Friday Pretty Post: My shipper paradise edition lots of Yuan Hong, Chang Chen and too many hotties

I have so much material evidence of me and Loverboy being each other’s lil 3…in my trashy fanfic.  I just spent a few days in NYC, I had pics of these exact locales and angles.


My chair is almost exactly this army green monstrosity he is positing himself forgetting a few buttons, just like any hottie should be near any of my chairs.  I am one of those lazylass who would ransack the Mr’s closet for an oversized whatever that I can soil when I feel like kneading some dough. I assume while I am away, my guy would pose around the house in mine, I have this trench I swear:

And a rug in very similar pattern I could drape it like a CP poncho.  These look more like my ahjumma clothes no?!  Just my floppy arm is twice his size.

My sweetheart is not one forgetting some auspicious reminder  CNY is around the bend.  Happy Happy New Year YALL!   Being Chinese/Asian I always take it as a second chance with those resolutions.  Like not growing myself a bigger head.


Most gorgeous eyes ever.  And myGorg has no allergies yay, perfect is perfect.  Do not ever doubt how biased I could be.


While I am away, this happened in some year end partying/awards:

Shipper factions, are you ok after the bigbang brain explosion?  There is no hurt in shipping these three 3P for spicing things up.  There is no need for WH or YH fighting over a HG when the line is in billions.  And especially when HG has a preference:

^While these were snapped, lest we forget, a not amused HuoHuo was third wheeled in the middle.  It’s ok pretty, they may have no spare hearteyes left but I will forever leave a place for you throwing in hugs and smooches between me and anyone on this planet.

He looks sooo happy as arm candy to his RL ladylove I am smiling mad looking at the pics.   Those twinkles in the eyes can’t lie, being truly, madly in love give you another fairy dust load of pretty dazzles:


And this!  AHHH my 4/13 shipper heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nicky, when is your wedding with ShiShi who is getting more and more ridiculously gorgeous in every RL outting I have seen her.  I am begging to awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww at your wedding, your prettiest bride and droolz some more at all the BuBu princes in tux. 

Ooooo, your wedding is sooner than mine?!
– Hurry up then bigbro, lesigh.

I really like this cohesive set of hot men pictorial from Officiel Hommes last month, quite similar dresscode for everyone, capturing each actor’s unique flavor.

Well, except Deng Chao.  I do not know why he is so headstrong in grooming himself to be sadly the unfunny comedic personality in reality shows.   OK I do, it gains him great face recognition and $$$$, but I miss the rare talented actor, we all do.

I just emptied my lungs with the squeals, staring at these embarrassingly much since I saved it in every gadget.  I would have printed it out as real wallpaper if people sharing my space let me:


More gorgeous photos of CC @ Royal Pavilion there are none:

They put sparkling stars on a man who need none.


Fine, you can have that spectre torch force be with you light saber passed from Tony Leung CW, you can.

I hope supermodel Liu Wen can act, and wants to, because she is mesmerizingly gorgeous with a tinge of childlike naivete a la young Maggie Cheung to me in the pictorial.  I hope she has had even a better day at work doing this with CC just around the corner!

JinDong continues to be in suits.  I continue to have enough fluttering of butterflies in tummy to open several conservatories.  This is too perfectly magnificent my usual screaming of too much garment did not cross my mind, I swear.

This perfect male specimen can also (not surprisingly) sing, with Li Jian accompanying AND crooning one of my favs from Li:

Perchance is there anyway to look away from anything Go Princess Go OTP?!

SARFkingTroll has banished this universal lil guilty pleasure webdrama from earth, and apparently they are trying to re-shoot scenes that look like some new ending to meet requirements.  Good luck gorgeous, it sure meets mine at least!

What kinda shortie (Ms Crystal Zhang is 163/4ish cm) looks good in sucha neverending vomit of pink coat for the amazons and sneakers?!


Those still hanging, are you bored with my picspam?!  Because I am.  BECAUSE ALL I WANNA GAZE AT…


I BS all the time.   But I, like all shippers, miss the days when we gaze at these two gazing at each other nine ways to Sunday every Friday night, life what life, for nine years and we frankly can gaze another 9×9 years of Fridays at them doing a bit more than just gazing at each other.  I liked the first two episodes of S10 in all honesty, yes could be tighter writing wise the first episode and it is as if it debunked the greater plot of past seasons, but we still have these genuine characters we passionately love like fam, graciously older and with authentic history we have witnessed them through.  How rare and precious?!  Nostalgia is superpotent in my blood, anything not serving the same rush revisiting, goes rancid, tainting even the fond memory.  This did not happen for me.  Just the thought of shipping anything atvm and 20 some odd years they are still same old tingling me at the very heart, thus I can be the same old in the escapade.  And it did HAPPEN!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in a rabbit hole. I am a Xphile I supposed, too lazy and flimsy to be the super loyal variety, but I spent all Fri nites with them when I should be with my school work in the 90s and most of the time just grabbing my equally obsessed roomie to just go omgomgomg did you see that GAZE/STARE/LETS GET A ROOM SHALL WE/…L.O.V.E. in MULDER/SCULLY EYES?!>! Rest of the time following plot I spooked myself poopless crying and loving it obsessed like JIS w cushion in What Happened in Bali.  That was Pregoogle.  Pre social media miasma.  I would long distance CALL my bff cousin in my saved up piles of coins to spazz over an episode of XFiles she was watching a year or so behind me at my dorm.   And I had a sharper younger memory then and remember too much of everything XFiles…still.  I immediately flashed back too much visuals in my head as the music starts and Duchovny’s Mulder is deadpaning the intro. I do not need these pics, they live in my head, not that I mind:

This is from a collection I call half a dozen ingenious ways to intimately hold hands, this is one of six, all different and I learnt and put it to good use in RL.  Drama cameras are no longer rolling, of course, they do not care either way.

I ship them so bad as what they are, RL too, not the demanding them to kiss/have sex/marry kind.  No, they are not perfect, they are one and only authentic skirting the UST on and off camera.  That is why the fandom mostly all leave them alone because whatever anyone gushes about what they want them to be in a fan-fragmentofimagination, they are more perfect as whatever they were/are than imaginable.   How many times did I rewatch every junket of this XFiles revival last week?  There is no too many, I am afraid.  So long mt remaining frays of sanity, do not have much to begin with.  If you are not in my same loveboat, your eyes would be better use somewhere than rolling out of your sockets.   If you are a fellow shipper of this precious ship, nothing you have not seen and shouted out loud disturbing the neighborhood, stopping Mars from retrograding too many times last week alone.  I just need to gush for my enjoyment! XDDD

WHY is GA the naughtiest cutest MSR/Gillovny shipper troll?!?!


I have never seen two costars, no matter how chummy, without space for a hair in between them and never can sit primly as adult individuals not joined at the hips:

Find me a pic of them not with hands INSIDE of clothes.

Those same exact smiles, what 15 years?!   They are lucky to have a person who could make them ease back in time and be the kids they were.  The perks of being older is I witnessed firsthand that unfiltered chemistry between two people, two actors without all the distracting noise of modern day interference, poring into every minute parcels of privacy.

She said quite a few years ago in some comiccon or interiew, perhaps a silly joke of hers, he hit on her their first meeting at the audition that Fox anteroom , brought it up again recently asking if he hit on and slept with any/every actress trying out and that is what he asked her back.

Their Skinner Boss can not look.  Look at them.  This is ET at 7pm and the innocent reporter asked a lame one if it is easy to get into her/ Scully, for Miss Anderson, and somehow the Ddude spins this to the gutters saying should’ve asked him, and oddly his usual partner in sin did not get the dirty joke, very out of character, all for perhaps an excuse so they can proceed on the PDA comforting/koalaing.

I do not mind being that very average looking bearded diehard talkshow host abusing his power as a fan fulfilling an item on bucketlist, not that I need to because I probably would be busy snerking at DD calling him out that grab of her cute ass is uncalled for unscripted.  And both of them would roll eyes and bounced it back ‘yo you ask us to have sex and this is how we have sex’

Jimmy Kimmel:  What the hell went on with you two?!?!?!!  *and from a fiend JK at that*

And my heart evaporates to shipperdust when he almost can not hold his hand touching her lap at the end of this gif with that JK snapping him back to reality that the room has other human folks with eyes to see and jaws to drop and inner voices to scream GetARoomNot!

All the hot kissing, neck and hair grabbing, making out, unnec ass groping, necking, for a skit in a late night talk show, we all relived that kiss they added but left out in episode as well.  There was no frustration out of their band of UST, they are the most delicious UST, can’t bottle it, won’t make them like so anymore even with the exact recipe on TV.


I was just at some fast food joint grabbing a late night junk fix, and overheard a pair of 30ish ladies gushing about X Files rewatch, which I am doing, and I did stare at them with very spooky cuckoo sparkling eyes as if I wanna eat them instead.    This will happen very often, I am just warning fellow humans, keep calm, that nutso staring at you, obviously listening on your convo with the craziest eyes…I am not an X Files monster.   Not the kind we like in the show anyway.


4 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: My shipper paradise edition lots of Yuan Hong, Chang Chen and too many hotties

    1. I have been patiently waiting all these years since CP3 for those three to do sth tog, of course now I must add WangK, JinDong in the mix. Must.

      I am madcrushing CrystalZ, she carries herself with such a confident stride always.

  1. Well, that was whole lotta pretty in one post.

    I have been patiently waiting all these years since CP3 for those three to do sth tog, of course now I must add WangK, JinDong in the mix. Must.
    Funny you should say that, I was just thinking something on the same lines meself few days ago. 😀

    1. Hi5! We are not alone (perhaps the YH in the mix part that is more me hahaha), the talented bebe made a fanvid staking their claims already in a Saving Private Huohuo:

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