Anticipated Upcoming 2016 C Dramas

The drill is the more I want, the more I jinx.  Let me try my luck this year and keep tabs.

少林问道/ Shaolin Wendao

Seeking the path to Shaolin.  It is a wordplay also on our hero’s name: 程闻道 Cheng WenDao (lit. A journey of whom his ears the doctrine has bestowed)  The leads will put me at ease just with the thought of watching them, no jitters, biting cushions nails praying plzplzplz for a HuGe, a Liu ShiShi a WallaceH (a YuanHong) to just damn improve to perfection, who has time for that huh.  周一围 /Zhou YiWei, so memorable since 苍穹之昴/The Firmament Of The Pleiades (imo an epitome of artistically tasteful Cperiod), and last impressive in 红色/Red. 郭京飞/ Guo JingFei is not a looker but super charismatic he is arguably the most underrated C actor of his gen being a super acclaimed, awards sweeping theater thespian first and foremost.  He glued 龙门镖局/Longmen Express together, forming it into an enjoyable watch, evaporating its flaws.  Season 2 of the slapstick period will air on the web during Chinese New Year!  This webdrama coming out in April is a story loosely set in Ming dynasty, the ‘trendiest’ dynasty atvm, during the rule of the ‘notorious’ emperor JiaJing of three sworn brothers, shit hits fan and one of them seeks solitude, becoming a Shaolin monk after his entire family is slaughtered by seemingly his soulmatebro: ‘Buddha said, the world is majestic, I have yet to see any beauty in life.’ .

 One of them grows up to be a prominent general and there is a ladymuse they are all smitten, played by 郭晓婷/ Guo XiaoTing, most of us wasting in our load of Cidolperiods knew her as the spud fairy in Chinese Paladin 3 and Princess MinMin in BuBuJingXin, she is all grown up now, truly talented, very promising, the one I am betting on in the entire BBJX cast to go far and have the longevity to prosper in the industry into a serious actor.   The cinematography looks legit, the wuxia dances captivating, lets just hope the writing keeps up somewhat.

The only unknown to me of the trio of sworn brothers is 是安/Shi An, he holds his own fine in the trailer:

Of course this does not hold a candle to a fanmade:


why do I need this campiness coming out in Feb 9th?  Because auspicious times such as Chinese New Year is when sharing/ staring at bits of bright side of things goes a long way as blessings, premonitions on a year of prosperity… hotties in this case… esp top shape Yan YiKuan in periods.  This is GuLong, so heroes will be nihilistic misogynistic angsty very pretty pigs (no offence to piggies), but usu the drama adapt will miss that crucial point of very pretty.  This is a try.  甘婷婷/BoBo Gan has an aesthetically gorgeous period face as our heroine.   Other than the lil princesses in shoujo mangas, I could not imagine any earthly beings rocking that perm and I still wanna get some hay in his curls with me.  Bonus, this has 朱一龙/ Zhu YiLong, My ChenXiao doppelgänger, his dramas are at least selectively watchable, unlike those embarrassments CX has been/is in. He looks awful in this, dashing in another Gu Long wuxia 边城浪子, as the angstiest moping hero 傅红雪/Red Snow, last brought to life by Wallace Chung.  lol I had a field day poking at that fug.   Too bad every other element in Zhu’s upcoming is terrible, a super plastic can’t act leading lady…the likes.

Same token I do not think I can look away from 五鼠闹东京/The Three Heroes and Five Gallants with ChenXiao even though the trailer is reeking this is the prettiest dump in Crapville.   Poor Zheng Shuang, I wanna cheer for her to be slightly better, I do, but alas.   YanYK will play the legendary dashing cop BFF of the legendary Judge Bao.  CX alternates from super hammy to very dashing.  I guess that will add to my amusement to be annoyed with a scene then droolzing next with him.  This is set to air in February as well.

長歌行/Chang Ge Xin

Very pretty drawing by a talented an of my very gorgeous period people.

And a decent, watchable trailer.  I think drama should be watchable, I hope.  It did not pump my hopes further up though, I have no faith in Ruby not bugging me slightly with her earnest but just passable acting, I am not sure Loverboy would be more than perfect compensating all the mediocre, which he needs to be, I have sit through too many of his stuff trying my patience.  This has an airing date in June.

解忧公主/Princess JieYou

Frankly the storytelling is lackluster, Miss Zhang’s acting style is super OTT when trying at cutesy but YH is SOOO FINEEE!!!!

This is just out Feb1.  My RIP HongShi shipper heart is still yaying a wimpy yay they have dramas out in the same month, how nuts.   I have no interest with ShiShi’s MingDoctress, the writing has no chance to be my!tolerable, and I am bored to sleep every time I watch SS acting since BBJX.  HuoHuo is not better here, he regressed to his pre BoC posing.  I have lost love in them, they could be good, and very pleasant to look at, but no chance elevating any script trampling on history as I know it, making some scumbag emperors romantic just coz they look like a HuoHuo.   Well, not saying I am terribly excited with Princess JieYou but this looks like a story less told and on my Loverboy gorgeousness alone, I could.  I know very little about that chapter of history of bridal diplomacy but at least it aligns with the wise patriotic princess being the strong woman deserving a Han dynasty Nobel Peace prize equivalent.  Other than Yan (Yi)Kuan, I could not think of anyone in Cdramaland looking finer in big curls mane like my YH, unless Chen Kun follows his bae Zhou Xun (in losing mind) with a return to Cdramaland.

半生缘/十八春 Half a LifeLong Romance/Eighteen Springs

This is based on my very first Eileen Chang’s novel, my first taste of her poignant steely punches of sagacious stark grey in life and romance with words I could never quit, so it is terribly sentimental, and I doubt I could love any adaptation.  It was not too painful watching the 2003 idolpretty adapt with RubyLin and Shiu Ling/Jiang QinQin, but watered down forgettable.  Ann Hui’s movie is alright, but Leon Lai is never my go to guy for  all the nuances required for the feeble hero to be convincing, nor my cuppa pretty.   But this time at it, they cast my crazily promising biases:  Yang Zi!!!! , Tony Yang!!!!,  李小冉/Li XiaoRan,and 张鲁一/Zhang LuYi!  Listen to me squee: an YangZi and Tony Yang OTP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not dream that.  And Tony finally landed a deserving lead role opposite a very solid young actress (understatement, YZ will act circles around a Tony Yang).  I like Li XR, she is a competent actress, but in my perfect world they could cast someone closer to age sisterly for YangZi with that edge to play an escort *coughCrystalZhangcough*.   Zhang LuYi is glorious, only thing worthy in Love Me If You Dare, poor things sharing screen with him there were eaten alive.  He is going to play the Douche here, delish.  Writer Zhang is opposite of fluff , these are plain and flawed (some very deplorable) men and women, prodding on their lives in extraordinary times never some happily ever after, stirred by that tragically weak, tingly clingy thing we call love.  Out of every drama in this post, I could live with all of them pooping except this one, please land a good writer, preferably a Eileen Chang stan, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.   Drama will start filming in March.

5 thoughts on “Anticipated Upcoming 2016 C Dramas

  1. Shaolin Wendao actually looks like a good show that will never be subbed so I’ll just try my best to erase it from my memory or else I’ll be forever bitter just like whenever I think of The Red

    1. Wordless. Still kickass alluring.

      This is my most anticipated Cperiod out in 2016…the more I see, I more I want it to be perfect as promised. I have not seen the craycray talented fangirls so excited spinning out fanvids of just trailers since Nirvana and that one was a big letdown for me.. 少林问道 makes me hopeful, because this is a bunch of crazily good underrated actors who could elevate lacking writing the bunch in NiF failed to do (not that they did failing jobs, but it did not wow me, distracting me from the plenty writing dumbness)

      lesigh, why do fansubbers always incline on wasting time subbing popular crap I am too embarrassed the world have to see and waste time suffering. Why.

      1. Speaking of fansubs. until today I have never seen a more beautiful fansubbing than the one done for The Three Kingdoms 2010. Too bad the Jianghu community seems to have gone extinct 😦

        1. Ah yes, I rem them fondly! I linked an English speaking buddy to it, and he loved it, harassing me for when they will update… that being his first ever Cdrama.

          Fansubbing is a very passionate commitment and extremely time consuming. It really is a precious and beautiful thing when it comes along, esp for a drama worthy.

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