pants…nor tops.

They won a drama lottery and cast an unknown actress beyond perfect godsent for heroine(hero).  The entire cast is unheard of, and paid in peanut shells I am sure.  She is like a reduction of the saucy wuxia heroine goodness of the…yup HK 90s cinema, in one flawless package.  She is super femininely pretty on the surface, lithe yet with curves, and have all the tenacious machismo bubbling within she should bottle and sell to all the C starlets in nth but bimbomarysues.  Her face alone is sparkling up all the nostalgia of many other lovely beings dressing up periods through the years…she is even tagged a Chris Wu facetwin (whatthewhat Nope XD).   That is why we love our wuxia heroines decades ago, physicality the definition of screen goddesses first, inner package of all the charms of a masculine hero, could always dress up convincingly as the handsomest man owning any room, a perfect androgyny making the confine of sex, vain.

On top of oozing charisma on screen, she captures that inner pervie dude of her character so marvelously I seriously clapped out loud and hurt my own thigh in glee.  It is beyond fun to witness sucha breathtakingly pretty face of a girl blasting out as a sleazebag.  She has chemistry with every breathing swaying things, those netting draped on her, she owns them, and esp her OTP.  The actor is not as talented, but he is more than FINE here playing second fiddle to heroinehero, what a bode and that face is easy to look at.  Yes, have it flaunt it.




EVERYONE down to eunuchs and servants…. too darn good looking. Everyone in a speaking role is honestly most ridiculously pretty, cheeky bromance/girlmance with adorable cutiepies too many to count:

You are so pretty, who else can I love but you?

These are the concubines, their purpose in the court is to be fangirls of Prince9 our guy2, then Prince but of course all converted to the Princess fandom before long, and snacking on roasted pumpkin seeds, durian while updating PengPeng on menstruation and other DearAbby topics….and be pretty scenery, very pretty scenery:

Our Guy2, wants Crown Prince’s throne and princess, needless to say, but looking more Xiao LongNv than the ‘goddess’ TWactress, play fair now PRC. :X

 And I have never seen these happening…outside of my head:


Oh look away, but I must:

This is the lightest doses of plastic surgery (none disastrous at least) I have seen in a C fluff, even when character is not so written hot in the drama, say a Princebro:


His sole purpose is to service the plot doing silly deeds and to provide a wife who is in love with crown prince and be the matchabitch cliched girl2, he is reminding me of a C version O Joe in RL, part of the duo now disbanded singing a fav C period OST in Chinese Paladin 3 and still virtually an unknown:

Did I say the hot piece of man is the same thing as side character dissed for not being pretty enough in drama:

I split my sides spitting tea.  At least for an entertainingly addictive first half.  The lines are shameless, all the current slangs, memes, covered.  Then the writer realizes there is still a job at hand, plot to develop, force more romance in the expense of the character construct, not anything he/she can do competently and the latter half where all the meat of the story should be: she is from a too prominent family threatening the throne, esp when she is an ally with prince9 and so there are not too bright schemes of offing each other WHILE falling in love…can’t have both, damage is done and not enough sense is made… we are distracted with the actors showing us their bode of muscles and chocoabs in hot scenes and obscene amount of OTP saccharine overdose towards the end instead.  It is a pity there is nothing much left for PengPeng to charm me and she regresses to a lovelorn woman, an accessory to the grander plot I never cared much.  It gets tedious, but lots love the sweet fanservice.  I appreciate the ending, the many variations of it more than most audience.  Both out are BE, wrapped things up as logical as the cuckoo premise.  This is what the fangirls want, did not happen, but I would love it too!


8 thoughts on “Go Princess Go

  1. I’ve been ‘watching’ it in re-caps and still find it funny, especially the beginning. Might watch at least the 1st half for reals if Viki ever get’s it subbed. XD

    1. Oh you too Chingu! hahaha Again it amazed me how this super slangy silly hilarity can translate at all. I did not have an easy time catching every joke myself.

      I’ve heard this is crazily popular with the Viet, Thai, Korean fans as well. My guess is this has no historical baggage at all, never pretends to be significantly authentic to any dynasty and it is easier to jump in?!

  2. Watch this!

    Pretty sums out why this drama is so outrageously popular in China. And it is also a very funny summary of the drama hah.

    I like how China seems to be going out of the ‘normal’ dramas and coming out with ridiculous dramas. Since we are probably bored of the usual ones.

    And oh my she is so pretty and just reminds me that THIS is the factor that once made HK movies so popular. We need more dramas/movies from her pretty please heh.

    And it is so funny how they invested on a ‘fan’ and tried to use it in all the ways they can. The scene that Prince 9 walked past, with all the servants gazing at him – I laughed real hard. lol.

    1. I adore the diversity, let us have choices, some choices! butbutbut this may be the last soiree now the StupidArseRetardFartingTrolls are cramping on webdramas as well. Why can’t they get a life?!?!

      I LOVE Crystal Zhang, I would use every chance I can to scream it! ^^

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