Happy Birthday

Odagiri Joe

It is some gravitational wave rareness as a fangirl for a (age showing long) while of O Joe when I love River’s Edge, Okashi no Ie, and the currently watching Cybozu, all in a year or so.   It is unbelievable what a body of variety of work he got out, all putting his stamp on them big and small, in time of grieving his baby.  What inhuman woeismekilling strength.  Even in a lesser mindblowingly bloody wtfudgery Kawaki, he distracts me with his own brand of bamfhotness:

ERIC! ! !   I do scream it out all embarrassingly whenever.   The last Kdrama I loved passionately is still Discovery of Love.  IF Eric and Yumi is gonna collaborate again in the near future, that will be my next fav, I know it.

I so wish is MINE Sean Lau is getting some deserving award, thanking his agent then his DW:

If…whenever I took a rocket and got lost in outer space…you manage to always rope me, guide me back to earth. 

Thank you my old time biases for all my fangirling insanity that can always instantaneously thump my heart alive, keeps me afloat, putting a silly pervie grin on my face like I was my mental 12 yo self and makes life worthy even as lifeshit rains in monsoons.  And it’s lovely to share a birthday with y’all, having my dashes be filled with these three every year make any day, esp my day.  Thanks for making me one special freakn lucky fangirl. Muahahaha

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. What the what?! Today’s your birthday? Weeelll… then… Happy Birthday, Dear Mookie!
    I wouldn’t mind sharing mine with hotties the likes of Eric. 😀 Did you do anything special?

      1. Eric is truly droolz-worthy indeed. If he takes on that new drama by ILiCDD writer we may yet be able to admire his charms at weekly bases for a fiew months.^^ Provided the drama is worth watching otherwise.

          1. Nope, haven’t got round to it yet, not really in the mood for it. Besides, plenty of other stuff on The List of Doom to choose from. Decided to pick my first Asadora, “Hanko to Anne” and I’m finally continuing with Changsha. Are you watching anything right now?

            1. I adore Asadora! Hanko to Anne is good, most of them are! At least innocuous.

              OH BATTLE OF CHANGSHA!!!!!

              I am ‘watching’ some. Cybozu Work Style – Koe. It is lit. a few min short each ‘ep’ on worklife, engsubbed on yt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43NqHXbAxSI Then there are 2 TVB/ cantonese stuff curiously palatable… as rare as they will do Edgar Allan Poe in TWidol lol. Nth really perfect, but fun and no sub needed my end, watchable is what I’m settling.

              Just started rewatching Que Sera Sera @ bilibili mostly because convenient and the comments by the bebes there r too cute for words. 🙂

      1. Yes long time indeed! I was busy with being stressed lol but now I’ve got a few weeks to myself so really going to relax!

        Anyway, I hope you had a lovely birthday and let’s see what 2016 has to offer!:) (I’m not exactly optimistic but maybe that will bring more surprises!)

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